Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cathy McMorris Rodgers on the Women of Afghanistan

Below is an excerpt from my monthly column in Smart Girl Nation, Smart Girl Politic's online magazine. 
Fighting brutality against women and children is not the expression of a specific culture; it is the acceptance of our common humanity - a commitment shared by people of good will on every continent. --Laura Bush  
Along with news of yet another Taliban attack on Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul earlier this month, there is speculation that the country may be on the brink of civil war. Add that to the growing concern over the pending U.S. troop withdrawal and the effect it could have on the women and children of Afghanistan, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how volatile the situation is. “Afghanistan is at that delicate moment in the development of a free society,” said Laura Bush in an article she wrote for The Hill in June, “when the weight of its new institutions will either shift toward a free future or back toward an oppressive past. And whether it continues to protect and expand human rights could determine in which direction the country goes.”...Read the rest here. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sarah Palin Threatens to Sue ‘Rogue’ Book Publisher

by Shushanna Walsh and Jonathan Karl

Sarah Palin’s family attorney John Tiemessen has written a letter to Maya Mavjee, the publisher of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, that Palin may sue her, the company, and the book’s author Joe McGinniss “for knowingly publishing false statements” in...Read the rest here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Explosive Email Shows Anti-Palin Author McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax (Updated)

by Andrew Breitbart

The awful launch week for the over-hyped, expected bestseller The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, by controversial author Joe McGinniss, just got worse. Much worse.
After a week of universally scathing pans from the reflexively anti-Palin establishment media, McGinniss now faces the fight of his literary life: the accusation that he seems to have knowingly submitted a book to his publisher, Crown/Random House, that was filled with unproved “tawdry gossip” and rumors that lacked “factual evidence.” Read the rest of the story here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

McClatchy-Marist Poll Shows Sarah Gaining Huge Ground With Independents

So, we know polls are not something Republicans spend a great deal of time worrying about, but Democrats do, and that's what's so fabulous about the latest McClatchy-Marist poll. 

I'll leave the bulk of the reading to those of you who are interested, but thought it was worth highlighting an article posted in the Miami Herald today:

Look out President Barack Obama. Even Sarah Palin's gaining on you. 
A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that Obama looks increasingly vulnerable in next year's election, with a majority of voters believing he'll lose to any Republican, a solid plurality saying they'll definitely vote against him and most potential Republican challengers gaining on him. 
Even in potential matchups where he leads, Obama in most cases has lost ground to the Republican. 
The biggest gain came for Palin, the former Alaska governor who hasn't yet announced whether she'll jump into the fast-changing race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. 
After trailing Obama by more than 20 percentage points in polls all year, the new national survey, taken Sept. 13-14, found Palin trailing the president by just 5 points, 49-44 percent. The key reason: She now leads Obama among independents, a sharp turnaround.

Read more:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greta Van Susteren v. Tucker Carlson

Twitter is on fire tonight after Fox News' own Greta Van Sustern had it out with Tucker Carlson over the controversial article he allowed over at The Daily Caller a few days ago. The story centered around the discussion about a book written by Joe McGinnis in which he supposedly uncovers an unsubstantiated "affair" Sarah had as a single young woman with an NBA star. (Remember Joe?) Tyson appeared on ESPN radio and unleashed a stream of vile comments about the sexual encounter he imagines might have taken place or could take place, were she to have an encounter with a black man.  

First, let me just say that I like Tucker Carlson, and I think his intentions were good...sort of. If his intent was to shed light on a disgusting story, I applaud him for it. However, the point Greta was trying to make in the interview was that in the original post, there was no note from the editor warning the reader/listener about what was said. The title itself, "Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin met 'the womb shifter'", with no explanation, is outrageous. If the intent was to shed light on this pathetic excuse for a human being and what he said about Sarah, why not instead write a simple title calling Tyson out on his disgusting behavior?  Restating one of the many remarks Tyson made about Sarah in the title hardly gives the appearance of someone trying to defend her.

In the end, they walked away friends in spite of the heated on-air debate. My take? I think they both had good intentions. Tucker originally, perhaps, allowed the story in order to expose Tyson/ESPN. He exercised extremely poor judgement, however, when he permitted one of Tyson's comments to be used as the title. Tyson, a convicted rapist, is known for advocating violence against women and it is outrageous that he was allowed to spew the disgusting things he did on any radio/television station. I commend Carlson for attempting to expose him but am disappointed that more wasn't done in the beginning to make it clear that that's what he was doing. 

