Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Day

Good morning all! Well, I got it outta my system last night. The election is over, and although I do not feel the best man won, we have a winner and I congratulate Mr. Obama. Let's give liberals a chance to prove themselves now, and muster up all the courage we have within us to face these next four years. We're going to need every bit of it. 

What do we do now? Well, we get up, dust ourselves off, and we stand for what is right and good: we're Americans. Barack Hussein Obama is our President, like it or not. I stand by the statements I made earlier, I will never have respect for this man after the things he has said about this country, but I do respect the office of the President, and I do feel that last night perhaps John McCain was more gracious than any man I've ever seen give a concession speech. You see, this election meant more to him than just winning. Much more was at stake that we lost last night, and I am certain we will see that in the coming days. I do find it humorous that the media is back in love with John McCain. Make no mistake about it, it's because he lost. 

First order of business? With all due respect to Senator McCain, and the campaign he ran, we need to take back our party. I think we lost it somewhere along the way. Compromise got us nowhere. Moving to the middle got us nowhere.

To all who left hate mail last night and today, it is you who show your true colors and I see no need to post your hate filled comments here any longer (nor have I for the past several weeks). You come here suggesting we are racist--and out of everything you say, that is the one thing bothers me. Nothing else does. I have never seen Mr. Obama as a black man. It is your party that inserted "race" into this election. I disagreed with Mr. Obama profoundly, on the issues. I wouldn't like his politics if he were white or any other color. I congratulate Mr. Obama in the sense that he has made history as the first black man to win the office of the Presidency. I know this is something that blacks have longed for, and for that reason I congratulate them and wish them well. I hope that now they will be able to move past the "race" issue within their own party...I believe we on the right moved past it long ago. As for liberal left wing politics, you have four years to prove how great socialism is-that's the beauty of America. I am excited to see how that works out for you. So, congratulations. I bid you well. 

As for the Republican party and the mess it has made of itself, we have much work to do. I am as proud today as I ever was to be an American, but I am ashamed today to be a Republican. My party left me, I never left my party---that sound familiar? Those Hillary PUMA's feel the same way. I am a Reagan conservative, and there are many of us left who intend to re-take our party. That will be our focus now. I believe Sarah Palin will help lead that charge. After taking some much needed time off, we will begin to explore our core conservative values here, and perhaps we can engage in lively discussion ON THESE ISSUES. I think we all need a little reminding, a lot of re-energizing, and we will, as always, try to keep up with what's going on with our lovely Sarah! Sarah Palin is the reason the voter turnout for conservatives was as great as it was...make no mistake about that. I am angered as I see the moderate section of our party, and the media, try to fix the blame on her. I am excited to see what the future holds for Sarah, I wish her well and cannot wait to stand in support of her along the way. 

As for us, it is time to be cordial. We don't want to appear as liberals have for the last eight years--bitter, angry people who were consumed with all things George Bush. President Bush brought leadership like no one else could have during some of the darkest hours in our nation's history. I will never forget that, and I will always honor his legacy as being one of the greatest Presidents this nation has ever had. I wish Mr. Obama well, and I most certainly will be praying for all of our leaders during this time in history.


Teri said...

I'm with you all the way, Tami! I encourage you to keep your blog going; it's time for the right to show their presence on the Net. I am disappointed, but not at all discouraged. It's time for a showdown between true liberalism and true conservatism, and I am ready!

I'm going to make sure to keep up with Gov. Palin. She's a class act, and I hope she'll take a lead role in reshaping the GOP.

Beverly said...

I want you to know that you are not alone. There are a lot of us out here who support you and your ideas. I'm sorry you have to read the immature rantings of some. Remember they are fulfilling prophecy whether they realize it or not. We've been told that the Constitution of the United States will hang by a thread in the last days--but it's never been said that the thread broke! This is still the greatest country in the world!

nissa_amas_katoj said...

Sarah Palin rocks! I hope she wins in 2012. I'm looking through blogs today to find Palin 2012 blogs because it's never too early to start planning the conservative comeback.

Keep the faith!

jivenjie said...

I share your sentiment my friend. I post on another blog that America chose what's good for her destiny. They will get what they ask for.

I've been thinking before that perhaps Obama should win in order to teach our guillable fellow americans how blindsided they were when it comes to Obama's socialist agenda

We will respect his precidency, no question on that. But expect some stealth hatred from this man for what we stood for. He maybe a Carter ressurected or worse..the first anti-american president.

Obama with all his patriotic sounding speech last night will never outlast his true nature. It will show naturally in the end

I commend you girl for being tough cookie in this blog. We love you and understand what you think. You know the hatred going out there from Obama cult worshippers. The burden of responsibilities is now theirs.

We just hope they don't blame the conservatives if Obama's presidency fails...Ooops, i mean they will :D

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks for all your hard work with this blog, Tami.

The voters have spoken and the future will be what it always is - the future. It's time to unite and work together for a better United States of America.

Blowpops said...

Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needed (as was John McCain - a true American hero that deserves our country's admiration and gratitude). Unfortunately our fellow Americans refused to recognize this fact before they cast their ballots.
I sincerely hope that Sarah Palin considers a bid for the White House in 2012 - she has more support than she realizes and the next 4 years will continue to provide proof that Barack Hussein Obama is not what America needs!

