Friday, October 10, 2008

One More Time....

One final time I will address some of the comments that have been left here. 

To those who are reading what is left in the comment section--no, John wasn't lying, we weeded out a lot of the trash. There was plenty there, and there is plenty left...we have allowed hundreds of comments. But since his post, and the fact that you now must be logged in and be identified, the tone has changed somewhat. We will NOT allow this to become a place for libs, patrolling the Internet with nothing better to do, to come here and bully us or others. It's my blog and I have that right. You don't like it, go someplace else or get your own blog....all comments will be moderated. Use profanity, you will not be posted.

Your comments do NOT bother me. They amuse me, and some make me very sad at the state of our nation. They do not, nor will they EVER, convince me to change my vote--although I know that isn't your intention. Your intention is to bully me and other conservatives, moderates, libertarians,  and conservative democrats into voting for your candidate, and this chic isn't buyin' that for a second. 

Hussein is Obama's MIDDLE name, one that he demanded that the mainstream media not use. THAT is why we use it. We are not calling him a terrorist, or a Muslim, and to those who suggest it's not his name, check your those who accuse us of NEVER using McCain's middle name--we do use it here, if you'd take the time to look. To those who suggest McCain/Palin are advocating violence, I would ask you--whose party is threatening riots if their candidate loses? Which party is fraudulently filling out voter registration cards by the thousands? (although this has nothing to do with violence) I could list many other examples, but I think that is sufficient. None of our candidates have condoned the ridiculous things being yelled by people in a crowd, and you would do well to police your own crowds before you try to police ours. 

From now on, the Palin kids are off limits. If you comment in any way on the children, your comment will not be published. They are not fair game, and it will not be tolerated here. Additionally, we are not an advertising site for copycat blogs (that oppose McCain/Palin) wishing to gain media attention.

For those of you wishing to criticize those of us who participated in the interview last evening, remember this: out of nearly 4 hours of interview, CNN chose to run less than 4 minutes, and believe me when I say--they were somewhat fair, but they portrayed us to be "fans" more interested in Sarah because of her lipstick and enthusiasm rather than the issues. The bulk of our conversation with Randi Kaye had much more substance than that. She chose not to use it--and that came as no surprise. 

To those that are angry I that allow the left to be heard here at all...I wish to expose you to who they really are. They have done that well here. I hope you have learned from it. I am sorry if you are offended, but you certainly aren't forced to open the comment section and read! We are trying to sift through the garbage left overnight and will dispose of it as soon as we are able. 

We will now get back to what is most important in this election--THE ISSUES and THE CHARACTER of the candidates. I will, when things come up, defend Governor Palin or Senator McCain...that's the purpose of this site: to inform you on the issues and to sift through the trash. We will do that to the best of our ability! 

Have a great weekend all...and thanks for stopping by! 


Katelyn said...

I am curious about this idea of the Democratic party advocating riots in the event of a McCain victory. I have heard this numerous times from Republican sources, but I haven't seen it advertised by any liberal source. Obviously I wouldn't expect such an endorsement of violence directly from Obama or mainstream media, but I can't seem to locate it even in far left blogs.

Could you possibly address where this idea has come from or provide some sources? I'd like to look into the claim for myself.


Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Will find those sources and do a post soon...thanks for the idea.

Mr. Sidelines said...

Keep up the good fight Tami.

Vern said...

Just a reminder that Palin's appeal is not just to conservatives. I'm a small-l "libertarian" registered independent up in deep blue MA and I am wild about Sarah Palin.

Don't let those polls about her "inability to reach independents" fool you.

Keep up the good work and great bit there on CNN!

Palin Pride (libertarians for Palin)

mommaof3 said...

Im a big fan of sarah palins and mccans I support them 2.

and ive read all these comments on this blog and noiticed that everyone thats said something bad they have there name isnt showned.

im a good reader of this blog.i like to blog too and i think youve done great and done great on cnn.
keep up the great work

azdave said...

