Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An ObamaNation

A few posts ago I spoke about Obama's call to service and sacrifice. I described it as ominous, disconcerting, an authoritarian edict. We are now beginning to see, as it's manifestation is inevitable, that the image of the celestial Obama is mere illusion. The real Obama, the one that sat in a pew for 20 years of Reverend Wright's Marxist Black Liberation Theology ranting, is the genuine article. At Obama's official web site, www.change.gov, Obama lists his idea of service. As you can see from the screen shot above, Obama plans to REQUIRE 50 hours of community service from high school students and 100 hours from college students. 

Other authoritarian figures have formed youth organizations with compulsory community service requirements. It seems, in this regard, Obama and Adolph Hitler may share
something in common. Do I think Obama is an analogue of Adolph Hitler? No, don't be silly. But Obama is authoritarian, just as the world's worst dictators were and are. Compulsory youth service seems to be a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. So, Adolph the authoritarian formed his Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend. And, Obama, the authoritarian plans to form his own community youth corps. Obama's administration will be one of radicalism, on a scale never before witnessed by this nation. Who is this aristocrat who possesses the colossal audacity to compel this nation's youth to serve in his Obama-Jugend? Maybe Obama's youth corps will wear brown shirts too? Oh, by-the-way, if you care to look at Obama's change.gov site for the above screen shot, don't bother. The scuttling Obamabots at the Ministry of Truth have scrubbed the site and
 replaced what was true with tidy paragraphs of Newspeak. One final note, what will become of compassion, of self-directed acts of charity in this new environment of centralized planning and direction? Welcome to your Obamanation.    


ep said...

You clearly hate America and what it stands for. Worse you don't know your history or what this country even does stand for. You are like a whirlwind of ignorance...which explains why you like Palin.

Have you considered moving some place else? Our country would be better off without you. I can take up a collection if you need moving money.

I know how you don't like people to disagree with you though so I imagine this comment won't make it up.

John said...


Perhaps, you could cite some specifics? I know that requires some effort, much more than just mere accusation. I know, I'll just say, "Hey, EP you hate American and don't knows no history. Oh yeah, u is a ignorant." LOL Would love for you to take up a collection. Well, I suppose I don't need it. Obama will bail us all out and give us all a life time supply of cotton candy too. That's what you voted for right? Obama promised you a shiny new toy, dangled something sparkly and you fell for it. Well, Ep your comment did make it up. You see, I always try posting comments from the Obama think tank. Cicero could not have made a better argument against the Obamabot movement.

Julia said...

I had a chance to look at the paragraph before it was reworded and I still don't understand where the fear from people is coming from. When I read it I understood it to be that if you want a certain tax break for college education, you put in this many hours of service. If you don't want the break, then don't do it. An exchange of goods for services. It's similar to the break people get who join Teach for American or other organizations after college. In my own personal case, I worked for IL's Early Intervention for 3 years and obtained a nice percentage taken off my 30K in student loans.

Andrea said...

As a graduate of a small Christian high school who was required to complete 100 hours of community service in order to graduate, I can't tell you how off the mark you are here. No where does it suggest that the Obama Administration will force students to do a particular community service project, as Hitler's program did. Obama has instead suggested that students would choose their own service projects. I choose a childrens hospital and my church. No one accused my evangelical school of instituting some sort of nazi policy by requiring community service. And while at 17 I may have complained about giving up my Saturdays to volunteer, I (as well as my community) was certainly better off for it. Obama has many policies you can attack. But requiring community service, the same way the govnerment requires math and english and physical education? Requiring that our nation's students be taught the value of helping others, just as they are taught the value of health? You can't possibly take issue with that and maintain the other beliefs you have. You're just so off the mark, it undercuts everything else you post on this website.

DarkBlue04 said...


I'm glad you posted on this topic, because it is one that needs more attention than it is currently getting in the media.

After graduating from college, I started my career by serving two years with Teach For America. Beyond the incredible gains I saw my students make, it was an incredibly valuable experience because it showed me what is possible when the richness of America's talent is leveraged in the pursuit of worthy goals. Even more powerfully, it served as proof that we do not need the government to solve our problems for us - we simply need to commit in large numbers to solving them ourselves.

