Monday, October 20, 2008

Joe Biden: Republican Plant?

Barack Hussein Obama's lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs and on national defense, has been a source of great concern for many conservatives. All Obama has to his credit is a couple of paltry years in the Senate and a voting record where he only managed to vote present.  Obama's affinity for those who compose the axis of evil (Russia's Putin, Iran's Ahmadinejad, Cuba's Castro, etc.) clearly signals to the rest of the world that an Obama presidency would be characterized by ambivalence toward those who threaten American interests. Obama's commitment to defeat in Iraq can only be interpreted by Al Qaeda as weakness. With the barbarians hammering away at the gates, Obama wants to placate and strike a Chamberlin-like pose.  I suppose this comports with his delusional sense of entitlement.  Obama is our modern version of the Jacobin, an elite who will execute the "will of the people" to his taste.  These over civilized notions merely invite the ferrule terrorist to further acts of violence. Obama's running mate seems to share the same notions but for different reasons.  Joe Biden, the 'human gaffe machine', stated quite plainly that the Obama regime will be tested by foreign powers within six months of his assumption of power. This is something that conservatives have been trumpeting about for months. Finally, Joe got something right.  You just can't make up stuff this good.  You'd think the bone-head from Delaware was working for the Republicans. Obama can't be too rough on old Joe, since Obama's been yammering about his Marxist redistributionary plans to simple folk like Joe the Plumber.  

Senator John McCain's record of experience and heroism speaks for itself. Who are you going to vote for in these times of peril and war?  The guy who fought in Vietnam and proved the temper of his steel in the Hanoi Hilton?  And the Governor of Alaska who doesn't flinch from the prospect of a continued push for ultimate victory?  Or, are you gonna vote for the team of dumb and dumber who can't seem to figure out who the real enemy is?  The Obama/Biden team who fawn over our nation's enemies and endorse the doctrine of failure and defeat?  It's really a question of national honor versus national disgrace.  McCain has proven his honor.  Obama deals in the currency of disgrace.  Mark Biden's words, an Obama regime will incur the disdain of our enemies and bring the scourge of terrorism to our front doorsteps.       


azdave said...

Maybe I missed something, but I'm honestly puzzled who "John" is and why he figures so prominently on this blog. Tami has been pretty one-sided in her support for McCain and Palin, but at least she sticks mostly to the issues as she sees them without resorting to distorted claims and exaggerated character assassinations. This John, on the other hand, portrays each candidate as either evil or saintly and tries to polarize every topic with no objective middle ground. Do you realize how that kind of rhetoric subverts your efforts to influence anyone's opinion in this campaign? It might stoke up the rabid faithful, but it simply alienates any independent or moderate Democrat who might otherwise be interested in what you have to say. Why would you engage in something so self-defeating?? John may be that ignorant, but I can't believe Tami is ... at least not based upon what I've previously seen here.

John said...


Well, there is no middle ground, certainly not this late in the game. The issues are polarizing. It's just that simple. You gotta pick a side. It isn't a sign of intelligence to sit back and say, "I dunno." I present the issues as I see them, unvarnished and without the delicacies of equivocation. The day is drawing to a close and it's time to decide which team you're on. But, this is no game and the stakes are our liberties. Therefore, I feel the need to dispose of polite mincing and put the issues to those willing to hear and consider. The language is direct because the issues are essential. Alienation isn't a bad thing, it just means someone made a choice. So, are you on the right side or on the wrong side? A vote for McCain is a vote for the Republic. A vote for Obama is a vote for the socialism of our nation. It is, in the end, essentially about good and evil.

Filius de Paulus said...

Well John how you see life seems to be flawed. The fact that you would say that if one supports Palin/McCain that's honor verses disgrace on the other side is just short of stupidity. I am from the south-side of Chicago and what Obama has done for the area he came from is no less than honorable, in fact the Trinity United Church in which he came from is so much more that what you call the "liberal" media portrays it to be. A person who votes for Obama is choosing as much honor as one who supports McCain, I mean I could easily take McCain's record and spew all types of idiocracy about him but it's pointless; debate the issues and don't portray divisive ignorance. God Bless America!

ToddPT said...

