Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate

Did you know that as of several days ago Obama won the debate??? I didn't realize the media is now able to see into the future, but apparently so! Obama even released his post debate talking points this morning, and guess what? The mainstream media got those too--funny how that happens. 

Like every debate, the decision is split--I personally was thrilled to see Senator McCain come out strong against Obama on important issues, it's long overdue. I thought he did an awesome job. McCain Palin supporters, tell me what you think!

To see a blow by blow account of the debate by Michelle Malkin, click on this link


Paddy said...

By the way, get ready for the TAMI NANTZ IS A WHORE blog. Enjoy, you dirty slut!

thomas said...

Let's remember that the McCain website had McCain declared the winner of the last debate the day before it took place. So prescience is not a talent of just one candidate.


azdave said...

"a lib"?? I certainly don't consider myself to be one, but I don't expect this to get published anyway. People seem to have this abiding need to polarize almost every situation, from sports to religion to politics, and you certainly are carrying that banner. It would be easy for me to understand that you simply don't want to publish dissenting positions ... it's your blog and that's completely your right. Banning opposing thoughts simply because they come from someone you perceive to be of a different tribe hardly upholds traditional American values, though.

MurrayA said...

I saw the debate on Fox news a couple of hours ago, and although I think John McCain did well, he failed to deliver a knockout punch. On the issue of abortion, he let lie the Obama li(n)e that Illinois already had a law that protected live-born infants. As I understand it, that's simply not true. Anyway, if such a law existed, why then the need for a fresh one? He is being sly and devious there.
McCain should have hit Obama on his announced plan to sign free and comprehensive abortion legislation the moment he gets into power.
Overall, the purpose of these debates is not to win so much as to display the contrasting philosophies. McCain did that well, esp. on education and health-care. Obama is opposed to vouchers for parents: because that sort of thing undermines the totalitarian control which socialism wants over your kids.
Obama came over to me as just a smooth talker, a charmer, with a heap of hidden agendas and disguised horrors: another radical social engineer. I have seen his type before. My best comment is Psalm 55:21.

azdave said...

I wasn't able to watch the entire debate, but for the portion I did see it seemed that McCain answered several questions more directly than did Obama. I also thought it was interesting that Obama didn't feel the need to try to discredit Palin as a potential president, since she herself has already done that for him.

Green4Kids said...

I just had to come over to your blog and say, what the H was McCain thinking to compare Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome son to Autism? The Republicans have done nothing for the Autism Community and him saying that three different times tonight proves he knows nothing about autism. I can't believe this came out of his mouth, that is proof of the little he knows about living in America as a "normal" person!

John said...


We decided to post this trash since it shows exactly what kind of people are out there supporting Barack Hussein Obama. Thanks for all the ammo Paddywacky!! With friends like you Barack Hussein Obama doesn't need enemies. Oh yeah, good luck trying to publish a blog like that. Read the terms of use agreement. Anyway, I hope everyone takes a good look at Paddywacky and the many other comments we've allowed to be posted here with the same sort of bigoted, unreasoned, and fearful response. Keep running scared Paddywacky!! LOL

cattmamy said...

It is very sad to see that this country that I love so much have such hateful people in it like Paddy. These types of people are very simple minded.
I beleive strongly against abortion. Why is it ok to take the life of one to save another? Why is one life more important than another? I beleive that when there is still breath there is still hope!
I am also a strong beleiver that this country needs to do away with all the credit cards and making it so darn easy to get a loan for anything you want! That is what has ruined our economy, NOT PRESIDENT BUSH! The democrats need to stop blaming bush. He has done the best that he could with what he was given. Has everyone forgotten about how the Clinton's trashed the white house before leaving office. To me that is very disrespectful!
Another point I would like to make is why would we want a person like Obama to run our country? He and his wife Michelle are both disrespctful to our flag and in turn is disrespectful to our veterans! If it were not for the veterens we would not be living in a free country with the right to vote.
I am a conservative christian and a strong McCain/Palin supporter along with my whole family!

Anonymous said...

I think that McCain did what he needed to do. He confronted issues, came on a little stronger than he has in the past debates, but remained in complete control. I just don't think that it's going to be enough. If he would have debated like this the first two times, he would be a shoe in...

