Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Unfiltered Sarah Palin

By now Katie Couric's interview of Governor Sarah Palin is well known to everyone.  For a week, I, like a lot of conservatives, was a bit unnerved by how Governor Palin appeared in the CBS interview.  Governor Palin didn't seem to be knowledgeable or articulate.  Could it be that CBS discovered a chink in Sarah's armor?  Hardly.  In light of Governor Palin's masterful performance during the Vice Presidential debate and the subsequent interview with Carl Cameron on Fox News, it seems clear now that Governor Palin was the victim of an assassination style interview.  As Sarah readily admitted, during the Carl Cameron interview, she could have responded more thoughtfully, but instead provided Couric with answers befitting the patronizing character of her questions.  Through a bit of editing artifice, the CBS interview cast Sarah as a shadow of herself, a manipulated caricature, suited to the taste of a biased Katie Couric and a rabidly liberal network.  This tawdry episode is just another in a long, pale line of media attack jobs and character assassinations.  The classic idea of the unbiased reporter, as a seeker of truth, is dead; a casualty in the war for the American mind.  In place of the objective intellectual, we suffer under the oppressive scribbling of propagandists.  As main stream news organs submit to leftist ideology, they transform themselves into homogeneous iterations of Pravda.  The media has become monolithic and anti-intellectual. There are some places where honest debate exists, where truth is sought out in a free marketplace of ideas.  Most Americans recognize the corruption of the ideologues, and have withdrawn to find alternative sources of information.  The American tradition honors intellectual competition and the free exchange of ideas, secure in the knowledge that truth prevails.  This is very much a Christian notion.  You may be surprised to know that God invites us to "come now, and let us reason together." Isaiah 1:18  The liberal left offers no such tradition but rather seeks to oppress those who threaten its rigid dogma.  "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.  It is the opium of the people." Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right. The bleak hope of socialism is the bland comfort of state sponsored subsistence.  So Katie Couric and all her ilk strive to oppress what is true and good and right but, in the end, the authentic displaces the deceptive, as the truth of Providence inexorably marches toward victory.  Governor Sarah Palin happens to be authentic and that will continue to resonate with the majority of thinking Americans.  Katie Couric's interview will only redound to her shame.  So be it.     

**See Sarah's interview with Carl Cameron in the media window to the right. 


Mr. Freer said...

Really any woman who considers herself a conservative or identifies with the Republican party should be embarrassed by Sarah Palin. Seriously, this is the female face of the party. The debate was a joke, setting the bar so low that as long as she didn't drool all over herself it's considered a victory. That is what Republican women should be proud of? Her winking and talking "folksy", you betcha goshdarnit, that's the way the party wants to represent itself to the country and the world?

The fact that so many other qualified women in the party, like Olympia Snowe (whom I admire greatly), Kay Baily Hutchinson, Christie Todd Whitman (my former governor) are able to communicate and connect with the American people, were passed over for this disaster of a candidate, is greatly disheartening to me as a young woman. Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but she didn't ask to be treated differently. She was able to take on the big boys and even throw some elbows, too. I just can't believe this is the example that the Republicans want to set for the future and for young women especially.

Molly said...

I agree with Palin that she should have more unfiltered appearances. She should hold a press conference and let all the networks show it live.

Anonymous said...

Her 'masterful performance' was entirely scripted. You realize that, right? Right?? When she didn't have a scripted answer to the question, she simply decided to talk about something else from HER SCRIPT. I can memorize my lines, too. There was nothing masterful about her performance. Her interviews with Gibson and Couric were much more representative of her intellect and the depth of her knowledge because they were impromptu and unscripted. Once Gibson and Couric pressed Palin to be more specific about her answers, she crumbled.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you seriously believe that the interviews were attacks. I the interviews with Katie, as in the debate, Mrs Palin very rarely answered a question in a direct and lucid manner. I quote your article "The American tradition honors intellectual competition and the free exchange of ideas, secure in the knowledge that truth prevails." I find at almost no point in her interviews or her debate appearance that she practiced intellectual intelligence or the exchange of free ideas. She was insulting to the average American god loving or not. She has shamed many women with her vapid air headed responses. I really expected more from the republican party.

J Diddlesworth said...

Gosh darn it...I don't know what kind of drugs you are on but there were nothing but softball questions coming from Katie Couric. Sarah Palin is just not ready. She was a very cynical choice made by a man who knew he was losing big time. I wonder how many Hillary voters she has brought to the McCain side. Far fewer than the number of republicans she has scared off to Obama I betcha.

