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Several weeks ago, I penned a few paragraphs on the topic of "Service and Sacrifice" as referenced in Obama's acceptance speech. In the post, I juxtaposed an image of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., which was widely distributed by his campaign, and an image I discovered of Lenin. The two images were inserted into the post without commentary. The soviet poster art was strikingly similar in composition and in choice of color. As was anticipated, I received howls of reproach from the Obamabot crowd. How dare I draw associations between the iconography of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and the propaganda produced by the Soviet Union! Well, if the shoe fits... However, Newsweek seems to share in my insight. The other day, as I ambled through a local Barnes  & Noble, I happened to notice a copy of the Newsweek Special Commemorative Issue: Obama's American Dream (edited by John Meacham). It's on the shelves until February if you care to scurry out and snatch up a copy. I was drawn to it out of a morbid curiosity and was not disappointed by the fawning and blithering commentary or the red carpet photo treatment of the man-child. What did surprise me were the photos and comments on pages 68 and 69. On those two pages Newsweek documents the artist behind the iconographic images of the Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. campaign: Shepard Fairey. The article describes Fairey's work as "punk-rock Soviet propaganda." Newsweek goes on to comment about how cool it was that the Obama campaign accepted, integrated, and disseminated Fairey's nuevo Soviet street art. Fiarey's most notable contribution to the campaign is the poster seen below:

When I first saw this poster, I was immediately struck by the iconographic quality of the image and immediately recognized the link between it's "language" and that of political poster art from other authoritarian regimes. For me, it was a disturbing association and not one I associated with an attempt to be "cool." I can only imagine the rabid screeching from the left had Governor Sarah Palin or Senator John McCain produced such iconic, Soviet imagery. Below you see an image from the Soviet Union, depicting Lenin in the same artistic style and artistic language as Obama's poster art. Note the similarity in color and composition. 
Obama seems to draw leftist radicals to him like flies to fly paper. I encourage you to visit Mr. Fairey's web site. It's an education in and of itself. Mr. Fairey is the creator of a street art movement called "Obey Giant." When you first enter his web site, take note of the imagery in the header.  You'll be greeted by the phrase "engineering propaganda" and "Manufacturing Quality Dissent Since 1989." I won't say anymore about Fairey's web site; I don't want to spoil the surprise. Just bear in mind that this is the artist to the savior of us all: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. 

The associations inherent in the style of the Obama propaganda posters is patently offensive to anyone educated enough to see and understand. Well, to anyone who isn't a Marxist sympathizer or the sniveling dupe of an authoritarian demagogue. The American public has been trained, through decades of media indoctrination, through the failure of the public school system, to merely act as receptors. The media spoon feeds the public the content it wishes to disseminate and moon-eyed, slack-jawed lemmings receive the programming without the slightest analytical twitch. Obama capitalized on this weakness by creating an image: authoritarian, messianic, and paternal. The obamabots lapped it all up. Never mind that Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of the world's worst political criminals adopted the same style, tone, and composition for their political imagery and prose. 

Fairey is just another radical in a long list of radical fellow travelers that have attached themselves to Obama and to his campaign. What does it mean? It means that the radical Marxist elements of our society smell a kindred and odious emanation from Obama and are drawn to it. What's the old saw? "Birds of a feather flock together." Indeed, the election is over. And, change will surely come. But what sort of change has been brought upon us? What new day has dawned? Why would a presidential candidate accept such a radical, socialist, and authoritarian association in his political poster art? It is a betrayal of our liberties and, at the very least, an indication of an affinity for european socialism. Look at the images and consider the kind of people that Obama has drawn to himself and, if you claim the name of patriot, prepare to defend the constitution from an unprecedented assault. 


