Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mainstream Media Proven WRONG Again

First, let me say that until the end of the debate I thought Gwen Ifill handled herself very well. After shaking Sarah's hand, however, she turned to Joe Biden and exclaimed "You did great, Joe!" Whatever, I'll give her that. She just couldn't contain it any longer. She is a liberal and the debate was over, I just thought it was interesting.  

As for Biden, I thought he was generally pretty respectful, except for the smirk that remained on his face throughout the entire debate. What I found more interesting was watching how his wife treated Sarah as they stood talking after the debate. She was checkin' Sarah out from head to toe--the kind of thing I see jealous women do when sizing up the competition. 

As for the debate...the mainstream media has been ripping Sarah Palin to shreds for weeks, and they have blown this SO out of proportion that many were blown away by what they saw in Sarah tonight. Who knows what in the world happened pre-interview with Katie Couric (or post-interview in the editing room), because the Sarah we saw tonight is the Sarah we LOVE to see. Sarah won the debate, no doubt about it. She ROCKED that debate! For a little over an hour and a half, she went toe to toe with Joe Biden. She's been at this for 5 weeks, he's been at it for 35 years, known as an expert debater. Pretty impressive.

Tonight was the test for Sarah Palin, and she passed hands down. This was pure, unedited Sarah. 

Will tackle the issues after doing some research. There were many mischaracterizations by Biden tonight of the McCain position that Sarah didn't have the chance to respond to. 

So far, let's see....Rachel Maddow from MSNBC is calling Sarah "frenetic, cartoonish, gimmicky, and folksy".....NBC's Chuck Todd declared the race over yesterday.

More later.

***UPDATE: See what others are saying here.