Monday, October 04, 2010


On his show tonight, Glenn Beck highlighted some video that those on the far left have been trying to keep you from seeing. I wanted to share it here while we still had the opportunity.

First, Virginia Ironside told us what she'd do with a suffering child on BBC last evening:

Second, the anti-global warming campaign has a new video you may view here. To say they have come unhinged would be putting it mildly. I recommend you watch the video for yourself and make that decision. 


Marfa said...

That is pretty sad...crazy woman with purple hair putting her foot in her mouth, or maybe not...maybe she really thinks it's okay to put a pillow over a child's face...insanity!

The Right Girl said...

"Any loving mother..." Seriously? Wow, talk about conditional love. So, she judges one's quality of love by one's willingness to murder in the name of "saving" one's child from suffering? Did you hear that? It's the sound of angels crying.

Tami said...

So. Very. Sad.
This woman clearly has big problems.