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Also, for all the moms out'd be interested to read what's being said on this forum. (please leave your own comments there in defense of Sarah!)


Dave in Arizona said...

I'm a registered Republican and I'm glad you've found a candidate that you can relate to ... one that shares your beliefs. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin also shares your limited qualifications for the office of Vice President, and potentially President. She has shown herself to have a horrible lack of knowledge, and her only good showings on the national scene have been when she has been heavily prepped and is isolated in a controlled environment. Sorry, but the choice of Sarah Palin seems so demeaning to women (there are hundreds of more qualified females) and the nation in general that I won't be voting Republican in this election.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sarah Palin is an insult to all the intelligent, resourceful and genuinely qualified women that America has worked hard to produce over many, many years. Where is the substance beyond the gestures?

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Well, Dave, you have a right to your opinion, but I resent your suggestion that I "lack qualities". By what measure are you suggesting that I lack qualities? I'm not running for office and you certainly do not know me personally.

As for Sarah, she has FAR more "qualities" than I could ever hope to have, and I admire her for staying true to who she is. Since you're a man, why don't you stick to speaking for men, and not for us conservative women out there who finally are being given a chance to speak and be heard?!

I know plenty of honorable Republican men who are not threatened by the choice of Sarah Palin, and I applaud them for being man enough to stand with her. THEY haven't tried to speak for me...and I'd ask that you follow suit.

I noticed you said "registered Republican" which means you may be registered that way but have voted Democrat for a long time, like many "registered Democrats" I know who vote Republican. I don't buy the "I usually vote Republican but not this time..." That is baloney. If you ever were a true Republican, of all elections, you'd be voting the ticket.

monica said...

Dave said qualifications, not qualities.

Ryan said...

Let's talk about your blind following of this clearly unqualified politician. Just like the Obama change-crazed idiots, you are not helping to further the dialogue or solve any of the problems facing this country. Exactly like Palin makes character attacks on Obama- let's look at your response to Dave. You just blasted Dave for suspecting he's voted democrat for some time. You have no idea what his voting history is so why even waste your breath speculating and distracting from the point? The subtitle of your page says you are defending Palin from the 'liberal' media... just why did the 'liberal' media crucify H. Clinton? Why didn't you make a blog devoted to defending her case? I'm simply amazed at the hypocracy present at all levels of those who subscribe to the Republican doctrine. From the feminist double standard to Palin demanding honesty from government and private industry while building hockey rinks, bridges/roads to nowhere and ignoring her "troopergate" investigation inquiries. I find especailly hypocritical the Republican deregulators which helped fuel the economic crisis then voting for the all but socialist bailout package. I'm just amazed that you would waste time spreading bias and propaganda instead of talking about issues and trying to help further the dialogue. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Nice role model you guys have. At least the majority of AWB (Americans With Brains) can see through Palin's facade. See below an open thread from a CNN blog:

carol smith October 9th, 2008 2:16 pm ET

I do not relate at all to Palin. She is inexperienced, unprofessional, and will take women back to the stone ages.

Papasan in Arizona October 9th, 2008 2:20 pm ET

How Palin rates as a good mother is completely ridiculous and hypocritical, she never picks up her new born, teen age un-wed daughter pregnant, and her disturbing megalomaniac love affair with herself. We don’t call that good parenting in the USA. I don’t want my child relating to Sarah Palin, EVER! She doesn’t represent any form of mainstream America and never will.
P.S. Gun happy, slang talking, backward hillbilly is not USA’s idea of a Mother…

Connie Osborn October 9th, 2008 2:22 pm ET

I can’t relate to Sarah Palin on any level. I was a supporter of Hillary, not just because she is a woman, but because she is tough, smart, and saavy to the ways of Washington. I could probably carry on a conversation with Gov. Palin, like one of the girls, but I believe the Vice President of the US should be a lot smarter than I am and it does not appear as though that is the case with Gov. Palin.

Janice Tyree October 9th, 2008 2:25 pm ET

No, I cannot relate in a positive way to Sarah Palin. I have listened to Palin and it hasn’t taken me long to come to know she is not the type of person I want representing me and this Country. Since Hillary was not the nominee, after considering both sides, Republicans & Democrats, I have decided that Obama/Biden is the only way to go. The way John McCain and Palin have eluded the issues and spread hate towards Obama it should be criminal, if it isn’t. It is my main concern that McCain/Palin are going to get Obama hurt if someone in the Republican party doesn’t stand up and tell McCain/Palin to get to the issues and leave the hate behind. The McCain/Palin campaign is the most untrue, hateful campaign I have seen in forty-three years.

Deirdre October 9th, 2008 2:34 pm ET

It’s so nice that these women have found someone who has the same set of values on the issues that they do; but do they think they are qualified to be the next president for our country. I wish they would look at the whole picture and not just their little world.

C,CA October 9th, 2008 2:38 pm ET

I am proud to say that I do not relate to Palin - I have a brain. Palin is a power-crazed moron. She is inciting lunatics at her rallies to threaten Obama’s life and does nothing to stop them. “Golly, ya betcha I wanna kill em too”. Yes, she is certainly the example of a loving mother.

She has some nerve asking who is Barack Obama when she has been around for “5 weeks” and no one is allowed to question her background.

What is this odd church she belongs to? Ceremonies to protect her from witchcraft - They believe we are in the end-of-days - “Joe Six-pack” is actually her husband, who was arrested on a DUI - Abuse of power allegations - Why does she use private email accounts for official business - Why is the husband (another moron) involved in State business? - Why is there no birth record for this poor infant that she slings around like a campaign button? - She is obviously racist and anti-semitic - She does not believe in science (global warming, etc) - Not to mention her backwards thinking anti-women, anti-environmental views.