Anonymous said...

She is KOOL no matter what they try to do to her! :) They are the
total idiots in this situation! :)

Anonymous said...

I hear a lotta anger above but see no real facts to back it up. Sarah ROCKED that question. Way to go on this post John. You ROCKED it too!

John said...

Governor Palin's responses during the debate could hardly be called scripted. In fact, she has been criticized ad nauseam for her off-the-cuff responses. She demonstrated a solid command of the relevant facts and soundly defeated a 35 year veteran of the Washington cesspool establishment. Joe Biden spun a yarn which would impress the most demented psychopath. Check the facts comrade, Biden is a deranged liar. Speaking of derangement, Katie Couric's hostile treatment of Governor Palin is clear to any thoughtful and objective person. Palin has a long history of well reasoned and cogent responses to media flunkies. Certainly Palin knows what the meaning of "is" is. And, she's lucid enough to recognize that television didn't exist in 1929. Let's let Joe Speak for himself, "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened'." Wow, that's your guy? Some might call a statement like that pathological (yes, it's o.k. to use your dictionary at this point). Where was Katie Couric and her shining brand of objective journalism during Joe's breaks with reality? Ladies and gentleman, it will all be o.k., just pop a few more antipsychotics like clozapine and go back to reading your crisp, new copy of the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

Oh John. Poor poor John. If that was a "solid command of the relevant facts", I can only imagine the brain dead conversations that go on around your kitchen table.

And anyone who thinks that the softball questions that Katie Couric threw at Palin were tough is an idiot. "What magazines do you read?" "What Supreme Court decisions besides Roe v. Wade do you disagree with?" Yea, those are tough. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Palin's clear disregard for the debate rules shows her not to be a maverick, but rather an intellectually inadequate beauty queen.

My guess is all of you folks that support her are about equal to her in the brains department. He, you're probably all almost as smart as Miss Teenage USA South Carolina:

Anonymous said...

"anyone who thinks that the softball questions that Katie Couric threw at Palin were tough is an idiot"

I agree 100%. Anyone I know could have answered those questions easily, on the spot, no hesitation. My guess is that the bimbos who run this site are also unable to answer such simple questions.

Anonymous said...

If someone asked you what newpapers you read, don't you think you could have answered that? That wasn't softball, that was T-Ball.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, anyone can memorize lines. You need to realize that she gets in touble when she's asked follow-up questions that require specifics. I admire her for being a working mother, showing the country (finally) that women can hold down big jobs as well as be excellent moms...but she is so in over her own head here. She's just not ready to be the number two person -- the person a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Anonymous said...

I think you like Palin because she remind you of you. Shows that any soccer mom can be president. All said and good. But I have a lot of friends I like and love but I use more sound judgement when chosing people that I employ and hire. I plead with you to ask yourself seriously is this woman qualified to be president? Forget Democrat or Republican--Obama or Biden. Palin is she qualified to be president? If she was running again McCain would you choose her. If she ran against Mitt Romeney or Mike Huckabee? If you can answer yes. Then I will respect that and go on about my business.

Anonymous said...

Why do you work so hard to try to get around the clear evidence? She didnt know the answers..period. She spent a period of time rehearsing talking points and then responded to those talking points only during the debate. She did not answer the questions provided, she answered the questions she knew. Why else do you think they protect her unlike any other politician from being asked questions? Hilary did not evade reportersor questions.
I would love to be behind Palin but I cannot.

Anonymous said...

I think it's useless to try to back up Governer Palin's performance. I think it was pretty obvious what happened, although it's not that much of a big deal. People blank all the time, but I, even as an Obama supporter can admit, that she definetly redeemed herself in the debate with Senator Biden. Even as a democrat, I admire all the effort you people put into this website. I believe that there need to be even more people like you to voice their opinions on the blogs like these. Good job. =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Sarah Palin's debate performance was far from masterful. Sarah Palin is nothing more then a pretty face. She does not have an understanding of the issues. During the debate she avoided many important questions instead going to issues other then those she was questioned on and then coming up with false facts. The claim that Obama's tax plans will raise taxes on over 90% of small businesses was completely untrue as the fact is most small business owners about 90% make less then 250k a year. Sarah Palin also DID make it legal to hunt wolves from the air and claim that it was a false to claim that Polar bears are endangered. Sarah Palin even got the exports of oil from Alaska wrong. She is not fit to lead and the debate and her stupid winking and avoiding questions did nothing to change that. Palin is not even close to ready to be president of the United States. MCCAINS/PALIN CAMPAIGN HAS BECOME DISGUSTING AND UNETHICAL NOW WITH MANY FALSE CLAIMS.

