Saturday, November 08, 2008

On Sarah

It's been an amusing week, to say the least--well, it would be if it weren't so sad. Tuesday, our general election was held and the 44th President of the United States was elected. The amusing part for me has been watching as Democrats continue to campaign and defend their newly elected President-calling, as predicted, anyone who disagrees with him a racist- as he continues to campaign, and has even created a new "office" for himself because he cannot wait his turn like the last 43 Presidents have respectfully done. Along with that come the demands for "unity" from a party that has been anything but willing to "unify" these last 8 years. What has also been rather amusing are the "unknown" spineless, bitter campaign staffers from within the McCain campaign who not only feel the need to now attack Sarah Palin, but to cover their own butts for losing the election. I was encouraged to finally see Rick Davis, McCain's campaign manager, emerge in defense of Sarah in an attempt to put these rumors to rest. Sad thing is, the same John McCain who felt the need to repudiate true statements made by his own party throughout the campaign, is now AWOL on this subject.

Look, put the fraud aside. The election is over, and the majority has spoken, even if there were dead people and cartoon characters in the mix. Clearly, the country is deeply divided. Democrats didn't win this election, Republicans lost this election. I have now heard from countless Republicans who, though they loved Sarah Palin, decided that wasn't enough to make them show up at the polls on Tuesday for John McCain. Those, along with Republicans who were disgruntled with John McCain for a variety of other issues, therefore cast a vote against him, are the Republicans that helped lose this election for us. Bottom line: we must take back our party. We were told John McCain was the only person who could beat Obama, and perhaps that would have been true, had the Republicans more effectively utilized the resources available to them. Bottom line, it was too little, too late, and adding Palin to the mix brought votes, but not enough votes to make a difference. So, where do we go from here? Why do you think the media went after Sarah Palin so viciously, right from the outset? They cannot go after her on ideas, so they go after her personally. (this goes for both sides AND the main stream media) Governor Sarah Palin is the fresh new face of the Republican party. I am convinced that we have not seen the last of her. Will she run in '12? I haven't the slightest clue, but I sure do hope so! We have several remarkable young Republicans gaining in the ranks that will be interesting to watch and I believe Sarah will be among them. 

The main stream media, democrat party, and the left-moderate leaning Republicans are already trying to push Sarah off the scene. What they fail to appreciate, however, is the overwhelming support for Sarah within the Republican party. Rasmussen Reports released some new stats yesterday that tell us 69% of GOP voters say that Palin helped John McCain. 91% of Republicans have a favorable view of Sarah, while 65% of that group say their view is VERY favorable. When asked to choose among some of the GOP's top names for their party's ticket in 2012, 64% say Sarah Palin is their choice. That does not sound like a party whose tide has turned against Sarah Palin!

With regard to the latest smears about Sarah, they are simply, by all accounts, untrue.  Below, you will see a list of links that helped lead me to this conclusion. Many readers leave comments claiming that we think Sarah Palin can do no wrong. Just like I know Obama doesn't really think we have 57 states, and just like I hope Joe Biden doesn't really think FDR was president in '29 or that televisions had arrived on the scene, I know that Sarah Palin is very capable of making her fair share of mistakes. Unfortunately, I believe many of the mistakes made during this campaign were orchestrated by those inside the McCain campaign who wished to sabotage her. 

Bottom line, to quote "Kathy", a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, "Governor Palin ignited a dead and dry campaign. Volunteers and contributions came out of the woodwork within hours of her being put out there in Dayton, Ohio...she's tough, she's smart, she's competent, she's articulate, she's a doer, and she's got a track record to prove that--she doesn't just talk. She's done the walk, and I think that's what her attackers fear most, that she's too effective at brushing the waste where it belongs." Rush Limbaugh responded "Exactly right. She is a threat to the modern Republican party, which is made up of a bunch of linguine-spined moderates...and they're trying to take her out now. The problem is that conservatives and Republicans LOVE this woman..." And we're not about to sit back and be quiet while these people try to destroy her. 

**To encourage the RNC to support Sarah Palin and to expose those who are spreading the rumors, contact the RNC: 
Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Phone: 202-863-8700
Fax: 202-863-8820


Rose said...

Whatever she does, and wherever she goes, my family supports her. She is a force to be reckoned with - a breath of fresh air - I almost suspect we had our one chance to take advantage of all she has to offer, and we blew it. But if she comes back, or runs again for Governor, no matter what - i support her. I believe.

sabrine said...

