Saturday, November 01, 2008

Had to pass this along...

Check out the latest on what Michelle Obama is up to. See this link.

To read what one lifelong Democrat has to say about her party, and the corruption in the Obama campaign, read this

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Tiffany said...

Here's one you won't see splashed all over the MSM:

Wendy Button a former speech writer for Obama, endorses McCain.

Here is a paragraph from her story:

"Governor Palin and I don’t agree on a lot of things, mostly social issues. But I have grown to appreciate the Governor. I was one of those initial skeptics and would laugh at the pictures. Not anymore. When someone takes on a corrupt political machine and a sitting governor, that is not done by someone with a low I.Q. or a moral core made of tissue paper. When someone fights her way to get scholarships and work her way through college even in a jagged line, that shows determination and humility you can’t learn from reading Reinhold Niebuhr. When a mother brings her son with special needs onto the national stage with love, honesty, and pride, that gives hope to families like mine as my older brother lives with a mental disability. And when someone can sit on a stage during the Sarah Palin rap on Saturday Night Live, put her hands in the air and watch someone in a moose costume get shot—that’s a sign of both humor and humanity."

Read the whole piece here: