Sunday, October 12, 2008

From A Conservative 19-Year-Old: On Voting

Every four years, Americans have a very important responsibility to uphold—to go to the polls and vote. For many, it will be their first time to voice their opinions on who is our next President. We have to decide who the best candidate is, which one has the most similar beliefs as we do, which one is closest to upholding what this nation was founded on. We have many things to weigh into our decisions. Sadly, it seems that the young voters of America are more silent than we ought to be. We are the next generation.

I sent out a survey about a month ago. Here are some of the questions, and some of the most popular responses I got from young voters:

Q. What party do you plan on voting for? and why?
A. Republican... they're the closest to what I believe in

Q. How educated are you on both political parties and their platforms?
A. Fairly educated on what they stand for and their experience.

Q. What is one of the main things you look for in a candidate, as to whether or not you want to vote for them?
A. Where they stand on the issues.
     What is their experience in making difficult decisions?

Q. What are your thoughts on the Republican Party's choosing Sarah Palin to run for VP?
A. I believe she was a brilliant choice for several reasons, but mainly because she has plenty     of experience in making difficult decisions, she is pro-life, and is a female who I believe will help gain votes by the individuals who just want a female in office.

Q. If you are a female and in favor of her, does her nomination motivate you to get more involved in politics?
A. It wasn't necessarily her nomination that motivated me to get involved in this presidential election. For the most part I became motivated because I can't believe Barack Obama has made it this far with absolutely no experience whatsoever and with his history.

Q. What is your stand on abortion?
A. I am 100% against it!!! Those babies need a voice! Why do doctors not get sentenced to prison for murdering babies, but if a serial killer murders a pregnant mother, the guy is charged with two murders?!?!? if it's wrong in one situation, it's wrong in all...
A. I am completely against it because life begins at conception and for all of you who are for abortion because of the rape victims-- that is less than 1% of the individuals who actually get abortions. It has been proven that the family planning clinics lie to their patients about the process and definitely proves to be a traumatic experience for the mother for as long as 10 years or more after the abortion.

Q. As a young voter, what are the main issues in government that concern you?
A. Abortion, gay marriage, Pastors having the freedom to preach what they want
A. That abortion hasn't been completely outlawed yet, even though this government claims to be a "Christian" oriented, in actuality, we can't speak about the true creator in schools and in some universities foot washing baths are placed on the premises so that the Muslims can wash their feet, but yet we Christians can't actually pray in public or even speak of creation.

Q. What are some things you would like to see changed in our government?
A. I wish that they would vote according to moral judgments. I am not saying that they should be Republican... I just get sick and tired of people flip-flopping on so many different subjects. They need to know what they believe and why they stand for whatever topic comes up.
A. I agree with Sarah Palin. I believe Creationism should be also taught in schools so that the children can see both sides and choose for themselves. There are way too many more too mention.

Those are answers from other young Conservative voters--we have a voice too. I personally agree with what they have to say. I am fairly educated on both candidates. I don't agree 100% with either one, but McCain is the one who has the most standards that I can relate to. I must admit though, I was not thrilled with either candidate. When I found out that McCain chose Sarah
Palin as his running mate, I was somewhat shocked. I was not really sure what to think of a woman running for such a high office.

It really caught my attention and pulled me in. I realized that Sarah
Palin is just what we need. She is tremendously qualified for the job. I believe the Republican Party was very wise in their choosing her to run as Vice President. The more I hear Sarah speak, the more I find myself completely for her! She has inspired me greatly. Until she came into the picture, I was really disinterested in the election.

One of the things I admire most about Sarah is her love and support for her family. She chose life for her son, knowing that he was going to have a handicap for life. She gave him the opportunity to touch the lives of others. She is supporting her daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. This really hit a home-run for me. Sarah
Palin reminds me a lot of my own mom. My sister got pregnant at 17. No matter how many people looked down on her, or how many of them gossiped, my mom always supported my sister, and gave her the love and compassion she needed during that difficult time. I admire Governor Palin for doing the same thing.

There are many issues in the government that concern me. Abortion is probably the greatest one with which I have difficulty. We have the right to live. What if our parents had aborted us? We would not be able to have the opportunity to vote or make a difference in the world.

I support Gov. Sarah Palin whole-heartily. I feel as if I have let my country down in some ways. I have never been involved with what happens. I normally just keep quiet and pray for the best. Thanks to Sarah Palin, I now want to be involved. I realize now, that keeping silent is not going to help anything. As a young voter, I need to make my voice heard. I need to stand up for the things in which I believe. I need to do my part in this election to make sure the most qualified get into office. As for me, my vote in this election is McCain/Palin all the way.

To all the other young voters, make your voice heard. Be educated on both sides. Don't just listen to the media. Do your research! Find what you really believe in. Weigh in all the factors. WE are the next generation. Let's make sure it is a good one! Let's make our voices heard. Get out there and VOTE!

by Rachel


Lori said...


I agree that Sarah knows how to fire up a crowd - she's very good at that. Your whole concern seems to be about abortion. Have you considered what your life will be like in 10-20 years? I have children about your age and I am very worried for their future. One issue voting ignores so many more pressing issues that we face as a nation. We are in unprecedented territory and the choices made now are more important than anything we've seen in our lifetimes. Please do your research and look at *all* of the challenges that we face as a nation and then look at the candidates and what they've done (or not done) before you cast your vote.

Anonymous said...