Oops, sorry. Those are mean, sexist, gotcha journalism, none-of-our-business questions that we are not allowed to ask.

Susan October 9th, 2008 2:43 pm ET

What do I think? I think… do these women? I too am prolife and wish we could provide girls with EFFECTIVE sex education, and bring abortions down to zero, but as prolife I also believe war should be the last alternative and only if it is done to protect one’s country or the rights of greater humanity… did the Iraq war pass that test? No. Did Afghanistan? I say yes. Would World War 3 be a good thing, NO NO NO and Palin and McCain with their bomb bomb bomb Iran and talk of others as axis of evil cartoons, and their serving the profits of the rich who profiteer off of war, do I think they are prolife.. NO. Do I think shooting wolves out of planes and moose as a child for sport, show prolife in someone’s heart where it counts, I say NO. Do I think viscously lying to defame a person based on their being loosely associated with a reformed radical that the government, university employing him and town and community he lives in, even the staunch republicans who fund the charity board they are on, does trying to destroy and lable someone a terrorist and inciting a crowd to have one yell kill him, when it is a man like Obama who has lived a good clean life searching for knowledge and truth and love and being forgiving and kind and helpful to people, is that what I expect a good Christian to do to him.. NO… Sarah Palin is the biggest hypocrite phoney power hungry egomaniac that in my opinion is no good for any woman.. ask the librarian she tried to ruthlessly fire for doing her job, or her opponent for Mayors wife who she dragged through the mud because she, heaven forbid, kept her maiden name…. These women are in laylay land, so they can down their cocktails, or psychotropic drugs, or brainwashing for the uninformed and drink the Sarah Palin coolaid… I don’t relate to them and they embarass me as a woman quite frankly!

Rahni, Connecticut October 9th, 2008 2:51 pm ET

They’re pretty much like her because she is a Alaska redneck and she also incite riots.

Faiz October 9th, 2008 2:58 pm ET

Same way as some people will not vote for Obama or only vote for Obama, there are women who would support Palin regardless. But the woman who knows that McCain voted against equal pay for women many times I doubt will support their ticket. Women who believe in their right to choose, I doubt will support the republican ticket especially Sarah Palin. Also, women are concern about pocket book issues, If I am not wrong, polls are showing that they are moving away from Republican ticket.

Ann October 9th, 2008 3:04 pm ET

Not a chance! I’m not a “soccer-mom” married to a “joe six-pack”. I’m a college drop-out returning to school to finish my education & find a respectable place in in this world. When Palin was announced as McCain’s VP pick I, like everyone else, was excited to learn about this intriguing female politician. I watched her first network interview with Charles Gibson & by the end of it I was confused. Palin didn’t seem to have strong answers & started her infamous trend of filibustering. Then, of course, were the even more infamous interviews with Couric. Moreover, Palin hasn’t done enough interviews as most political figures running for office normally would. Then McCain “suspends” his campaign leaving questions as to why Palin can’t be trusted to handle the campaign. Bottom line: American’s need reassurance and we need to restore our reputation as a great leading nation. These past eight years have been a disaster and we can’t afford anymore incompetent leaders. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Palin , but she’s more of a great small-town, local, politician. McCain should have done more vetting when selecting his running mate & Palin is irresponsible for accepting the VP position which she is extremely unqualified to fill. There is no chance I would trust her folksy, cute, clueless perspective to lead our nation. McCain almost had my vote, but has sealed one for Barack Obama.

Leigh October 9th, 2008 3:04 pm ET

Sure I can relate to Sarah the way these women do. But can I vote to put her in a position that’s a heart beat away from the presidency? Heavens no!

suki October 9th, 2008 3:05 pm ET

I cannot relate to Sarah Palin in any way shape or form - I do not support anything she stands for - she has done nothing for the cause of women breaking through the glass ceiling

Palin is small town and small minded - she is divisive - her disdain for knowledge and the world around her is palpable

The venom she spews at her rallies does not speak for me - she is a ntional disgrace

I don’t hate her - I simply don’t agree with her - she is unqualified to be on a national ticket and her record speaks for itself

Lynne Meece October 9th, 2008 3:16 pm ET

I am a former hockey mom who lived in Alaska for a few years. Granted, I have not been a mayor or a governor. However, I am a registered nurse and know how to budget. I don’t understand how anyone who promotes family values can support the Palin/McCain
ticket. What about her small special needs son? This is the prime bonding time between infant and mother. I would think that a special needs child would require even more bonding. Who is taking care of him while Sarahcuda is out campaigning? And what about her pregnant teenage daughter? This is a time when she will need her mother more than ever. How can Ms. Palin possibly give her the support she needs? I don’t understand how anyone can even remotely believe that she is ready to run this country, my country, if God forbid, something should happen to Senator McCain.

Jacqueline October 9th, 2008 3:21 pm ET

I live in Florida. I am a Christian. I am a woman. I couldn’t be less supportive of Palin’s candidacy.

I am appalled by Sarah Palin’s lack of credentials, and more importantly by her general lack of knowledge on foreign and domestic issues and her inability to articulate the positions and proposed policies of her ticket.

She is all style and no substance, and her recent forays into attack politics combined with her failure to cooperate with the ethics investigation in her home state says to me that this is a dangerous person that I most definitely don’t want representing me or my country.

kristen October 9th, 2008 3:21 pm ET

I think that it is awful the way Palin has turned this presidential race so ugly. How can these so-called “deeply religious” women support someone who is so filled with hate?

All she does is rant and rave her hatred of everything, and stir up an impressionable crowd to the point where they could become a dangerous mob. What is wrong with her?