Doesn't it seem a bit irrational for you to state that no comment or argument would sway you from your position? In the first place, that's pretty much why you started this blog, to state your case in the hope that it will influence others. That's as it should be ... informed people debating issues, assessing both sides, and coming to a conclusion. Having a totally closed mind to any conflicting point of view isn't logical, it certainly isn't admirable, and in context of this blog it isn't even fair. I feel Sarah Palin is woefully unqualified for VP, and I think choosing her was a cynical and demeaning ploy by McCain to appeal to a particular voter base, but if someone clearly laid out a convincing argument on how and why Sarah Palin could effectively run this country and its military forces on an international stage I would be willing to change my mind. I don't see how your mindless retreat into absolutism does you or your cause any good ... it ruins your credibility as someone who has reached a conclusion through informed judgment. Hopefully the people you are trying to reach are able to be more thoughtful in their decision making than you are wiling to be.

thedabrown83 said...

Everyone has the right to believe in what they want to. Sarah Palin is cute and has character but any person or christian can see that she doesnt belong there right now.I am a woman and I want a woman with some political intelligence to represent us. She showed her true colors in the beginning and now her party wants to hide that. It is already out there. Sarah Palin needs more time. When a woman takes that position it needs to be someone who deserves it. SHE DOES NOT. I am sorry but it is the truth. I wish you all the best.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Azdave, no it isn't irrational. I created this blog for likeminded moms to come for resources, and for those seeking more information so that they can make an informed decision. You want a platform, you have that right--go create one! You can have a voice too, that's the beauty of this great country. I have made up my mind, and nothing that some of the insane people that visit here say can sway my opinion.

Ellen said...

Press on, my friend! You're doing a great job! There are many, many of us in this great country that believe in and back a McCain/Palin ticket, there're just not "polling" us this week.....

Island Dreamin' said...

It is sad to see the "liberal wolves" prowling around the blogosphere with nothing better to do than bite and (try to)devour. Dad and I LOVED the CNN piece--Great Job!

I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT McCAIN-PALIN! Especially after seeing her in person this past Tuesday! I'll tell you something else, too... I have QUIT watching the LIBERAL mainstream network news! It makes me sick to see how BIASED and UNASHAMED they are about their candidate--what's his name again--ha ha... Anyway, the network news comes on during my supper time, and I want my food to stay down, so my kitchen TV stays OFF. Happy weekend to all!

Citizen said...

Great site! I support you... and perhaps our first woman president: Sarah Palin.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

yeah, it's funny how they poll "women across America". I have heard from thousands of women here, and never has one mentioned being polled. funny how that happens.

also heard today that "operation chaos" is still in full swing. ;-)

democraticwomanofvalue said...

Hi Tami, I must congratulate you for your passion and support of your candidate, however, I think it is important that you and the readers of your site realize that there are several women who actually have valid reasons why we cannot support Sarah. First let me say that I am a bible believer even though I am a Democrat from the North East. Sarah Palin has not spoken to ME nor has she included my friends, family or colleagues because I am NOT a hockey mom, soccer mom nor a stay at home mom. I was a single mom for 15 years who raised my sons in suburban Long Island while working full time in Manhattan! I needed work life balance to succeed while I tried to raise my children with family values and urge them to get a good education. I had to expand my knowledge and work very hard to earn every promotion I got. After watching Sarah perform in the interviews it is clear that she just does not have the knowledge that is needed to be VP of the U>S.A. yet! Yes she was mayor and yes she is Governor and I applaud her, and maybe in the next four years she will be ready, but she is not ready right now. There is nothing more I'd like to see than a woman as President and in due time that might be Sarah, but let us think here and be honest. If we truly believe in Country First SArah is not ready as she clearly demonstrates. Being a Pitful in lipstick sounds immature it is not an argument for one to be VP or President. If she is to be respected she needs to get her act together and gain substance in world affairs. This is not just about being pro life because many of us are, or supporting her teenage daughter because many of us know how to support our children.Sarah has to be ready to lead this country and like it or not Alaska and Wasilla are small towns that have not given her the experience needed to rule a diverse America that is on show before the World. If Sarah thinks all the women out there are hockey moms and the rest of us just do not matter, well no wonder many of us have not flocked to her side. I hope you will think about my comments and realize and appreciate that there are many democrats who do think, and do have values, and do want to see women succeed, but we have to be competent!!
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have Never Been Polled for this either, other things many times but not this! Hmmmm,interesting... are only Democratic Woman polled? Just wondering at the odds.
btw I emailed you too.

jive said...