Apathetic Apostle said...

Let me relate a story of why McCain lost. My boss, a white male,small business owner, and also a Christian is a Republican and never has voted for a democrat. His reason for voting for Obama was strictly because McCain picked Palin as the running mate. The fact is that the far right, religious conservatives are now a minority even within the Republican party. Because you are part of this demographic it is hard to be honest about it, but as an unbiased Independent I can tell you that History will show that Palin hurt McCains chances more than helping him.

Ramona33312 said...

God Bless YOU. I love your blog. I'm so glad to hear you're keeping it going!


usa said...

Very well said Tami. I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, and as the day is moving on I'm starting to feel a bit better. I don't think people realize exactly who they voted for, and when we get attacked again (which I pray to God that we don't), I'm not even sure that will even help them to realize.

I can't wait until the next election. I would love to see Sarah Palin run for the Presidency. Keep up the good work.

A Happy Girl said...

Tami -- there are many, many of us who voted for Obama that wish everyone peace; I am so sorry that you received all the hate mail that you mentioned. We need to work together -- all of us -- and make this country great!!
If we all make an effort, I know that we can disagree with one another in a respectful, diplomatic and undivisive way.
I have tried doing just that on your blog by leaving short, calm, respectful and diplomatic comments that have yet to be posted. I have a theory as to why you don't want to show that many, many, good, American citizens that support Obama can be rational, respectful and open-minded to what you have to say. But I would like to give you a chance to explain.
I would also like to share with you one woman's opinion. I try really hard to read your thoughts, ideas and opinions without feeling personally attacked having MY opinion. You can do what you want with this information (of course) but many times your approach is just as devisive as you claim "the other side" to be.
Again, it's just my opinion.
I look forward to being posted this time and reading your response.

Most sincerely,
Denise Hawk

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

a happy girl

in response to your not being posted...I would hope you understand that out of all of the posts left here, which number in the hundreds daily, we have posted very few. why? simply because the hate is unbelievable, most of the comments are too nasty to post, and frankly after a while, it's easier to reject rather than bother reading. we, at one time, allowed all to be posted until our own readers were being attacked personally, on their own turf, simply for posting here and having an opinion. I have always been happy to have a good debate, but most come here simply to attack and never attempt to argue any issue. when you beg them to argue the issue, they cannot do so. it is those people i refuse to have a debate with. it is easy to appear ignorant yourself when you begin to engage people like this. we have significant evidence to believe that it was simply dirty campaign tactics on the part of the Obama campaign, and it has been confirmed elsewhere in the media. Their intention was to do exactly what they have done here. I give them kudos for trying, but I was never a girl that allowed herself to be bullied, and this time was no exception. Too much was at stake. I'd never think of bothering to try and leave hundreds of comments day after day on liberal websites. I'm not that kind of person, and I certainly don't have that kind of time. I read the opposition, but only credible sites-not ones that try and copy this site or simply cut and paste most everything they post. I can go to the original site from whence the material came if I wish to read it!

So, my friend, you can be assured that as long as I have the freedom to voice my opinions in America, I will continue to do so with everything I have in me. I urge you to do the same.

John Q. Public said...


Did Obama steal it. YES HE DID

A lot of keys states were very close 1 to 3 %.

Widespread Voter Fraud was key to an obama win.

Many people in a lot of states voted 2 times or more

A team of investigative journalists from WSB-TV in Atlanta, WFTV in Orlando and WFTS in Tampa and WCPO in Cincinnati compared Georgia’s voter rolls with those in Florida and Ohio and found more than 100,000 people who appear to be registered to vote in more than one state, with no government oversight to catch it.

The Florida Division of Elections has a backlog of more than 108,000 possible felons who have registered to vote since January 2006 that it hasn’t had the time or staff to verify them.

Widespread Voter Fraud in Florida a many other states.

We need to make made sure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.

gloria said...

Beautifully said ~ I agree... it's time to "clean house" in the Republican party.. too many are in there that are harming what the GOP stands for.

I am looking forward to following Gov. Palin in Alaska, and I have a strong strong feeling that we have not seen the last of her!


A Happy Girl said...

I welcome a HEALTHY debate any day!! But my wish is that you would hold yourself(and your fellow bloggers)to the same ethical and diplomatic standards that you hold "the opponents" to.
Your blogspot has a definite "we vs. them" energy and whether you like it or not, that kind of energy is an impediment to the growth of your readers and ultimately, our country. So do our country a big favor and let's find some common ground and come together to move this country forward.
On behalf of your wonderful kids and my 6 wonderful kids, I ask you to start seeing America's cup as "half full".

Burke said...

I came across your blog via links, I just have a couple questions, why do you use his middle name, Hussein? its seems like a very negitive dig based precieved religious ties. Also, what did he say that would result in you have no respect for him? also, why do you think he is a socialist? his tax plan has lower rates than 6 or the 8 years Reagan was in office?
Have a good day,

Wonder Man said...

Hi Tami,

please continue your blog, I think you can promote healthy conversations and a different frame of mind. while we disagree, I think your views are valid. So keep on, I look forward in debating, learning, and challenging in the next 4 years

Matt G said...