Oh come on John. Obama is no more a socialist then McCain is and both voted for the bailout.
Your talking points are a bit overblown.
We have a $10 trillion debt mostly because of the Iraq and Afghan wars and tax cuts aren't going to pay for the war. Our brave soldiers have paid for it with their blood and lives, but some Americans want to gripe if their taxes go up 3% to pay for the war? Talk about unpatriotic. My grandparents purchased war bonds, rationed gas and did without during WWII. My grandmother was a "Rosey the Riveter" at Ft Sill, Oklahoma.
Iraq is defeated, we won the war, so any talk of defeat if we return is silly. Iraq needs to stand up, or start paying us $10 billion a month for security. Bush is currently discussing a time-table for withdrawal anyway, so the point is moot. Or do you suggest we stay past our welcome?
I'm tired of the politics of fear-mongering and was supporting McCain until he put Palin on the ticket. I was going to forego the presidential election, but as the election draws near, Obama's looking like the lesser of two evils and may get my vote if the politics of division continues.

Would be nice if you returned to the evolution discussion John. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. He told his real feelings until he was offered a JOB!
That,s kinda how this world works..who can pad the pocket and put us on top. Sad

John said...

It's very interesting to me that no one EVER attempts to dispute the issues presented in my posts. Anyone have anything to say about Biden? I suppose its much easier to just opine about issues generally and just ignore them in favor of your favorite red herring. Also, it doesn't get much more socialist than "spreading the wealth around." Wake up people. P.S. how about your guy Barney Frank who said that we should forget about the budget deficit and spend, spend, spend. Frank thinks we can just tax the rich later. Some in Congress think that "rich" includes those who make 100,000 per year. Welcome to the United Socialist States.

Filius de Paulus said...

No one "ever" seems to dispute your "issues" because it seems that your post never really have any issues in them. I have commented on Tami's post either agreeing or disagreeing and so have many others numerous times, but she usually comes to a conclusion based on facts and she states them, this post didn't really have any facts or anything to really go on, it (in my opinion) was just divisive non-factual talking points, when you state facts that can be reviewed and with substance then we can actually have a real legitimate debate, other than that it's just big words, small content.

ToddPT said...

Distribution of federal highway dollars is "spreading the wealth" around.
Funding a federal military is "spreading the wealth" around.
All government programs are "spreading the wealth" around.
Funding of faith-based initiatives is "spreading the wealth" around.

You need more examples of "socialism" that some simply view as an investment in our society?

I'm not the one calling the 3,000 who died on 9/11 anti-American because they didn't come from the sticks, your candidate is.

Say what you will about Obama, but at least he's not using rhetoric to intentionally divide the nation by declaring if you aren't of a specific sectarian ideology it makes one "anti-American" - the reason he may yet get my vote.

Mr. Freer said...

hey jon, what's so bad about socialism?

Cheryle said...

John says:
It's very interesting to me that no one EVER attempts to dispute the issues presented in my posts.

That's because you refuse to publish the thoughtful and well-written responses of people who are on your black list.

This post won't make it either and no one will know that but you, me, and God. Explain to Him how "fair" you are! I already know.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Cheryle, if I didn't know better I'd think you were one of the insane people claiming to know what kind of comments we get! You are an idiot!!! We post nearly every comment we get, unless it contains a website or is very get your story straight Cheryle...the fact that you guys can't argue the issues is your problem. What are you losers doing spending your time here anyway??? (besides a lot of you who are on Obama's payroll)

the wiz said...


So I can be clear, are you saying the choice between McCain and Obama is a choice between good and evil?

And that 51% (as of right now) of the United States is choosing evil?

Mrs.Browning said...

Wow, Tami. I actually respected everything about this website until you left that comment. You making a comment like that is just as bad as someone leaving you a bad comment but you have the right to say whatever you please to people like that and they don't get to say what they want to you? Your not any better.

I'm sticking CNN and Fox News from now on. This is simply out of control now.

mountainmeli said...


I came to this blog because I thought it might give me food for thought and challenge me to think through what I believe even further. But I am done. Tami, (this probably won't get posted anyway) I don't work for Obama, but I can no longer read posts from someone who went on national television and pronounced herself to be a Christian and then goes on to call people "idiots" and "losers" on her blog. That is not behavior reflective of the Jesus I know. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of behaviors that give Christians a bad reputation and make you no different than the "losers" (your words not mine)you disparage.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Mountain Meli and Mrs. Browning.
If you had been coming to this blog for very long and reading the unbelievable comments that have been left, I might listen to what you have to say....
I have never had so much hate thrown my way, and yet I have taken it and taken it and taken it. I am finished taking it. You people come here to read, not to have your mind changed. If your mind isn't already made up then you don't plan on making it are exactly right. It has gotten way too ugly and I am finished with you people trying to bully me. I will continue to share the facts as I see them, the issues as I see them...but you will no longer be telling me what to post and how to post it. Got that? If a conservative has a suggestion, I am all ears. NOT a conservative? Take a hike.

