Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joe The Plumber

In the monitor on the right of your screen, you will see the full conversation that occurred between the man that has become known as "Joe the Plumber", and Barack Obama. To be clear, Joe was playing football in his yard with his son when Senator Obama sought him out. Joe IS a plumber, working toward getting his plumber's license, working under the direction of a licensed plumber and has hopes of someday having his own plumbing business. Joe did, unknowingly, owe about $1200 in taxes and was grateful to find that out, since he'd never been sent a bill! Joe IS a registered Republican. (I make these distinctions because the left has tried to claim that Joe isn't who he says he is--Obama people, don't bother leaving your talking points here. I found the facts on my own, and they seem to be quite different from what you're putting out there)

The left has done everything in their power to destroy Joe the plumber (by the way SAMUEL JOSEPH WURZELBACHER is his name, Joe is his nickname), but the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that two radio hosts in Portland Oregon started a "Save Joe The Plumber" fund and raised not only the $1200 to help him pay off his tax bill, but also the money he needed to finally get that plumber's license he'd been working toward.  (to read the article, see this link) Joe is now being criticized by the left for accepting the money.

Joe Wurzelbacher did for this campaign what no one else could have done--he, an ordinary citizen, exposed Obama for what he is--a socialist who wants to re-distribute wealth from those who earned it to those who didn't. The left hates Sarah Palin because she was, in recent years, a "Joe the Plumber". She and Todd were ordinary citizens who made something out of themselves by working hard and making a difference. In the eyes of the left, if you aren't one of the "elite" class, you don't deserve to hold office. Problem for them is, Joe represents most Americans, and Joe's conversation with Obama hit home with MANY "ordinary" Americans. 

For more on Joe the Plumber and how the media has treated him, read this article

Are YOU a Joe the Plumber? See the McCain ad here!


Island Dreamin' said...

Joe the Republican Plumber is another Godsend for the Republican ticket. As I have heard over and over, he has done what politicians can't and couldn't do--expose Mr. Democratic ticket for who he really is... And as for the other "Joe"(Biden, that is)--let him keep talking--he is doing a better job of scaring Americans about his messiah than any RNC member EVER could--ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that until last night I couldn't stand Joe the Plumber. I felt that he had misrepresented himself to and basically duped Barack Obama, who could not have been more cordial to Joe (they chatted for what seemed like 20 minutes), and then McCain/Palin adopted this misrepresentation as their campaign slogan to rail against Obama's tax plan (the point being that since Joe makes $40,000 and his boss makes $100,000, they would both get tax breaks under Obama's plan).

Anyway, I was listening to my favorite radio show last night, Phil Hendrie, and Phil interviewed Joe. Turned out that Joe is a nice enough guy after all and just your average Joe. What was funny is that he told Phil he is going to be writing a book, to which Phil responded that he could kiss his tax break goodbye (LOL). Oh, Joe also said he's strongly considering running for Congress in 2010. I'm still not a big fan of Joe, but I wish him well. Only in America!