One quick thought RE your comment: "I do find it humorous that the media is back in love with John McCain. Make no mistake about it, it's because he lost." I have to disagree. What I saw in McCain's terrific speech was the same independent-minded, sincere McCain I remember from back in the day. If he'd campaigned that way all along, he'd have gotten a lot more respect from both sides. It was transparent to me throughout the campaign that he was saying things he didn't truly believe because his advisers were telling him to. What you saw last night was the real McCain-- and what we've all seen for the last couple of months wasn't. That, I'd say, is why folks are showing him more love today.
You could hear it in his voice. It was genuine.

satiate said...

I myself have left a few comments, but have yet to see them posted. I've never left anything hateful and the reason I post it is to hear what other people have to say to it as well. I honestly want to know other people's views and why they say certain things and possibly have a cordial conversation about it. No hate here!

sushi said...

I have been and continue to be a strong Obama supporter, but I certainly have no intentions of being anything but respectful of anyone and everyone's opinions, on this site and anywhere else. I enjoy reading the posts on sites like these because the views do differ so greatly from my own, but I think that is why I gain the most from sites like yours ... they help me learn and understand others.

With that said, I did feel the urge to comment on your site today. I usually reserve my comments ... I don't look at these sites to push my beliefs on others, so it is rare that I choose to voice my beliefs online at all. What I was so struck by in these recent posts here, however (and what made me choose to respond), was the enormous emphasis on an "us" and a "them," a liberal America and a conservative America. But we are not two Americas. We are one America with many different viewpoints.

Although I chose to vote for Barack Obama I have always had the utmost respect for John McCain. I believe he is an exceptional leader and person in so many ways. If he had won, as those on this site as McCain supporters have said about Obama's win, I would be disappointed. But I would support and rally behind McCain and America. I truly believe the worst thing we as Americans can do is to focus on liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, my party/your party, and on and on. I personally feel it is inappropriate to congratulate "blacks" for Obama's win. We should all be congratulating each other that America has come so far as to be open and accepting of nominating a black president. Race certainly has no impact on intellect or ability, so I congratulate Americans for this wonderful and historic election decision.

We should all be proud and excited for our new president and the new directions our country will be taken in over the next four years and beyond. I certainly am.

Jeanne said...

Dear Tami
What a great American you are! You really showed what you can do in America if you put your mind to it! Way to go! You have also given respect and honor to John McCain and Sarah Palin.
As I write you today, I am sadden with my country, and the men and woman who elected a man with morals not known to us. As I watch last night, the results, my heart ached for the fact that the people of this great nation made a truly BIG mistake. For the first time in my adult life, I felt mad, betrayal,and disappointed in America.
I am very proud to be an American and I raise my children to honor and respect this great nation, the United States of America. But I still can't get passed the disappointment I feel.
The question I have for the American people is why?
Why choose a man of many mysteries?
Why support a candidate who claims he only sat on a board with a man that dishonors and disagrees with everything America stands for?
Why not question his judgement, the church he sat in for 20 years condemning America?
Is it for change, change for the good? Or the change we will have left in our wallets, once Mr. Obama fulfills his 4 year term. Do they really believe in this change he claims? I guess ignorance is bliss.
Only time will tell, and I pray for the fact that time will prove me wrong and I can feel contentment with my countrymen.

May God Bless this great nation and the men and woman protecting us. Keep plugging this site and blog and hope for better days to come!
Sadden in NY- Jeanne
PS Do you have anymore Pitbull t-shirts?

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Happy girl, I'm assuming since I don't remember ever hearing from you that you're fairly new to this site.
I suggest you scroll down and read the 400+ comments left the day our piece aired on CNN. Healthy debate with "your side" came to a screeching halt when "your side" began the threats. Yes, it became "we v. them"...and it certainly was that way on "your side" as well. That is the nature of an election!!
While we can certainly unite as Americans, I will not every compromise my conservatives principles and unite behind a President who is diametrically opposed to everything I believe in. Or do you mean "unite" like Polosi and Reed have "united" with our party for these last 8 years?
This site was created in defense of Sarah Palin when the MSM and the liberal left began crucifying her in the media...the very nature of this blog is "us v. them" if that's what you mean! Now, I hope to move away from that, but I make no apologies for defending my candidates, nor for standing for what I believe in. If you, or anyone else in your party choose to come here and read, that is certainly your choice and you are welcome to do so....but if you have something to say, you can do it respectfully or not be posted...and the VAST majority of those who have commented here have said I should be shut down, and that we don't deserve a voice.
Something I have greatly enjoyed over on Hillbuzz is that I have had friendly debates/discussions with those on the boards there without being cussed out. I am sure they were targeted also, but they allowed very little garbage on their boards also. I actually very much enjoyed it, and found we had a lot of common ground, although the issues we disagreed on were major ones. It is probable that we will again be on opposite sides of the aisle in future elections, but I have a new respect for them that I didn't have before...that is healthy debate, and it isn't debate we have been able to have with more than a few Obama voters, even here locally. I have seen people get in shoving fights. I had a cable guy come in MY house, and, unsolicited, began to tell me how stupid Republicans are and how they should all be silenced. Then he spouted the most vile, untrue things--this is the typical Obama voter. In your face, rude, crude and not worthy of my respect.
When they start showing respect, perhaps they will gain it back...until then, I congratulate them for their victory, but have no respect for their ability to repectfully debate the core issues.
Now, you seem to be different, and it's why I am having this discussion. I appreciate your candor, and I hope that in the future you will come here and read with an open mind...and I will welcome the discussion on issues.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

we sold out, but are taking names and email addresses. if we get enough interest, we will be happy to order more. you may email me at if you wish to be added to the list. This would in no way obligate you, but would let me know your interest. Thanks for your kind words!

sushi said...