I will say... the frustrated woman came out in me last night! He had Obama's back against the wall soooooooooo many times with all of Obama's lies. EX: The abortion issue. Since when did Obama change his stance again? And what about the issue of Induced Labor Abortion... I have him on video saying that the baby would have been an inconveinance and wasn't wanted. The baby would have only been "a burden to the mother". The baby was left to die! (See videos below.) McCain let him get away on that one.

Can you read my frustration??? Ayers was approached, but I thought that Obama handled that real smooth. ACORN was brought up and Obama EVADED a real answer. Again... McCain could have really pushed the ACORN issue. And for "dirty campaigning"? Please... let's not go there. These are just a few examples.

I understand that MCCain did not want to appear "irrational" as Obama has painted him, but Obama was a lier all through the night. Smooth talker, very hypnotic... but a lier! MCCain could have really exposed him for who he is!

I will say that McCain's high-light was, "I am not George Bush. If you wanted to run against him you should have run 4 years ago." That was great! My hubby loved the slip of "Senator Government". We both loved "Joe"...

Again, he came off stronger and did the GOP proud. BUT... I wish that he would have shown us this side of him during the last two debates.

Well... All's in the hands of the people... I just hope that the "blind shall see".

azdave said...

I have to admit I'm surprised my last two submissions got published ... and I'd like to commend Tami (and John?) for reopening a but of actual dialogue on the campaign. However, Paddy and his ilk are idiots no matter which direction any of us lean on the issues, and I'm truly sorry that you folks have to put up with that sort of crap. It diminishes all of us, as well as our country. I'm also surprised that CNN and various independent polls show Obama winning last night's debate by such a margin. I'm not a McCain supporter anymore (I was once) and don't plan to vote for him, but I thought he at least held his ground. To Christina's point about McCain not finishing off Obama when he had him cornered on certain issues, I think that falls back on the shoulders of McCain's advisors. In recent weeks, most polls have indicated that independent voters felt that while both campaigns crossed the line on negative attacks, the Republican side (particularly Sarah Palin) crossed it further. It didn't help matters that the McCain campaign staff actually announced ahead of time that they would hit harder. Since it is generally agreed that this close to the election very few voters who have chosen sides are likely to switch, McCain was forced to back off to avoid looking "angry and mean" (that seems to be the label that's been pinned on him). Obama has generally been credited with being more in direct control of his campaign strategy than McCain, and if McCain loses the election I think that his advisers are going to get most of the blame for being inconsistent and at odds with themselves.

The Wood Man said...

wow people like paddy make the rest of us the have different ideas about things seem much more radical than we are. I would never resort to calling names simply because I can't come up with an argument for or against something.

As for the debate, I think both candidates sidestepped more issues than they addressed. They wanted to do things their ways, without consideration for the actual questions.

It also seemed to me that the moderator was purposefully trying to start up the mudslinging during the debate, as if that is the reason that they are on live televising, is to talk trash to each other. If thats all they are there for, they are no different than watching Nighttime television dramas.

We don't need entertainment from our president. We need plans that will work, discussion of the differences in plans without constant rewording from both sides to create illusions of plans that might work, but to never allude to these plans. Other than the rhetoric about how Obama will lower taxes to 95% of people(which i highly doubt)he never really went into detail in how he would help balance budgets. Same with McCain.

You would think these guys would come prepared to talk actual plans, not campaign generalizations and pathetic mudslinging.

I don't care who can talk shit better while keeping a strait face. I want to know who actually has an idea of what the F they are going to if they are elected.

Thank you for posting.

Justin said...

I have a question for conservative republicans. I get the feeling that your "strong christian values" dictate many of your political choices. Now no one can stop you from voting ANY way you want, have you even read the first amendment? The government shall respect no establishment of a religion. So why do we have a political party that is strictly aligned with religious values? What do you think the founding fathers would think? And if you respond with the fact that they were Christians too, then why did they put the 1st amendment first? If modern conservative republicans wrote the bill of rights, I'm fairly certain that the right to bear arms would come before: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". A ban of abortions would be included as well...and gay marriages.
I ask you this. What if two atheists were running? Never mind the fact that you believe that it will never happen, let's be hypothetical. Lets say Obama and McCain both suddenly claim they are atheists. How would that change your vote? Would it make you reexamine the issues, and not focus on what correlates with your religious doctrine? I would bet a large sum of money on the fact that those who support Sarah Palin are NOT atheists. With the 1st amendment in mind, if Palin announced tomorrow that she was an atheist, would this website exist? Would you moms support her unconditionally, or with religion out of the picture, would you be forced to look at the issues. Do you think Palin could handle this economic crisis? May i remind you that the world's brightest people are working on this issue, so motherhood, "down-to-earthism", and "executive" experience, does not trump education. Would you concede that Obama is more educated than Palin?
If the smartest man in the world was running against an average "joe the plumber", who would you vote for? Joe doesn't know much about foreign policy and the economy, but he knows scripture! He will ban abortions, ban gay marriage, and stop all attacks on Christianity. The smart man will not do those things, but he will fix any crisis very quickly. Lets say the smart man is an atheist. He will improve everyone's financial life, improve health care and education, but will pay no mind to religion. So conservative republican, who could you vote for?

