Saturday, October 11, 2008

Support From A Reader:

Many thanks to "Educated Wrestler" for taking the time to put this together for us. We love the support we have from our AWESOME Republican MEN!


Anonymous said...

Very cool...

netsirK said...

Hey there!
Well, I'm certainly not a mom, but I am an Alaskan if that counts for anything. It's so nice to see something online that is actually supporting our awesome governor. She's done great things for Alaska, I hope she's given the chance to do great things for the rest of America.

Thanks so much! Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

put up my posts idiot they dont violate your rules you bitch unless you are trying to cover the truth. just like you use COVER up to cover up that UGLY face you all have. except give the blonde one my number call me 860 8744424

Anonymous said...

i will riot in the streets and kill cops and government officials if McCain gets elected i will bomb buildings and also find you.....ROFL but we dont have to worry about that because obama will win cuz he is black and you dont like black people cuz you are a racists fuck get outta the 50s you crazy bitch and learn

Lynn said...

WONDERFUL site and I stand side by side with you all in support of this wonderful and capable woman.

It is NOT required that a person KNOW ALL in order to be president. Why are they demanding Sarah must know everything about everything!? It is necessary for a person to be wise, honorable, able to surround themselves with wise, honorable people and receive wise counsel from those people.

Common sense, wisdom, strong support team and God's help.. that is ALL SHE NEEDS.

Thank you for standing strong here at this site, regardless of the vile contempt being spewed at you.

God Bless!

John said...

To tk471138,

As I said in a previous post, this is the real face of radical liberalism. We decided to post your trash so everyone can see you for what you are. This is what the Obama campaign attracts? Also, we have recorded your IP address.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Keep talking, please. The authorities will be delighted to read what you have written thus far. THAT is why we have saved your IP address. We know right where you are.

Jeremy said...

This just in - a buddy of mine called me from the Flyers game tonight and Palin, who dropped the puck before the game, was booed solidly by 75% of the people there.

Remember, this is a swing state. This is a pro sporting even which means that there are far more white hetero males, so there will be as many if not more Republican leaning people than Democratic.

Feel free to check out the video yourself.

And here's an article from the Daily News - you know, the lefty media:

But I'll admit - she probably wouldn't get booed in the fine, fine states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Idaho.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

75%? Can you give a number? Sounds like an estimation to me. Come on...Philly? You're kidding right??? Palin, booed in Philly? NO!!!!!! Say it ain't so!

I am sure that was such a shocker to her.

Anonymous said...

and also i said :"ROFL but we dont have to worry about that " hmm who is gonna to take anything seriously that is on this website.
most things on this site is just hearsay anyways.
im so sorry me and a few DEDICATED others burst your bubble

I admit it ive been working for obama directly. He told me himself to basically hijack this site so take your complaints to him... i got my money im happy and im finished so you can go about you business now.

Jeremy said...

You make it sound like PA is full of hard core liberals. You realize this is a swing state right? And that many of the fans are from Philly but an equal number from areas around Philly? And that most sporting events, especially ones where the stands are filled with 99% white people, lean toward the Republican side right?

Jeremy said... front of a crowd that has plenty of hockey moms?

John said...


Thank you for confirming all the worst that Obama's detractors have said about him. With friends like you, Obama doesn't need any enemies. How's the weather in Connecticut?

Phillip said...

I am an Alaska resident (male). Thanks for supporting Sarah Palin. Our country needs someone like her in leadership right now!

JB 88 said...

Hi Tami,

I saw your piece on CNN and with genuine human fellowship in my heart I was curious to read your site.

You see, I voted Democrat in 2004 and remember the feeling of being so polarized from the 'other half' of the country. I wish not to rant on W...I will just say it was disturbing to me the number of people who had an opportunity to halt a war and didn't. Alas, when the Deomocrats lost, it felt like a sick joke. I felt like I couldn't relate anymore with the W voters.

Then I thought, this is ridiculous. There must be SOMETHING I have in common with W voters! This polarization is fabricated! We are all human beings for God's sake. The climate was such that politics made us forget we are more than Red and Blue to each other. I discuss the different issues with my friends & family that disagree, and I do my best to see their perspective. I am not perfect, but I am curious to hear all viewpoints before I make my decisions. Hence, my visit to your site.

So what is my point, you ask? Well, I hadn't planned on sending any emails...I rarely do. My point is that this time around I do think Obama will ultimately win, so I wanted to see what I could do as one small human in the world to at least try and understand the 'other side'. I remember what that was like 4 years ago and in reading your rant, I was inspired to send some love out to you. Those who wish you peace are not just of your own party, but from all walks of life. We all want to be good people, and have the best for our families, AND the best for others' families. I will take the action of voting for Obama. Not to vote against your beliefs, but FOR your freedoms, because I believe it really is the best choice for all of us now. I do not hate John McCain or Sarah Palin, I am simply voting for what I belive is the right thing to do...just like you are.

I ask you remember that the people you are spouting off to are fellow humans, mothers, fathers, friends, and loved ones who simply disagree with you politically. Obama supporters also have no right to speak to YOU as they have done, so please don't take this as one-sided.

Disagree! Debate! Discuss! I encourage you to find a way to do it respectfully. Hate is hate, no matter how you slice it.

Peace, Freedom, Love and Happiness to you and your family.

Thank you for reading,

In Christ,

Jen Barnes

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


While you sound like one of the more level headed Democrats with whom I love to have real discussion, I would suggest that, instead of accusing me of hateful rhetoric, you stroll through the comment sections on this blog and see who the hate is coming from. It is NOT from me, and if you take the time to read you will discover this, and then maybe you can talk to those in your own party about ceasing the hate speech.


crystal said...

very cool...she is a wonderful woman, and it shows