Sunday, November 02, 2008

Skype in League with Obama Campaign: Obamabots Hack Paypal Account

Earlier this week I published a post notifying my readers that my Paypal account had been compromised. Paypal has since provided me with information detailing what Internet based account fraudulently charged multiple charges to my account totaling one hundred dollars. Thankfully, through Paypal's vigilance, the fraudulent charges were detected and cut off at one hundred dollars. This account was used solely to process money collected through the sale of Moms 4 Sarah Palin Pitbull in Lipstick T-shirts. Below is a screenshot from my Paypal account detailing most of the charges that were made from a Skype account and refunded to me by Paypal.

In light of recent revelations from members of the Obama campaign, courtesy of  HILLBUZZ, and considering the personal attacks and threats that we have received from the Obamabot mob directly, we decided to do a little digging on our own, regarding Skype and its possible association with the Barack Hussein Obama campaign.  The results were shocking and are on display for your scrutiny.  According to Skype's official website, the Obama campaign has adopted Skype as an integral component of its campaign apparatus.  Below you will find a screenshot taken from Skype's website documenting its association with the Obama campaign.

To view the entire post visit this link.

What does all this mean?  Is Barack Hussein Obama behind the hacking of my Paypal account? Perhaps not; however, it does not strain credulity to suspect that a malevolent Obamabot used his or her Skype account to fraudulently obtain access to my Paypal account. Obama's campaign is coming under increasing criticism for credit card fraud and a host of other campaign related irregularities. Blogs and websites supportive of Governor Palin and Senator McCain have been targeted for harassment. And, we have had first hand experience of what the maniacal cyber thugs will do to those who threaten their socialist dogma.  "The Ministry of Truth" moves its greasy machinery in support of the Obamabots as they continue to conduct an underhanded campaign of agitation. These are the minions of the Obama campaign.  Just as Obama foreshadows the character of his presumed presidency by expelling members of the media who do not support his campaign, so does Obama foreshadow his authoritarian predispositions by unleashing his goon squad on unsuspecting citizens like Joe the Plumber and on, you guessed it, Moms 4 Sarah Palin.

***UPDATE: Others bloggers experiencing Skypescam as well. See this example and link

Oh, and by the way, here's a Palestinian connection to Skypescam.

For more on the fraud that is rampant in the Obama campaign, see this link. Obamabots still remarkably silent on this issue!!!


Anonymous said...
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Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

oh and the silence from the many who usually pounce on me after a controversial post---other than the fakers like yourself, susanmig---the silence is deafening, and very, very telling.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

uhhhh, noooo, susanmig. you guys are getting scared and it's why you leave these mindless empty headed comments. Ummm, I pay my taxes, Susan, and actually we work for a living...know what that is susan? W-O-R-K? No, I think it's all rather humorous, and enlightening. Find someone else to bully--perhaps your friends over at the copy-cat blog. Maybe they will listen since, I'm told, they seem to love me and talk non stop about me, Susan. In fact, because I got an "email" once from one of the "writers" over there, and sent my invitation to twitter to all who have emailed me, she seems to think that now I have hacked her email address and follow her on twitter!! WOW!-the intelligence there is astounding. I am sure you'll fit RIGHT IN.

Anonymous said...

This is scary shit.
How long do you think it will take for Obama to rename our country to "Iraq?"

Obama is a loser - with nasty ties to ALL the terrorists and such.

I am scared about what will happen to this country when he is in office.

And it's all because the media wants to be a part of "making history."

If it was hillary and McCain running - the media would have flocked to her too- Why? Well, because she is a Woman - and she would have been "the first woman president."

So NOW I guess I gotta work my ass off for ALL the lazy people in my building..Not just a few.

The Wood Man said...

people stopped commenting cause you don't post them. Why should we waste our time at a site that doesn't even allow for honest debate?

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Wood Man,

You said that people quit commenting on my site and visiting my site....that's so interesting, Wood Man, because I've had nearly 70,000 hits here, and I get nearly a hundred comments a day, sometimes hundreds, the vast majority of which I do not publish. Fact is, I don't care what the heck any of you on the radical liberal left have to say, and I will not publish any more of your comments. I never invited you here to try and bully us. I gave you a platform in the comment section for awhile, but I am finished doing that. Your opinions are irrelevant to me--notice I said radical liberal left. I love to have a friendly debate with someone who wants to speak sensibly, whether we see eye to eye or not.

So, keep reading all you want, but I urge you to not waste your won't be published. It shows what kind of people you are...I haven't spent a minute of my time going to leftist websites and trying to shut them down. What a waste of effort and time! They have a right to say what they wish--and some of them have spent most of their time beating me up in their posts instead of focusing their efforts on the issues and people running in this election! I love that they wish to give me attention, but that doesn't win elections, and neither does bullying.

So, Wood Man, take your pathetic self and go elsewhere. NO ONE here cares what you have to say. Seriously. It was never "honest debate" with any of you Obamabots--you don't have it within you.

JB 88 said...

I'm an Obama voter that celebrates your involvement, passion and drive, Tami! I am eager to read your blog post-election, too...I think it's healthy to read the opposing viewpoints so we can all better learn how to work together!
May God let us all remember on Wednedsay that we are more ALIKE than we are different :o)