Hey, people of like mind, where have you been? I saw you in CNN and i'm compelled to check you out.

Today Yahoo news is replete with negative articles about Palin. Funny is they have to get all sources of Troopergate news and flood the whole 3 web pages with all of it, as if 2 news about the story isn't enough. Amazing hate by the liberal search engine. Can't describe this phenomena that is going on for weeks since Sarah shows up.

We are outnumbered my friends. Only a miracle will turn the situation on our favor.

What kind of thing did Sarah bring to make everyone react like demon possesed?

Amilysue said...

My question is for those that state that Sarah does not have enough experience to be this the reason you will vote for the other party? Did you care as much about the length of the resume of any former VPs? Will you ignore the shortcomings of the other side and where your beliefs are and where you stand on the issues because of this? Or would you be voting democrat anyway and this is the best reason you can give? I'm curious.

Mariann said...

Since it is apparent that most of the bloggers on here do not want to hear about other viewpoints, I won't bother to try to state some of the things I see as obvious fallacies.

However, I would like to say that to the fair-minded, truth-seeking liberal, your conservative ideas seem just as biased, unbelievable, and untrue as our liberal ones do to you. That is why I think it is wise to refrain from calling us "insane people" as Tami did. We are not any more insane than you are. We have different beliefs.

I've been on both sides of the camp--I was raised in a very conservative, Christian home and used to be a staunch Republican. But I as I learned more about the world we live in, I changed my views on many things.

What we need from both sides is less fanatical support of one candidate or the other and more readiness to listen to different viewpoints. We need less polarization and more moderation. Because the truth is usually found somewhere in the middle of two hotly contested beliefs.

Amilysue said...

katelyn - info about riot advocating

"If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness - and hopelessness! " by Fatimah Ali, Philadelphia Daily News Sept 2nd,2008

A political scientist at a Christian college in New York City warns that if Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama loses the election on November 4, race riots could break out in large U.S. cities.

A recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll suggested Senator Obama's race could cost him up to six percentage points on election night. David Corbin, a politics professor at The King's College, contends there is potential for public riots the night of or after the election, if Obama's lead in the polls does not translate into victory.

I looked for news/educated reports, not from other blogs etc.

Moi aussi said...

Thank you for this website.

Every four years I am hit hard by the hypocrisy of both parties. The most glaring example this presidential election has been the feminist movement's treatment of Sarah Palin. I thought (I consider myself a feminist) that feminists were suposed to support a woman's quest for the highest office, her right to work outside the home without ridicule, her right to participate in what were once male dominated activities ie hunting, to name a few things. Do you only get to be a feminist if you are a Democrat or support abortion "rights"? (And in that vein-why is it okay to kill and unborn child because it doesn't fit one's lifestyle, and it is very bad to kill a moose that will feed your family?)

If you do not agree with her politics-stick to that, don't go off on hypocritical tangents, such as making fun of her hair and makeup or say things like she is a bad parent for going to work. We would never talk about a man in that manner.

Anonymous said...

I know that you will not be swayed to vote other wise but what I have to say, but Palin is a hypocrit when she claims to be pro-life. Pro-life also includes other lives and not just that of an unborn child. It includes wild life as well. I cannot find myself to trust a self-interest, hypocrit like Palin. Please do some more research on this woman. The majority of people in Alaska that originally vote her into office are now against her because of things that she has done in office. Why vote for someone that cares more about themselves and how they are effected before the American people. She abused her power as govenor and she is now trying to say that the democrats are behind this investigation, when she authorized the investigation before she was announced to be McCain's running mate.

