Monday, October 06, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama and William Ayers, The Question of Character

Obama's associations have been a source of concern for conservatives since the beginning of his campaign.  Obama's close friendship with his long time pastor, Jeremiah Wright, brings into question Obama's views on race.  However, what is most disturbing, is Obama's association with the terrorist William Ayers.

Ayers co-founded a radical movement in 1969 named the Weather Underground.  The Weather Underground was a militant group active in the 1960's and 1970's where Ayers wielded a significant influence.  Ayers and the Weather Underground terrorist organization were responsible for several bombings.  It should come as no surprise that Ayers admires communism and idolizes Karl Marx (a theme common among the American left).  Obama's association with Ayers is well documented.  Any cursory search of media sources will provide the casual reader with a wealth of information on this topic. What is at the heart of this issue however, is what conclusions we may draw as to Obama's character, given his association with this agitator, traitor, and terrorist.  The office of President of the United States is a position of trust.  Therefore, the character of those who aspire to this high office should be of sterling quality.  The expectations should be high, since those who command from the oval office bear the weight, power, and prestige of the mightiest nation on the face of God's earth.  How is it then, that a man of such dubious association stands so close to the highest seat of trust in this republic? Have we become so dulled by our entertainments that we have lost the ability to discern when our nation totters on the verge of disgrace?  Or, have we become bloated by ease, purchased at the price of our forefather's blood and sacrifice, to the degree that we no longer care that the barbarians batter at the gates of our free republic and that the crown of liberty reels drunkenly upon our unworthy heads?  How is it that common sense does not prevail and compel the American people to reject Barack Hussein Obama who befriends, supports, finances, and cavorts with William Ayers, a communist sympathizer, agitator, and terrorist? As late as 2001Ayers stated that he did not "regret setting bombs.  I feel like we didn't do enough." (Fugitive Days) On this issue alone, Obama should be retired from the political scene in ignominious disgrace.  How a man with such tawdry friends has managed to slither this close to the oval office is beyond comprehension.  It does not stretch credulity to assume that a man shares the views of his friends and associates.  If we remain on this course we will no longer posses the free republic that was once described as a shining city on a hill.  Our posterity will curse us for it.

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company." George Washington, Rules of Civility  


Anonymous said...

The video you have in the side bar of your blog is misleading. It's actually from Sept. 25, 2003. H.R. 2575—The Secondary Mortgage Market Enterprises Regulatory Improvement Act. If you read the whole transcript ( instead of watching that spliced video, you'll see that it's not about Democrats blocking regulation, but rather about whether or not to strengthen the current oversight committee, which the Democrats supported, or allow the Treasury Department to be the primary oversight agent. The Democrats didn't support the later because of general trust issues with the Bush administration. So from the video you presented, the opposing Democrats weren't against all oversight and regulation, just the Treasury backed regulation the Republicans were proposing. The beauty of the information age is that anyone has access to information and can get the truth for themselves rather than spouting sound bites from pundits. I trust you're intelligent and curious enough to verify your sources.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if anyone in a position of power did not have some relationship with a character of dubious nature in their rise to power. Take John McCain for example, he helped Keating avoid regulators when his Savings and Loan was participating in fraud which cost thousands of people their life savings. This stands opposed to Ayers who carried out his acts of terrorism when Barack was 8 years old. Well I know that as an 8 year old Barack should have known better than to live in the same area as this terrorist. We should definitely blame people for the acts they carried out 40 years ago during the very contverserial Vietnam years. At least if your going to vote for McCain and Palin do it on the issues. Not on some discredited character attacks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. This is, by far, the absolute worst political blog post I have read to date. The argument is so weak that you relied on poor rhetoric to confuse the reader. "Have we become so dulled by our entertainments that we have lost the ability to discern when our nation totters on the verge of disgrace?" Seriously? You are not benefiting your party in anyway with this kind of writing. Please return to English Composition 101 immediately.

