Saturday, October 25, 2008


Patty M. shared these photos with us from a Sarah Palin rally in New Mexico last week! Thanks Patty! 


Anonymous said...

Enjoy being part of Real America. I wish all you Real Americans would secede so we no longer have to be identified with you.

Doesn't it bother you that the rest of the world is ashamed of you? Really, I wish you'd reply to this; I honestly would like to understand why you like Palin. Is it just because she is opposed to abortion? Is that the only thing you can think of for a Vice President to weigh in on? Foreign policy? Economy? Technology? Human rights? Defense? Education? Social Security? Do any of those strike you as things that she should have an opinion on, or do you just like her because she gave birth to a retard and let her teenage daughter ruin her own life?

Did you vote for Bush? Did you believe that Saddam Hussein did 9/11? Do you believe that Real America is a Christian nation, and all other religions should just suck it up and get used to it? Do you believe that only straight people are worth getting married?

Do you watch "Deliverance" and think, "Wow, this is what Real America is all about"?

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


This entire blog is my answer to your comment. If you actually REALLY wish to have your questions answered, feel free to read to your heart's content, because every question you asked has been answered here--well, except for the ridiculous ones.


Anonymous said...

Wow adam! I think you could have said what you were feeling in a less angry way. "Deliverance"? Oouch! We all are Americans and it is our RIGHT to voice our disagreements on different issues. We are so very lucky to be able to do so. It is one of the things I love so dearly about being an American.

I do agree with a lot of what you said adam....just would have thought before I pressed "send"!!

And.....she gave birth to a beautiful little boy with Downs Syndrome.....What you said is sooooo, oh I don't know...."Deliverance" sounding ;)


John said...


First, America is a sovereign nation: who cares what the rest of the world thinks. If you prefer what other countries have to offer, buy a ticket to somewhere and go. Second, read the blog. If u are capable of reading more than a paragraph at one sitting you will see that Governor Palin's positions have been discussed at great length. Third, your comments regarding Palin's baby indicate that you are a bigot. Finally, your last two paragraphs make me wonder how it is possible to posses so little grey matter and still sustain respiration. Personally, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to show the rest of America the Barack Hussein Obama "Brain Trust" in action. Keep up the good work Adamw!!!

trimadsco said...

Well, first of all, no need to make my post anonymous because I am not ashamed of my beliefs at all!

I agree that Palin's opinions & views have been discussed at length if you bothered to read them, not just her views on a few controversial topics.

There are many reasons that I personally support Palin (AND McCain -and yes, some of them ARE because of their beliefs on abortion & gay marriage! As an American, that is one of my greatest privileges and rights - to have my own opinion and be able to voice that opinion - just as you have that right.

However, I feel that your comments on the birth of her son and on her teenage daughter are TOTALLY out of place and hypocritical. If you are so concerned about her opinions on foreign policy, technology, economy, etc. - then what on earth does it matter if she CHOSE to give birth to a child with special needs? How does that affect her ability to perform as a VP? It should never be brought up as an issue. Nor should the choices that her daughter has made be an issue - not all people view the choice to take responsibility for your actions (in this case, having a baby & raising it as opposed to aborting it) as "ruining your life".

So, to answer your question as to why I like Palin - as I said before, I agree with her views on abortion & gay marriage. But I also like the fact that she speaks to me, not down at me. She is very down to earth, she does not sound like most politicians - saying whatever they "think" you want to hear. I agree with the tickets views on government reform, taxes, health care, education, the war in Iraq & Afghanistan, foreign policy, energy,etc. I truly belive that the McCain-Palin administration is better for our country than Obama.

Anonymous said...


Those were rhetorical questions, right?

Retard? You can be better than that. No matter what kind of Christofascist pig you believe Palin to be, calling her children names won't score any points.

Or were you trying to score points? Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Adam, I agree with most of what you said as well, but calling a Downs Syndrome baby a "retard" is way, way, way out of line. I've heard Barack Obama say many times that "We can disagree without being disagreeable." In your case, though, I would ask, "Can't we disagree without getting downright ugly about it?"

I am SOOO glad there are only 10 days left in this campaign. And as Barack has warned against, I'm not getting at all cocky about the outcome. But I do believe if Obama wins he is the ideal person to heal the partisan divisiveness the McCain/Palin ticket has fostered over the course of this election process.

JB 88 said...

