Monday, November 03, 2008

You Gotta Love This!

After all the craziness in this election, it is refreshing to find a group of Democrats that truly have put COUNTRY ahead of party. Although we disagree on key issues, they have proven that we can still come together on the issues we do agree on, and put COUNTRY FIRST See this link to read their predictions. 

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white christian said...

I read the article at HillBuzz, looked at their electoral map and read the comments. The one state that I'm sure is not going red is Pennsylvania. This has nothing to do with political bias. I know that polling numbers from Pennsylvania teased McCain back in mid-September, but that state has been polled incessantly since then, and Obama has come back with a strong lead following the initial dip he took shortly after Palin's nomination. I don't mean to be a buzz kill for HillBuzz, but they're going to be wrong with their prediction for that state in particular. McCain has a better chance in Ohio than Pennsylvania, but even that's quite the gamble, and OH won't win McCain the election either. Even if McCain wins the three states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, which are swing states leaning blue by the most narrow of margins, he still won't win. McCain needs Pennsylvania, or it's over.