Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wanted to take this opportunity to do two things: first, address the latest smear of Governor Sarah Palin with reference to her most recent activity in the media, pardoning a thanksgiving turkey at a local Wasilla farm and then answering questions. Since 1947, Presidents and state officials have pardoned thanksgiving turkeys just before the big day. In keeping with the all out media assault on her, Sarah's pardon is being called a "turkey execution". (also called the "Palin Turkey Massacre" and "Sarah Palin Killing Fiasco De Turkey") I'm not sure those on the left who are making such a big deal of this realize it, but most turkey's are bred for one reason: slaughter. (to quote Michelle Malkin, "Farmers kill animals. Then they sell them. Grocery stores package them. Meat-eaters buy them and eat them. This is no big deal — except if you reside in the Ivory Tower or the David Brooks/Kathleen Parker/Arianna Huffington/Daily Kos intellectual complex.") That's just the cold hard fact of the matter. That Sarah Palin happened to be staged by the media at a spot where turkey's were being slaughtered is just one more thing they can use to go after her. It's pathetic, really. 

Sarah Palin is effective. She represents the beliefs of the conservative wing of the Republican party and she does so quite well. It is for this reason that you still hear more about Sarah Palin in the media than our own Vice President-Elect Biden! They just can't leave her alone! Do I wish she'd had a different backdrop for her questions after the pardon? Sure I do, for her own good...but the fact remains that she was there to save that turkey from slaughter, and I'm not sure how else a turkey gets to the table on Thanksgiving day than to be killed. Tim Blair over at The Daily Telegraph has a good "round up" of reaction at this link.  See the full video in the window provided below. 

Second, John and I and the other writers for this blog want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. On this day, which was set aside so many years ago to give thanks to our Almighty for all He has done, and for showing us the way, may we never lose sight of the fact that we have much to be thankful for in America. So, Happy Thanksgiving all! 


Williepitt said...

I think it's great that you people are continuing this blog and talking to each other in the true conservative fashion, making "mincemeat" of liberals for every fault there is in the world, whether or not it's justifiable to do so. I'm hoping it means you'll stay away from those of us who are rational and will remain as isolated as you can.

Tami said...

First, Williepitt, you make no sense whatsoever.

Second, to those claiming I think Sarah just had no idea what was going on around her....DUH! Of course she knew! She was on a turkey farm! The point is...what's the big deal? To those of us who grew up on farms or in a farming community, this is common and no big deal. THAT was the point, so save your insults.

Susy said...

Tami, a turkey slaughter happening on a turkey farm wouldn't be such a big deal if you weren't talking about it while you have a "Pretty in Mink" ad alongside. It's one thing to slaughter animals and then eat them. It's another to slaughter several so that you can wear the pelt and pose for a calendar.

"Sanctity of life" indeed.

Tami said...

Get a grip Susy, we're talking about animals here not babies. I guess in your world you equate the two.