In response to your latest post, Tami, I think you very well illustrated the reason why I felt the need to post on your site. "this is the typical Obama voter. In your face, rude, crude and not worthy of my respect."

That is an enormous judgement to make of over half of the country's voters. The people who are rude and crude tend to be those who respond hatefully to others' beliefs. But those people posting hatefully are not in any way representative of ALL Obama supporters. Just as those rude and crude McCain supporters are not representative either. It is an unfair judgement to make and that is exactly what I feel has no place in this election, in politics, or in our country.

I do hope that you choose to post my comments and others that come from people who did not support McCain in this election, because, as you said, healthy debate is a great thing.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


I appreciate your comments.

One thing though, I notice in many of the comments here NOW, by Obama supporters..."let us all be peaceful and work together for the common good". The same ones who, yesterday, were suggesting riots if they didn't get their way. Why is it that now we Republicans should "unite" with you guys when you refused to do so for years as we tried to get you to do the same? Why is it now okay, but wasn't when you were being called to do the same?
I suspect it is because, when Obama fails as I fully expect him to, you guys can then AGAIN blame Republicans. Well, this time you guys are on your own as far as that goes. You guys elected the man, so go get it done and blame yourselves when it doesn't work. I certainly mean that in the most respectful way possible. I am not trying to be mean or cocky...seriously. I just fail to understand why you guys expect us all to sing "kum-ba-ya" NOW, when yesterday the tone on your side was vastly different? It doesn't work that way!

sushi said...

Again though, so many of the comments I'm hearing (both here and everywhere, regardless of political beliefs), are so totally focused on SIDES. Us vs. Them. You are characterizing all Obama supporters, myself included, as "you guys," and including me in a group of people who threaten to riot. I am in no way affiliated with those people, nor are any of the other hundreds of Obama supporters I know. Of course there are Obama supporters who are rude, crude rioters. As there are McCain supporters who are such. There will always be hateful people. Hateful people are hateful ... Democrats are not a hateful people, Republicans are not a hateful people, liberals and conservatives ... they are not a hateful people. Stereotyping is never a good answer.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


So McCain was supposed to just lay down and take all that Obama threw at him, misrepresenting most of this positions, crucifying his running mate? Obama ran a dirty campaign, make no mistake about it. He won, good for him, but lets get rid of the smooth talk and call it like it is....McCain playing soft ball would not have won him this campaign.

fukpalin said...

thank god there are still people out there who think with their brain and not their pussy like all you stupid bitches...that is why mccain got his ass smacked by a black guy hahaha fuck all you ignorant stupid moms go pick up a pot and cook for ur ignorant families..good for nothing bitches why would u want a governor to be your VP?? why would u want an elder to be ur president?? because you are all a bunch of dumb ignorant people you dont know shit but the kitchen area and the soccer fields..stick to that please leave the real world to those who use their brain and think critically not emotionally like you dumb bitches...HAHAHAHAH SARAH PALIN GO BACK TO ALASKA TO WATCH OVER THE RUSSIANS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH FUCK PALIN FUCK MCCAIN AND FUCK ALL YOU STUPID BITCHES WHO SUPPORTED PALIN FUCKING DUMB IGNORANT SAD BITCHES HAHAHAHAHA OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT DEAL WITH IT HOES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Okay guys, I have given you sane ones a chance, now you look at what I mostly get--this is an example right above. I am sorry to those who are offended by the language, but I want you who say I "stereotype"--perhaps I am being unfair, but this is what I have to reference it to...every day, every hour. Please, convince me otherwise that MOST are not like this??? Trust me, the comments don't come from just one person. You see the hits on this site....

sushi said...

My question to you, Tami, is why do you think that hateful people like that last commenter are only on the Obama-supporting side? Don't you think that on websites and blogs that were pro-Obama there were the same types of comments coming from McCain supporters?

There are hateful Obama supporters and there are intelligent and respectful Obama supporters. There are hateful McCain supporters and tehre are intelligent and respectful McCain supporters. I think it's a true detriment to feel that Obama supporters need to prove that "MOST are not like this."

So many of us love our country. Let's focus on what's great, not on those people that choose to put others down.

sushi said...

Hi Tami,

I appreciate the opportunity to post on your website and share my views. I do not believe that the last several posts have been entirely respectful. It certainly is not respectful, as you say it is, to tell "us guys" that we can blame ourselves for electing Obama "when he fails."

I feel strongly that making such strong and unjust judgments about an entire group of very diverse people is wrong. Whether those judgments are coming from an Obama supporter or a McCain supporter they do nothing productive. I think the tone of these comments, in just the last hour, has become increasingly negative and blameful.

We are one country and I urge everyone to think in that light. Why not try to focus on all the good that can come from a new and historic presidency? Why continue to separate and divide the people of America? Why continually emphasize the hate and ignore the good? We just concluded an election with two GOOD people for candidates. Our democratic decision was to elect Barack Obama. Support him, America, and each other. I believe it will be a great four years and beyond. Let's trust in each other and look to the future with GOOD thoughts, not negative.