Pleas do some more research on her. That is all I ask before you go and vote for the next president and vice prsident of this great nation.

Thank you for your time

Raquel P.
Omaha, NE

JR said...

I wanna know the issues she stands on. During the debate it seemed she was just talking in circles. Like she does on interviews and like she does anytime she talks about anything. When does foreign policies have to do with a foreign leader flying over your state? Why doesn't the whole state of alaska run for office because then they are all qualified to run for office. I'm just thinking the whole Palin bit is a joke. A last bit attempt for Republicans to win over woman voters because they think they are stupid enough to vote for them just because she is a woman. She is no Hilary Clinton this is the woman who is holding back progress as far as womens rights go. And the more I'm reading this womans blog the more its just a squabble back and forth where she doesnt care what people think but why do you support her issues and stances in a Political Discussion not some popularity contest. TALK ABOUT ISSUES PLEASE!!

Judit said...

Hello Tammi, as a fellow resident of Coral Springs, I have some thoughts, and questions, I hope you take the time to respond. First before any prejudgment I will like to advise I don't think you are an idiot, as it may be suggested from some of your entries because I am Democrat and support Obama in this presidency election, I do not know you, as you do not know me. I am concerned because you seem to be quite offended with any suggestion that this man may be a Muslim( as for the stress of his middle name: Hussein, or his roots, ect) and I wonder if you may understand our rights to Worship in the way that best befits each individual. For myself, I am a United States Citizen, which happens to be Muslim. I was raised in this country and I am proud of where I am from. I do not have any Arab descendants, yet people, perhaps even you always refer to me as one. If I was of Arab descent, I would be proud but I am not. I am of English descent, and a 3rd generation immigrant to the West. Yet it is hard for me to understand why usually people that support what you support hate me so much, only because of the veil I wear. I see constantly the blogs in Coral Springs on how people tell each other they should attack me (because I am Muslim) or people like me. Keep an eye out for me because I am a terrorist. All false statements but are so spread in this community. I go places and people humiliate me, my child, again only by my appearance. I do not understand this hatred. I am a law abiding citizen, who pays my taxes, feeds my neighbors(which non are Muslims, but some are struggling) participate in the PTA, shows my child respect for others, and follow these values in my everyday life. Yet at times I am restrained in my home because someone may have wanted to run me over, others scream obscene comments while I am with my child, and a constant humiliating by people that do not know me at all. If they did they would see the gentle kind person I am, and strive to be. Very much so because of my believes. I still see people who know nothing about my religion stereotype thoughts of post 9/11 attitudes without merit or cause. I go back to that thought of the stress over Barack Obama's full name. Truly does it make a difference what his mother named him? It shouldn't. One may say Tami is an unusual name if not the norm, now does that make you a Christian radical, perhaps no, but yet you emphasize this as a warning to the people. We all have rights, and again one of those rights is to worship how one sees fit. This is best for me, and I should not be targeted only because of that. I think that even though you have every right to your opinion, as do I one should be discrete about the way one expresses and shares those. I wonder, if I was your neighbor, would you call the fire department if my house was on fire, or is your hatred to my religion so grand you would enjoy my house burning to the ground? We live in Coral Springs, where there are so many cultures, and people of all creeds colors, that we should be proud of our accomplishments as a city. We have the best schools, great parks, great cultural affairs for our youth, and I can continue. Wouldn't it be great if you got to know the other side of the fence? We live in a world that is filled with all kinds of people, and even though we do not have to support or agree with all, some tolerance should be demonstrated. So I ask for your thoughts, your views on these thoughts I have shared with you. Be honest, please. If you still hate me without knowing me simply because of my believes, quite frankly you are just as bad as the ones you criticize.... I will still be supporting Obama/Biden in the election, and it is mainly because of the GOP's stressed and public dislike of my right to be a Muslim... tc JB

Suzie said...

