Saturday, October 16, 2010

Think You Have Bad Neighbors? Think Again...

When we're raising a generation of kids to think they evolved from monkeys, I suppose it comes as no surprise when people behave like disgusting animals.

I was absolutely speechless today as I read the story of 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards, a precious little girl who's dying from Huntington's Disease--a genetic brain disorder that also killed her 24-year-old mother sometime last year. It seems Kathleen's mother and the neighbors, who live in Trenton, MI,  had an ongoing feud that has continued long after her death.

The neighbors, Jennifer and Scott Petkov, hate the family so much that they posted pictures of little Kathleen's deceased mother and the dying girl on Facebook, photoshopped with images of the grim reaper, and the little girl's face above a set of skull and crossbones. As if that weren't enough, the couple had a coffin hitched to the bed of a decorated pickup truck, and according to one report, continuously drove past the Edward's home honking the horn.

When asked why in the world they would do such a thing, Jennifer Petkov replied "because it burns Rebecca Rose's a-- raw". (Rebecca Rose is the grandmother of Kathleen) She also said it gave her "personal satisfaction". 

It seems when America heard about this ongoing torment, they reached out not only to little Kathleen, but also to the horrible people who've been harassing this little girl and her family. Like most animals when cornered, the Petkov's have tucked tail and run for the nearest bush to crawl under. My hope is, they'll stay there. 

A rally supporting Kathleen Edwards and her family has been planned for Saturday, the 23rd of October. To learn more about the event, see this link. Originally planned as a small event, the planners now say they expect thousands to show. 

Way to rally around those in need, America.  

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JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

I don't care how much of a dispute there is, that is despicably disgusting to do that to a family. So glad they have so many rallying around them!