Now, I do completely understand your concerns about the compulsory element of Obama's idea - but after thinking carefully about this I don't actually think it's something to be afraid of; I think it is something to be embraced. I can tell you for certain that if I had not spent those two years with TFA, I would probably be a corporate lawyer right now. Instead, I'm heading the recruitment team at another private non-profit where I continue to encourage my fellow Americans to join me in addressing the severe problem of educational inequity. The experience of seeing that progress is possible when smart people work hard is incredibly valuable - and one that I think actually meshes really well with conservative values.

As a registered Republican, I do understand the credo of "Country First." And I actually think this is a novel way to encourage many of my fellow young Americans to take this message to heart. We are going through difficult times as a nation right now, and it might behoove us to do everything possible to ensure our future leaders are civic-minded, compassionate, and empowered with an experience that shows them even our most overwhelming societal problems can in fact be solved.

Remember that we were also called upon as a nation to sacrifice during WWII - and we emerged from that period as the strongest nation in the world. Imagine if this could be a similarly energizing time for our generation.

John said...

Hmm, everyone seems to be missing the point. Compulsory community service has no place in a free Republic. Period. Again, it is the coercive power of the state that is so insidious. This Eurocentric pseudo-sophistication is in fact very primitive. We are (were) a great people because, we are a free people. What happened to "give me liberty or give me death?" We peddle away portions of our liberties and justify it by making vague appeals to social consciousness. My hope is that the American people are still capable of discerning the dangers inherent in authoritarianism. Perhaps, someone can explain how we are freer and more prosperous as a result of statist mandates? AGAIN, if anyone can muster the analytical acumen, we are talking about the power of the state to coerce. God save us.

DarkBlue04 said...

Hi John,

I hear what you are saying - that regardless of how "noble" the cause may be, service should not be compulsory. The argument you present is that this quickly becomes a slippery slope - we start off saying that community service is important enough to compel our fellow citizens into it, and from there the State could theoretically use the same argument to make all sorts of other activities (and even mindsets) compulsory.

I vigorously disagree that this is the direction in which Obama's call to service will take us. First of all (as pointed out above) the service for college students is only compulsory in order to receive additional federal dollars for tuition. This actually strikes me as a strongly conservative principle, that there is indeed no free lunch when it comes to higher education - if you want the country to invest in you, the country will expect some return on that investment (much like we expect that in exchange for the protection of law enforcement, citizens will in turn obey the law - or pay when they choose not to).

As for the compulsion of younger people to engage in similar service activities, this also strikes me as positive rather than negative because of the wide range of choices afforded them. I too went to a private high school that required 100 hours of community service to graduate, and it was an outstanding character development opportunity. The beauty of this is that the choice is of course ultimately up to each individual child (and their family). If they want to work on a faith-based project, that's wonderful; if they want to work on something environmental, or something in the broad category of "social service" (volunteering at soup kitchens, shelters, animal rescue centers, etc) that's also great.

The bottom line is that we as a nation have been divided along ideological lines for far too long - and this is one small way that we can remember that there is so much that we have in common. Citizens who serve their country can still disagree passionately on important issues like taxation, health care, government subsidies, foreign policies, etc - but can also work together in the actual ground-level effort to make those problems part of our history rather than our present.

Tyler said...

I think its a good thing to require kids to get out there and work for the community. Send them to a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter and see what its really like to have a tough life and not be able to affor and education. You should be ashamed of youself, you preach hate about PRESIDENT Obama, when you should be praying for him and his administration that they do whats right, I was an Obama supporter yes, but I would have certainly prayed for McCain if he would have won the election.

shawn said...

50 hours of community service over a 5-10 year span does not sound bad at all. As for the college community service, that's going to be paying for the students tuition. Obama pointed that out in one of debates.

WRG said...

Yeah, right. You're not comparing Obama to Hitler.

Then why do show that charming Hitler youth poster beside your post?


As a Jew who lost numerous members of my family in the Holocaust, your comparisons (veiled as they supposedly are) are insulting and erroneous beyond words.