Tami - You GO girl!!! I'm glad I found your blog (thanks to CNN). I appreciate well educated, articulate people of any political persuasion speaking on the issues. Sarah is WAY more qualified to lead America than Obama, but what I like about her most is that I think she understands the average American. Sure times are tough right now, but they were GREAT before the Democrats took over congress 2 years ago. Why doesn't anyone bring up that?

Wonder Man said...

I appreciate the different views. I am an Obama supporter and I also believe in fair play. I like to hear opposite opinions and I like your blog. But I also keep real. So keep it up, Tami. We may not agree but that's a good thing.

harv0109 said...

I completely respect our rights as human beings, and even more so as women. In this country everyone is protected by the same constitutional rights. However, we all have the right to exercise those rights as well! I believe we, as women, have made great strides towards the White House, and will continue to do so. But the first woman I want to see in the White House will be a woman that is actually for ALL the WOMEN in this great nation! Dictating women's reproductive rights, education, and religion is not the answer to a fair and just society. In fact, it is hundreds of steps backwards. Many women have fought with tooth and nail to give women the option of having a career inside or outside the home - both very admirable choices- but note that CHOICE is the operative word. It is because we have fought so hard to have the choice that we have gained so much in life today. I may not choose to have an abortion, you may not choose to have an abortion, nor may our mothers, daughters, or sisters. But we owe the women of this country, the women who grace our neighborhoods, schools, and grocery stores the right to choose! If a woman wants to have an abortion after she was raped, then let her. If she needs an abortion due to health concerns, then let her. And bottom line, if she just feels an abortion is the best choice for her, then let her make that CHOICE! We as women have the beautiful ability to give birth to the human race, however our brains have advanced science as well. This is all a part of evolution and we now must stand by our right to choose.
Now, you choose the candidate that is right for all women, men, and children alike. Who do you think is protecting your constitutional rights?
About me: I was raised in a conservative military family, I lived in five different states and three diferent countries, and I recently completed my master's degree in Higher Education. I am 26 years old, and I am for Obama.

Mr. Sidelines said...

These electoral sample polls mean nothing. It's like chicken soup. Sometimes you get more noodles and sometimes you get more sheep...I mean chicken.

Acorn activity is very concerning though.

Not knowing ANYTHING about Obama is even more troubling.

Anonymous said...

Great job on this blog! You guys are shining light on the truth, despite what is being said by the slanted left wing media! Keep up the good fight!

riv said...

I'm wondering if you will continue your complaints against Obama if he is elected? Or will you decide to take the high road and begin to reach across the aisle and put this country back together? Obama advocates all of us coming together and healing our country, please join us.

btperi said...

On CNN you were introduced as a Christian Women's Bible Study !

Are these comments really the witness you wish to pass on to the world ?

Would you stand face to face with your Lord and Savior and defend the content, tone, and theme of this post ?

WRG said...

Why is it anti-feminist to disagree with Palin? Sharing an x chromosome and female reproductive organs with someone have nothing to do with sharing their point of view.

Mr. America said...

The only difference between Sarah Palin and the Taliban is that Sarah Palin signs a christian note!! Average American has a less than 90 IQ, catch Jay Leno talk to people on the streets, Dumb as can be, no wonder America in in love with Palin!

Anonymous said...

"I appreciate the different views. I am an Obama supporter and I also believe in fair play. I like to hear opposite opinions and I like your blog. But I also keep real. So keep it up, Tami. We may not agree but that's a good thing."

Wonderman... I may be supporting the McCain/Palin ticket, but I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement posted a few comments ago. You would not belief the harsh , vile, & very scary comments that people have left on this blog the last few days. Tami, has really had to "weed" a lot of them out. Not because they view things differently, but because they were horrid and very rude.
Thanks you for being so refreshing and reminding me that there are people out there who may disagree with my beliefs, but who value them at the same time.
You are refreshing...

I haven't been polled either and I don't know anyone who has. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...


Out of all do respect, you have NO IDEA of the types of comments that have been left here over the last few days. If you did, you would not be questioning Tami's judgement or tone of this post. Many of the comments left were horrific, vile and down-right scary & mean. It wasn't a matter of issues of disagrement, but the comments left were full of hate, intimidation & VERY crued.