John said...

Mr. Freer,

Wow, astounding! Milton Friedman answers your question best:

"The free market is the only mechanism that has ever been discovered for achieving participatory democracy. Unfortunately, the relation between the ends and the means remains widely misunderstood. Many of those who profess the most individualistic objectives support collectivist means without recognizing the contradiction. It is tempting to believe that social evils arise from the activities of evil men and that if only good men (like ourselves, naturally) wielded power, all would be well. That view requires only emotion and self-praise--easy to come by and satisfying as well. To understand why it is that 'good' men in positions of power will produce evil, while the ordinary man without power but able to engage in voluntary cooperation with his neighbors will produce good, requires analysis and thought, subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty. Surely that is one answer to the perennial mystery of why collectivism, with its demonstrated record of producing tyranny and misery, is so widely regarded as superior to individualism, with its demonstrated record of producing freedom and plenty. The argument for collectivism is simple if false; it is an immediate emotional argument. The argument for individualism is subtle and sophisticated; it is an indirect rational argument. And the emotional faculties are more highly developed in most men than the rational, paradoxically or especially even in those who regard themselves as intellectuals."

To Filius,

It seems the question surpasses your analytical ability. So, I'll spell it out for you: how do u respond to Biden's gaffe?

Cheryle, et al: Fair? in what reality does fair have any significance? We're talking about real issues here. Fair has no place. Fair is for failures. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

P.S. Christ never compromised with error. In fact, if you know your Bible, he had very harsh words for those who presented error as truth.

Filius de Paulus said...

Hey John,
What is your rational for saying that 51% of the nation is choosing evil because they don't agree with you. Give me some example, I mean real examples, not opinion, something that cannot be refuted as evil, that makes you say Obama is choosing evil and McCain is a choice for the good, I can guarantee you can't do it. You just can't. All you are doing is playing American against American and you claim to be patriotic, I dunno so much about that. Well I hope you can give me some examples, clear cut examples of how McCain is good by definition of good and Obama is evil, by the nature and definition of evil, you can't and that puts you in error, I wonder what Christ has to say about that (BTW that is not a stab at Christ as I am a devout Catholic, I'm just using your logic).

Anonymous said...

"I actually respected everything about this website until you left that comment. You making a comment like that is just as bad as someone leaving you a bad comment but you have the right to say whatever you please to people like that and they don't get to say what they want to you? Your not any better."
Mrs, Browning, Have you never lost your temper? Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has "those days". Even Christians...
Please throw Tami some slack and try to understand what the people of this site have been through these last few weeks. Give the M4SP ladies (& John) a little grace. Something we all need extra of every now and again.

You have really been through a lot! Just stay focused on why you created this blog. For conservative mothers like me. Christian woman who want to stay in touch with the current news on Sarah Palin.
Your site has been a great resource for me and many others. I know that it can be discouraging, especially with the amount of hate that you've seen. But remember, it just takes a little ray of light to pierce through dark! Keep pressing on...

As far as your "harsh" comments, with the amount of stress that you've been under... it was bound to happen. (Remember, even Christ lost His temper a few times!)
Human feelings and emotions are kind of like pop. When shaken up enough, we're bound to explode! (Not that it's right, but Christians are human, too.)
Just keep pressing on!

In Him,

John said...


Well, that's a soft-ball question. My RATIONALE is simple (there are other reasons as well, but I'm not writing a book here). Obama is pro abortion. Life begins at conception. Therefore, to abort is to kill. Thou shalt not kill (reference Exodus.) Obama's position on this issue is therefore in opposition to Biblical precept. It is evil. Obama is a socialist (spread the wealth around, etc.) "The control of the production of wealth is the control of human life itself." Hilaire Belloc Socialism leads to serfdom, to tyranny. It is evil. "East Germany, not West Germany, had to build a wall to keep its citizens from leaving. On its side of the wall, tyranny and misery; on the other side, freedom and affluence." Milton Friedman McCain is pro life. A Biblically supported position. McCain supports a free market. That is good. There you have it, good versus evil. You're gonna have to exercise your rational faculties here. Furrow your brow and give it a try.

the wiz said...

"When you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you."

I don't agree with you guys politics, but I believe you to be decent people. I come to your blog because when it was advertised on CNN publicly, I put it in my browser and here I am.

True enough a lot of idiots come to your blog and leave disgraceful comments. I think you should ignore them and deny them the attention they're seeking. Put up their comment (or not), but don't reply back.

As an Obama supporter, if he wins, I want the country to come together and don't want you to think that those leaving nasty comments are representative of his supporters.

