Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi girls! I'm finally back in the swing of things. It's amazing how a long weekend away can throw your entire life out of whack! Before I left, Sarah did a wonderful interview with Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, the 14th. It was so refreshing to hear her get to talk again, unedited. Funny how that happens. (By the way, I highly recommend that you tune in to Rush weekdays noon-3 pm on your local a.m. station if you want a good dose of encouragement on this election! Prepare to be electrified!)

So, while I was gone, Senator McCain gave a downright hilarious speech at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner, New York Times published an unbelievable front page article slamming Cindy McCain (another great topic for letter to editor--have you seen ANYTHING about Michelle Obama?), and our girl Sarah did a killer appearance on Saturday Night Live! I didn't see the original airing, but watched the online version part one and online version part two yesterday. She is a natural! What a trip. Did you hear that SNL had the largest viewing audience in 14 years? That's pretty amazing. She actually, for one brief segment, revived what used to be a hilarious show on NBC. Hope they enjoyed those ratings. I'm sure that won't happen again anytime soon. (SNL's Executive Producer Lorne Michaels had this to say about Sarah: "I think Palin will continue to be underestimated for a while. I watched the way she connected with people, and she's powerful. Her politics aren't my politics. But you can see that she's a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman. This was her first time out and she's had a huge impact. People connect to her.")

Oh, and Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama.


Girls, if you knew anything about Colin Powell, you saw this coming. I'm pretty sure Senator McCain hasn't lost any sleep over this one.

So, where is Joe Biden? I guess after his latest gaffe he's been taken off the trail for a day or so. Seems to happen more and more frequently these days. I still hear all the cracks being made at Sarah about "not being accessible to the media" and yet she's all over the place. I'm proud that she has been able to face her critics with such class, and because she has no problem telling the truth, her stand on the issues remains consistent. Thanks to her opponent, Senator Joe Biden, the foreign policy issue is back on the table front and center. Thanks to Senator Barack Obama, the economy, and his intention to re-distribute wealth, remains a key focus as well.

The polls are clear, if you care what they say: this race is neck and neck. Some of the networks have already called this race, and called it as a landslide victory for Obama. Be clear on this one thing: they WANT you to stay home. Their goal is to try and discourage you from going to the polls on November 4th. Do not be discouraged, do not lose hope. Let it motivate you to get out and vote, and to encourage others to do the same. This race is nowhere near over. Obama is outspending McCain 2 to 1 and STILL is in essentially a tie when you break down all the numbers. This spells trouble for the Obama campaign, and the anger they display in most media outlets and on blogs such as this one is indicative of that fact. Press on, girls, we can win this one, but it's going to take many more votes than usual to cancel out all the dead people and cartoon characters voting for Obama.

Sarah did an interview today with CBN News while on the trail in Lancaster, PA, talking campaign and faith issues. Governor Palin has been mocked, she has been ridiculed, she has been portrayed in a porn film, her family has been dragged through the muck, and yet through it all she remains steadfast in her resolve to stay true to who she is, what she stands for, and in her love for this great country. I admire her for her amazing strength, and I will be so incredibly proud to call her my Vice President!

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Postergirl said...

With everything you write about Palin, I still don't see anything about the issues and why SHE is qualified at all. Just how 'great' she is. No specifics, no expanding on why. I don't think she can do anything wrong in your eyes. What about her description of the VP 'being in charge of the Senate'? Any comment on that? And also, you say 'she's all over the place' as far as giving interviews. That's just silly. She's not. She's not giving press conferences nor appearing on any quality news show. She goes on Fox... gee, how brave. And Rush Limbaugh? I guess I just don't get it. If you're Republican and/or Christian, does that automatically mean that you love Fox news and Rush Limbaugh? Do you love Bill O'Reilly also? Do you ever question anything any right-wing person says or does, ever? See, most people do. They question their own party, the news, they ask for clarification when they hear something questionable from someone they support. I only see blind, shallow infatuation here for Sarah Palin. And you've never replied to the many, many eloquent posts and questions that talk about Palin's qualifications, her view of the world, and so on and so on. I haven't seen one substantive reply, one that tackles or attempts to answer DIRECTLY what the poster is saying or asking. Kudos to you for publishing all our left-wing posts... I mean that. I just would like to see you actually engage in a 'conversation' with some of the posters, and delve into the real issues and the issue of Palin herself. I have yet to see that.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Are you serious? Really? Nearly every post covers issues, I guess you are too blinded to see it.

The Constitution of the U.S., in case you haven't read it, clearly states that the VP is the PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE. (section 3 of article one)

Sarah Palin was on CNN this evening...she's been on one network or another nearly every day. She gave an on camera press conference in Ohio on October 17th.

The rest of your comment is too silly to bother with....just wanted to answer your one main point. Sarah Palin did not mispeak about the VP being "in charge of the Senate", so get your glasses on and get to reading....and try to get your facts straight.

Finally, most bloggers do not answer comments. Our "job" as bloggers is what we determine it to be...not to be determined by those who post comments here. We will engage those who comment here when and IF we see fit. It certainly isn't your place to tell us how to run a blog that you clearly disagree with. Why you bother to come here is anybody's guess.

So clearly, Silou, you come here and you only see what you want to see, you fail to check your own facts before making claims--I didn't respond to that claim the first time because I really thought that surely the person must be kidding. Most of us learn these things in grade school.

