Friday, October 24, 2008

The Latest "Controversy"

I’ve had a lot of comments here asking my thoughts on Sarah’s wardrobe controversy, and the fact that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 on clothing for her and her family. I haven’t answered up to now, because I wanted to find out the facts and do my own research. That proved to be a difficult task, there is so little out there relating to this issue on either side.

Let’s, for a second, think about this situation in perspective: Sarah Palin’s in Alaska minding her own business tending to her duties as Governor, when one afternoon she gets a call from John McCain asking her to join him on the ticket as Vice Presidential nominee.  She has about 6 hours to get to Ohio; she has a few hours to get herself and her family ready for this new adventure. She is from small town Alaska, and her clothing doesn’t quite match up to what a woman being thrown into the national spotlight day in and day out should wear, and she certainly has no time to go her new handlers went shopping for her, with the clear intention that when this campaign was over, these clothes would be donated to charity. The left, my friends, is dying for a controversy...ANY controversy. This was the best they could come up with--and oh, by the way, where are the figures from the DNC detailing how much was spent on the Obama/Biden family wardrobes and accessories? Just wondering. Conveniently, those figures-like most other facts about Obama-haven’t been released to the media. So, as always in their bias, they conveniently omit any stories relating to that issue.

The fashion designer who donates the clothing that Hillary Clinton sports, Susanna Chung Forest, finds it odd that a candidate as famous as Sarah Palin would need to BUY her clothing.  “Why do you need to pay for it?” she told CBS news. “It’s an honor, you are going to design for someone who could be the next Vice President of the United States.” The pantsuits she designed for Hillary, which Hillary didn’t purchase, cost $6,350 retail, a few of them can be seen above. (It could be argued, then, that these were illegal campaign donations, but that’s another story for another time)

The same media that tells us “gay marriage, abortion, the failure to wear a flag lapel pin, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, etc., are all irrelevant”, and who would crucify Sarah (and who has made fun of the wardrobe she has sported in pictures in her home state) for wearing clothing from Walmart or J.C. Penney’s is now complaining that her handlers shopped at Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. The real story here is that these aren’t designer clothes from the big name designers (you better believe those liberal elites who wear those designer clothes are looking down their noses at her for that!)--and the even bigger story is that the RNC had to buy her clothing! The same Hollywood and media elites who wear nothing but designer-donated freebies and jewelry on loan from the Harry Winston’s of the world are now crucifying Sarah for shopping at the above mentioned stores. How incredibly, unbelievably hypocritical. 

Here are a few figures I COULD find, and believe me there aren’t many that have been willingly released! So, take a gander at what the left spends on various items, and then tell me it matters one bit what the RNC spent on clothing for it’s VP nominee! (I haven’t met one Republican who gives a hoot what they spent, only those who are angry with the RNC for releasing more ammo for the media to go after her with!)

  • Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-FL) paid $171,000 to his mistress (where’s that report in the mainstream media? this is just the tip of the iceberg!)
  • Elliot Spitzer, former NY Governor, spent $80,000 on prostitutes. 
  • John Edwards spent $114,000, that we know of, on his mistress via his PAC for some films she did, an incredibly inflated price according to reports (perhaps much more--to the tune of $15,000 a month and a rented home in a posh CA neighborhood), and $400 on one haircut that we know about (his campaign paid for that until he later paid it back after all the controversy)
  • Jesse Jackson has spent hundreds of thousands on his mistress.
  • $150,000 is what Colin Powell gets for delivering one speech.
  • As of last February, Bill Clinton made around $150,000 for his own speeches. (I realize that none of this describes clothing expenses. Oddly enough, those figures cannot be located--so don’t bother with the hate mail about that!)

Now, I realize that it's customary for these guys to be paid for speeches, no matter what party they're affiliated with, and in some cases that money paid to those high dollar hookers WAS from campaign funds, some not....but that's not even the point. We could list example after example where the very party that is condemning Sarah for the money that the RNC spent on her clothing has spent far in excess of $150,000 on things far less important than a wardrobe.(case and point would be the $140,000 they spent on Obama's greek columns for that DNC Convention speech he gave or perhaps the $800,000 his campaign paid ACORN for "staging, lighting, sound, polling, license fees, and advance work") 

Truth is, I don’t much care what they spent on her wardrobe. The very fact that she is an ordinary middle class American is the very reason they spent the money on her in the first place, she didn’t have the salary to go out and foot the bill for the wardrobe befitting a VP nominee. She’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t in the eyes of the media, and the fact that she looks gorgeous in that $150,000 wardrobe eats them alive! The same media who lies at every turn, the same media who refuses to ask Obama to release his own facts and figures, THIS same media has made this a mountain out of a molehill. Until they can honestly report the news from both perspectives, and quit trying to cover up the fraud that is now running rampant in the Democratic party, they need to either start reporting the truth as it is on BOTH sides, or hang their heads as the failures that they are, shut up and go home. The good thing is, more than ever before the American people are seeing them for what they really are--and they don't like it one bit.

***See what one Hillary supporter is saying: see this link. 

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Let the Good Times Roll said...

Interesting comments. I totally agree. Although I think that is a lot of money to spend on clothing, when it all surfaced on the news I was thinking that they spent money on her because she is the only true "middle class American" on the ticket and probably doesn't have a lot of nice clothes to go campaigning in. Knowing the media, had she worn some of her own clothes, she probably would have been mocked for not looking "nice or professional" enough, or for (gulp) wearing the same outfit twice! When this came out, my mom had mentioned it sure would be interesting to know how much Michelle Obama spends on her outfits...