Monday, June 27, 2011

Women and the GOP

Wanted to be sure to share this excellent article from The Daily Caller, Blood in the water: GOP looks to capitalize on women's vote.
While Democrats have long been seen as the party most concerned with women’s issues, Republicans won the women’s vote by one percentage point during the 2010 election cycle. Sensing blood in the water, the GOP is working to position itself to once again win the women’s vote in 2012 and — perhaps — beyond. The highest ranking Republican woman in the House, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is one of the major players in the fight to win women’s approval and votes. Indeed, the two-time vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues has been working hard to show that women’s issues are GOP issues. Read more:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Now, This Is A Republican With Guts

House Republicans Remain Focused On Energy And Jobs

On the heels of a decision by the Obama administration Thursday to tap U.S. emergency oil reserves, House Republican leaders Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05), Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) and Steve Scalise (LA-01) held a blogger conference call during which they shared a resounding message. The Republican majority is steadfastly focused on creating American energy and getting the American people back to work as quickly as possible.

“Gas prices and jobs are key to economic recovery”, said McMorris Rodgers (WA-05), who serves not only as Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, but also as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee. “Republicans are saying yes to American energy, yes to energy development and innovation, and we’re having to pass legislation to get the [Obama] administration to make a decision.”

Scalise (LA-01), who serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee as well as the House Energy Action Team (H.E.A.T.) further explained that multiple bills have been sent to the senate in recent weeks that would open up known oil reserves in the U.S. The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act (H.R. 2021) that passed Wednesday would prevent the EPA from continuing to block them at every turn, creating more than 50,000 jobs and the possibility of more than a million barrels a day in oil production. In addition, legislation (H.R. 1938) was finally passed yesterday that forces the Obama administration to make a decision by November on whether or not to approve the construction and operation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. (A move which would, in turn, create more American jobs and American energy for the American people.)

When asked for a response on the decision of the administration yesterday, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) weighed in. “Petroleum reserves have been tapped twice in the last 20 years--once after the Gulf War in ‘91, and again after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Today, [Obama] extracted 36 hours worth of oil for us. That’s it. Not one job created.” The administration and the Democrat party have made it abundantly clear that they believe oil supply has nothing to do with the price of gasoline. However, yesterday’s decision to tap U.S. emergency oil reserves--to the tune of 30 million barrels--gives a pretty clear indication that the President realizes something must be done. “The American people are fed up with their refusal to increase American supply,” said Scalise (LA-01), whose state has been deeply affected by the offshore drilling moratorium imposed upon them by the Obama administration last year. Scalise went on to explain that more than 13,000 jobs have been lost since the moratorium was imposed. “A dozen rigs have left (each rig represents about a thousand jobs) and gone to foreign countries to drill. Businesses are leaving and going overseas to places like Egypt, Brazil and Africa.” Meanwhile, over two-thirds of the oil supply in the U.S. comes from foreign countries like Venezuela, from whom we purchased $27 billion last year.

So, what’s the solution? House Republicans say they are committed to creating American energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, in turn providing greater national security and a growing economy. They continue to send bipartisan bills over to the Senate that are repeatedly delayed by the EPA and blocked by Harry Reid (D-NV) and his fellow Democrats. They will continue to push legislation that creates American energy and American jobs, and have asked that the American people make their voices heard loud and clear on this issue.

Don’t delay--contact your Congressman or Senator today.

This article can also be viewed on Smart Girl Politics Action. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vote To See The Undefeated In Your Town

Cast A Vote To Bring Sarah Palin Documentary, The Undefeated, To Neighborhood Theatres

Following Limited Opening Engagement, The Undefeated Goes Nationwide; Vote Online to be Sure Your Neighborhood Theater Doesn’t Miss Out

Santa Monica, Calif. (June 16, 2011)  In a nod to the “power of the people,” movie-goers across the country now have the opportunity to vote to bring The Undefeated, which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, to their local neighborhood theaters following the initial theatrical debut July 15 at select AMC theatres.
Distributors ARC Entertainment and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation (NASDAQ: CIDM) encourage interested movie-goers across the country to cast their vote at
“Digital cinema provides the perfect distribution model for The Undefeated,” said Jonathan Dern, president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group. “Based on the votes we receive, we will be able to deliver the documentary - with pin point accuracy - to the markets that want it most.”
Stephen K. Bannon, award-winning filmmaker, wrote and directed the film, which was produced by Victory Film Group’s co-founder, Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette.  The Undefeated was independently financed by Victory Film Group and its partners.
“We are thrilled that Cinedigm and ARC Entertainment are affording the movie-going public the opportunity to speak out and have their voices heard,” said Glenn Bracken Evans.  “It is very exciting that we will be able to deliver this film on a big screen directly to those markets that request it. It’s great that we are able to provide a ‘democratic’ system allowing audiences to ‘vote’ where they want to see a movie that celebrates the values of our American democracy.”
The film includes leading prominent political commentators, such as: Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists: Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.
To have The Undefeated premiere at your local theatre, cast your vote at
The following theatres are confirmed for the limited theatrical engagement beginning July 15.  Ticketing information will be available Monday, June 20 at