Anonymous said...

Tami, You keep saying that Barack Obama hates America....why do you think that? Because he is disappointed in her and wants better for her and her citizens? Do you hate your children when you are disappointed in them? Of course not! I don't understand your thinking here....please explain this for us.


fukpalin said...

aww poor tami got her feelings hurt? tell palin to tell you what to do i mean she does have all the experience it takes to be a VP she must know how to deal with knuckleheads right?? i wrote that to you because you anger me...people like you are the ones who i despise, i am a not a loser like you I am a PhD with plenty of respect unlike you. Im sorry for hurting your feelings but like you said im not the only one so HAHAHA

Apathetic Apostle said...


In all honesty your Blog is a big red target for those who want to voice alternate opinions. I absolutely do not condone the internet bullying I see on this site and many others, but when you make a public stand, you have to expect you are going to be attacked. Is it fair? Absolutely not, but it is the nature of the web where people can hide behind anonominity. But please don't let the attacks make you stereotype americans. Most of the people who voted for Obama do not fit in the political box you see us in. You have posted a few of my comments now which I give you respect for, but many others you have not posted and I was never abrasive in the way I presented my arguments. I understand you must delete alot of messages without even reading them so it is understandable, but please don't label half of America because of the attacks you receive. It is just not the Christian way of reacting to a lost election.

WRG said...


I have always tried to be polite when debating the issues with you. I have not seen any of my posts in ages. In my opinion, publishing the above post from FP (I won't stoop to spell it out) does not say anything more about Obama supporters in general than do the violent, hateful responses and numerous death threats that conservative columnist Kathleen Parker got after her post criticizing the appointment of Sarah Palin as McCain's vice-presidential running mate.

The internet tends to attract people with strong views. I am convinced that a much higher percentage of "crazies" post on both right, middle and left-wing sites than one finds in the "real" world.

Of course, you don't have to print any post you don't agree with, but making blanket derogatory statements about the millions of decent people who support Barack Obama is not particularly heartening.

I sincerely hope that you will find the next four years much less difficult than you fear--indeed, I hope that you will see that much good may come out of this change of government.

Cheryle said...

Tami, I know that you usually choose not to post my comments, but I'm glad to see you've posted some today from Obama supporters, many who have voiced my sentiments. I, too, have been attacked by McCain supporters, but have not assumed that all McCain supporters were that way. The ones I met when I canvassed for Obama were mostly respectful and friendly. I spent a half-hour at one woman's home discussing the sad situation in today's politics.

In 2000, when Sen. McCain was running against George Bush, he was the man I would have voted for - I was still a Republican then - but he changed drastically as many in the media and on this board today have noted. He was not the man in this election that he was in 2000. If he had been, the Republican Party would probably have nominated him and I would have voted for him.

One thing I would like to note: you mentioned the Republican Party moving back to its roots, and called yourself a Reagan Republican. Please go back in your history books and look at the Republican Party under Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford. Those two men are the true representatives of Republican roots. People's religion should play no part in politics, although they should vote their conscience. I am sure you did that, as did I.

On a final note, although I never voted for Bill Clinton, I know many people who did. I still don't care for him, but I do know that he was under attack for his entire presidency and many Democrats were furious that, after eight years of attacks, the Republican Party said, "let's all get along now." Much the same thing you are saying today.

I don't expect you to publish this, but I do hope you read it.

Thank you for your prayers for our new President. I hope that you will give him a chance. Your post today was very healing.

The Wood Man said...

then post those that don't just agree with you. Show those that offer different opinions but without the hate of the above post. Without occasionally showing a bad one like that, the rest of us don't know what your talking about when you complain of the many comments you get that are negative. Also simply eliminating comments because you don't like what has been left previously seem s a little petty without the context of what else you are recieving.

Show that you want actual debate of your ideas, not just agreement with your ideals. Anyone can find people who agree with them, will validate their opinions. To discuss with people who don't agree will strengthen your beliefs or will allow you to analyze your beliefs and see which truly apply and which are simply rhetoric.

Hopefully you will post this since it has no hate, only a hope for future discussion.

BTW ive said before that I would love to have you come to my blog and comment, say what you will. But to not communicate at all, well that is just pointless. We need people to talk out the problems, not let them fester. I comment because i want to understand why you believe what you believe, not just the rhetoric but the actual underlying reasons.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Wood man,

With all due respect, it's easy for you to say that. I haven't had the opportunity yet to come check out your site, but I assure you when I do that I would never leave the hateful comments that have been left here by the hundreds, dare I say thousands. The very nature of this blog tells anyone who visits here that I stand WITH Sarah Palin. To come here and spew hate and sarcasm does no one any good, and it is exactly why I quit publishing most comments for a while. To suggest most anyone would do otherwise is being disingenuous, I think. I am firm in my beliefs. No one can argue that this whole campaign did not get WAY out of hand. On both sides...sure. But let me give you a great example that I didn't solicit. I went to Barnes and Noble tonight to shop. I found a new book, or new to me, that is out about Sarah. When I got to the register, the cashier let out a big noise and rolled her eyes. I just looked at her and held my tongue. She continued...Ughhh...Sarah Palin!! (and then spoke under her breath) I said, "Excuse me?" Then began the tyrade. I said "You have every right to vote how you wish, but you are being incredibly unprofessional", to which she answered "Sarah Palin is an idiot". Now, do you call that healthy debate? I was simply trying to buy a book. I didn't ask for this woman's opinion-yet she felt the need to not only insult my candidate, but then went on to insult me after I walked away.