I have seen much in your style of writing and fear-mongering that reminds me of Nazi propaganda, but I refrained from calling you on it. You are truly the pot calling the kettle black.


BTW, at our school board, all high school students must do 40 hours of community service, otherwise they will not receive their high school diploma. This policy was enacted by a very conservative government.

LaterSkater said...

John, compulsory community service has no place in a free republic? I find the irony of your statement on Veteran's Day particularly insulting. The US has selective service and requires all men over the age of 18 to participate. Hopefully, they will not be called upon, but it's still the law. Also, if Tami did not mean to infer a link between Obama and Nazis, she should not have posted a picture of Nazi propaganda. I think the Israeli citizens, who are required to serve multiple years of community service holding a gun would be very offended by this inference. Belonging to a nation requires abiding by the laws that preserve that nation. Taxes are a form of community service in the most general sense, since they let you contribute with raw dollars to the preservation of your society for your time.

sweetpea said...

You are a racist! How can you defend Sarah Palin and say that some have attacked her character and yet you do the same thing to President-elect Obama. Okay most of know that his middle name is Hussein. He was named after his father at birth. He cannot help what his mother dedided to name him. I'm pretty sure that your ancestors owned black slaves. Do you want to be held accountable for that? Yes this was an emotional election for blacks and other races also because we have been oppressed for so long and we never thought it would be possible for a black man to become president.It is so sad that you can set up your blog to deliberately hate on our soon to be president and get away with it. He should sue you for slander! You and the people that support these kind of attacks are evil and represent the exact kind of hate that you claim to repudiate. Is it really that hard for you to accept the fact that a black will be commander in chief? My guess is yes. It wouldn't surprise me at all if your kids weren't home schooled because you don't want them to be in contact with ''certain children''!

Cindy said...

This is just stupid what you say. Colleges already require a certain number of service hours in the form of internships, student teaching, etc. for many different degrees. Have you noticed at all how America's youth have become increasingly lazy and apathetic? Worried about nothing but pointless endeavors like text messaging and increasing immoral behavior? Many parents have lost their way and need some help. I saw the page and I recall seeing something like 50 hours a year. That's less than an hour a week for crying out loud.

phastlife18 said...

Before I get annoyed Ide like to say thank you for remembering this country's fallen service men and wome. I myself am in the army and have served 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Ive read a lot of posts so if you read this bear with me a little lol.. First I want to adress the coment that you made saying we need someone of god in office. Now I believe in god but if you want the church to run our country just tell the Vatican to come take over. There is no place for the church in any office. I have no problem with someones belief but someone should not make the laws in this countryt based on the bible. Thats why we have a seperation from church and state. We have muslims in this country, Catholics,Christans etc. you cant force your religous belief on them. As far as abortion I am for abortion in certain cases like for example a 9 year old got pregnant after bein raped by her moms boy friend a few weeks ago. No way should a 9 year old have to have a kid, Now lets talk about gun laws. Rep. love guns but should a kid be at a range learning how to shoot an automatic weapon when he cant control it and ends up shooting himself in his face.

Rick said...

Huh? I went to the site and the language is nothing like what you posted. No "required" or compulsory service; service is "encouraged" and sweetened with incentives. The Internet Archive doesn't reveal a history of page changes for this site, so it's hard to know when this language was changed... or whether the "screenshot" itself is mocked-up. Regardless--- likening Obama to Hitler is beyond the pale. By the way, it's not as though "compulsory community service" is unheard of in this country. I was never actually thrilled with the prospect of registering with Selective Service back when I was of draft age... but I did it nonetheless.

Alan said...
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third rock from the sun said...

On the Lou Dobbs talk show, he Palin was a force and the media sought to shut her down with lies. A democratic guest went onto say that she had the ability to attract over 25,000 people which is difficult for any Republican or Democrat to do. Journalism should never report anything without naming the source. That was then, and this is now, when the media sees that negative stuff sells. If there is no negative stuff for the day, they make it up. All the negative news on Obama, ended up on the cutting room floor. Just the opposite for McCain/Palin. The media made up negative news.