Anonymous said...

Tami,great job. I posted about this,but not as much info as you did. The part that really got me is about the time our twin towers were bombed he did a magazine shoot where is standing on OUR AMERICAN FLAG! you need to add that picture to your post. In the add he says he is not repentant and probably didn't do enough.I know others out there say people can change..true,but the one thing God says for change you MUST repent and turn from your ways!
If you can't find the photo and want to add it you can use the one on my page.
Love you and so proud of you,Brenda

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is never bliss... Voters need to explore the facts with open-minds and not those of people who want to push a man into office who obviously has strange ideas and a "wishy-washy" life-style.
Thank you, Tami for exposing Obama for the person he is...

Anonymous said...

You claim to be exposing Obama, but the only thing you are exposing is your own ignorance. It's obvious that your source of "unbiased" information is Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. If you want to talk about biased reporting, these two clowns have the lock on that. Sarah PAlin is a liar. Lying and bearing false witness are not family values or christian values.

Anonymous said...

your post is utterly ridiculous. you offer no hard evidence and the fact that you use barack's middle name "hussein" to imply an association to the muslim religion and linking him to "terrorists" is dispicable.

Anonymous said...

Keep throwing Hussein out there. It just promotes your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I have one simple word to describe Palin.... Pathetic. I would not want this woman to buy my groceries let alone run my country.

Josh said...

I think it's ironic that this post comes just after one called "more smears."

The people who run this blog should spend more time thinking and less time spouting off at the mouth. Or fingers. Whatever. The point is that this blog relies on smears, misrepresentations, and pretty disgusting rhetoric to make its points--not facts or reality. We call that lying here in Alaska where I come from, whether it's to others, yourself, or both. And gee whiz, lying certainly isn't a very Christian thing to do, even if it's on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Not only is this entry incredibly inaccurate, it is dreadfully misleading. Misleading is normal though when given a biased Palin supporter (or a biased anything supporter), so I'll forgive that. What I won't forgive, however, is why you chose to include "Barack HUSSEIN Obama and William Ayers" as the title of the blog.

Why did you include his middle name here? Yes, one could normally argue that, hey, its just the guys unfortunate middle name, even though he doesn't have an ounce of Muslim religion about him (not that there's anything wrong with that either). But what makes it CONSPICUOUSLY obvious that you are trying to distract people and cause fear in the hearts of your readers is that you included Obama's middle name, but not Ayers. So I ask, why didn't you include Ayers' middle name if you were going for a consistent title? You clearly added "Hussein" just for the sake of Muslim association.

I got news for you. The people are over that. Obama has a last name that rhymes with "Osama" and a middle name that is the last name of one of the most despicable and heinous dictators of all time. But the people don't care about that anymore. They care about the person. Even your fellow conservative Republicans have the nobility not to use "Barack Hussein Obama" in any of their ads, because (in the words of a campaign spokesman) "it is distracting and diverts focus." They are beyond pulling cheap tricks (unlike yourselves) and know that most Americans aren't dumb enough to soil themselves when they see "HUSSEIN" and "TERRORIST" in the same sentence. Its time whatever "mom" or "moms
is/are writing this to grow up and do the same. I sincerely hope you don't teach your kids to use dirty tactics like this in their everyday lives. They won't get away with it once they get older and live in their own generation.

Also, I am a medical student at the University of Illinois at Chicago and did my undergraduate work there too, and I have had Ayers as a professor for an honors course way back when. By the logic that Palin and yourself give with the Ayers/Obama connection, I have also associated with terrorists. That's right folks, I have even gone a step further and executed a terrorist plot by following detailed orders given by a terrorist. I wrote a grueling paper under the order of William Ayers. GASP.