We all make mistakes, but you guys on the far left need to take a good long look at how you have treated the opposing opinion in this election. You have alienated. IF I had been neutral, and honestly before Sarah Palin came on board I actually had decided I may stay home and sit this election out, over my dead body would I have cast a vote for Barack Obama after the way I was treated from the beginning for opposing him on the issues.

You suggest I should post comments so the rest of you would know what I meant when I talk about the hate...I do not wish to give nuts like the one above a platform. That is why I do not post them. People like that do not deserve the space they take up on this page, and I am fairly certain you would choose to reject posts like that on a regular basis as well after they came by the hundreds. I simply refuse to engage them. Call it bitter, angry...whatever you wish. But I will not cower or be "beat up" and lie down and take it and say nothing, or waste my time debating with someone who wants nothing more than to bully me. I'm no wimp...

satiate said...

Tami, just so you know, this wood man person has a blog specifically responding to your blog posts! Ironic isn't it? I'm all for Barack Obama and don't really like Sarah Palin, but I'm here to read what others find so qualifying about her. Now, there are crazies from both sides, trust me I've gotten crap for supporting Barack, but that's how it'll always be, but for this let's all put our inner crazies aside so other people can actually have a progressive conversation about topics that matter!

Cheryle said...

Tami, the clerk at the bookstore was obviously unprofessional and mean.

A couple of weeks ago when I was on my morning walk - a time I use to meditate and enjoy God's good creation - a woman walking toward me stopped and said, "Are you a Democrat?" "Yes, I am," I replied. "I thought so," she said, "you're walking on the wrong side of the street."

So, you see, it goes both ways.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


With all due respect, you sound far different today than you have in the hate filled comments you have left here previously. I have purposely avoided coming to your site and saying a word for the very reason you are stating. I have saved and printed many comments that were left, simply for my own review...and am amazed at how many of you today sound vastly different than you did yesterday in the comments filled with curse words, etc. I just find it all very interesting.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Apathetic Apostle,

Please don't think I am naive enough to not know that! I have said many times somewhere on this blog that I knew when this blog got national attention I would draw all types...and I did, mostly libs because of where the piece aired...but I assure you, I did not ask for this came knocking on my door. I am grateful, don't get me wrong. But CNN did not paint a fair picture...another thing I knew was possible and chose to do it anyway. That's the nature of the beast. You roll with it, I know that. But it's as if, because I am a blogger, I am somehow immune and not allowed to get angry or defend myself. Well, that's what makes me who I am! I am not a "bitch" as many have called me (and that's the nice word--most use the "c" word)--I simply refuse to be bullied, and if that makes me a "bitch" then I guess I'll wear that badge proudly too. I simply am a wife and mother who saw other conservative women NOT standing up in great numbers, and to their credit I saw MANY MANY Hillary supporters doing something that inspired me, but that was after I started this blog and my own little, or not so little, mission to support Sarah. I don't work for any campaign. I simply tried to ignite the fire in other conservative moms that I have in me. That fire doesn't die with a lost election, it only grows larger!

the wiz said...

I guess I'll throw my .02 in. I am a lurker who checks this site regularly. I support Obama. I've commented before that there are absolute idiots on both sides.

You let the idiots get to you, and you're not perfect, they would have gotten to a lot of us, I get that. But I feel in your heart you know that they don't represent all us Obama supporters, or even the majority.

I stated once before that when you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change. The devil changes you.

Those idiots are the devil. Delete them and keep on pushing. Fight for Sarah to the fullest, argue your positions fiercely, but don't let the devil change your heart. It hurt my heart to see the dark tone that you and John's later posts took.

There is a never ending supply of idiots. But there are also plenty people of good will. You said "you guys" alienated. Those idiots are not representative of the whole. On either side. Just like the many racists youtube videos of Palin rally attendees don't represent all of you guys. I don't hold you accountable for them. Please don't hold us accountable for the fools on our side. We all have village idiots.

I wish you nothing but the best, and that the wounds over the past months are healed on both sides.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

I appreciate your comments, wiz.

While I appreciate what all of you are NOW sharing, it does not change my views about Obama and his stand, or lack thereof, on the issues. I truly hope with all my heart that I am wrong about the direction this country is heading. I hope that, for the good of the country, I am wrong. But history tells me otherwise. I promise to all who will listen that we will be here to talk about those things as the occur.

One thing I'd like to point out. Do you still notice the silence from the Conservative side? The crazies made it so that, much to my displeasure, most conservatives who came here EMAILED me instead of commenting...for fear of being further targeted. Now I know that someone threatening the life of one of us does not represent all of you, but it then appears I have no support here from my own side of the aisle. THAT VERY THING was the reason I started this blog. Shame on conservatives--the ones who don't speak up! It's why we lost this election...too many weak kneed conservatives who want to play it safe and cater to both sides, or are too afraid to speak up. STAND FOR SOMETHING people!! Granted, there are many conservatives who DO speak up, and speak loudly, but conservative Republican women are few and far between in that crowd. My desire is, in these next months and years, to ignite the fire in more like me who have an opinion but have been afraid to speak up.

