Saturday, November 01, 2008

72 hour Get Out The Vote Push

Okay girls, get ready! Time for the 72 hour push in perhaps the most vital election of our lifetime! Please help the McCain Palin campaign this weekend if you can. Find your closest victory office, ask for materials or volunteer to help in house. They'd LOVE to have your help! Encourage everyone you know to GET OUT AND VOTE ON TUESDAY, November 4th! 

I encourage you to do one other thing: turn off the TV. (unless it's on Fox News!) Several networks are already calling the race a landslide for Obama. Sound familiar? They did the same thing in 2004, and yet all the reputable polls are showing that this is ANYBODY'S RACETHE best thing we can do is turn off the TV, get out and encourage others to vote McCain Palin! Remember, the ONLY poll that matters is the one on November 4th. 


Anonymous said...

The ONLY poll that REALLY matters on November 4th is the one up Sarah Palin's *ss.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


Once again you put on display for all the world to see what your party is really all about.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to the liberal media crazies behind the polls... Get out and vote!