Maureen / Newman, California October 9th, 2008 3:29 pm ET

McCain is an idiot. He could have chosen a competent woman, but instead chose this incompetent, dishonest, ignorant, narrowminded, religious fanatic. I have nothing against religion. What I am against are people like Sarah Palin that have the same exact views as terrorist leaders. They believe that the ENTIRE country should abide by their own religious rules. This is wrong and this is exactly why Religion and State must be kept separate. Palin’s experience has shown her incompetence. Building an ice rink on land that did not belong to the city, and ended up costing much more than she estimated because of this legal problem. Building the road to nowhere costing millions. Lying about her position of the bridge to nowhere. Troopergate remains to be seen, but any honest person would not dodge a subpoena and demand that her employees and husband also dodge their subpoenas. The troopergate investigation was initiated by a Republican and before Palin was chosen as McCain’s running mate.

There is a reason Palin’s approval rating is so low. Palin is completely underqualified for the job. Even many Republicans admit this. But I think that Palin’s extremeist views just add insult to injury. Unfortunately there will always be ignorant, narrowminded people that will vote for someone like Palin ONLY because they share her twisted views, and not at all because of her qualifications.

Lisa from NC October 9th, 2008 3:32 pm ET

Absolutely not! I can not relate to these women. I am pro-choice, I am for embryonic stem cell research, I do not feel ,as they do, that it is my place to force religion into someone’s life-it is a personal decision— I am not afraid of science and progress. I embrace it. They are so limited by what the Bible says to them. Of course, I think that so much of the Bible is taken out of context and not viewed for what it was meant to be. If these hardcore religious women really studied the life of Jesus, they would realize that he would have been on my side of the aisle. I honestly believe that if Jesus came back to today and saw all that was being done in his name, he would never stop puking.

Aside from the religion issue, I think they are snowed by Palin’s narcissism. She is great at making people think she is just an ordinary “good ole girl”, wonderful mom….Dig a little deeper and you see what is underneath Palin’s facade. I pose one question to the Moms for Palin– If she cares so much and is such a wonderful mom, then why in the world did she focus the national spotlight on two of her children who are struggling with some very personal issues? Palin understands the personal scrutiny in the political arena and to choose this VP path, knowing that it would focus negative attention on her children is just unfathomable. Personally, I think she used the children and their issues for her political gain ,but that’s just my opinion.

michelle October 9th, 2008 3:36 pm ET

I do not agree. Sarah Palin is a disgrace to women. She is used to getting her way with flirtations and jokes that are unprofessional and have been a detriment to working women. It will be harder to be taken seriously as a woman at work since she has blatantly flirted, winked and acted “cutesy” to get ahead and deal with matters and issues.

As far as her son with down syndrome and supporting their children that get pregnant young - big whoop - parents have been doing it for ages and no body has seen them as brave or noble. Sarah Palin is not special in the least way.

She embarrasses me as a woman.

Jan from Wood Dale IL October 9th, 2008 3:43 pm ET

I can not relate to Sarah Palin on all of the social issues, but as a small business owner I understand what it takes to juggle the great demands of running a business as well as the greater demands of having a family.

Since Gov. Palin indicated she had placed Alaska’s budget online, I found her fiscal plan quite realistic. Her fiscal plan is based on 3 principes — saving for the future, living within our means and controlling government spending and ramping up resource development. Her fiscal plan focuses on investment in core services and constitutionally mandated state responsibilities.

Aren’t those the same goals we should have in our federal government? I am so tired of our current Congress and executive administration who just throw money at a problem without considering the objectives and having a stable plan not only for now but for our future. Those are my reasons for relating to Sarah Palin.

Mindy Chatsworth, Ca. October 9th, 2008 3:44 pm ET

I have about as much in common with Sarah Palin as the man in the moon. She could be living on another planet as far as I am concerned.

I find her calculating, cunning and ambitious but sorely lacking in basic intelligence and analytical skills and reasoning. She is ignorant, pure and simple. Her views on abortion are repugnant to me. The very idea that this woman thinks that abortion should be banned even in the case of rape or incest, shows her blatant insensitivity and callousness. Her belief in creationism and rejection of scientific fact is another reason for me to disrespect her.

I have nothing in common with her, except the same chromosome. Yes, I borrowed that one from the estimable Gloria Steinem. But it is quite true. She has become a hatchet woman in this campaign, willing to do McCain’s dirtiest work. I honestly don’t know how she sleeps at night, but people who are as blindly steeped in religion as she is, seem to have no qualms about anything they do or say. After all, they can always fall back on the copout that this is “God’s work” or it’s their faith or morals. Anything to justify the vilest of attacks on a good and decent man like Barack Obama.

I am embarrassed and disgusted by Sarah Palin. It is my sincere hope that after the election and what I pray is a resounding defeat for the Republicans, she will go back to Alaska and take a long walk on the road to nowhere.

Lesley October 9th, 2008 3:50 pm ET

I don’t relate to Governor Palin. Her winks and sarcasm turn me off. She is feigning expertise she doesn’t have and pushing herself into a position that is way over her head. Her unscripted interviews show how little she knows about the world she lives in. Her views are narrow minded and dogmatic, she fires and replaces anyone who doesn’t agree with those views, she tried to ban books from the library as one example. Her religious views are extreme right in my view, telling parishoners we are fighting God’s war in Iraq and to pray for a $30 billion pipeline but their hearts have to be pure or they wont’ get one, her pastor laying on hands and praying over her making her the governor, please. She claims to be pro life but has no problem authorizing the shooting of animals from helicopters and pulling baby wolves from their dens and shooting them in the head. Alaska is a large wilderness and surely there are more humane ways to separate the population. Trying to save the caribou for what purpose, so that she and her friends can shoot them? And the hatred she is spewing at the campaign stops, saying Obama doesn’t like his counry and is palling around with terrorists is making those supporters think Obama is a terrorist himself. They call him terrorist and shout out kill him from the audience. She is helping to put his life in danger trying to win an election. The Republicans sound like a terrorist organization, inciting people to riot. She doesn’t have a brain in her head. No, I don’t like Palin at all.