That said, I believe Greta's heart was in the right place. She, along with millions of her listeners, has had it with the mainstream media and it's inability to cover stories in a fair and accurate manner. The bottom line is, there is a different standard when it comes to covering stories about conservative women. Period. Advocate for just about anything against them in the liberal media, you get a free pass. Kudos to Greta for taking a sure did make for an interesting show. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

Who on earth can forget where they were on that terrible September day in 2001? To some, it seemed as though the world stood still. To others, it was the beginning of the worst nightmare they'd ever endure. For nearly 3,000 Americans, life would come to an end. Some cheered, while most of us stood watching in absolute disbelief as the scene unfolded before our very eyes on television. One thing is for certain, September 11, 2001, is the day America was forever changed. 

Or was it?

It seemed so for awhile, but soon, life went on. Americans once again became comfortable in their everyday lives, and to many, the word terrorist became a term used more frequently for those fighting for the life of our nation rather than the monsters who flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in PA on that September day.

If I'm being perfectly honest, posts like this are nearly impossible for me to write. It's not that there's nothing to say, quite the contrary. Really, it's more that there's nothing I can say that could possibly express what's in my heart on a day like today. So, I'll simply say this: let us never forget. It's easy, especially when you aren't the one suffering the loss of a family member in a tragedy such as this, to soon forget that there are those whose lives will never again be normal. 

The Heritage Foundation is asking that Americans honor those who lost their lives today, as well as those who are on the front lines in the War on Terror, by raising Old Glory. Will you join them in this effort on this day? 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sarah Secretly Runs Half-Marathon In Iowa

In a story reported on the 4th, citizens in one Iowa town realized Sarah had joined them for a little run. 

Sarah Palin’s short-lived and unannounced run began and ended today in Storm Lake, Iowa.
The morning after Palin’s speech at a tea party rally in Indianola, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News posted a photo she said was snapped of Palin during the “Jump Right in and Run” half-marathon organized by the Storm Lake Running Club.
Hannah Campbell, webmaster of the Storm Lake Running Club, confirmed the former Alaska governor’s participation in the event. She said Palin’s official time was 1 hour 46 minutes 10 seconds.
Turns out the Governor won 2nd place in her age group, and had registered under her maiden name. Read the rest of the story here. Do you love this woman, or what?

(Storm Lake Running Club)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My interview with Cathy McMorris Rodgers Pt. 2

I know many of you probably wonder what in the world I'm doing talking about Cathy McMorris Rodgers so much on a blog that exists primarily to talk about Sarah Palin. I understand that, so I figured I'd take a minute to explain. 

When I started this blog several years ago, I didn't start it for the reason so many Sarah haters think I did. I wasn't a "Palinbot" or an obsessed Sarah Palin fan. In fact, when I started Moms 4 Sarah Palin, I knew virtually nothing about her. I originally began to blog about her simply because I was horrified by the behavior of the mainstream media when it came to Sarah Palin, and decided to do my research and see if anything they were saying had a shred of truth to it. Over the years, this has become my spot to talk about politics, whether it be specifically about Sarah, or about those issues that are most important to conservative Americans as a whole. 

So, when I was given the opportunity in mid July to sit down with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, it was only right that I ask about some of the things she and Sarah have in of those is that both women have been entrusted by God with precious little boys who have Down syndrome. I wrote an article about this portion of the interview for the latest issue of Smart Girl Nation, an online magazine for Smart Girl Politics (pages 6 & 7).
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) introduced two pieces of legislation last month that would guarantee a huge step forward for those within the special needs community, specifically those with Down Syndrome. According to her web site, “research for a treatment and cure [for Down Syndrome] has lagged behind other medical conditions.” H.R. 2695: The Trisomy 21 Centers of Excellence Act of 2011 and H.R. 2696: The Trisomy 21 Research Resource Act of 2011, if passed, would “ensure that Down Syndrome research remains on par with the research infrastructure of other diseases.”  
McMorris Rodgers is no stranger to the special needs community. When she and her husband Brian welcomed their son Cole McMorris Rodgers into the world in 2007, little did they know how deeply they would be affected by the journey on which they were about to embark. Within a few days of his birth, they received confirmation that their new little bundle of joy had Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. “Hearing the test results was the most difficult,” she told Northwest Women’s Magazine in 2008. “Every parent has hopes and dreams for their child, Down Syndrome is not on the list. It is not what we expected, yet we have embraced Cole as the special gift from God that he is. We are developing new dreams for our son and look forward to seeing him reach his potential.” Read the rest here.