So, to those of you still emailing me...realize that while it's scary to get those threats and calls, standing for something sometimes means you have to put that aside and see those crazy people for who they are. You ignore them, as I have here. They do eventually go away, or like many who are now posting nicely, the change their tune. I hope you guys will come back to the "comment world" and join me in the discussion. I can't sit all day and answer questions! I do have a life outside of this blog!!!

Cheryle said...

Tami, with all due respect to you, you also sound much different today than you have in the past weeks.

I know that I have been very angry in some of the posts that I left, but I don't recall ever cursing you, nor have I called you an "idiot." I happen to think that is one of the most damaging words in the English language, one that I don't use.

The "you guys" comment is alienating. If you have read my own blog comment from last night, you will know my background with the South and with racism in its most virulent form. I am hypersensitive to attempts to categorize people by any means, whether liberal, conservative, women, Black, evangelical, etc. Yes, I am guilty of having done that myself, but I truly try not to, and when I do it is usually in anger and I am ashamed of myself afterwards. If you are interested in learning about me (and I know you may not be!) there are several entries on my blog that detail some of my evolution. Notably one entitled "Ages and Changes." (Please note that I am not trying to advertise my blog, so I will not be offended if you don't publish this post, or if you choose to delete this part of the post.)

You know that I am not a Sarah Palin fan; you may not know that I am also not a Hillary Clinton fan. I think that there are many qualified and intelligent women who would make a good President, I just don't happen to think either of them is the one to do it.

I'd also like to say that the continued use of Obama's middle name is off-putting. Few of us choose our own names, and when he was named by his mother, "Hussein" did not carry the weight that it now does. Few of us would also choose to change the names that our parents thoughtfully gave us, seeing it as a repudiation of them and ourselves.

If you have not yet seen it, I'd like to recommend the series that "Newsweek" is publishing on their site. It is an inside look, with the agreement of the candidates, of the campaign of both John McCain and Barack Obama. Some of it will probably anger you, as some of it has angered me. But to me it's important to see how each man evolved and the thinking that shaped their campaigns. I commend it to all of your readers.

sushi said...


I do want you to know that I, and I'm sure many of the Obama supporters commenting here tonight and on other nights, have no intention of changing your views. None of these posts that I have read have said anything of the sort. We are all entitled to our views and that's the entire point of a democracy.

One further thing I'd like to add (and I know I've added a lot tonight!) ... I've seen so many posts here on this website (and others of course) of McCain supporters who now have a somewhat doomsday attitude about the next 4 years. You yourself made the comment in your last post that you will be here to talk about "those things (the negative effects of Obama's presidency I'm assuming you're referring to) as they occur."

Why make the assumption that things are going to go negatively? Whether you support the choices of President Bush or not, I know that a large portion of Americans can now agree that the last 8 years have not gone well for our country. The American people have just made an informed decision to elect Obama. Our country can improve in so many ways. Why not embrace change and the opportunity for a better America? I can't see any benefits to entering the next 4 years already assuming that things will fail. As 'a happy girl' said earlier, let's look at the country with a 'glass half full' attitude.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

ok, guys, for tonight signing off. DO NOT think that, if you don't see your comments pop up, I'm ignoring them. I must still moderate because the crazies are still out in full force...I hope one day we can disable the moderation and just go at it. Until then I must.

Catcha later...

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

I will ck out the Newsweek article, but I do not at all trust anything from the mainstream media. It is and will be biased beyond measure. Fair or not, that's just the way it is, so while I do read and watch those things, I do it with the realization that I am likely hearing a skewed view...I've even heard many Dems today who did vote for Obama agree that journalism, as we know it, is dead. Good thing for us--many are turning to blogs such as this one and others to get their info. I gained a whole new perspective after my interview with CNN. The producers called and were very nice. I knew going into it that I was taking a huge risk. I had avoided other media outlets up to that point with "no comment" and moved on. I was not seeking attention, as many have suggested. They found me. I did not go knocking on their door. I came home one day and to my shock had a message on my answering machine from CNN. I thought it was one of the pranksters--but she sounded legit. SO, we spoke on the phone, the producer, the reporter and I, and set up a meeting. I didn't come on my blog and gloat about it. I never said a word. I only said we were gaining attention, to stay tuned. They came, were incredibly nice, and stayed for nearly 4 hours. Probably 3 of that was conversation...on just about everything. (maybe only 2 of it with the reporter herself, otherwise the producer) Loved the photographer, he was fun. It was a fun day, and they were respectful of us, as we were of them. While the piece that aired was generally fair to us, it inaccurately portrayed us as a "Bible Study Group" with a blog. Truth is, the blog is mine and had no other contributors at the time. There was one woman in the entire group that answered "yes" to the question of us being in a Bible Study, and when we decided to pray before hand, it was the producer who asked to film that prayer. That was ok with me because I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe. So, they play those clips and add the one really stupid comment about us having "snacks". That was the one time in our entire conversation when I kind of blanked out and said something stupid...and THAT is what they chose to air, in order to depict us as a bunch of right wing Bible clingers who like Sarah because we can have snacks together. I said so much more than that. I spoke of my father and the men who lost their lives saving his in Vietnam, I spoke of why I support Sarah so strongly...none of it aired. Now certainly, that is their right, and that was a risk I took willingly. My point is that it showed me how they have the power to turn what was a great interview into something quite different, as I believe was in the case of Katie Couric. The mainstream media has done more to harm this country than perhaps any politician has done, because they can sway public opinion in a matter of seconds. I studied journalism for a short time...and did a story on the early days of Dan Rather.
My point is, try to read that stuff with a more objective perspective. Ask yourself where they get their sources, (often unnamed=made up) look at who their associations are. I plan to do a post in the near future on how many pro-Obama pieces went out vs. pro-McCain pieces. The numbers are astonishing. No matter who you want to win, you have to admit that it's not right...and yes, I'd say that even if my candidate were the favored one. I have felt strongly about this my entire life.