mona October 9th, 2008 3:51 pm ET

No, I can’t relate to Sarah Palin the way these women do. Although I believe it’s commendable that Palin would follow through on having her down’s syndrome child and her daughter chose life instead of abortion (I would hope I would have influence on my daughters to do the same), I do not believe that we as a society should have a say what other women do. It is their choice. We (Sarah and I) fundamentally disagree over this so therefore there is no relation. I do not agree with her on global warming. We as a global society have a direct affect on the gases, emissions, etc… released into the air. We have more cars on the roads not just here but China, Korea, Russia, etc…..Fundamentally disagree. Also, I happen to think the VicePresident of the United States should be able to speak intelligent. She has a journalism degree for crying out loud. What’s with the “lingo” she’s using. That is so unprofessional. My two cents.

Ken October 9th, 2008 3:51 pm ET

It is my impression that the only qualification, any more, for being a feminist is if you are “pro-choice”. It is my impression that a women’s success in the public arena will have to include being “pro-choice” or you become disqualified for any accolades. Who narrowed the definition? Where is the support for a woman being successful simply because? Why the agressive hate? I don’t know any person that could keep a “fan base” after these weeks of derogatory articles and negative media programs. It certainly has been a black eye against the American women. Much of the media has appeared to be sexist in their attack on Sarah Palin.

Kerry October 9th, 2008 3:57 pm ET

Put me into the camp who can’t stand Sarah Palin.

I find the fact that she put her daughter’s pregnancy in the world-wide spotlight unforgivable. That poor girl has a tough enough road ahead of her as a teenage mother without being submitted to public scrutiny. Any rumors about her son’s parentage could have been stopped by having her health records or the baby’s birth certificate made available. Why drag her daughter into it further?

Having worked with special needs children for 17 years now, I know how much time and energy it takes to get them the services they need. Being the Vice President of the United States of America is more than just being a “working mom” who can multi-task. That baby deserves to have her full attention and presence in his life. She needs to be available to work with the therapists he’ll be working with in the next few years.

Her refusal to admit that she was unprepared for her first tv interviews is just dishonest. Of course she was successful on the later fox interviews…she had had time to prepare to answer questions asked previously. National leaders don’t get “do-overs” on the world stage.

Her “folksy” talk and all the winks turn me off. When she just speaks on the issues, the nasal twang and “cuteness” disappears and she actually comes across as intelligent. Why reduce yourself to being “cute” rather than show people you might actually know what you’re talking about.

The mud-slinging innuendos have been the final straw for me, and the fact that she delivers many of them with a coy little smile reminds me of the “mean girls” in high school who smiled as they stabbed people in the back. Tell the voters facts on the issues and let us decide who to vote for.

I would love to have a woman in the white house someday…just not one like Sarah Palin.

Roxie October 9th, 2008 3:58 pm ET

I can’t relate to Sarah Palin. I’m too intelligent, too inclusive, devote myself to empowering people, not judging and condemning them. We are the United States and the conservative right seems to put its energy into creating the Divided States.

,Barbara-Dalton Ga October 9th, 2008 4:03 pm ET

There is no way I can relate to Sara P. If I ever stood up before a group winked and referred to a class of men as JOE 6 PACK, I would not need to be told to clean out my desk, I would have already done so and considered this address as my swam song. Since she takes a large leap with many facts, I would not consider her really a deeply
religious person, most people that I know that are very religious would
never take such liberties they honestly try to live a life as pure as
humanly possible.

April M Dorsey October 9th, 2008 4:04 pm ET

As a patriot Palin Scares me to death. As an environmentalist she is even more appalling and as a humanitarian and even as a supporter of hunters and fisherman everywhere, myself included, I would like to suggest we all get together quickly! I would like to see all of get together and dress Sarah Palin in a wolf costume for Halloween and turn her loose in Alaska! I think it would be what is best for our great nation!

pat napolitano October 9th, 2008 4:04 pm ET

I grew up poor and and no way could I relate to S. Palin. I have read a great deal about her record in Alaska which was presented falsly from the start. She did not sell the plane on e-bay, she did accept earmarks (road to nowhere) her husband was and may still be in a group wanting to separate Alaska and make it independent from the US. She was for the bridge and if she did not like it why didn’t she send the money back. Does Mc Cain and Palin think people cannot check facts. She wants to take women’s rights away and if she could, she would control the reading material in libraries. I grew up the hard way and I can spot a phoney in a minute and she is a big one.

nerakami, Miami October 9th, 2008 4:07 pm ET

It’s truly a matter of character and integrity. This woman has introduced herself to America with a barrage of negative attacks, lies, deception and happens to be under investigation for abuse of power.

The most disgusting aspect of this lady is her claims of christianity and has so far behaved in the most anti-God ways. No tolerance, no compassion, no kindness… nothing closely in line with the qualities of Christ.

This woman is a fraud and should be labeled as such.

MPalalay (California) October 9th, 2008 4:11 pm ET

If choosing the likes of Sarah Palin as his VP runningmate is an indication of and introduction to John McCain’s so-called executive panache, I would shudder at the mere thought of it. Honestly, it is the ultimate affront not only to American women, but to all Americans period!