Thank you for weeding through the comments and dismissing the ones that need not be read at all.
You guys are doing a great job with this blog!
Press on...
In Him,

democraticwomanofvalue said...

My response is to Amilysue and others and it is in the form of a question: When you are a choosing a doctor for yourself or for a loved one do you search for someone who is knowlegable and very good in his/her field? When you seek a mechanic to repair your car do you choose someone who knows their job very well? Why aren't we aspiring equally as high in this election for the #2 position? John McCain is knowlegable and he is experienced and he supports many of your values and views, but Sarah just isn't ready for the job. JOhn did her a dis-service with this stunt to win you guys over who didn't trust him. Would you go into surgery with a top surgeon and a first year intern assisting him knowing he may not be able to finish your surgery and your life and well being would be in the hands of the 1st year intern?

mohrek said...

I found your blog after looking at the CNN article on the internet. Rarely do I look at a CNN article due to its biased nature, but it had a great title. I am not a wife or mom, but I am a Christian lady who has a strong faith in Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that you ladies stood up on national television to take a stand for morals. That's what the McCain/Palin ballot is...a stand for morals. I just read an article from the NY times and its subject is what I wanted to comment on..."This is such a serious moment in American history that it’s hard to believe that someone with Ms. Palin’s limited skills could possibly be playing a leadership role." I thought that comment was almost an identical comment I would have remarked for Obama. Why has America looked past that? I'm terrified of what will happen to America if Obama wins...and I'm terrified of what will happen to America if Obama doesn't win. I find these times very scary!

Scott said...

Just a reality check for all you math lovers... perhaps the reason you havent been polled is not because there's some vast left-wing conspiracy.

The REAL reason is that most polls talk to about 800-1000 people before they release the results. THERE ARE 300 MILLION PEOPLE IN AMERICA.

Cmon people- I havent been polled either and neither has anyone I know. That doesnt mean theres some big dark collusion going on.

But while we're on the topic, there has been much made about how polls dont consider people who only use cell phones and dont have a land line... generally speaking those tend to be younger americans and will probably give Obama a slight bump over the current 8 point lead he enjoys today.

Let's use our heads, folks.

Island Dreamin' said...

I am 41 and my husband is 47--WE HAVE NEVER BEEN POLLED... AND here is the REAL kicker--we don't know ANYONE who has ever been polled!

There sure was A LOT OF EXCITEMENT at that Palin Rally at ECU last Tuesday! LOTS of very happy, excited people. The O-what's-his-name supporters are SCARED TO DEATH--THAT is why they are cranking down the screws on the political knuckles of our party. Turn off the liberal media and go with what you know! McCain made a great decision, and I am not, for one, looking back.

Mary said...

btperi said... "On CNN you were introduced as a Christian Women's Bible Study!"

Please view the video on CNN's website and you will hear that the women in that interview attend Bible Studies as part of describing what they participate in.

This blog is not a women's Bible study. The blog was created to be a blog for anyone to come and read and discuss the 2008 elections and Sarah Palin in particular.

mountainmeli said...

I am a woman. I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. In November, I will vote for Obama. I saw the interview on CNN with the women who created this blog and being an evangelical Christian myself, I was curious. I came to this site hoping to learn from others who may not share my same political viewpoint but who I thought shared my faith. I have been saddened by what I have found.

In the same blog in which people criticize the Democrats for being hate-filled, sophomoric, and condescending, there are a great many people, including John, one of the 4 people whose blog it is, who have posted inflammatory and condescending statements like this:

"The Obama campaign seems to attract the weak minded, the prejudiced, and the reprobate."
"Funny how most young people under 29 vote Democrat and then once they turn 30 they have more experience, are a little wiser, and they realize the error of their liberal/socialiat ways and vote Republican."
"PALIN will bring back MORALS to Democratic immoral lifestyles.
LOL@OBAMASHEEP blinded by the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.
Ayers, Wright, Acorn and Mr. Credit Card Crusader Biden. Wake up my irresponsible child."