Click here for an example of Bush bashing from the artist to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wanted to share a link to Michelle Malkin's post today, "Giving Thanks For Self Reliant Americans". Well worth the read.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wanted to take this opportunity to do two things: first, address the latest smear of Governor Sarah Palin with reference to her most recent activity in the media, pardoning a thanksgiving turkey at a local Wasilla farm and then answering questions. Since 1947, Presidents and state officials have pardoned thanksgiving turkeys just before the big day. In keeping with the all out media assault on her, Sarah's pardon is being called a "turkey execution". (also called the "Palin Turkey Massacre" and "Sarah Palin Killing Fiasco De Turkey") I'm not sure those on the left who are making such a big deal of this realize it, but most turkey's are bred for one reason: slaughter. (to quote Michelle Malkin, "Farmers kill animals. Then they sell them. Grocery stores package them. Meat-eaters buy them and eat them. This is no big deal — except if you reside in the Ivory Tower or the David Brooks/Kathleen Parker/Arianna Huffington/Daily Kos intellectual complex.") That's just the cold hard fact of the matter. That Sarah Palin happened to be staged by the media at a spot where turkey's were being slaughtered is just one more thing they can use to go after her. It's pathetic, really. 

Sarah Palin is effective. She represents the beliefs of the conservative wing of the Republican party and she does so quite well. It is for this reason that you still hear more about Sarah Palin in the media than our own Vice President-Elect Biden! They just can't leave her alone! Do I wish she'd had a different backdrop for her questions after the pardon? Sure I do, for her own good...but the fact remains that she was there to save that turkey from slaughter, and I'm not sure how else a turkey gets to the table on Thanksgiving day than to be killed. Tim Blair over at The Daily Telegraph has a good "round up" of reaction at this link.  See the full video in the window provided below. 

Second, John and I and the other writers for this blog want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. On this day, which was set aside so many years ago to give thanks to our Almighty for all He has done, and for showing us the way, may we never lose sight of the fact that we have much to be thankful for in America. So, Happy Thanksgiving all! 

Some humor...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seven Trillion Dollar Man

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. gave his much anticipated news conference concerning his plan to deliver us from the economic crisis. Obama described the current economic situation as historic and proposed a stimulus package that would shock the market. BO displayed his economic acumen by describing the "stimulus package" as "big." No numbers, no cogent and enlightened plan, just the usual BO tap dance and fashion show. All form and no substance. This should come as no surprise. The song and dance routine won him the election, promising his voters a lifetime supply of cotton candy and appealing to their sense of cool. The bailout plan from the left is estimated at a total cost of Seven Trillion Dollars, an amount exceeding all the money spent in Iraq and representing a deficit far exceeding any amount up to now. Apparently, deficits don't matter anymore, so long as the maniacal spending comes from the democrat left. How the U.S. dollar will survive this orgy of debt and subsequent currency devaluation is anyone's guess. I'm anticipating a dollar disaster when that bubble pops. Already the spin masters are making excuse for Obama's flip flop on a major campaign promise: to end the Bush tax cuts early. Apparently, the messiah is not quite up to the task of economic reform in the manner that was promised on the "talk is cheap" campaign trail.

Well, so far we seem to have a really cool socialist who is bent on implementing a third Clinton term. This is laughable. BO attacked McCain during the campaign by associating him with a Bush third term. How ironic is it that Hillary, soon to be Secretary of State, once described Obama's foreign policy as irresponsible and naive. The rest of his appointees seem to be Clinton retreads. The next four years will certainly provide plenty of material for comedians and critics.

However, what is not humorous are the oppressive effects of BO's proposed policies. Currently, Congress is contemplating a bailout of the big three auto manufacturers. Aside from the folly associated with the waste of tax revenue, the most disturbing development is government's encroachment on liberty. If the bailout takes place, the control of private enterprise will be subsumed to the coercive power of the state on a level never before seen in this republic. And, of course, the authoritarian man-child Obama fully supports this. Obama has stated plainly that the auto makers will be beholden to him and his regime. As a consequence of accepting bailout money, the auto makers will be required to submit to Congressional dictates concerning the direction and objectives that the industry will pursue. This means that Congress will be directing the big three manufacturers on matters concerning what kinds of cars to produce. The implications of this are astounding. How long will this republic survive under central planning of this magnitude? We are witnessing the nationalization of our banking system and the planned nationalization of the auto industry. And, at the head of it all is the Omniscient Administrator, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. We see Obama's antecedent in the current Treasury Secretary. Paulson has been granted arbitrary powers of authority in the bailout bill. His duty is to ensure the economic welfare of our citizens. This legislation far surpasses the language of the Constitution. But, Constitutional matters seem to be of little import in these "desperate" economic times. Our liberties are being peddled away under the guise of crisis. The democrats in congress and the incoming administration play the act of the fear monger in order to extend and coalesce their power. If the auto industry becomes the vassal of the Obama aristocracy, who will then be immune from servitude?