Theater NameCity StateStreet Address
Indianapolis 16
Indianapolis, IN4325 S. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN  46217
AMC Independence Commons 20Independence, MO19200 East 39th Street
Independence, MO  64057
AMC Barrett Commons 24 TheatresKennesaw, GA2600 Cobb Place Lane NW
Kennesaw, GA  30144
AMC Grapevine Mills 30 TheatresGrapevine, TX3150 Grapevine Mills Pkwy 
Grapevine, TX  76051
AMC Gulf Pointe 30 TheatresHouston, TX11801 South Sam Houston Pkwy 
Houston, TX  77089
AMC Universal
Cineplex 20
Orlando, FL6000 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL  32819
AMC Quail
Springs 24
Oklahoma City, OK2501 West Memorial
Oklahoma City, OK  73134
AMC Highlands
Ranch 24
Highlands Ranch, CO103 Centennial Road
Highlands Ranch, CO  80126
Ahwatukee 24
Phoenix, AZ4915 East Ray Road
Phoenix, AZ  85044
AMC Block 30 @ OrangeOrange, CA20 City Boulevard
West Orange, CA  92868

For More Information:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Those Pesky Emails

There's really little that can be said about email-gate, and I really couldn't even come close to saying it as well as Jon Stewart did: 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Undefeated: A Review

Few things ignite passion more quickly than the mere mention of Governor Sarah Palin’s name, especially when it comes to the liberal left. That’s why I think Steven K. Bannon’s new documentary The Undefeated, set to release later this month in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, is going to be an enormous success. It tells the unvarnished truth about a working class wife and mother who rose to political prominence through sheer determination, guts, and a lot of hard work.

At a screening held on Thursday in Arlington, VA, Bannon said he originally turned down a request by Palin aides Rebecca Mansour and Tim Crawford to film a series of videos for the Governor. After witnessing the energy Sarah brought to the crowds at the first national tea party event in Nashville, Bannon began to do his homework and became convinced that Sarah was not the marginal, political lightweight the mainstream media has portrayed.

Like Fire From the Heartland, Bannon’s last documentary about the rise of conservative women in American politics, the style of The Undefeated features interviews from a variety of sources, including conservative powerhouses Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart. News clips, footage from the campaign trail, and never-before-seen videos of the Heath and Palin families, along with gorgeous panoramic views of an untamed Alaskan wilderness, are just a few things one can expect when watching The Undefeated.

The beginning of the yet unrated two-hour documentary confronts the viewer with the vile, often explicit language used by Hollywood and political leftist elites when they discuss Sarah Palin. The film is divided into three acts: Act 1 gives a glimpse of a young Sarah and her early involvement in politics on the local and state level. Act 2 takes an extremely detailed look at the multitude of accomplishments Sarah made in the short eighteen months she served as Governor of Alaska, enjoying the highest approval rating of any sitting Governor in history. Act 3 begins where most Americans were first introduced to Sarah Palin--August 2008, when it was announced that she would join Senator John McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate.

The Undefeated, with it's Philip Glass style sound track, has a consistent theme throughout--it portrays a woman of deep courage and conviction, a politician with an intense focus and dedication to the people she's called to serve. The viewer will get to know a very different Sarah as he takes a journey through her political life, and along the way, I think he'll grow to love her as much as we do.

**On June 10th, Victory Film Group announced that The Undefeated will play exclusively at select AMC Theatres beginning July 15th. Read more... If you'd like to have The Undefeated shown at a theater near you, you may vote at this link

CNN To Host Republican Presidential Primary Debate Tonight at 8 PM

Be sure to tune in to CNN this evening at 8 PM ET as John King hosts the Republican Presidential primary debate at St. Anselm College, in the primary state of New Hampshire. CNN will be providing multiple social-media methods in which viewers can get involved in the debate:

Online: CNN will be live blogging on
On Twitter: @CNNPolitics (hashtag: #cnndebate)
On Facebook: Users can engage in the conversation and leave comments on the host John King's facebook page:

Viewers can participate as questions are posed to the following Republican candidates:

·       Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Congresswoman

·       Herman Cain, Businessman 
·       Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker 
·       Ron Paul, Texas Congressman 
·       Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota Governor 
·       Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor 
·       Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania Senator