If you choose not to post this comment, will you please email me a personal response? In California, i don't run into many conservatives to debate with. So once again, if you don't publicly post this, email me your response. my address is

Thank you

John said...


Thanks for the comment. Your editing of the First Amendment is indicative of the general misunderstanding of what its true meaning is. Let's look at the whole religion clause: "Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE thereof..." Justin, what this means is that Congress has no constitutional authority to regulate in matters of religion and that Congress is forbidden to RESTRAIN, in any fashion, its free exercise. That means if I want to pray in school, or pray on the floor of the Senate, or read my Bible in a courthouse, or engage in any religious activity that the federal government is to remain silent. The clear fact of the matter is religious thought has everything to do with government and politics. Consider this. The notion of rights being personal is a Christian idea. This notion comes from the Biblical principal that man is made in the image of God and, therefore has rights inherent in himself. Personal rights are not granted by the state and not subject to their modification or abrogation by the state. Our entire republic stands on this principle; a religious principle. Hope this gives you some food for thought.

the wiz said...

I support Obama. A year or so ago I was a huge admirer of Senator McCain because he stood independent of his party. I knew he was his own man. But regardless of how angry he has made me in the past year, I will not denigrate him.

I feel John (admin of this blog) is doing a disservice to the national discourse, his religious values, and his side of political arena when he insultingly stresses Barack's middle name. I know it's his actual name, but let's not pretend we don't understand the insinuation (he's muslim).

Other Palin supporters do the same when they call Barack a liar. Both McCain and Barack have changed their policy positions.

I know some of you are angry because of the idiots leaving nasty comments, but there are idiots on both sides.

Let us people of sound mind not be reduced to one of them. They will be pulling us down, and we should stand as an example to them. This country will need to work together when this race is over, regardless who wins.

thomas said...


It makes me so weary,sad and angry that people like Paddy pollute what should be and could be a respectful dialogue between people of goodwill with a course level of discourse that creates sharper divisions between us while adding nothing credible to the conversation.

I would not have posted it if I were the gatekeeper. But having decided to post it, you also fall victim to the kind of distortion that helps a Paddy justify his miserable existence.

Paddy is no more an example of a typical Obama supporter then the people who posted vulgar cartoons of Obama being lynched or in lewd postures with Osama Bin Laden or posted crude sexual jokes about Michelle Obama and most hideously Barack Obama's two young children are representative of McCain supporters or Republicans.

When we condemn a whole group of Americans by holding them accountable for or even worse, linking their values to, a sick, depraved soul like Paddy, we just add to the cycle of hate that continues to unwind in these ever more difficult times. I deeply believe that Christ calls us to something better.

Yours in Christ,


David said...

I really dont care whether you post this or not.
The facts are that BOTH John McCain and Barack Obama are Socialists.
They FULLY support the Federal Reserve System and the Feds request for over a TRILLION dollars to bail out the Banks (not the American people) increasing dramatically the National Debt to over 10 TRILLION DOLLARS. Its already to late to try and pay this debt back a 1/3 of which is owed to foreign countries.
You dont even mention that in ANY of your blog. The Constitution of the United States is being violated every day by the WHOLE US Government. Gay Marriage and Abortion do NOT have ANYTHING to do with our economy which is falling. Stick to the REAL issues.
Instead of acting like children with your fancy words such as Lib and Con that the average working American does not care about talk about stopping our worldwide empire from bankrupting OUR country. We spend almost 700 BILLION dollars a year financing 700 US Military bases in numerous countries around the world. Thats over 4 TRILLION! dollars in 6 years ALL supposedly paid for BY US TAXPAYERS. Right like WE HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY SITTING AROUND.
Whether you post this or not PLEASE LEARN THE TRUTH.