Palin, in her seemingly lame attempts at imitations of Goldie Hawn or Lucille Ball’s classic comedic antics by acting cutesie, dizzy, and folksy–actually comes out instead as condescending, sarcastic, pugnacious, and yes–even clueless and ignorant. A preschooler could tell us his favorite toy in a split second, the same way that a grade school kid could quickly divulge what stuff he or she reads. Why can’t Palin?

Sorry, but Sarah Palin is not the embodiment of the effective, innovative and astute 21st century American woman. I would be very wary of a potential national leader who refuses a press conference or an ambush interview without a script and preconditions.

Do I and the rest of America want a Vice Pres. Palin to replace a Pres. McCain in a heartbeat should the inevitable happen?

Come on now; do you seriously want Private Benjamin or Lucy Ricardo to be vice president or worse–president of the United States of America?

Louise, Massachusetts October 9th, 2008 4:12 pm ET

Certainly, I can relate to Sarah Palin as a person, as a woman and as a mother. She is gritty and likeable - the same characterisitcs of many of my closest friends. Those characteristics alone are not sufficient to qualify anyone to be the Vice president of the United States.

Like so many of my peers, Sarah Palin was the deal-breaker for any further consideration of John McCain as a candidate. The stakes here are just too high.

In these turbulent times, we need qualities like calm, reason, and deliberation in the leadership of our country.

That is why so many former Republican women like me are now carrying the the banner that reads, “This One is for THAT One.”

Debbie October 9th, 2008 4:13 pm ET

I have a hard time understading why anyone could relate to a pathalogical liar. Just about every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She isn’t very smart either. She had weeks to actually learn something before her debate and all she could do was recite memorized talking points. She was above answering the questions. She is above the law with the Troopergate investigation. She doesn’t keep her word because at the beginning of Troopergate she said she welcomed the investigation and she had nothing to hide. Two days after being tapped for VP running mate that changed. She isn’t really part of the campaign, she is just the mouthpiece of negativity for McCain. She wasn’t consulted on the campaign pulling out of Michigan…she read it in the paper. So they are using her to do their dirty work. If she was really smart, she would tell the campaign what she will say and where they should go because she is pulling the crowds in. So she has some power but she isn’t smart enough to use it. Instead her numbers are dropping in Alaska because they are seeing Palin more clearly now and they don’t like what they see. She does a few interviews and because she has no grasp of the issuses she blames the media. She is an embarassment to women. She is a puppet for a man who has no respect for women. If he had respect for women he would not vote against equal pay for equal work for women. And his reasoning for voting this way is because women need more training and education. McCain uses both Palin and Cindy to do the dirty work because he hasn’t the guts to do it himself to Obama’s face. He even has his wife spout half truths. He is a dispicable desperate shell of a man. Palin is guilty by association…but oh then I forgot they are soul mates. Hard to understand why anyone would be a fan of either one of them. After CIndy’s performance yesterday she has proved that she doesn’t have the class to be a great first lady.

Clara October 9th, 2008 4:14 pm ET


I am a woman, however, I cannot relate to Sarah Palin. Here are a few reasons why:
Her campaign speaks of nothing but hate and division. She allows people to yell racial slurs and “off with his head” while she is speaking at RP rallies. She talks about the character of Obama and how he can’t be trusted when she charged the taxpayers of Alaska for the travels of her and her family to their home.
She winks at the American people while we are facing one of the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression. She is next in line for President for a man that is CLEARLY ill and over the age to serve a full term in office.

In fact, the mere thought of Sarah Palin in office frightens me.

She will put America and women back 50 years because she has proven that she is a good study for short term learning, but she has definately used her looks to get ahead. What other reason would a potential VP have to wink into the camera at a IMPORTANT debate on the issues unless you were trying to sway the male voters who have repeatedly said how “hot” she is!?
How is she qualified? Did you hear some of the questions she was asking when meeting with heads of state at the UN? How many grandchilddren do your have? WHAT???!!!
America has to be asleep at the wheel if they think that she is VP material. I understand the RP’s reasoning behind her, this Dan Quayle of our time. Just pretty window dressing to get your mind off of how BAD it really is out there. SHE IS NO HILLARY -not even CLOSE! Compare the two, line for line Hillary comes out on top.


blenda brandt October 9th, 2008 4:15 pm ET

i am a woman that voted for hillary clinton. there are so many reasons i would not vote for gov palin. but there are also many reasons i would vote the obama/biden ticket. i consider myself a liberal, i am pro choice
i support social security and do not want to see it privitized. also, as a union worker, i feel the democrats support the union and it workers more than the gop ever would

Judy Opial October 9th, 2008 4:18 pm ET

Brilliant? Hardly!
Sarah is an insult to our intelligence. I cannot understand, why anyone would believe her.
She makes Paris Hilton, look like a member of MENSA.
When I hear her, inciting comments, to “kill” Barack Obama, I cannot help but wonder, if she knows, there are nuts in this world, who cannot tell right from wrong.
There is a video of a PREGNANT Sarah Palin, with her pastor, praying for power.
Becareful what you wish for, you may get it.
I know, most moms would have prayed for a healthy baby.
That mojo moment, spoke volumes for me! It show where her priorities lie.
I think, she reached. the level of her incompetence, when she was president of the PTA!
Ask her a question, about anything, with substance and she looks like a deer, caught in her own gun-site!
She has no more business running for vice president, than George Bush had, running for president!
Obama, O’ Biden, 08

Jamie October 9th, 2008 4:22 pm ET

Sarah Palin may look hot in some lingerie, and your husbands may fantasize about her.

She is not the one who should be second in command of the United States of America.

Betty, Virginia October 9th, 2008 4:29 pm ET

I dislike her intensely. Her voice grates on my nerves, her winking is cheesy and she talks like a young teenager. I really don’t like someone who smiles and laughs when being mean. Every high school girl has met that type. Fine if you’re a part of the clique but the rest are to be ridiculed.