Here is the full text of the bailout bill:
The new administration describes the free market as an entity to be shocked into submission. The hubris of this attitude is patent. Their view is that the free market must be brought under the control of the state and harnessed by the enlightened aristocracy. Obamabots chanted about change and hope, voted for an image and now only receive the tired, worn, and discredited slogans of the socialist left. There is nothing new or novel in this. Obama is merely Marx in an expensive suit and Malcom X without the spectacles.

"These unhappy times call for the building of plans that rest upon the forgotten, the unorganized but the indispensable units of economic power, for plans like those of 1917 that build from the bottom up and not from the top down, that put their faith once more in the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid." (Franklin Roosevelt, 1932)

Sound familiar? So much for Change, for new and fresh ideas.

Update: Here's a link to the facts and figures on the mind boggling bailout numbers! And, for all you Obamabots, here's the New York Times article! Also, you can still access the Congressional document above by clicking the link just below the preview window.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Moderate Myth

Much has been made of the Moderate Republican. He is touted as the future of the Republican Party and enjoys the approbation of the Rockefeller Republican clique. The moderate floats in an enigmatic strata of Washingtonian society, assuming the form and language of the conservative while prostituting himself to the Washington elite. During the last election cycle, this new breed of Republican manifested itself, the deformed offspring of a thoroughly liberal left and of a pandering, apostate right. Wrapped in a utilitarian pseudo-intellectualism, the moderate felt no cognitive dissonance at aping the cause of conservatism in public but within the marbled halls of Capital Hill actively propagating and establishing a liberal socialist agenda. This wretched alliance, between Moderate Republican and Liberal Democrat, produced the 700 billion dollar welfare check written to the banking industry. Sadly, the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, was infected with this moderate mentality. McCain was, therefore, compelled to waffle on issues and failed to effectively confront Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. on traditionally conservative points. BO, essentially, won the election on a conservative issue: lowering taxes. Given the clear weaknesses in BO's position early in the campaign (i.e. the potentially devastating relationship with Rev. Wright and BO's blatant socialism), it was McCain's election to lose. And, as a good moderate, McCain lost. But, not as big as some would have you believe. About five million more votes were cast in this election year than in 2004. However, the 127 million votes fell short of even McCain internal estimates of 130 million. This is the moderate legacy.  It is a failure to ignite interest by failing to define principals and to defend them. Simply, it is a failure to take a stand. For many conservatives, there was no compelling reason to cast a vote. 

I remember the languid years of the Carter presidency. I remember, vividly, the national shame during the Iranian hostage crisis. I can still feel the blush of embarrassment on my cheeks as I watched American citizens paraded through Iranian streets on television, while an impotent Carter looked on. I remember the gas lines, the skyrocketing inflation, and interest rates which spiraled out of control under liberal democrat economic policy. (Mark these words: Obama will make Jimmy Carter look like a Reagan conservative. Even now, the DOW plunges in preparation for Obama's capital gains tax hikes. American businesses move into defensive postures, laying off tens of thousands in anticipation of Obama's corporate tax hikes. And, America's enemies will be emboldened by Obama's perceived naivete and gutless weakness. Don't forget, BO has already promised to close Guantanamo Bay! What buffoonery!) Then, Reagan changed it all. He, quite simply, did what he promised. He stood for an ideal, for conservative principals, and didn't back down. The American people responded by handing him a landslide victory. The American people responded to a Republican who stood for capitalism, the free markets, lower taxes, smaller government, and a powerful national defense without apology or reservation. Reagan did not equivocate, did not pander to the left but battled their insidious ideology. He made us proud again and projected a national image of economic and military power. America's enemies quailed. 