Cmoor said...

Thank you for supporting this young intelligent, capable, young woman. Sarah Palin she is absolutely the best of what we want our daughters and leaders to be. I dont understand why abortion is the most important thing to some celebrities. We as woman have so many other options to prevent pregnancys or why not support adoption of unwanted babies? We have Peta activist supporting abortion that is so strange to me.
The videos on site plus sound WONDERFUL!
Very educational about Frank Raines Maxine Waters and the p------ off Meeks a rush to judgement. Do you think this crash was engineered by the Dems to deliberately happen for elections?
God Bless you all I will pray for John McCain who through defering early release to another prisoner when it was just him and God no cameras to record this brave selfless act. He is brave I respect him and I hope he is successful in cleaning up the dishonest senators and congressman in those committies. By the way to anonymous many presidents were govenors first.

Understand though that until all the robbers and cheats are thrown out of Senate and Congressional committees we are not truly free.

Cmoor said...

Katie asked Gov. Palin about MCains regulatory record Sarah answered with Row vs Wade but Katie kept hobbling around twhat is A scewed question John unlike Obama has more to remember. If Couric would have asked a more specific question regarding a preticular legislative or regulatory issue that would have been fair. Couric never asked Gore about Clintons record of regulatory action. Or Biden about Obama opps that might be better reversed opps no go joe doesnt have much to draw from not like McCain. He works!There are many more interesting questions she could have asked Sarah and Ive seen Katie blubber soft questions like whats your favorite food to candidates.

Anonymous said...

As an American woman i am proud to voice my opinion about Sarah Palin.I see her as a very well equipped woman who has been placed into politics for such a time as this.She is prepared to take on the dark giants of injustice and bad buisness in this country and for this and many other reasons, it's as if all the "Dogs" have been called out on her.In all the campaigns that i have lived through,i have never ever witnessed such seething and vile hatredness reminds me of wolf packs with fangs and claws at her and John Mccain's feet.Which leads me to believe that people are scared and are going for the attack.i would trust her to defend me anytime, with or without a gun!when it is time to vote, i will go to the polls and cast my vote for Mccain/Palin and when we have all done our part, we must remember this--God has the final say.i stand for life, i stand for Isreal, and i stand for real justice in this Nation that few people are willing to pay the price end i would like to add, that Katie Couric's interview was a waste of the talents that she could put to good use! anonymous.

R. J. said...

Are you really calling Katie Couric a marxist? Is this a credible discussion. I wouldn't be so sure Ms. Couric even knows what a marxist is.
The "rabid liberal media" are attacking Ms. Palin with careful editing and misleading questions? They're transforming themselves into Правда? I mean really...Ms. Palin will have to handle someone more adversarial than the 'rabid liberal media' if she becomes president and you sound like a victim of acute paranoia in this piece!

OMGaNewbie said...


Don't dismiss the fact that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard-- consider this.

Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It's on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

As governor of Alaska , Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's and certainly by far exceeds Obama's.

She's also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counterterrorism plans.

Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska's proximity to Russia , she may have security clearances we don't even know about.

According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.



On August 29, 2008, Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, announced Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska as his VP running mate. That selection has trumped and checkmated the Obama-Biden ticket. Coming the day after Obama's historic acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, which speech and Obama's earlier pick of Joe Biden as his own VP running mate, were expected to be the top news item leading into the Republican convention the following week, McCain's pick of Sarah Palin however completely eclipsed those events. In less than 24 hours, Obama's day in the sun had been come under a cloud of shadow and was relegated to history being completely upstaged by the Palin choice.

The news cycles have talked about nothing else since in terms of the presidential politics. The choice by McCain has stunningly energized the conservative base of the Republican party, an important segment McCain had his own problems with. But by choosing Palin, a staunch conservative, he has revitalized his commitment and perception in that area. Many conservatives who had relegated themselves to simply voting against Obama, are now more than willing to for 'for' Palin.

