Friday, October 10, 2008


From the McCain Campaign: 

The McCain-Palin campaign is now recruiting volunteers for the final weeks of the campaign and your help is needed.

Volunteers on the ground are crucial to our efforts to get-out-the-vote in the all-important battleground states. Senator Obama's campaign has spent millions hiring paid staff to work in their offices making phone calls and knocking on doors across these states. We need your help to combat their efforts and elect the McCain-Palin ticket on Election Day.

Whatever your schedule is, there are volunteer opportunities for those of you who can dedicate a few weeks, a few days and even a few hours. As a volunteer for our campaign, you will be helping our get-out-the-vote strategy by going door-to-door and making phone calls to voters. Volunteer training will be provided, so no prior experience is needed.

Please follow this link to sign up as a volunteer for McCain-Palin 2008.