Sad part is, people like ep believe lies. They ate up the media negative portrayal of Palin like it was candy. That is where the phrase "lambs to slaughter" came. They believe everything they see and hear as the truth. These people remind me of the masses that go out and buy the latest fad like the Elmo doll, the Cabbage Patch doll, Wii, and all the other things that you just have to have at Christmas. It doesn't matter if they like Elmo, have a child to give the Cabbage Patch doll to, or even play video games, these people will buy it just to have what the masses have. Enter...Obama. Everyone ran out to get (the) one.

The National Media sounded like the National Enquirer! We can't rely on our national media to be professional, fair, and unbiased. Some are back-tracking and making nice with her now. It's too late for 2008, but not 2012!

John said...


I was wondering how long it would take before someone brought up the draft. Well, next time we're involved in a world war or struggling for national survival, I'll concede that compulsory military service may be necessary. Otherwise, try that argument on someone gullible. Last time I looked at the post, we were talking about community service.


You're just the kind of guy I am referring to. Try rereading the last few sentences of the post.


You of all people should recognize the danger inherent in authoritarian regimes. Shame on you for standing idly by while American liberties are eroded. Control your emotionalism and attempt to understand the issues rationally. If you can.


I'm a racist? LOL That's a good one. As predicted, any criticism of the high and exalted Obama is being labeled as racism. How weak. But, weakness of the mind is characteristic of the Obamabot. I oppose BO because of what he stands for, not because of his skin color. Next!


Hey, you get the point! Stupid is a very common commodity amongst the Obamabot population.


I appreciate your reasoned comments. However, you are framing the argument incorrectly. What was posted on the change.gov site made no provision for attaching service to the receipt of federal dollars. There was simply a bold assertion of compulsion. What is telling is how quickly the language was removed from the web site. However, what public institution of higher learning is not dependent on federal dollars for funding? Even in this case the coercive element is still present in ominous proportion. I interpret Obama's policies not based on his vague campaign rhetoric but on his 20 year history of radicalism. Obama's 20 year discipleship at the feet of Rev. Wright tells me all I need to know about Obama and his Marxist predilections. I, therefore, interpret his actions with reference to his history. We all have a front row seat to the unfolding drama of our nation's first ultra radical leader. Our nation's ignorance has drawn a draft that will be repaid in the currency of oppression. We have yet to see what proportions that will assume.

mountainmeli said...

I find it interesting that John is responding to all of the comments made in response to Tami's post.


Your response to laterskater confounds me (of course you might like to chalk that up to my "weakmindedness." But my guess is that in bringing up the draft, laterskater, who can correct me if I'm wrong, was responding to Tami's insinuations that mandatory community service occurs only countries with an authoritarian government such as that of Hitler. So, are you suggesting that our government at the time of the draft could also be likened to that of Hitler's dictatorship or that serving one's country in the military is not a form of "community service?"

ToddPT said...

What everyone is missing is that John is the fascist and is projecting.

LaterSkater said...

John, how about jury duty then? Pretty much mandatory if you want to vote or own property. Should no free republic demand that type of community service?

John said...


I wrote the post, Einstein.




Pretty good try. However, jury duty is part of civil government's LEGITIMATE law enforcement power. What is at issue here is civil government's usurpation of power in a sphere where it should have no authority: education and matters of charity. This is an esoteric topic and I'm sure most of you will loose plenty of sleep trying to figure this one out. There are differing spheres of legitimate authority, designated by Biblical principals, for the civil authority and for the church. I know this will be lost on many of you but I include this here for those with the "eyes to see." Apart from this understanding, you will continue to form arbitrary and meaningless opinions.

To the Obamabots in the audience,

I really do enjoy your comments. For me, it is a source of great amusement, watching you flounder around in waters obviously too deep for you. Keep trying, one day you might actually stumble on the truth.

third rock from the sun said...

Be ware, the same media that held Obama up will take him down. Negative stuff sells!

Obamanation knows this.

Their frightened little voices are showing up here.

MorDred said...

third rock,

My voice is neither frightened nor little.