Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Enjoys Surge in Women's Political Coalitions Throughout Florida

(Tallahassee, FL) The Florida Federation of Republican Women today reported an unprecedented, statewide response from women voters for the Republican ticket. FFRW leaders noted the trend cuts across party lines and are predicting an all time record turnout among women, as early voting begins on October 21st in Florida.

"Thanks to the nomination of Sarah Palin, Florida is experiencing an unprecedented surge in women's coalitions from professional women's alliances and passionate Moms-for-Palin groups to Hillary Democrats for McCain. According to our leaders in Victory offices throughout the state, women are organizing at an amazing pace and new volunteers are being recruited every hour, "said Linda Ivell, president of the FFRW.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer praised Sarah Palin's qualifications resulting in the unique connection she is enjoying with women in Florida. "Governor Palin is experienced, knowledgeable and makes more decisions in one day than Senator Obama or Biden do in a year!" said Greer. Chairman Greer has formed the first RPOF Women's Outreach Coalition comprised of familiar grassroots leaders and many women who have never been directly involved in politics before this year but are clearly energized by this presidential race.

The unparalleled women's involvement even extends to the Florida fund raising arena - traditionally dominated by men, according to Cindy Graves, 1st VP of the FFRW. "During last week's million dollar fund raising swing through Jacksonville, an astounding 50% of the participants were professional women. That has never been accomplished even in Duval, a county well known for its fund raising efforts, "said Graves who served as a co-host of the Governor Sarah Palin Duval Fund Raiser.

Additionally, by all accounts Florida Women for McCain is the state's largest coalition, according to FWFM Chairwoman Sharon Day. "We started with a traditional base of party loyalists and have grown to more than 11,000 active Republican, Independent and Democrat women leaders. We have never seen this level of organized response among women in a national election in our state," said Day who has served as the Republican National Committeewoman of Florida since 2001.

Cindy Graves, Florida Federation of Republican Women