"One of the things I admire most about Sarah is her love and support for her family. She is supporting her daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. This really hit a home-run for me. Sarah Palin reminds me a lot of my own mom. My sister got pregnant at 17. No matter how many people looked down on her, or how many of them gossiped, my mom always supported my sister, and gave her the love and compassion she needed during that difficult time. I admire Governor Palin for doing the same thing." [Rachel]

Rachel, it might interest you to know that Sarah Palin attempted to keep the pregnancy of her 17 year old daughter secret until after the election, but was forced to announce it after being notified that the press was preparing to run a story about her daughter's pregnancy. It might also interest you to know that Sarah Palin kicked her daughter out of the house for 2 days after learning of the pregnancy. And it may also interest you to know that Sarah Palin is demanding (YES, demanding) that the man who impregnated her daughter marry her against his will.

I'm glad your mother was able to show the kind of love and compassion for her daughter that Sarah Palin is incapable of. And if Sarah is the kind of mom you want a heartbeat away from the presidency, then by all means swing for the fences. But you won't "hit a home- run." It'll just be a lazy foul ball...caught for the final out.

Anonymous said...

First, I would like to commend you for shedding off the apathy of youth.

How many surveys did you send out and how many replied?
If you had to rate the spectrum from right-moderate-left, what would you say were the results?

Hernando said...

" A conservative 19 year old" what a waste of life. To uphold the status quo...doesnt represent a young life. It represents a fear of progress..a coward for playing it so safe. Theres no will to critically question ones authority or traditions. Conservatism has always been the obsticle to a more aware society. You soccer moms are like a bunch of pigs dwelling in your own shit. Your shit obviously being ignorance. You are pathetic.

Hernando said...

Its so sad to hear about a conservative 19 year old. A life denying poison. You "hockey moms" are so pathetic. Conservatism has always been the obsticle to real change. I consider you and this 19 year old to be cowards in that you dont critically examine authority and you cling to your own little comfortable life because you dont know anything else. Im not going to dedicate any more time to this...I decided to write this after watching your cnn piece. Imbeciles ....thats what you are and I can only hope that your kids will be different..that is real individuals not run by emotions or moved by the winks winks that you "get". What you get has no real substance or real meaning...a clear reflection of your own lives. Lives that were never yours to begin with.

Daniel said...

Most important issues are abortion and gay marriage? And people like this get to vote? Seriously, why would you base your vote on issues that don't even affect the welfare of this country? How about the economy, or the war, or healthcare? "No thanks, I'd be much happier in a world where gays don't have rights and we can't kill two day old amniotic sacs."


Anonymous said...

Come on guys. The issues for a 19-year-old kid are going to be a cause celeb and not real issues facing adult citizens. Most are still living off of their parents and really haven't yet had to face the real world. You act like you were never 19.

Edie said...

I've been following your blog even though I haven't been commenting. I just want to applaud you for standing up for TRUTH and for not backing down in the face of the attacks that are being hurled at you.

You have expressed your views with tact and respect toward whoever reads, but the comments that I am reading are coming from cold hearts that appear to have as their primary purpose, to HURT.

Be encouraged, and stand in His strength in the face of the enemy.

"The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; but I have come that you may have life and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

Anonymous said...

Dear Edie,

Spoken like a true Christian and Texan! You seem to like TRUTH, so here's some for you.

"Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement, says the negative tone of the Republican presidential campaign reminds him of the hateful atmosphere that segregationist Gov. George Wallace fostered in Alabama in the 1960s.

In August, while appearing at a forum on faith, John McCain was asked to name three 'wise people' he would listen to. He cited Representative John Lewis as well as Gen. David Petreaus, head of U.S. troops in Iraq, and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, a top adviser to his campaign." (AP, 10/11/08)

"The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy...." (John 10:10)

Sounds like you have met the enemy, Edie, and the enemy is the campaign you blindly support.

Anonymous said...

This was a very refreshing posts and it thrills me to see so that there are still so many intelligent and morally sound young people still in America! Please don't listen to the people who have nothing better to do than to come on to this blog and spew hatred and discouragment. They're just "lost"...
Stay focused, my dear and...
Press on.

Michael O'Conner said...

Hahaha...I knew that once someone with an opposing view point than yours had something legitimate to say, it would get "filtered." I didn't swear or wasn't out-and-out insulting either. I just expressed myself, but that must have threatened your self-image. Right-wingers get all bent out of shape over the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but the First Amendment -- Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression -- is a pesky annoyance when not everyone feels the same way they do.

It's easy to be pro-life when you've never adopted a child of any race, financially & emotionally supported a mother who has no one on whom she can depend, or become pregnant yourself as the result of incest or rape. A female is raped every six minutes in this country, and many of those rape victims become pregnant. When a poor, 12-year-old, African American girl is the victim of a gang rape and becomes pregnant as a result, do you expect the girl to raise that child? If she gives the baby a chance for life like you want, but decides to give the baby up for adoption, would any of you adopt that baby? Would you ask any of your close friends or family members to adopt that baby? I doubt it. With your tax dollars, are you willing to fund government programs designed to provide the adequate, long-term support that this poor mother and her baby are going to need? Once again, I doubt it. It's easy to be pro-life when you don't want to get personally involved and do anything that actually helps.

Now, go ahead and edit me out so you can preserve the self-image of you and your supporters.

Susy said...

You don't seem interested in addressing other "life" issues other than the "life" of embryos and fetuses. You cannot be "pro-life" and support a war against a country that didn't attack us, where innocent civilians are killed regularly. You cannot be pro-life and support a candidate who promotes killing wolves from a helicopter. You cannot be pro-life and support the fur industry.

You're not pro-life. You're pro-embryo/fetus. Period.

I think this girl-crush you've got is getting a bit out of hand.