I’ve known a lot of amazing women in my life.. not one has called themselves a maverick or for that matter ever talked about how great they were…. hey Sarah, just saying something doesn’t make it so… I can only hope Sarah Palin becomes an answer in a trivial pursuit game and that the last I hear of her.

Kerri Ann October 9th, 2008 4:29 pm ET

Palin is lower than a mean joke. She is evil spirited, she is heartless, and an awful mother. If her daughter was black Palin would be considered the mother of a young slut.

Then there is her attacking. If she is a Christian as she confesses why doesn’t she believe God forgives Ayers and only God should judge him. Is Obama being a good Christian by not judging the man.

Women who support Palin must be awful mothers and women. I have two very educated daughters, they have worked hard to be qualified for their careers, where Palin is just being used. Believe me, under all circumstances one knows what they read, they know what’s going on in the courts.

I could go on and on but a male or female VP should be more than a friend. They should be more than an average Joe-Six_Pack. They should be professional, smart, have vision. They should be someone young women can look up to and also have a global appeal. Only women with a clue of this global world would feel Palin can go anywhere outside the US and be taken seriously.

erin October 9th, 2008 4:34 pm ET

Um, no. Not in any sense of the word do I relate to Governor Palin.

Cri October 9th, 2008 4:35 pm ET

She scares the HECK out of me. She is righteous and other peoples opinions and rights do not matter to her if they do not suit her. In fact other people do not matter to her if you are in her way. & i strongly believe that goes for her kids too!

Mary October 9th, 2008 4:35 pm ET

Less than a month to go to not have to hear Palin’s rants…when she goes down in defeat the Replublicans will throw her under the bus and realize that she helped lead to the defeat and we hopefully will not have not have to hear about a Palin 2012 campaign.

She has shown us how impressionable part of our population is. Yes she has been something different and you can understand the fascination “she is like me’ a mom and also an attractive woman who seems to be powerful.

But when I wacth her on screen I can not stop thinking of the that part in Sleeping Beauty when the ugly witch appears in the mirror….

helen rhodes October 9th, 2008 4:38 pm ET

I would like to know more about palin and her husband affilation with the aip separatist group in alaska. this is a big concern for the american voter if this woman is going to be one heart beat away from the presidency. she and her husband need to amswer some questions about their views about alaska suceeding from the u.s. this group is very dangerous if they feel hate for the u.s.

Cari October 9th, 2008 4:39 pm ET

YES. I relate to Sarah Palin. She is exactly the VP that we need. A strong partner to President McCain.

Smart, honest, patriotic, pro-life woman! She’s more than ready to lead.

Another bonus: she is not friends with a terrorist who bombed the Pentagon.

OBAMA’S “CHANGE”? Take a look at what Fidel did to Cuba and how he “changed” it. Is that how you want to live in the USA????


Governor Palin Supporter October 9th, 2008 4:48 pm ET

For all of you who think she doesn’t have the experience to be President, why don’t you think the same of Senator Obama? He has NO, NADA, ZILCH Executive exerience,only associations with questionable individuals (such as Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, the ACORN organization, Kenyan radicals, and who knows who else - he won’t release any of his records from his college years. I’m concerned and worried. God Bless America!!

Amore October 9th, 2008 4:49 pm ET

I think Palin is wonderful. I would be proud as a women to have her as the Vice President of the United States. I also love Cindy McCain. She displays alot of class and will make a ideal 1st Lady. She has done so much work for the underprivileged all over the world.

Eliza Vela October 9th, 2008 4:49 pm ET

John MCCain said it best when he announced that “the American people love her”. I don’t want a Vice President or President that is enamored by our country. I want someone who is respected, admired and will bring our nation together.

annie October 9th, 2008 4:51 pm ET

She is an embarrassment to all women. As I got to know her I lost all respect. Now I am terrified. The hate that she spews at her rallys is truely terrifying. If for her alone, vote no to McCain

mari allen October 9th, 2008 4:52 pm ET

I don’t know where you found all these negative comments about Sarah Palin. If you take any cross section of Americans, you will find at least a 60/40 split.

Or do you eliminate all the comments in her favor? We’ll see if this gets posted or not.

Barak Hussein Obama is a Socialist/Marxist/Communist running for the New Party out of Chicago. Look it up!

I would rather have a Hockey Mom in the white house than someone who hates everything this country stands for — like the Constitution!!!

Wake up people. Do your own homework — don’t rely on CNN

Susan October 9th, 2008 4:54 pm ET

We don’t need to “relate” to our political leaders. First and foremost, we need political leaders who understand government and politics *better* than us. While Palin is certainly likable to many, she is inexperienced, unfamiliar with foreign policy and national issues and focused too closely on the niche issues of the religious right. Yes, people should vote according to their values, but abortion is not the number one problem plaguing our country right now. Issues such as education, foreign policy, the economy, health care, etc. are vastly more important, and in these areas Palin is inexperienced and will take our country in the wrong direction.

Alexander October 9th, 2008 4:58 pm ET

What is Randi Kaye talking about? How can this journalist state that women can relate to Palin? Other than the fact that Palin is a woman and a Mother, but other than that how can they relate? Palin doesn’t have to worry about health care, have to worry about house mortgages, have to worry about the cost of school expenses. so how does she relate to the average woman. To assume her gender is the evidence of how Palin relates to women is an insult to women everywhere.