Anonymous said...


This has been a good thing that you've allowed to happen here tonight. I know we don't agree on much, (Well, who knows! Maybe we would in another venue?) but, you opening things up and letting conversation flow has been healing, I believe, for both sides. Maybe, someday, there won't be "both sides"....we can be on the same side?



JB 88 said...

That sucks that CNN pulled that...such an old trick too. The good news is I may not have heard of this site if you hadn't been on! Hang in there girl! There are plenty of us Obama voters that want to work together with you and other Palin supporters so we can ALL make a difference! To all those who are showing respect and genuine brotherhood & sisterhood to one another even while in opposition, THANK YOU for being shining examples! To those who aren't, I pray you soon realize you are better than that.
Don't let the crazy yahoos get to you Tami...cowards always lose when faced with real character! They are just surrending their power over to you... :o)

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Sushi, I'm not one to hold grudges, but that would be easier to do had the left not treated our Commander In Chief and our party with such disdain for the last 8 years. You see, I never forgot those days when we were attacked and our President had such amazing leadership and dignity. I also never forgot him saying,
"we will soon forget", and boy did we ever. I'd never have thought, looking back on those days, that our nation could have been so united in our resolve, and so filled with dissent today. I cannot say how, but those days did and do now effect me very personally. Our nations security is of UTMOST importance, and we face danger in any administration. But when the world sees us as weak, the revel in it and we are in much more danger. I sincerely, as I said before, HOPE with all that I have that I am wrong. Only time will tell.

Cheryle said...


As someone who has had close association with the media for a good part of my life, I know how things can be skewed. Jim & I often discuss it, along with the loss of real investigative journalism. As I remind him, you have to remember they're selling a product and will always do what they can to showcase it!

In today's world, there are so many competing news stations that they very often choose to emphasize the sensational and anything that is likely to sell more papers or more commercial time. When I was growing up we used to day, "Believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you hear!" That has resulted in my almost fanatical devotion to research. As a child and teenager, I read encyclopedias; today I surf the web.

I would point out, though, that bloggers are not exempt from this same standard. Many of them have an axe to grind or a point to make. Instead of researching what they publish they simply publish. That's one reason most of my blog entries are based on personal experience. When I do post news articles, I try to validate them with links to the sources. It is then incumbent upon the reader to do her/his own research.

The Newsweek story was done with the agreement of both campaigns, with the understanding that none of it would be published until after the election. Since it can no longer affect this outcome, I tend to give it a little more credibility, though I still read with a critical eye. I believe that Newsweek has done this in the past, although I don't recall it.

At any rate, thank you for opening your blog up to comments tonight. I understand why you published the one from the flamer, and you made your point. I certainly don't think you need to publish that kind of ignorant hatred on your site; it does nothing to further the conversation. (And if he's a Ph.D., I'll eat my shoes! He can't spell, for Pete's sake!)

It's late in your part of the country, so have a good night's rest. You've done something really good today. Thank you.

usa said...

Hi Tami,
I just have to say that I've noticed that the "people" who voted for Obama seem pretty angry still even tho their "Guy" won. To me they should be happy but they're not. I guess if your a Democrat you are never happy no matter what. I believe it's a sickness that they have, they're mentally unstable.

Jenifer said...

i am baffled by most of the posts here... this is a blog supporting sarah palin - if you are offended by, adverse to or in any way opposed to anything said here, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. i don't get why tami has to defend her verbiage, her rationale or her ability to delete posts - this is HER blog! i encourage you to find one that supports our new president, surely there's something out there! it's laughable, people - just MOVE ON. it's not all about YOU.

tami, as i have said from the beginning, i fully support you and appreciate all the hours of hard work you have poured into this blog - and according to amendment 1 of the Constitution, you still have that right (last i checked...) do not EVER let the naysayers temper your enthusiasm or the strength of your convictions - you are a beacon, my friend! :)

white christian said...

The people who come here just to be nasty are called trolls. I've been on other sites and seen trolls say the nastiest things about both of the candidates and their supporters. Trolls are trolls, and they don't make up the majority on either side. You're going to get liberal trolls on conservative sites and conservative trolls on liberal sites. You can never win with trolls, so it's best just to ignore them. There are plenty of Obama supporters who go to my church, and they would never say crude and vulgar comments about McCain and McCain supporters.