I am amazed with her the response of people coming forward to support Sarah Palin, I was driving my daughter with her 16 year old friend who shocked me with the comments "It was Sarah Palin who won the republican votes" I turned around and said what? She said her family voted republican because of SP she energized the campaign she held the party together, Mccain seemed he did not have the energy to campaign, he lost all 3 debates and he should blame George Bush for his loss not Sarah Palin!!! I was absolutely amazed to how much this 16 year old knew about Sarah Palin, I say she's the fresh newcomer in the republican/conservative party we have to do everything possible to encourage her for run in 2012.
Power to Sarah Palin 2012

sabrine said...

Is there a way to send an email to Governor Palin? I would love for her to know that there are millions of Republicans / conservatives in the Northeastern part of US that cheered for you and still continue to do so. We appreciate you very much and will look forward to seeing you run for President in 2012. You are the most eloquent and beautiful mother, wife and Governor inside and out, not to mention the power and leadership you showed us when you held those rallies. Many woman out there envy you, they wish they could be you Governor Palin. May God Bless You and your family, hope to see you run in 2012. Thank you!!!

Patrick Roberts said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but that may not work in her favor

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


You can go to the "Governor of Alaska Link to the right of this screen under "Blog and Link List" and contact her via the Governors site....provided you follow their instructions.

Hope that helps. :-)

JB 88 said...

The McCain Campaign people saying these things should put up or shut up. Cowards, give us names. They are using her as a scapegoat, and for what? If they were smart and wanted a strong bid in 2012 they would leave Palin alone. Why are they trying to preserve McCain's 'reputation'? So he can run again in 2012? I don't think so! I doubt this country would elect a 76-year-old man. No offense to John McCain, believe me... He is absolutely an honorable person and not deserving of such attacks either. Yet, I think it would benefit the entire Republican Party if they just let John McCain lose this election graciously, as he expressed in his wonderful speech Tuesday night. I hope 'they' (meaning the back-stabber Campaign people, if they really are saying these things) realize that in 2012 people will unfortunately remember (or else the media will remind them!) these rumors and 'reported accounts' of Sarah.
For the record, I didn't vote for Palin, but I do not believe for one second the rumors flying around. And frankly, all this business about the $$ spent on clothes...I don't know of one person, Rep or Dem, that CARES at ALL about that. I would expect RNC shoppers to bring an excessive amount of clothes, knowing she would never wear them all. This happens ALL THE TIME. She was running for VP for Pete's sake! As much as it shouldn't matter, and as much as her own actual style would have been 100% fine on its own, the fact is this was a Presidential would have been foolish not to provide her with a stylist.

Special Needs Mom said...

Thank you for helping to set the record straight, Tami. The Rasmussen statistics were very interesting and significant.

I too, do not want Palin fade away, and I am concerned that she will not run for national office again because of how horribly she and her family have been treated. Her candidacy was not based on ego or hubris, as is the case with the majority of politicians. So what could move her to run again? Palin stepped up because she wanted to make a difference, and she believed in our American system and the American people.

How terribly sad that both seemed to have chewed her up and spit her out.

I too, will try to send her my support through the Alaska Governor's email address you provided. THANK YOU for keeping this site going. Yes, we MUST take back our party!

Daniel said...

I'm pretty sure she was attacked because as VP candidate she is nothing more than a bad punchline. The media basically made it clear we don't need neophyte hockey moms who wink during debates running our country.

And please, get rid of the "patriotic" music on your page. It does nothing but reveal the blatant hypocrisy of this blog. Before Obama was elected you were just another blind jingoist. Now that he's president, we need to "pray for our country." You make me sick.

sabrine said...

I'm not a fan of Campbell Brown of CNN but this article caught my eye and pretty much agree with her.

Please read - By Campbell Brown of CNN
" They are the top advisers to John McCain's failed campaign and they are desperate to find someone to blame for their long, long list of mistakes. They have been launching grenades at Palin and her supporters. CNN has found some of their allegations to be patently false. What's next for Sarah Palin?

You will hear people say, "This is what always happens with a losing campaign," and hopefully, this is the last time we will be talking about these people. But what they have done just in the last few days to save their own skins is worth a final comment.

To those top McCain advisers who leaked the little story about seeing Sarah Palin in a towel; to those who called her and her family "Wasilla hillbillies" while using her to stoke class warfare with red meat speeches and an anti-elitist message; to those who claim she didn't know Africa was a continent; to those McCain aides who say she is the reason they lost this election: Can I please remind you of one thing? You picked her."

Tammy, nice to meet you, I had the chance to see you on CNN - Great job, I'm glad to be a part of this blog. By the way who did you vote for?

Postergirl said...

Tami, I just read a very good article about John McCain that I would encourage you to read. It's long, 8 pages, but well worth it. The McCain that is written about, the 'earlier' McCain, is one I would have voted for. I absolutely believe he is an honorable, knowledgeable man. This article explains, and makes abundantly clear, why so many people abandoned him. Since you don't publish links, here's how to get to the article: Google "The Fall John McCain’s choices by David Grann".