The choice also reached out directly to independents and disaffected Democratic voters, particularly women, who were so sorely disappointed by Hillary Clinton's narrow loss and the way they had been treated since Obama sealed the nomination. Particularly in overlooking Hillary Clinton, who won 18 million votes in the primaries, and actually had more votes than Obama, those disaffected women are also excited about Palin, and indicating by the tens of thousands on blogs and disaffected Hillary voter sites on the web that they intend to cross over and vote for her and McCain.

The Obama campaign and DNC, curiously, have already launched all out attacks against the choice and Palin herself, indicating that she does not have enough executive or national experience. Excuse me? She does not have enough executive experience?

A simple analysis of the relative experience levels of Sarah Palin compared to either Democratic candidate puts this to rest. For over the past decade, Sarah Palin has been involved in executive decision making at increasing levels of elected positions of public trust. Obama has no executive experience, Biden has no executive experience. During that time, Palin left off running an actual private business in Alaska, a commercial fishing business and was elected to her city council and then, in quick order to be Mayor of her home town. She did so well there that she was ultimately elected to be Governor of the State of Alaska, managing 17,000 personnel and a 9 billion dollar budget. Obama and Biden have absolutely no comparable experience at all, neither of them.

In Alaska, as Governor, Sarah is also the Commander in Chief (CINC) for the Alaskan National Guard. This is a critical national assignment as Alaska sits on the border with Russia where Air National Guard aircraft intercept Russian Bear aircraft. Sarah Palin has taken her role as the Commander seriously, regularly visiting the units and coming to understand their duties and capabilities.

As Governor, Sarah has helped devise and push through a project for the largest natural gas line in the history of the US...taking on entrenched politicians (on both sides of the aisle), lobby groups, and large corporations in the process. Her involvement with, and her understanding of, the Energy issue is unmatched by either Democratic candidate.

Outside of her direct role as Governor and speaking more to her personal values and commitment to them, Sarah walks the walk on the pro-life issue. Having found out well in advance of delivery that her youngest child would have downs syndrome, she and her husband thanked God for the blessing and brought the baby into a loving home. (By contrast, Obama has stated publically that he doesn't want his children 'punished' with a baby).

As Governor, Palin actually visited the wounded soldiers in Germany, while Obama, when given the same opportunity in Europe, refused to comply with Defense Department guidelines regarding his entourage, and skipped that part of his schedule.

Beyond all of this, there is also a part of Sarah Palin that most hard working, patriotic, and committed Americans are coming to adore about her. She is real. She is authentic. Not only has she stood up to corrupt politics and the old networks that have produced so much waste, fraud, and 'bridges to nowhere', she is also a regular person, and authentic all-American girl, wife, mother, and citizen.

She has actually walked the walk of reform and change instead of just talking about it.
She does not come from privilege, did not aspire to it, or become placed in it. She did not attend the Ivy League or prestigious schools. She has gotten where she is by pure honesty, integrity, and strength of charachter and has been raising five kids and enjoying life while doing so.

All of this drives the leftist and anti-American crowd mad. Sarah Palin is the real deal. Young, refreshing, committed wife, mother, American citizen. She is the real deal when it comes to the change that is so much needed in American politics, particularly in Washington. John McCain must be congratulated for vetting her, seeing this, and putting her on the national stage. She represents in fact, and in her own actions, what so many others (including Obama and the entrenched Biden) only talk about, and then go on with business as usual.

Obama, in his own actions and positions as a State Senator (voted merely present so many time in the State Senate, but voted no defending the Born Alive Abortion Protection Act there), in his own actions and positions as a US Senator (spent only 144 days on the job before beginning his campaign for the President, but in those short days was recognized as the Senator with the furthest left record), and particularly in his own willful associations of long standing with hateful, racists individuals like Jeremiah Wright (who preached 'Not God bless American, No, No, No, God Damn America!) to Obama and his children, and with the likes of Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, arrogant, and militantly anti-American political connection where Obama kicked off his own political career, who bombed the US Pentagon, the US Capitol, and NY City Police Headquarters and then claimed in an interview published on 911 that his only regreet was that he had not done with such actions and such associations (not to mention Toni Rezco, Pleger, and others), Obama has proven that his change is precisely the type we do not want or need in Washington.

milev2000 said...

Katie showed us the real Palin. The debate shows what a little practice can do.

milev2000 said...

Katie showed us the real Palin. The debate shows what a person cdan accomplish with a little practice.