Reagan and Governor Sarah Palin share something essential in common: a deep commitment to conservative principals and a willingness to take a stand. Examine the exit poll data, Sarah carried McCain. Without her, and her uncompromising stand on conservative principles, the Republican base would never have mobilized in any appreciable numbers. This much is clear, the American people have no stomach for the vacillation of the moderates, the Republican Center. The American people desire a conservative leader with no proclivity to capitulate to left wing socialism or centrist notions of euro-centric values. The myth of the moderate is that they can be all things to all people. The truth of the matter is that, in their efforts to offend no one, moderates fail to impress anyone.   

Friday, November 14, 2008

If you don't like patriotic music, don't bother checking out this link. It's one of the most beautiful arrangements of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" I've ever heard. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You've Gotta Love Todd Palin!

I found this article on Townhall yesterday, and just had to share it with you guys! I have said all along that I think Todd Palin has to be one of the most gracious spouses I have seen on the campaign trail, and this blog post by Karen Agness says it perfectly. 

Manliness In Action: Todd Palin 
by Karin Agness, blogger from Townhall

If Barracuda by Heart is Sarah Palin’s theme song, I’m Still a Guy by Brad Paisley should be Todd Palin’s theme song.

Paisley’s I’m Still a Guy rose to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart this summer. He cleverly sings about the way men and women see the world differently, “When you see a deer, you see Bambi and I see an
tlers up on the wall. When you see a lake, you think picnics and I see a large mouth up under that log. You're probably thinkin' that you're gonna change me. In some ways, well, maybe you might. Scrub me down, dress me up, oh, but no matter what, remember, I'm still a guy.”

In this politically incorrect song, Paisley humorously points out the societal pressures on men to become more feminine and rejects these pressures. Remember John Edwards’ $400 haircut? Paisley sings, “Yeah, with all of these men linein' up to get neutered it's hip now to be feminized. I don't highlight my hair, I've still got a pair. Yeah, honey, I'm still a guy.”

Americans loved the song, men and women alike. The message of the song resonates with listeners—it is ok for men to embrace their masculine side.

Like the “guy” described in Paisley’s song, Todd Palin appeared on the campaign trail as a guy’s guy, a manly man, in all the right ways. He is manliness in action. He is tough, yet gentle. He is a champion snowmobile racer, even finishing a 400 mile race this year with a broken arm. He seamlessly weaves between the oil fields, commercial fishing waters and a home full of children. Through it all, he looks at his wife with glowing adoration.

Todd Palin, who Alaskans know as the First Dude, is so natural in his role as a male spouse to a female candidate that he was one of the least criticized aspects of Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential run. There were not endless stories printed about his dress, hair, speeches or parenting.

We watched in awe and sometimes in horror at the way former President Bill Clinton handled himself as the husband of a female candidate. He danced between being her cheerleader, attack dog and advisor. Like wearing someone else’s clothes, none of the roles fit quite right.

Todd Palin found an appropriate role for himself on the campaign trail as a loving husband. He stood beside his wife and did what was necessary for her to succeed, whether it was introducing her at events or taking primary responsibility for the children. He did not steal her spotlight, overshadow her or act threatened by her. Through it all, the fact that his wife was running for Vice President did not emasculate him.

Todd Palin acted out the gentle masculinity that Paisley sings about, “And I'll pour out my heart, hold your hand in the car, write a love song that makes you cry. Then turn right around knock some jerk to the ground 'cause he copped a feel as you walk by.”

Too often equality of the sexes is sought through emasculating men. We should observe this marriage and the role Todd Palin has embraced on the campaign trail. Sarah Palin has become one of the most powerful women in America without neutering her husband. He is still a guy.

Just as female spouses have had to figure out an appropriate role as spouses of male candidates, so too are male spouses of female candidates learning their role. Future male spouses would be wise to watch and learn from Todd Palin.