Kate October 9th, 2008 4:59 pm ET

I can relate to Sarah Palin because I am a mother and a woman… and so is she. That is where the connection begins and ends.
I cannot relate to her on any political or philosophical level. I disagree with her on almost every major issue from the environment to Equal-Pay-for-Women legislation.
Have her over for a dinner party? Sure. Send her to a foreign country as a representative of the USA? No way!
When it comes to who can best run the country, I don’t need to see myself reflected in the candidates’ faces. In fact, I DON’T WANT my president or VP to be “just like me”. I don’t want a hockey mom or Joe Six pack. I want someone better than the local yokel getting drunk and shooting off his mouth in our town bar!
Yes, I think the President and VP should be elite, educated, cultured, traveled and highly intellectual. Why should I trust my precious freedoms and the future of my children to someone who is no smarter than I am? Or worse: someone who might be dumber than I am?
My problem with Palin is not that she’s from a small town and has not traveled all over the world or that she doesn’t have all the answers to tough questions. My issue is that she has never really put any deep thought into the questions at all.
She an McCain don’t stop and think; they react. They don’t have the slightest curiosity or insight to try and figure out problems, and they act like that is a good thing. “I don’t care about the cause. I care about fixing the problem.” Huh? They are so lacking in self awareness that it’s scary.
“More of the same” is not just a slogan to me. They have the George W Bush-like qualities of anti-intellectualism, fear of logic, disdain for thoughtfulness. When a person never contemplates their mistakes or tries to uncover the causes of problems, they are doomed to repeat them over and over.
Palin lists her “readiness and confidence” as qualifications for the VP position. Confidence combined with ignorance is a deadly combination. And I for one don’t find it comforting that the nuclear codes could be in the hands of a pit bull in lipstick who doesn’t blink. (shudder)

Anonymous said...

I cannot belive that there is actually a blog that supports this woman. Sarah Palin does not support the educated women of the United States and her beliefs make a mockery of the advances we have strived to achieve. What is the appeal of a woman who chose motherhood to the deficit of advanced education, travel, and a true understanding of international issues? Who supports the marriage of her teenaged pregnant daughter? It is entirely admirable to choose motherhood, but one needs to be reasonable and acquiese that trade-offs were made and that perhaps this means they are not entirely qualified to be VP. I would have considered a vote for John McCain before he announced his running mate. Now, not a chance. Signed an educated and successful woman in Phoenix, AZ who will never in a million years vote for John McCain based on his choice for VP.

Anonymous said...

McCain's campaign is beyond help. In order for it to survive it would have to come up with some real solutions and a new VP pick. Anything can happen I guess.

blairfell said...

Does it not bother you "Moms" that Palin and her husband were involved with a secessionist organization in Alaska? A group who refused to call themselves Americans? Yes, I know it was only Todd who was a member, but Sarah spoke there. Not to mention Sarah allowed the laying on of hands by an African Minister who asked that "witches" be cast from her body and who was responsible for inciting 200 people to chase a woman out of his village at home convinced that she was a witch. This woman is scary.

V from Texas said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the above women. Sarah Palin is not representative of me or my girlfriends. It is my right to choose whether or not I have a child. Sarah Palin wants to deny me and my girlfriends that right. Under Sarah Palin's administration, rape and violence (that means murder) against women is #1 in the United States. That women have to pay for their own rape kits under her administration is so mind-boggling to me that I refuse to believe this is a site run by a well-informed woman.

Furthermore, Sarah Palin's backwater slang may be all the rage in Alaska, 48th out of 50 states in population size, but it doesn't represent who I am.

And finally, your little "That is baloney. If you ever were a true Republican, of all elections, you'd be voting the ticket." line is exactly the kind of thing that discourages us independents from voting Republican at all. Sounds more like a cult than a political party, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

My parents have always been republicans, and i have been a democrat. This year, they will be voting for Obama, and a large part of that decision is McCain's choice of Palin for VP.
She's a scary woman with views that are not good for this country, and more and more people are realizing that.

Anonymous said...

I really like Sarah Palin as a person. She seems to come across as very transparent and genuine, which is something we don't get a lot of in seasoned politicians. Unfortunately her republican advisors are quickly giving her lessons in labeling, secrecy, manipulation. Her attacks on Obama are outright slander (friends with terrorists), her elusiveness and controlled appearences are demeaning to her as a professional, her lack of cooperation in the Alaskan trooper firing only brings with it direct coorelations to the blatant disregard for justice the Bush administration has had with regard to attorney firings, CIA outings, and any other opportunity they've had to ignore accountability. The fact is she was hired to get your vote, and your falling for it. By her own admission in the debate she is only going to be given family and children issues to deal with as VP. In other words, she will effectively be doing the work of a first lady more than a Vice-President. Mccain doesn't value her as an integral part of his administration. He is treating her like a celebrity. She has been scheduled for a fundraising event every other day since she was picked. Mccain wants her to get him votes and money, not actually do anything in his administration. I love her as a person from what I've seen, but truly can't you see she is enjoying the ride of politics more than she is leading or being a maverick?

Republican's are masters of spin, keywords, and negative smears. Unfortunately for them we as a nation are not being swayed blindly like in 2004. The media and even moreso comedy have been great at dispelling rumors ranging from Obama being a child muslim, lacking patriotism because of superficial pins, promoting an African agenda, being naive or unqualified, voting for kindergarten sex ed, talking without substance.. check the following link of Jon Stewart calling out these pundits, including Mccains senior advisor...

Seriously can you think in the past year what smears Mccain has received? None, other than pointing out facts like he is old and holds to the same Republican platform as Bush. Who trained Sarah Palin for the debate? Former Bush election advisors. The Republican platform hasn't changed between Bush and Mccain, nor has the long list of supporters, lobbyists, and advisors. That is a big reason people are voting for Obama. He presents concrete differences, look at his website and read what he has outlined in the issues, the huge amount of substance and reasons why he emphasizes doing things one way instead of another.

