Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sarah Comments On The Latest Media Smear Attempt

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I never personally use foul language in my posts and rarely allow it in the comment section. But if it were ever warranted, today is the day....corrupt bastards is the term I believe Sarah used this morning during her interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace when describing the CBS media plot in Alaska against Republican candidate Joe Miller. That really sums it up quite perfectly. 

The corrupt bastards in the so-called "mainstream" media have been scheming and plotting against Sarah and every other prominent and not so prominent male and female Republican candidate for as long as I can remember. The last two years, however, have been the worst in the history of our nation--with many attacks being led by the President himself, something that is unprecedented. Those on the left and their cronies in the media will stop at absolutely nothing to win, or to try and steal an election. 

The latest--actually, I'm not completely sure it's the latest, since this happens on a daily basis, but it's the latest incident we know about--happened in the Alaskan media, where it's well known that they are fully biased against the Republican candidate in the Senate race, Joe Miller. (the one who actually won the primary against Lisa Murkowski) " sure your sin will find you out" (Num. 32:23) was the biblical phrase that came to mind when I read the full story. It's actually quite amusing, as infuriating as it is. 

CBS affiliate KTVA Channel 11 news team was having a discussion prior to the Miller/Palin rally that was held Thursday...before to this discussion, station assignment manager Nick McDermott made a phone call to Miller campaign spokesperson Randy DeSoto and, at the end of the call, failed to hang up his iPhone properly. The subsequent conversation held between he and his news team, therefore, was recorded on DeSoto's voicemail and was later confirmed by McDermott when he left another message for Desoto: "Damn iPhone...I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry." 

What follows is a transcript of the conversation that took place: 

FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you're the expert, but that’s what I would do...I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know
FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters...
MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah... can you repeat Joe Miller’s...uh... list of people, campaign
workers, which one's the molester?
FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of them will be a registered sex offender.
MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person...
FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ....we won’t know....we won’t know but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what the... ‘Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’
FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul...I like that.
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one.

In a nutshell, the news team was laughing it up, plotting a scheme to damage Miller just days before the election. It seemed evident that they were willing to make up something if they weren't able to find a story juicy enough to dig into. More than anything, however,  it clearly proves the bias we all knew was there to begin with. 

See Miller campaign press release about the incident and listen to a recording here

This kind of nonsense is why I started this blog in the first place, and there's nothing that gets my blood boiling any faster. The "mainstream media", as we've always known it, has rendered itself completely irrelevant, and needs to be put out to pasture where it belongs. The sooner the better. Stories like this are sweet revenge, and do a great service to the American public in letting them know just who these corrupt bastards are that are bringing them "news". 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sarah's Weekend Appearances

Sarah made an appearance today in Charleston, WV with singer Ted Nugent in a push to rally Republican West Virginia voters in the race between Democrat Governor Joe Manchin and Republican John Raese. She also made a surprise stop later in the day with the Tea Party Express in Wheeling. 

Tomorrow, October 31, 2010, Sarah will be appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss the final push for the midterm elections coming Tuesday. She will also be appearing later in the day with Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly and many others in an election special that will air at 8 PM. Be sure to tune in!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Think You Have Bad Neighbors? Think Again...

When we're raising a generation of kids to think they evolved from monkeys, I suppose it comes as no surprise when people behave like disgusting animals.

I was absolutely speechless today as I read the story of 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards, a precious little girl who's dying from Huntington's Disease--a genetic brain disorder that also killed her 24-year-old mother sometime last year. It seems Kathleen's mother and the neighbors, who live in Trenton, MI,  had an ongoing feud that has continued long after her death.

The neighbors, Jennifer and Scott Petkov, hate the family so much that they posted pictures of little Kathleen's deceased mother and the dying girl on Facebook, photoshopped with images of the grim reaper, and the little girl's face above a set of skull and crossbones. As if that weren't enough, the couple had a coffin hitched to the bed of a decorated pickup truck, and according to one report, continuously drove past the Edward's home honking the horn.