Filius de Paulus said...

Then McCain is inherently evil by your rational because he supports Embryonic stem cell research. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a document called "Faithful Citizenship" and one of the thing it talks about is abortion and embryonic stem cell research, both of which are evil, in which case one is to look at other issues. Socialism is not evil, well at least not to the Catholic Church, Obama is not a socialist, maybe a democratic socialist which is the type of society we already live in.
If you really hate socialism then you would send your kids (if you have any) to private school and pay for it (like I did) and you would be opposed to government supported roads and in all actuality police, fire, MILITARY is all a form of socialism, it's taking money from one group and giving it to another.
The Church herself used to be a socialist type of institution, it still is, as Christians we are required to give to support the Church and her missions throughout the world (by the way the Church, Catholic that is believes health care is a right and as a society we should be providing it-I guess that's socialism too no maybe it's communism AHHHH). Democratic Socialism is one thing Communism (which you claim Obama is) is another, and that he is not by definition. But stay in ignorance, it doesn't change my view, it just make you less credible.
Anyways, sorry for the long post!

Mrs.Browning said...

You are not the only one, Tami, and Obama supporters aren't the only people threatening families and starting wars. One of my dear friends at the college I attend was nearly killed because of McCain supporters nearly running her off the road for having an Obama sticker on the back of her car in support of him. And to have someone threaten you compared to someone who actually TRIED killing you is totally different, huh? So as far as that, try to be fair on both sides because there's a war going on within our own country.

What I'm trying to say is that people are going to talk. They are going to send you messages, they are going to send you comments that aren't kind and are uncalled for. These people are solely doing nothing but trying to bring you down because of the way you believe. And it disappoints me that these kind of people are getting to you and your letting them. And for you to make a statement like that shows that they succeeded on breaking you and they're happy that you're finally down to their level because that's what they want. And I know you are so much better than that. This country is so much better than that, but unfortunately, some people aren't willing to be decent. And you may disagree with me, but I think all this negative campaigning has a HUGE part in all of this diversity.

I apologize that I didn't say this in my last comment, and I guess I should have so you could understand before you got upset, but even if I did mean bad intensions, you shouldn't let it get to you and you definitely shouldn't stoop yourself down to these people's level just to "get even" or whatever. That's all I'm trying to say and I hope everything goes well fo you.

azdave said...

I invite both John and Tami to check out the AC360 entry for Oct 21 on CNN's website entitled "Real America = Two Americas", and then tell me how either of you expect this country to pull together after the election. And if you don't care about that, or worse, seek to further the polarization, you're undermining the strength of this nation more so than any candidate from any political party, period. We might as well go back to tribes such as those hobbling Iraq or the Balkan states or any of a dozen African countries ... the mentality of it is certainly just as backward. There simply has to be a place for rational dialog on issues and candidates without this stupid demonization. Heaven help us all if there isn't.

John said...


Here are my final thoughts. You're going to have to raise your level of understanding on political/economic theories before you can discuss them with intelligence. You simply don't understand socialism. It's not just taking money from one group and giving it to another. It is far more complex: "Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude." (Alex De Tocqueville) Socialism involves centralized planning in economic terms. It is the coordination of men's activities through central direction and leads to serfdom. Reread the extensive quote from Friedman above. You didn't get it the first time.

As to McCain and the stem cell question:

"Stem cell research offers tremendous hope for those suffering from a variety of deadly diseases - hope for both cures and life-extending treatments. However, the compassion to relieve suffering and to cure deadly disease cannot erode moral and ethical principles.

For this reason, John McCain opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes. To that end, Senator McCain voted to ban the practice of "fetal farming," making it a federal crime for researchers to use cells or fetal tissue from an embryo created for research purposes. Furthermore, he voted to ban attempts to use or obtain human cells gestated in animals. Finally, John McCain strongly opposes human cloning and voted to ban the practice, and any related experimentation, under federal law.

As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.

Where federal funds are used for stem cell research, Senator McCain believes clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress, and that any such research should be subject to strict federal guidelines."


Filius, read more and read thoughtfully.

JB 88 said...

Hey Christina,
“Human feelings and emotions are kind of like pop”…I just had to write b/c I live out in CA now and I get made fun of all the time for saying ‘pop’! ;-)
I love it!

Hang in there! I’m an Obama supporter who sends you love. I’ll pray for you AND all those who have toxic, misguided anger. Peace to all.
Jen Barnes

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

thanks for the dig Jen...but save your prayers for your own party--i think you'll be needing them