This a comment from "Proud American," "It is time we Christians speak out and say yes, we can be political and still be Christians. Jesus would not have stood silently by. He would have condemned Obama." I could agree with you until you claimed to know the mind of God by stating that God would have condemned Obama. The Bible teaches that God looks at the heart and yes, words and actions are the overflow of the heart. But are we not all in the process of redemption? And on this trajectory of redemption, no one's words and actions will be perfect, nor will they necessarily reflect the work that God is doing in the person's heart. How can you claim to know how God would judge another person's heart?

Another comment: "you people are so stupid. Baracks middle name IS Hussein. If you actually read through posts here, you will find that she does use McCain's middle name a lot. Get over your phobia, you pathetic losers." My question for the person who wrote that is where does that anger come from?

Tiffany over at can be quoted as saying, "These dems are all kinds of twisted up. :o)" Tiffany, do you use that smiley face symbol in attempt to justify the critical generalization you just made?

I know it is your blog and you can say whatever you want. But it makes me so sad as a Christian, mind you I am a broken and imperfect Christian just like any Christian, to see Christians acting in such pride, ridiculing others, lying to defame others, exaggerating, relegating to hell peoples whose hearts they do not know as John did in his post, and attempting to stand up to hate with more hate rather than love.

Neither unregulated free markets nor government regulated programs will be effective when the love of Christ is absent. As my husband often reminds me, the systems are not the problem but rather the people are the problem. When we as people are not practicing the great commandments of loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, strength, and mind, or loving our neighbor as ourselves, how can we expect anything to work effectively?

Much of the rage seems to be aimed at Obama and the company that he keeps, in fact that is the majority of what I've heard recently from the Republican candidates, an assassination of character. For those of you who identify yourselves as Christians, may I ask this question of you, what judgment would have been rendered of Jesus if we judged him by the company he kept?

I think that many of you, on both sides, are correct in saying that there are a lot of angry people out there spewing hate across the aisle. And again, it's your blog, but as Christians aren't we called to work towards unity rather than division? You can keep referring to "us" and "them," but that is nothing but divisive. We can continue to point fingers at one another or we can stop and ask God to examine our own hearts. We can fight hatred with love. "Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord. On the contrary: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing so, you will heap burning coals on his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:17-21)If you really believe "the other side is evil, then why respond with anger defensiveness? We all have a choice. We can choose to hold our tongues, allowing out only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And we can listen, yes listen. Not with an agenda or while preparing our next argument of defense, but truly and actively listen with ears that hear and eyes that see the other person, whether cloaked in red or blue, as a human being created in the image of God. Someone once told me that the way to wisdom is to engage every person you encounter as though he or she has something to teach you. Perhaps there is much we could teach each other if only we had the humility to stop pointing fingers, to stop blaming, to stop condescending and to listen. Perhaps then we could get somewhere…together.

This is a call to Christians of all political persuasions. It is a call to dialogue, true dialogue, engaged with humility, respect, and love.


Simply Elephant said...

democraticwomanofvalue - I just thought I should inform you of one point in your comment. I am a wife of one of those interns that you mentioned assisting a surgeon.

Every day he is the first assist on a surgery. If the surgeon had to leave, he would take over. That's how the medical field works - and how he's learning to be a better surgeon.

Sometimes it's not just "book smarts" or training that makes up experience and ability to perform a job/function. Sometimes it also includes the ability to relate to those you are serving AND the ability to see the larger picture. I believe that this is where Palin far overshadows the other politicians within the race.

Katelyn said...

amilysue, thanks for the sources. I can certainly see the potential for riots to break out in the event of a McCain victory. Just as there is always the potential for riots to break out after sporting events. However, the implication is that there are people encouraging these riots. Your sources are in line with the idea that the potential is there, but I'm not seeing how they would support a claim that Democrats are actively trying to bring about such riots in the event of defeat. Tami, I am certainly looking forward to such a blog. However, I would be shocked for such claims to be proven true for either party, but I would most certainly want to be aware if such an issue is real.