When asked why in the world they would do such a thing, Jennifer Petkov replied "because it burns Rebecca Rose's a-- raw". (Rebecca Rose is the grandmother of Kathleen) She also said it gave her "personal satisfaction". 

It seems when America heard about this ongoing torment, they reached out not only to little Kathleen, but also to the horrible people who've been harassing this little girl and her family. Like most animals when cornered, the Petkov's have tucked tail and run for the nearest bush to crawl under. My hope is, they'll stay there. 

A rally supporting Kathleen Edwards and her family has been planned for Saturday, the 23rd of October. To learn more about the event, see this link. Originally planned as a small event, the planners now say they expect thousands to show. 

Way to rally around those in need, America.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where's The Outrage Now?

Remember a few weeks ago when the entire country was in an uproar, seething with outrage over the report that a pastor in Florida was planning to burn some copies of the Koran? I agreed with Michelle Malkin at the time, when she suggested that people in this country would be better served by actually reading the Koran rather than burning it. "What's in the Koran", Michelle correctly pointed out, "is far more of an inflammatory threat to American soldiers than any match with which to light it."

What I would like to know is where the outrage is, now that Muslims are doing the same? (only, they're actually doing it, not just threatening to do it) The New York Post released a report over a week ago highlighting Muslims in Malawi who are angry with the Gideon's for distributing copies of the Holy Bible in Islamic schools. Have you heard one word of this in the mainstream media? I haven't, and I pay pretty close attention. Interesting. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Moms 4 Sarah Palin Facebook Drawing

Okay, friends! Everyone else is doing it these days, so why not? We're going to launch a drawing here at Moms 4 Sarah Palin, so here are the very simple rules:

1. Become a follower on Facebook to be entered once.
2. Become a follower of this blog ---> by clicking on the follow icon to your right, and be entered a second time. 

When we reach 500 followers on Facebook, we will do a random drawing, and one lucky follower will win a copy of the newly released (10/11/10) documentary that I was privileged to screen last week at the Smart Girl Summit, Fire From The Heartland. This film is a must-see, and I cannot wait for one of you to win it.

About The Film
The first-ever film to tell the entire story of the conservative woman in her own words, "Fire from the Heartland" is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened to the crisis. With role models such as Clare Boothe Luce, Margaret Thatcher, and Phyllis Schlafly as inspiration, these women are the unintended consequence of the liberal feminist movement.
Tracing the long history of the many conservative women who have been the backbone of this great nation, from the founding mothers of our Republic to today's "Mama Grizzlies," this powerful and compelling documentary honors the self-made American woman.
Activists, politicians and commentators such as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Dana Loesch, Michelle Easton, Sonnie Johnson, Jenny Beth Martin, Michelle Moore, Jamie Radtke, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, and Congresswomen Jean Schmidt, Cynthia Lummis, and Michele Bachmann share their emotional stories of hardship and triumph in their fight for freedom. These women leaders are fanning the flames of liberty across the nation.
Written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by David N. Bossie, the team that made the critically acclaimed film "Generation Zero" that focused on the financial meltdown and the rise of the Tea Party, "Fire from the Heartland" is a must-see for every citizen concerned with the direction of our country and will stir a fire in the hearts of all Americans. [See the film website for more information]

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Smart Girl Summit 2010

Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
This past week, I had the privilege of attending the 2nd annual Smart Girl Summit, hosted by Smart Girl Politics in the Crystal City section of Arlington, Virginia.

This being a political season during which many Democrats are fearful of even admitting their own party affiliation (much less their "accomplishments"), I felt incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing, powerful group of conservative women. That line I so frequently uttered during 2008 came to mind often during the two day conference: the sleeping giant has awakened.

Yes ma'am, I do believe it has. With a vengeance.

