Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Am Proud To Be An American Woman

By Mary

I am proud to be an American woman! This is the fifth presidential election in which I’ve had the privilege of voting. I do have to admit that I have not been much of a follower of politics until this year, after Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate. Be assured, I will continue to follow politics, as I know now how important it is to be informed.

I think that it is great that we have the first African American to be President of the United States.* It shows that when you have a dream and work hard, you can achieve it. I think that this in its self is a great example of how ALL Americans should pursue life.

Find out what your passion is, what your dream is, and work hard to achieve it.

I am proud of John McCain and his service to our country. I believe that he was in the best position to understand our Troops that are overseas serving the United States. He, too, found his passion, his dream, and worked hard to achieve it.

I am proud of Sarah Palin who, by all accounts, lives the American dream. She’s a Christian wife and mother. She has an awesome career. She is multi-talented in so many areas.

She knows her dream and is working hard to achieve it. We have not seen the last of Sarah Palin.

I am proud that as Americans, my husband and I can both own our own businesses. Yes, we have more than one and one day we will work for none other but ourselves. I am proud that, as Americans, we have access to good schools. I was fortunate enough that my parents were able to pay for my college education. And for those not that fortunate, there are grants, scholarships, and jobs. Those that really want to further their education always find a way.

I have been to Peru twice and we had the same interpreters on both trips. One guy, named Alex, wanted to come to the United States so that he could go to college and learn more about agriculture. Then he wanted to return to his village in Peru to help his father farm. He was not able to get permission from his government to go to school in the United States because they were afraid that he would not return. From those that I was able to talk to, they just wanted to better themselves to help their families and villages. And they think that the United States has what they need.

I am proud to be an American! And I am proud to live the American Dream! I pray that this freedom is never taken away!

Author’s note: I do respect the Office of President and will pray for our leaders. They need the Lord’s guidance. I do not support Barack Obama. I believe that we will see his true nature in the very near future.


Anonymous said...


Why the need for the disclaimer? I believe everyone is fully aware that this blog is not supportive of a President Obama. Why continue to push the hate-envelope with the disclaimer? He has never shown anything but grace and a true zen-like quality....something all of our children could learn from. Expect great things and great things will come. Expect doom and you will bring doom upon yourself.


Mary said...

susanmig: I have to say that this is what has bothered me most about the blogging world. Comments are made about another assuming that one knows what motivates another. My disclaimer was a statement of fact on my part. Not an effort to push the "hate envelope." Our leaders need prayer, especially the President.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I understand the part about you offering up a prayer for our president and leaders and can appreciate your doing so....I just question why you felt the need for a disclaimer stating that you do not support Barack Obama and that we will see his true nature in the very near future? Your post was about how proud you are to be an American woman, as am I. You go on to list all the reasons why, which I can appreciate, as we share many common reasons. (I would love to hear more about Peru By the way, I hear it is quite amazing.) I am just a bit bothered by that disclaimer. And, since it is a public blog, I am posting this question to you: why did you feel the need to say that? I'm not saying you should not have stated it....I'd just like to discuss the reason why you felt the need to state it. Not trying to start anything, just want to know your thoughts :)