I do not know Tami or the others who work on this blog personally, so I do not have first-hand insight as to who they are. My guess after reading this blog is that yes, they are angry...angry for receiving HATE POSTS like yours. My guess is that they all love God, their country, their families and their communities. LIKE ALL OF US. (If by stating this I have been presumptuous, then please forgive me)
Think about what you're saying, Adam. First of all, the 'rest of the world' is NOT ashamed of people speaking their minds. To imply that you somehow know what I or the rest of the world is thinking is arrogant at best. We all have had arrogant moments in our lives, so I wish not to judge you, my Brother. I WILL encourage you to challenge yourself to learn a lesson from every person you encounter. Why? Because everyone has something special to offer no matter how they vote.
Second, 'retard'? Seriously? You clearly use inflamatory language in an attempt to make a point. I encourage you to actually make your points, Sir...unfortunately your post is just spewing out divisive hate.
Third, who are you to decide that being a young mother is a way to 'ruin' your life? Certainly if you have a negative attitude, your life will most likely be lacking. However, if you see a baby as a blessing then how WONDERFUL an experience this will be! Getting pregnant at 17 is not MY ideal...but how can I speak for anyone else? The Palins are obviously a close family. Sarah herself had her first baby young. Well so did Obama's mother! So who declared these lives 'ruined', you? I wasn't aware of you being awarded such authority.
Adam, if you really have questions for McCain/Palin voters, then just ask! If you're trying to understand the other side, start a dialogue! Your post claims to want answers, yet it was written as a statement.
I will pray for you Adam. I pray you see what's possible when we work together. I pray you find love in your heart. I pray you find a healthy way to vent your frustration and anger. I pray you find respect for all people. I pray you realize all people have intrinsic value...and I believe YOU DO TOO ADAM. Let your LIGHT shine, Adam...not the dark!
Haven't we learned anything from our past? Don't make me get all hippy on you! ;o) "C'mon people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now."
I will vote for Obama Nov. 4, but I will send love to all of you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, FOREVER.

LadyP said...

Adam, you're doing more harm than good here. If you bothered to read down at all you would see that Tami (and John) have detailed many of the reasons why they support Palin (and McCain). While I disagree with every single one of those reasons, I am hopeful that despite the differences of people in our country that we can see beyond them and as the above poster said, "Agree to disagree." One of the reasons I am voting for Obama is his ability to have empathy for people who's life experiences and views differ from his own. You are just adding fuel to the fire and acting in a completely antithetical way to everything Obama has represented and encouraged. You make us look bad and will only make it more difficult for all of us to move forward as a whole country after the election. Be respectful. Hate is counterproductive and I feel that your ignorance is what makes the right think the left is so wrong. I don't want to be associated with such hatred!

Anonymous said...

Adam, you call him "retard" but I call him "son".

It is no wonder that people who (obviously) do not have special needs kids of their own are the ones who feel most qualified to criticize Sarah as a mother, and attack her children.

I have a pretty good idea of what Sarah and Todd are feeling. I have been there in that delivery room; I have had a newborn with Down syndrome placed in my arms. It's a tough time. It took me a good long while to fully accept the fact that our lives would never be the same. I learned, though,that if we'd take one step at a time, we'd make it. As our son grows and meets new challenges, we are growing with him, and you know what? Every step of the way we're a little stronger, a little more courageous, and a little wiser. I firmly believe that we were specifically chosen by God to be his parents. What a humbling thought!

What is there to hate, anyway? A person with Down Syndrome is not some kind of freak! Through no fault of their own, their cells are carrying one extra chromosome. That's it. Their bodies here may fall short of society's idea of "normal", but which of us is not going to leave our body behind when we die? People with Down Syndrome possess a living, eternal soul just like the rest of us. My son will be singing in the choir in Heaven.

How can we not admire the Palins? They have clearly embraced this precious little one, and accepted him as the gift that he is. I love hearing Sarah talk about Trig. She is so sure and grounded. She gives me courage and the will to fight for my little guy too. Thanks, Sarah.

Moi aussi said...

Here are 2 reasons I like Sarah Palin that I have not seen discussed here, or anywhere else for that matter, and to me the second reason is why the press and established politicans do not like her.

1. Palin and her husband actually know what it is like to work for a living. I can garantee that Palin knows more about balancing a budget and living within one's means than the other three candidates in the race. She knows how to cut the unnecessary and she knows what the necessities are. I bet three men have never had to personally handle those issues.

2. Palin doesn't owe anyone in Washington anything. Obama, Biden, and McCain for that matter have heavy political debts. Not her.

I like her gun toting, prolife self. The dinasour thing is a little weird for me, but she isn't appying for a paleontologist's job. Also, George Washington and John Adams didn't believe in evolution (actually didn't know about it) and they were great presidents.

Moi aussi said...

PS to adam.
My brother was one of those "retards". He was loving and excepting of those different than he. When he departed this world, he left it a little better than when he got here. Will the same be said of you?