You may feel insulted by this article, depending on how far right you consider yourself to be, and whether you consider yourself to be 'the base' that they reference in people becoming disillusioned with McCain. Because it is clearly stated that it's the far religious right that caused him to lose the election. The fact that he changed and bowed down to this 'base' in order to please those who might make him the Republican nominee for President. Is the 'old McCain' that they describe, the one that you were 'unenthusiastic' about? The McCain that was forced to pick Palin is the one that people couldn't vote for. Palin, directly, cost him the election (though in my opinion, he wouldn't have won with Liebermann or anyone else, being up against Obama... but I think the race would have been much, much closer). So again, it may be that the article offends you, or that you feel that his only chance of being able to win was to be more socially conservative and more 'with' the religious right, was a good choice. I don't know.

For me, Palin's extremism is ugly. I don't like extremism on the left or the right. It gets ugly and crazy when you take ideology too far in either direction. So I fully believe that what McCain's friends and those who have known him a long time were worried about, was his bowing down to the extreme religious right in order to win the election. I know many Republicans are excited about Palin. But I believe that the majority of Americans do not like her kind of extremism, especially on top of her lack of experience, and more important, her lack of knowledge and flexibility.


MorDred said...

I don't understand why anyone would take the time and effort to attack Palin now. I agree with Campbell Brown, it only makes these advisers look bad really. McCain is chilling in Sedona, and Gov. Palin is more than capable of defending herself from the next news cycle. I wouldn't fault him for not jumping to her defense.

Personally I voted twice, as myself and as 'Darkwing Duck'. 'Mickey Mouse' was already taken. Its not like they check your ID or anything. Seriously, the poll workers barely glanced at my drivers license. I pointed out my name and they just matched the name across two different sets of papers. I guess maybe she read my name, but I've had closer inspection of my ID while going into bars. You'd think democracy would warrant a closer look.

About the seeming arrogance of creating a new office, here are three links demonstrating prior usage of the term 'Office of the President-elect'. Google is your friend.

In reference to Bush Sr.

In reference to Nixon.

Not sure who this refers to.

Lastly, you've met 'countless' Republicans that liked Palin but still couldn't vote for McCain? That would seem to explain the reports that while there were massive voter registration efforts, there wasn't a massive difference from the number of voters in 2004. Also seems to validate the idea that in the end, people vote for the top of a ticket.


Williepitt said...

"Bottom line", "bottom line", "bottom line"..."bottom line".

Tami, could you PLEASE put some variety in your screeds? If not in subject matter (probably not possible for you), at least in your phraseology.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


people like you bore me. please take yourself someplace where you're welcome. since I've never seen a comment from you before, I assume you've read very little here, and probably read very little elsewhere as well.

Fil A said...

You guys need to listen to Palin if you really are her greatest supporters. what i mean by that is that its time to unite. Lets see what Obama does, im sure he won't let anyone down. If you people can please step outside of yourselves and take a look, you guys only wanted Sarah Palin to win not john mccain. And if John Mccain won you'd been waiting till the day he dies so Sarah can take over. Hence you just wanted a woman to win. You never cared for issues. I am neither liberal, independent, or conservative. The thing about me is that it doesn't take me much to do whats right. I vote with my heart, and I'm human. People need help and if all you do is point fingers, then nothing will get done. You lost face it, get over it, its time to grow up and be adults. But if you truly follow the word of God then you know what you must do. I follow the teachings of Christ to love, and respect. We may not agree but the damage has been done, now its time help each other out. I can understand the anger, the dissappointment, but you lost. Its hard to lose but I don't think we want to pant like little pettiless children. I believe in all of you. Just know that power is something we cannot control it was meant to be something beyond our control, to crave it is a dangerous think. Women have been the symbol of peace, don't turn into men don't turn into us. Be better then us. Don't lead for power, lead for the people. I've been watching women become power hungry and its saddening. You don't need power to lead. You need your love, your inner strength, and your will to live. All those things are stronger then power. Well my lovely ladies, i know you may not agree, i'll just ask you to think. I'm not telling you what to think, its your choice what you decide to do. Free will one the greatest gifts from God, along with the will to live, and love. Have nice night

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

fil a

I am CERTAIN that Sarah Palin did not mean for us to sacrifice all we believe in and blindly follow Obama like those of you on the left do. I say blindly, because we don't know where OBama stands on most issues.

While we need to get along, I want no part of "unity" with the left. And, I'm not buying the "I'm not trying to tell you guys what to think" on the left are the "thought police", but it isn't working on this American.