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Several weeks ago, I penned a few paragraphs on the topic of "Service and Sacrifice" as referenced in Obama's acceptance speech. In the post, I juxtaposed an image of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., which was widely distributed by his campaign, and an image I discovered of Lenin. The two images were inserted into the post without commentary. The soviet poster art was strikingly similar in composition and in choice of color. As was anticipated, I received howls of reproach from the Obamabot crowd. How dare I draw associations between the iconography of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and the propaganda produced by the Soviet Union! Well, if the shoe fits... However, Newsweek seems to share in my insight. The other day, as I ambled through a local Barnes  & Noble, I happened to notice a copy of the Newsweek Special Commemorative Issue: Obama's American Dream (edited by John Meacham). It's on the shelves until February if you care to scurry out and snatch up a copy. I was drawn to it out of a morbid curiosity and was not disappointed by the fawning and blithering commentary or the red carpet photo treatment of the man-child. What did surprise me were the photos and comments on pages 68 and 69. On those two pages Newsweek documents the artist behind the iconographic images of the Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. campaign: Shepard Fairey. The article describes Fairey's work as "punk-rock Soviet propaganda." Newsweek goes on to comment about how cool it was that the Obama campaign accepted, integrated, and disseminated Fairey's nuevo Soviet street art. Fiarey's most notable contribution to the campaign is the poster seen below:

When I first saw this poster, I was immediately struck by the iconographic quality of the image and immediately recognized the link between it's "language" and that of political poster art from other authoritarian regimes. For me, it was a disturbing association and not one I associated with an attempt to be "cool." I can only imagine the rabid screeching from the left had Governor Sarah Palin or Senator John McCain produced such iconic, Soviet imagery. Below you see an image from the Soviet Union, depicting Lenin in the same artistic style and artistic language as Obama's poster art. Note the similarity in color and composition. 
Obama seems to draw leftist radicals to him like flies to fly paper. I encourage you to visit Mr. Fairey's web site. It's an education in and of itself. Mr. Fairey is the creator of a street art movement called "Obey Giant." When you first enter his web site, take note of the imagery in the header.  You'll be greeted by the phrase "engineering propaganda" and "Manufacturing Quality Dissent Since 1989." I won't say anymore about Fairey's web site; I don't want to spoil the surprise. Just bear in mind that this is the artist to the savior of us all: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. 

The associations inherent in the style of the Obama propaganda posters is patently offensive to anyone educated enough to see and understand. Well, to anyone who isn't a Marxist sympathizer or the sniveling dupe of an authoritarian demagogue. The American public has been trained, through decades of media indoctrination, through the failure of the public school system, to merely act as receptors. The media spoon feeds the public the content it wishes to disseminate and moon-eyed, slack-jawed lemmings receive the programming without the slightest analytical twitch. Obama capitalized on this weakness by creating an image: authoritarian, messianic, and paternal. The obamabots lapped it all up. Never mind that Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of the world's worst political criminals adopted the same style, tone, and composition for their political imagery and prose. 

Fairey is just another radical in a long list of radical fellow travelers that have attached themselves to Obama and to his campaign. What does it mean? It means that the radical Marxist elements of our society smell a kindred and odious emanation from Obama and are drawn to it. What's the old saw? "Birds of a feather flock together." Indeed, the election is over. And, change will surely come. But what sort of change has been brought upon us? What new day has dawned? Why would a presidential candidate accept such a radical, socialist, and authoritarian association in his political poster art? It is a betrayal of our liberties and, at the very least, an indication of an affinity for european socialism. Look at the images and consider the kind of people that Obama has drawn to himself and, if you claim the name of patriot, prepare to defend the constitution from an unprecedented assault. 


Click here for an example of Bush bashing from the artist to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.


Mel said...

I dislike the iconic image that has emerged throughout the election season and seems to have grown to epic porportions is truly creepy!!!

John said...


Thanks for the comment!!! Hope the post was enlightening! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

SarahB said...

I have been saying this for MONTHS!!! The blatant use of Soviet AND Nazi inspired graphic visuals throughout the campaign were laughably blatant. I've been meaning to talk about this over at my blog...may I link to yours since you have already done such a great job?

Great Work!!

Lipstick Underground

Tami said...

Hey girl.
Please do, would be honored.
May I say again, I LOVE your designs???

Justin said...

Shepard Fairey has been doing this kind of art for years. Without this campaign, i doubt any of you would have heard about OBEY clothing or Fairey's art. Would it be offensive of me to say that you are all a little too old or conservative to understand the "Andre the Giant has a posse" phenomenon? I find this to be a great stretch. I have many articles of clothing made by OBEY, and i have been dying to obtain some original art. Are you denying the artistic value of communist/nazi propaganda? Like it or not, it is still considered art. Reminds me of the World Fair posters. Still, i think this is a HUGE stretch. If Shepard Fairey is a radical socialist, then all the skate shops that carry his stuff must be too, and so must every skateboarder rockin' an OBEY sweater.

thomas said...