Just one example: health care. Mccain wants to use tax credits... Big problem: what do you do with all the poor people with less than $2500 in taxes? Tax credits don't come back to you. Even if they did, why spend $2500 per person when Obama's plan simply standardizes the private health care, increasing competition and making it easier to compare, for about $216 per person?

Comments please...

Anonymous said...

I had to respond to V from Texas. As a LIFELONG ALASKAN the slang Sarah uses is NOT the norm. We are the 49th state by the way. Sarah is a nice person, I have met her. I do not support her for VP but as an AMerican that is my right. I support anyone's right to vote and support who they want. I live in Alaska and there is a lot more to the story that what is being told. I wish her family the best...they are forever changed.
A PROUD ALASKAN but supporting Obama

Anonymous said...

Just wait till tomorrow. Friday we learn what role Palin had in Troopergate.

Anonymous said...

I second V from Texas about the comment from the administrator, "That is baloney. If you ever were a true Republican, of all elections, you'd be voting the ticket." It does sound like a cult or maybe those lemmings that all leap off the cliff because that's what the one in front of them did. We can vote for who we want and it is our duty to be responsible in our decision making, not blind devotees to either party.

Anonymous said...

As a working mom, I am constantly tired and trying to find ways to spend time with my 3 kids one of which is around the same age as Gov Palin's son. If this economy was not in such bad shape, I would love to stay at home to spend more time with my kids. I could not imagine running for vp and campaigning around the country and dragging my kids along with me. I think it's selfish and sometimes I feel that I'm being selfish by working full time. Having said all of that.....why is everyone commenting on how they can relate to this woman???? So because you can "relate" means she is qualified to step into the role as President if McCain could not continue in the role??? I think everyone should look at the big picture, the vp role should not be viewed upon as someone you can "relate" to, but someone who you feel is best qualified to take over if needed. I do share a lot of the same MORAL views as McCain and Palin as I am a Christian woman but because of the fact that the last President was a believer as well and did nothing to combat most of the things that most Christians stand for, my choice is to focus on issues like this economy that if it were better, maybe I could afford to work part time or not at all and spend more time with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a genius and she should be left alone.

Anonymous said...

I respect your decision and views about Sarah Palin. But how can you support a woman who forced rape victims to pay for their own forensic examination kits?

Here are my sources, please take a moment to view:

MattNate said...

Sarah Palin has been hidden from the press so that REAL issues, like her ongoing investigation, her history with a political party whose goal is to secede from the United States (talk about goddamn America), her lack of knowledge on foreign affairs (Alaska close to Russia, anyone?), go unquestioned and unchallenged.

Her only supporters are deep in the conservative base. I fortunately live in a moderately blue area, where this woman is a total joke.

I don't need a high-ranking diplomat representing me abroad with "okey-dokeys" and "doggonits". We are already enough of a laughing stock because of Bush.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is true to her values and totally unqualified to be vice president. If I need my engine rebuilt, I don't looks for someone who has deep faith and good values but little to no knowledge of engines. We need experts in government, not amateurs, no matter how good their values.

Anonymous said...

You betcha! Praise Horus.

mary said...

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you Tami for creating this website. Finally, an opportunity to speak my mind about how I feel about this election. First of all, I thank God that HE is in control. We need to get back to the principles our forefathers founded this nation on, trusting in God's guidance and direction to make our nation great once again. I believe a McCain/Palin ticket will do just that. Everyone is totally obsessed with Sarah Palin's lack of experience. She is running for Vice President, not President. People are not worried about Barack Obama's inexperience since he's running for President, not Vice President, and, do only people in their seventies die? When was the last time an obituary column was read in a newspaper. There are just as many young people dying today as 70 year olds. I want someone leading my country that is all about country first, and not the same old, same old. Raising taxes during an economic crisis, will take us into another Great Depression. John McCain and Sarah Palin both have records of shaking things up. I want to see the shake up in D.C. as well as the prosecution of those who caused this economic crisis when they are elected next month and take office in January, we will see that shake up.

Anonymous said...

You think any of our politicians are talking about real issues?

Watch this:

They had a thing called "Z-day" on March 15th. Over 700 colleges showed this movie on that day. The number of total views is around 40 million. I like Palin as a person, (as a matter of fact I'd rather vote for her than McCain) but she is so far out of her league it hurts just to listen to her talk.

The funny thing is to listen to religious people after they watch this movie. All they talk about is God's plan, they don't refute what is obvious, but they still act like they are waiting for God to save us. The whole point of part one of this movie is to get people to stop doing that and help yourselves before some not so nice does it for you! Because they will, they have before and they'll do it again! I think that God (that's right, I believe in God 100%) wants us to do things for ourselves. We've been given free-will for a reason, OK?

Somehow with people like you that is a problem. Well what the hell is the problem? If you stand on a train track God will let your dumbass die and if you move God will let you live. Here's the magical reason why, are you ready? Because God is not your babysitter, sorry!

I want people to believe that because I think it really would make the world a better place if PERSONAL responsibility was a greater value to us all than it is now. People will use whatever they can to escape it, including God. I just don't think that God really needs us to do that. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Love the website, thanks and keep up the good work. Pay no attention to the Obama-bots.

Fran said...

Why has Ms. Palin not denounced the hateful and violent outbursts against the Democratic nominee at her speaking forums? Is it because she is a rable rousing hater and not just a pretty trojan maverick?
I find it incredulous that she whines about true juournalistic interviews while she herself was a JOURNALISM MAJOR?? Sly like a fox that one. She is an extremist I can only hope will run back to Alaska, where she has spoken favorably to succession groups--- she's an alaskan at heart (whatever that is), not an american.