There isn't a single individual in Chicago heavily associated with education policy (or in my case...had him as a professor) that hasn't associated with Ayers in some way. Yes, he did many unforgivable things in his youth. But the way Obama was associated with Ayers has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the things he was on the run for, when Obama was a child (not more than 8 years old). Obama served with Ayers under various boards to improve educational policies and the welfare of our educational system in general. Go ahead, look it up under any unbiased source. Its just the facts.

All of you conservative and fearful "moms" out there should start accepting the fact that Obama is a squeaky clean guy that just happens to be half black have an unfortunate full name. You should also start accepting the reality that in less than a month, there's a damn good chance that Barack Hussein Obama will be this wonderful nation's President. Does that run a cold shiver down your spine? Why don't you pretend his name is "Barry Herbert Oberly," and close your eyes when he is in some form of visual media. Just listen to what he says, maybe that will make you feel better :).

Anonymous said...

why keep hammering the same "hussein" misconception over and over again?

barrack obama is not a muslim.

besides, you're implying that all muslims (or non-muslims) with the name hussein is a terrorist. what an insult!!

narrow-mindedness like what you have demonstrated in your blog is what leads to wars and animosity between people. why don't you go befriend some muslims named hussein, learn how wonderful, warm and hospitable they really are and then come back and write your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,
If what you say is true about associations, I should not allow my teenage daughter to hang out with Palin's unwed pregnant daughter or Sarah's gay friend. My daughter's association with them may reflect badly upon her.

Let's be real here. BOTH candidates (as well as their running mates) have had some form of "friendly" contact with unscrupulous characters -- this does not automatically make them nefarious too.
We are intelligent enough to know that. You are intelligent enough to know that. So let's choose our battles wisely. This should not be one of them.
BTW, I am a mother of six (one with Trisomy 21) that considers each and every one of them a blessing. In fact, I think of ALL children as a blessing.
My husband and I own a gun (it's in a safe). We teach our children to take personal responsibility and achieve the highest character possible. We wish more parents would require the same. We are a sweet little family who wishes well on everyone we know and meet.
However, even though we have a lot in common, there is very little about Sarah Palin that resonates with me. At times she seems mean-spirited and vindictive and lacking the character I mentioned earlier. I know she has some good character traits and I will continue to read your blog so that I can learn something about her that will speak to me. In the meantime, I urge you and your friends to do the same for Obama/Biden. There should be no place for dogmatism in this world. Let's grow together instead of tearing each other apart.
I, for one, am not a Mom 4 Sarah Palin.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for providing this site and taking the time to inform us. I'm glad to see you are posting the negative comments so readily. Don't let it discourage you, because there really is a silent majority. I just hope the pundits don't end up discouraging people from voting at all. We cannot remain silent any longer.
I want a commander-in chief who has actually been a part of the armed forces he commands. I want someone who has truly sacrificed for this country. Obama has done nothing to earn the reverence he's getting. It's absolutely absurd!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious commenting:

"I want a commander-in chief who has actually been a part of the armed forces he commands. I want someone who has truly sacrificed for this country. Obama has done nothing to earn the reverence he's getting. It's absolutely absurd!"

What sacrifice has the President who has taken more vacation days than any other ever made? Even if you had been hiding out with Bin Laden you should be more informed about Bush and the 7 1/2 years of his "Administration" to date.

A great example of why some people are just too uninformed to have the right to vote.

Proud American said...

Hello, William Ayers BOMBED the Pentagon. Does that me nothing to some people. He is still proud of that fact and says he wishes he could have done more. He is an America OSAMA.

If the best excuse Obama can say is, I was only eight at the time this all happened, give me a break. I wasn't even born yet when the bombing took place, and I still would want nothing to do with the man. ANY TRUE AMERICAN would not want anything to do with this sick man, unless your as sick as he is, and you hate America.

Stephen Falk said...

The same old "if you hate America" nonsense.
No One has proven AT ALL, how well obama new

Stephen Falk said...

YEah..He's crashed his plane 4 times, and came in near the bottom of his class. really need mccain commanding your country.