See ya

AravisGirl said...

Hey Girl, wanted to come tell ya to Hang In There , there are others that waking up to the facts.

TAKE CARE! Kris & The Xanga Ladies

Bruce Brown said...

Hi Tami,

Nice blog and I followed a link from a CNN article to get here.

I was curious what you will do if the outcome of the presidential election results in a win by Obama/Biden? Maybe you have covered this before in your blog, but I just wondered what thoughts you would have about moving forward following the election in November.


MCS said...

I live in Anchorage Alaska, and I think that this man in this YOUTUBE video has Obama pegged !


This should be aired on TV.

Obama captivates "followers / sheeple" so that he can have the government rule people who do not have a mind of their own... the government will think for them !

Moms with children with disabilities, Autism, Vaccine Injuries and other health issues KNOW the importance of speaking up and advocating for your child. These are the moms who NEED this freedom.

McCain and Palin want to give people their freedom to choose for their families, choose medical care, choose therapies that work for THEIR kids and NOT be told, but "followers/sheeple" would NEVER see or understand this.

As for social medicine -- People from Canada and other countries come to the USA because of the failure of social medicine in their countries.

Sarah Palin has been the best thing that has happened to Alaska and I can say that becuause I live here.

MattG said...

Re: "I live in Anchorage Alaska,"
I really disagree with your comment about Canadians going to America for health care because of the failing system there.

I can say that because i live here.

Do you know what a trip to the Emergency room cost Canadians? Zero.
Do you know how much an operation costs to us?

in fact for us to travel in the states, we have to buy travel insurance because if we get hurt in the states it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This may not be posted because:
A- Im a foreigner
B- it's not about SP

By the way i love reading this site and all the comments on it - i am not a supporter of SP but find her very interesting (but none of that matters because i am Canadian)

Daniel said...

I can't wait until November when Obama wipes the floor with McCain/Palin and we won't have to hear from you crackpot zombie jewish carpenter worshippers again.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


You are a perfect example of the warm hearted open minded tender hearted liberal left...

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Wood Man,

I didn't post your ridiculous comment because it isn't worth my reader's wasting their time...but since you called me a liar for stating that the comments on this blog number in the hundreds, start with the posts dating October 8th, and beyond, and that is where the comments begin in the 80's. Some shortly thereafter number in excess of 400, one has 365.(and had over 700 before we edited out many of the cussing and threatening ones...although many are left) There are several other posts that have over 100 comments. So, YOU get YOUR facts straight and take time to actually read and get your facts straight before accusing someone else of being a liar--and don't bother posting anymore comments here. You will not be published.

Rick said...

I don't expect to be published, but I still wanted to urge you to consider, to honestly consider, what your reaction would have been had Colin Powell endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket. Would it have simply said, "Colin Powell endorsed John McCain *yawn*?" I feel certain it would not. Rather, your blog would have triumphantly trumpeted the endorsement of this great military leader, this venerated fixture of past Republican administrations who has appeal on both sides of the political aisle, this former head of the Joint Chiefs who knows more than almost anyone about issues of national security and military strategy. You would have asserted that this proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that Sen. McCain was the right choice for America.

But Colin Powell didn't endorse your candidate... and as a result, he now merits nothing more than a *yawn*. I enjoy reading your blog because I'm always interested in how the opposition frames its arguments. But your response to this endorsement just seems so hypocritical...

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


Please don't try to speak for me. I completely meant "...yawn..." when I spoke of Colin Powell--and that's putting it mildly. Powell left the conservative reservation long ago, and has been shown to be inconsistent on a whole gammet of issues. I think he is being less than genuine when he says it's not about race--I think it's race, and his continual lean toward social liberalism that caused him to endorse his pal, Barack Obama. It came as no surprise whatsoever, and I am certain it was no loss whatsoever to the McCain campaign.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Oh, and no, I don't think a big deal would have been made of it at all if Powell had endorsed McCain. He's lost much respect in the conservative community--and it would have been no big deal.

PatD said...

As a long time Republican who has never voted for a Democrat, I have to say that the direction that McCain/Palin have gone with their campaign tactics since the final debate has left a poor taste in my mouth.
I expect my Leaders to lead by example and the negative words and fierce ads that I have received and seen have me beginning to think about voting the other way for the first time.
As a practicing Christian, I am ashamed of the mud slinging that has happened in regards to race and associations. I think it will cause greater damage than good. The Republican party should not stoop to these levels and should have taken the high road.
I have preached to my children to accept people for who they are, not pass judgement because of race, creed or religous belief but that seems to be exactly what has been going on.
We as a people need to be better than that and it starts in the home followed by the ones who lead us. I am not looking to create a stir here but I needed to voice my opinion as a voter who shares a love for the Republican party. We are better than what we have shown.
PatD -Ct

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

With all due respect, you need to begin watching something other than MSNBC, NBC, CNN and the like.
Republicans HAVE NOT brought "race" into this campaign. Barack Obama did, starting back with Hillary--and he continues to use race, trying to guilt voters into supporting him because of race if nothing else.
You need to research the facts. The ads running, they ARE true. Obama's ads are downright lies. McCain often uses footage of Obama's own words, and yet the Obama camp denies he ever said it. It's unreal. Obama simply completely lies about McCain's positions on various issues.
Please, do your research and quit letting the mainstream media turn you against your own party. YOU are just the target they are after.