Teri and Stacy, co-founder/founder of SGP
The summit was attended by approximately 200--mostly women, although conservative smart guys most certainly were welcome, and encouraged to attend. Smart Girl's founder Stacy Mott, and co-founder Teri Christoph, outdid themselves this year with an impressive list of event speakers and panel discussions. Conservative blogger and radio commentator Dana Loesch, kicked off the event on Thursday, followed by panel discussions covering a whole gamut of related subjects. During the course of the two day event, we heard from speakers like the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney--Liz Cheney, the lovely Republican ladies from Congress--Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Marjorie Dannenfelser (founder and President of the Susan B. Anthony List), Leslie Sanchez (author, We've Come A Long Way Maybe, and one of my new favorite people), S.E. Cupp (author, Losing Our Religion), and many others.

Anita MonCrief
The theme of the event was the very purpose of Smart Girl Politics: Engage. Educate. Empower. They did not disappoint--every speaker and every panel stayed right on theme and those who were there walked away feeling more confident than ever that this is the year of the conservative woman.

Perhaps, for me, the most moving part of the entire event was Thursday evening when we were able to screen Steven Bannon's "Fire From The Heartland". A new documentary that is focused on the awakening of the conservative woman, this movie explains to America what exactly it is that we believe, and why we so strongly hold to those beliefs. SGP's Lori Zigato has written a wonderful review of the movie that documents the venom now being spewed by the feminist left in response to the movie, and this growing movement of conservative women. Their pathetic attempts at mockery are rather amusing, to say the least. 

S.E. Cupp
If you're a woman of any age and wish to join with an amazing group of classy conservative girls, I suggest you visit Smart Girl Politics and become a member. It costs you nothing, and puts you in touch with thousands of women who hold to the same beliefs you do. Over the last two years, SGP has grown from a small group of 60 to a group nearly 18,000 strong and we're not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. November is coming, but after that comes 2012...we're in the fight for our nation's very life, and we're in it to stay--it's an exciting time to be an American. So, come join us. You won't be sorry. 

**a very special thanks to SGP's own KathyMac who provided the photos. She'll have many more to come on Flickr very soon. 

Monday, October 04, 2010


On his show tonight, Glenn Beck highlighted some video that those on the far left have been trying to keep you from seeing. I wanted to share it here while we still had the opportunity.

First, Virginia Ironside told us what she'd do with a suffering child on BBC last evening:

Second, the anti-global warming campaign has a new video you may view here. To say they have come unhinged would be putting it mildly. I recommend you watch the video for yourself and make that decision. 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Virtual war: Palin v. Grayson

Sarah's twitter endorsement of Florida's Daniel Webster on Tuesday apparently hit a nerve with his opponent, Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson

The twitter comment that sparked the battle between Sarah and Grayson started when Sarah posted this: "FL's Daniel Webster - keep moving forward w/positive,strong,sharp message of truth! (As opposed to opponent who disgraced himself w/that ad)". The ad she is referring to is one the Grayson campaign aired last week grossly misrepresenting comments Webster had made to his constituents regarding his stand on scripture. I'm not sure I've ever heard a more dishonest ad, and clearly, Grayson could care less. That's just how he rolls. 

Grayson responded to Sarah, not defending his ad, but rather attacking her with this comment: "What is it about Palin and Twitter? Is it that 140 characters represents the maximum length of Palin's attention span?" and this link attached. (where he continues the attack, not on substance...nope, just name calling)

Sarah responded twice more: "Grayson's twisted campaign ad adds to 'media distrust' problem; he blatantly lies in vile rant, but greedy media run it anyway w/no fact check," and "Florida deserves the best! No need 2 settle 4 such an odd, troubled character 2 represent your beautiful state. Take pride in Daniel Webster." 

Funny. Grayson responds just like a wounded animal would respond when he fears for his life...clearly, he sees her as a threat to his political life and can't muster up enough sanity to respond in a more civil manner. 

It's OK. He'll be rendered irrelevant soon enough. Meanwhile, want to support Daniel Webster? Please do. You can donate to his campaign by following this link