So Much For Unity

One more time....

I am, frankly, already sick to death of hearing not only Obama and the always gaffe-tastic Biden (won't this be a fun four years following him?), but their followers, as well, suggest we all come together now and sing "kum-ba-ya" and be unified. While I agree that we need to try to all get along, I sincerely wonder where all this talk of unity was for the last eight years? I didn't seek out liberal sites in an attempt to "talk them into unifying", much less demanding it: I can assure you I had better things to do!  I'm pretty sure that those many visitors from the left we still have are the "bloggers in pajama's" that Sarah talked about in her interview with Greta on Monday night. I've had several threaten "not to come here anymore"! I am wringing my hands with worry, terribly frightened at the prospect of losing those readers...can you tell? 

Tell me, please, do you Dems mean this kind of unity? (disclaimer: not for those with weak stomachs) Or do you mean this kind? Perhaps this is what you mean

That's what I thought. 

I'm all for getting along as Americans, but "unify" with Obama and his policies as conservative Republicans? Nope. Goes against everything I believe in.

No thanks.

Some delusional moderates in the Republican party think Obama is going to rule as a centrist. Obama didn't get the memo, at least not before choosing Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff.

I can assure you of one thing: while Republicans disagree strongly with Mr. Obama on most of what he stands for, you can be certain you won't see the fits of rage, calls for his assassination, and the blatant disrespect that you have seen from the left these last eight years for our President (especially from the ranks in Congress and the Senate). They lost any respect I ever had for them, and they won't get it back anytime soon, especially by demanding it when they've done absolutely nothing to earn it. I will disagree with Mr. Obama in a peaceful manner, I will exercise my freedom to discuss it here, and I will respect the office he will hold. I will never stoop to the level the liberal left has, and I feel I can say with absolute certainty that most Republicans feel the same way. 

McCain Defends Sarah, Finally.....

Well, sort of...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You

We want to take a moment today and say "Thank You" to the more than 25 million veterans who have sacrificed in service of our great country. We owe you a debt that we can never repay, and today we honor you. Thank you for your service to our country. 

To read about the history of Veterans Day, visit this link, and this link. .

An ObamaNation

A few posts ago I spoke about Obama's call to service and sacrifice. I described it as ominous, disconcerting, an authoritarian edict. We are now beginning to see, as it's manifestation is inevitable, that the image of the celestial Obama is mere illusion. The real Obama, the one that sat in a pew for 20 years of Reverend Wright's Marxist Black Liberation Theology ranting, is the genuine article. At Obama's official web site,, Obama lists his idea of service. As you can see from the screen shot above, Obama plans to REQUIRE 50 hours of community service from high school students and 100 hours from college students. 

Other authoritarian figures have formed youth organizations with compulsory community service requirements. It seems, in this regard, Obama and Adolph Hitler may share
something in common. Do I think Obama is an analogue of Adolph Hitler? No, don't be silly. But Obama is authoritarian, just as the world's worst dictators were and are. Compulsory youth service seems to be a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. So, Adolph the authoritarian formed his Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend. And, Obama, the authoritarian plans to form his own community youth corps. Obama's administration will be one of radicalism, on a scale never before witnessed by this nation. Who is this aristocrat who possesses the colossal audacity to compel this nation's youth to serve in his Obama-Jugend? Maybe Obama's youth corps will wear brown shirts too? Oh, by-the-way, if you care to look at Obama's site for the above screen shot, don't bother. The scuttling Obamabots at the Ministry of Truth have scrubbed the site and
 replaced what was true with tidy paragraphs of Newspeak. One final note, what will become of compassion, of self-directed acts of charity in this new environment of centralized planning and direction? Welcome to your Obamanation.    

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sarah Chats With The Media On Friday

It's a lengthy chat that Sarah had with reporters on her first day back, but well worth the listen! (don't forget to pause the music!)