Hi John,

Once again the socialist accusations never explain why some of America's most committed capitalists supported Obama and continue to support him. Chief among these Obamabots, as you describe them, is Warren Buffett, that well-known socialist, who has been and remains committed only to the investors of Berkshire Hathaway. Hard to imagine he has looked into the future of an Obama administration and seen the beginnings of a socialist/communist or fascist regime (seems you guys can’t decide which of these totalitarianisms Obama is attempting to surreptitiously impose on all of us.). I am guessing Buffett’s portfolio, despite trying economic times brought on by eight long, withering years of Republican authoritarianism in the White House and Congress, is still better positioned for the future than yours, John.

As for the rest of your post, it is, as usual, largely about guilt by association (and in this case, quite distant association). Shepard Fairey's work was sought out and used by, a group that is associated with Obama more from their POV than his.) He is no more “the artist to” Barrack Hussein Obama (funny how that middle name is going to be increasingly less effective as a guilt by association factor as time goes by) than Pastor Hagee is a touchstone for John McCain.

Obama did not solicit or approve or pay for Mr. Fairey's work so to now associate Obama closely with it and try to create the impression that Obama is somehow behind it is dishonest and disingenuous. (I am shocked, shocked I say, that you guys would show such McCarthyistic tendencies.

As for appealing to or drawing leftists to his cause, it seems to me that many hard left activists are already questioning Obama's choices, so making a case that he is cozy with them is hard to justify. And those on the far left who are still supporting him are doing so because he clearly has a more progressive approach than the Republicans. So though Obama may not be as liberal as they would like, he is preferable to the alternative. The old "birds of a feather...." saw is only effective if Obama is claiming alliance with those you call radicals, not, as is the case, if they are supporting him. He has no control over that. Believe me, John, you do not want to burden McCain or Palin with every crackpot, radical, right-wing nutcase who has claimed them as their Messiahs.

And by the way, the Soviet style posters never said anything about or used any reference to HOPE so your connection is, on an intellectual/content/meaning level, ludicrous.

Be glad to hear your feelings on this, John.


John said...


I don't deny the effectiveness of propaganda. Nor, do I deny the effectiveness of Fairey's punk-rock Soviet style political poster art. In fact, from an aesthetic perspective, I find Fairey's work to be very interesting. Personally, I think that his use of iconic composition, pattern, color, and subject matter are extremely captivating. What does concern me is the totalitarian "language" of the poster art and its use by a candidate for the United States Presidency. What I mean by "language" (as some have misinterpreted) is the use of composition, subject matter, color, etc. to convey an artistic message. With Fairey's art, this artistic language is clearly radical in nature. It is, therefore, just another example of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.'s radical tendency on display. Obama's campaign fully embraced Fairey's art and, by extension, his message of radicalism. Obama's campaign art drew its iconic style from a socialist and fascist heritage; to deny this is to argue from the absurd. The association is painfully clear. Only a sense of self interest, bigotry, or stupidity can justify a view contrary to the conclusion of the original post. I think that most people who purchase Fairey's products do so out of a sense of identification with a particular counter culture and, more likely, just because it looks cool. BO is far more sophisticated than the average skateboarder. And, is cognizant of the inherent associations of this type of propaganda. He just can't help himself. Finally, I'm not sure what age has to do with this matter. How old am I? Obama is older than me, chronologically. Does that mean I'm smarter than him or that I get it and he doesn't? To argue age is just silly.


A couple of things.

First, A lot of people have been duped by Warren Buffett and his association with Obama (it seems that associations which are perceived as positive matter a great deal in this debate; it's just the radical associations that Obamabots want to ignore.) The short answer is, so what. Buffett is a rich socialist. There are plenty of them. But, I thought the rich guys were evil, selfish, and should be taxed to feed the poor, save the world, and bring about the millennium. It doesn't really matter what happens to the economy with reference to Buffett's portfolio. Buffett has his, so screw everyone else. I just want to enjoy the same economic freedom that enabled Buffett to amass his billions.

Second, Thomas, you gotta be kidding me. Obama's campaign produced those politically specious posters in the tens of thousands! BO probably hand cranked his mimeograph machine night and day. Yeah, BO didn't know or approve. What a laugh! And, what "hope?" Hope for what? Hope in what? Hope in dwarves, fairies, and unicorns? The word "hope" or the absence of it doesn't change the message of the art. As is typical, nothing of substance from the left. Next!

Big Guy Bigger Opinions said...

I came across your blog through another fellow conservative blogger. Great work! I really like what I have been reading!

Big Guy Bigger Opinions said...

You don't have to post this comment.. but I have added you to my blogroll. If this isn't okay with you, I will be happy to remove it

John said...

Big Guy,

Thanks for your comment and for your support!!