Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feminist Endorses Sarah Palin

The National Organization for Women's Los Angeles chapter president, Shelly Mandell, introduced Sarah Palin this past weekend at an event in California.

"America, this is what a feminist looks like," stated Mandell. She was not speaking on behalf of NOW, but "as an individual, as a woman's rights activist for 30 years who has worked for all those years to see this day".

Shelly Mandell let it be known that she does not agree with Sarah on many of the issues, that she is a lifelong Democrat, but that she "is proud to support Sarah Palin, a woman who will fight for women's rights...a woman who will, Lord knows, shake things up". "I know Sarah Palin cares about women's rights, she cares about equality, she cares about equal pay, and as Vice President she will fight for it. She cares about our children and she cares about women's lives. She's an athlete and she knows what Title Nine did for girls like her."

I find this interesting! Randi, the CNN reporter who interviewed me yesterday, asked me why I thought Democrat women were beginning to get on board with McCain/Palin. I explained that, in my opinion, it has less to do with the issues and more to do with Sarah's authenticity, her toughness, her willingness to do what's right no matter what. Democrats or not, many people still respect that.

While I disagree with nearly everything Shelly Mandell believes in, I admire her for her guts! I am certain she will be tarred and feathered for her support of Sarah Palin, and that she was willing to take that risk says a lot about her. It will be interesting to see how things play out on this one.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Shelly...It takes guts to do what you did for a Republican woman. You are a leader and Sarah Palin is a leader also who has guts, grit, smarts and an unbelievable capacity to connect to the American voter. I am a catholic woman, wife, mother, athlete and business owner who also realized the American dream by the opportunities of title 9. I was the first girl out of my high school to ever get a full scholarship to play volleyball in college. I relate to Sarah Palin in many ways. She is the only one in this race who truly understands women's issues and cares about them. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Sarah proves that you can be a strong, proud Republican with values and still care about women's rights. It is really sad to me that more women's groups aren't supporting her. In my opinion women's groups should at least give her some level of respect for what she has accomplished. For Gods sake she was a mayor, head of the Alaska oil and gas commision and a great Governor. She is the most popular Governor in the country right now, that says a lot. It is bad when I see women's groups tearing her apart. I think women right now should band together in support for women in politics no matter if you agree with everything about them or not. Instead women's groups and organizations are bragging about their hate, lies and press they get for their dislike for Governor Palin. This is sad. Women lets have some class. Margaret Hofmann, Owner of Female Athletes First, Columbus Ohio

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother you how she lies? I dunno, that's something I was raised with and I don't think someone as dishonest as her deserves to be elected to such a high office.

Anonymous said...

Why dont any of you stop for a second and realize that you are not voting for Miss Popularity of your highschool? I think that she would be great for that title; however she is no where near ready to be VP!

NotAPalinFan said...

Fighting for women's rights? Are you kidding? This is the woman who made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. This is the woman who has forced her teenage daughter and her clearly reluctant groom to wed just to save face. This is a woman who does not support a woman's right to choose. Sarah Palin is in no way shape or form a feminist, regardless of what one NOW member says. I respect John McCain and while I was not planning on voting for him, I could have been content if he won the election had he picked just about anyone else as his running mate. Governor Palin is so clearly unqualified to hold such high office. Yes, I think she's easy to relate to and you could talk to her like "one of the girls" but seriously, that is not enough, not by a longshot. This is not a personality contest. This is a very serious choice and it makes me sad to see thoughtful women turning it into a contest to elect one of their best friends rather than a leader who brings more to the table than the ability to skillfully memorize and recite scripted talking points.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am disheartended that educated woman feel that she is qualifed because they can relate to her...why do we want "one of us" to be the VP? Shouldn't the VP hold exceptional qualities far above and beyond what any "of us" educated women have attained?

2008 said...

Sarah You Have my vote.
I am a mom of 3 boys and one was in the air force at the age of 17 teen, so I know how you it is because my son went in one week before 9-11 "It was hell" for me but God gave me the strength to get though it. I am so proud of you because you are just like me and my family. My husband and I have been married for 26 years and yes it is all about family.
I would like to say Thank you.