For more, see these links:

Saturday, November 08, 2008

On Sarah

It's been an amusing week, to say the least--well, it would be if it weren't so sad. Tuesday, our general election was held and the 44th President of the United States was elected. The amusing part for me has been watching as Democrats continue to campaign and defend their newly elected President-calling, as predicted, anyone who disagrees with him a racist- as he continues to campaign, and has even created a new "office" for himself because he cannot wait his turn like the last 43 Presidents have respectfully done. Along with that come the demands for "unity" from a party that has been anything but willing to "unify" these last 8 years. What has also been rather amusing are the "unknown" spineless, bitter campaign staffers from within the McCain campaign who not only feel the need to now attack Sarah Palin, but to cover their own butts for losing the election. I was encouraged to finally see Rick Davis, McCain's campaign manager, emerge in defense of Sarah in an attempt to put these rumors to rest. Sad thing is, the same John McCain who felt the need to repudiate true statements made by his own party throughout the campaign, is now AWOL on this subject.

Look, put the fraud aside. The election is over, and the majority has spoken, even if there were dead people and cartoon characters in the mix. Clearly, the country is deeply divided. Democrats didn't win this election, Republicans lost this election. I have now heard from countless Republicans who, though they loved Sarah Palin, decided that wasn't enough to make them show up at the polls on Tuesday for John McCain. Those, along with Republicans who were disgruntled with John McCain for a variety of other issues, therefore cast a vote against him, are the Republicans that helped lose this election for us. Bottom line: we must take back our party. We were told John McCain was the only person who could beat Obama, and perhaps that would have been true, had the Republicans more effectively utilized the resources available to them. Bottom line, it was too little, too late, and adding Palin to the mix brought votes, but not enough votes to make a difference. So, where do we go from here? Why do you think the media went after Sarah Palin so viciously, right from the outset? They cannot go after her on ideas, so they go after her personally. (this goes for both sides AND the main stream media) Governor Sarah Palin is the fresh new face of the Republican party. I am convinced that we have not seen the last of her. Will she run in '12? I haven't the slightest clue, but I sure do hope so! We have several remarkable young Republicans gaining in the ranks that will be interesting to watch and I believe Sarah will be among them. 

The main stream media, democrat party, and the left-moderate leaning Republicans are already trying to push Sarah off the scene. What they fail to appreciate, however, is the overwhelming support for Sarah within the Republican party. Rasmussen Reports released some new stats yesterday that tell us 69% of GOP voters say that Palin helped John McCain. 91% of Republicans have a favorable view of Sarah, while 65% of that group say their view is VERY favorable. When asked to choose among some of the GOP's top names for their party's ticket in 2012, 64% say Sarah Palin is their choice. That does not sound like a party whose tide has turned against Sarah Palin!

With regard to the latest smears about Sarah, they are simply, by all accounts, untrue.  Below, you will see a list of links that helped lead me to this conclusion. Many readers leave comments claiming that we think Sarah Palin can do no wrong. Just like I know Obama doesn't really think we have 57 states, and just like I hope Joe Biden doesn't really think FDR was president in '29 or that televisions had arrived on the scene, I know that Sarah Palin is very capable of making her fair share of mistakes. Unfortunately, I believe many of the mistakes made during this campaign were orchestrated by those inside the McCain campaign who wished to sabotage her. 

Bottom line, to quote "Kathy", a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, "Governor Palin ignited a dead and dry campaign. Volunteers and contributions came out of the woodwork within hours of her being put out there in Dayton, Ohio...she's tough, she's smart, she's competent, she's articulate, she's a doer, and she's got a track record to prove that--she doesn't just talk. She's done the walk, and I think that's what her attackers fear most, that she's too effective at brushing the waste where it belongs." Rush Limbaugh responded "Exactly right. She is a threat to the modern Republican party, which is made up of a bunch of linguine-spined moderates...and they're trying to take her out now. The problem is that conservatives and Republicans LOVE this woman..." And we're not about to sit back and be quiet while these people try to destroy her. 

**To encourage the RNC to support Sarah Palin and to expose those who are spreading the rumors, contact the RNC: 
Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Phone: 202-863-8700
Fax: 202-863-8820