Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Subversive In Our Midst: Barack Hussein Obama and William Ayers

"What do Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common?  They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon!" R. Limbaugh

Most Americans are panicked about the economy (congratulations Democrats, since the passage of the bailout bill the Dow has plunged 1,000 points; since the Democrat takeover of Congress the Dow has declined from approximately 12,400), disenchanted by the prosecution of the war, and dyspeptic concerning alternative sources of energy.  For many, the foregoing concerns define the political debate; people are missing the forest for all the trees.  We are witnessing seismic changes in the basic ideas that define America.  Ideas embodied both in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. Capitalism is being cast aside for socialism, Marxism is being repackaged and touted as a banal alternative to democracy.  These are the fundamental issues at stake.  The controversy surrounding Obama and Ayers brings into focus the real questions that lurk beneath all the glib, rehearsed talking points. 

The uniformed continue to question the veracity of Obama's connection to the terrorist William Ayers.  Therefore, I will make reference to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge or CAC.  This organization was conceptualized by Ayers as an organ for the transmission of finances to community organization groups and radical education activists.  Barack Hussein Obama served on the board of the CAC until 2001.  Ayers channeled more than 100 million dollars into the CAC where Obama served.  Ayers did not entrust 100 million dollars to Obama based on a casual and tenuous relationship.  You'd have to be a dullard to think otherwise.

Indeed, Ayers committed his acts of insurrection, sedition, and terrorism when Obama was only a child. But, Ayers has never repented of his crimes; to the contrary, he still spews the same Marxist dogma and militant philosophies.  Ayers' radicalism now festers primarily in his educational philosophy.  Any conscientious American would turn their back in disgust from the vile William Ayers. However, Obama not only associated with Ayers but engaged in a long and amicable working relationship with the inveterate subversive.  The issue here is Obama's commiseration with radical, militant personalities and his complete lack of judgement regarding his association and tacit approval of William Ayers' radical political and educational philosophies.  A man's friends reveal the nature of his character. Obama has a long and clear history of radicalism.  The accumulated weight of Obama's nefarious associations establish him as radical in the extreme.  We are poised, as a nation, to place a radical socialist in the White House.       

"What you love and what you hate reveal what you are." Dr. B. Jones, Sr.


jen crane said...

downright chilling. people, please WAKE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

You people are sad. Funny, pathetic, racist sure...but sad too. You're what the media calls "uninformed voters."

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, you're a dense one.

Anonymous said...

Odd how my previous account of Bill Ayers did not get posted. Have you actually read his work, I encourage you to do so. You are merely parroting from other reports. Also I encourage you not to use the Microsoft Word thesaurus to find fancier words to make you seem more intelligent. Phrases such as Marxism is being put forth as a "banal alternative" do not make sense in the context you are proposing. Moreover, since you are insinuating that Obama is furthering Socialist doctrine, then you obviously have no grasp of the term. Next time you hear Obama talk about the overhtrowing capitalism, and installing the temporary dictatorship of the proletariat let me know. In fact, the most egregious example of Socialism is this 700 billion dollar bailout that has occured, which both McCain and Obama support.

Your use of the thesaurus betrays the reason most of you support Sarah Palin anyways. Because she talks like "Joe Six-Pack" Americans. Leave the fancy words to use liberal, elitist, intellectuals who put up Che Guevarra posters everywhere, while we sip our lattes and drive our Volvos. Because thats what we are aren't we?

Anonymous said...

If you were an honest person you'd listen to facts, not just the repeatedly-debunked lies that McCain/Palin put out on this. If you were an honest person you'd look just as closely at McCain's associations and Palin's associations - she and her husband were part of a group that wanted Alaska to secede from the USA because they hated the USA so much and they tried to get Iran to help them speak at the UN. And McCain has been the friend of jew-haters and thiefs.

These are facts. Inconvenient facts, but facts.

But I don't think you are an honest person. I think you're a person who likes to be told she's right and doesn't want to think about whether she is, and I think you're a person who thrives on having an enemy you can slander.

People in this country are seeing people like you more clearly, which is why McCain is trailing.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line! Do you think Obama is a terrorist? I think McCain/Palin should just answer the question. They keep asking you to ponder the thought. Maybe they should come clear and enlighten us with their conclusion. GO AHEAD, I DARE YA! WINK WINK, KISS KISS!

You guys most likely voted for Joe Twelve Pack BUSCH too!

Anonymous said...

You "moms" are so dumb. It's actually very scary to realize there are such uneducated morons like you out there that actually have the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you women call yourselves Christians and spew around such blatant hatred of Obama. You are even using his middle name to incite feelings that he is not American! How Christian is that. Next time you pray, you should pray for the hatred to be claensed from your soul. A true Christian would not be saying the things that you Palin-loving women are saying. It truly disgusts me. Shame on you and I will say a prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know that the Bush family has close ties to the Bin Laden family? Remember Bin Laden? The one responsible for 9/11... the master terrorist the Bush Republican regime decided to stop looking for? Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if many have forgotten.

Why is it that people will dismiss those kind of connections, but latch onto allegations that a black man who has a real chance at becoming President is Muslim and Marxist?

There was a huge political race recently which B. HUSSEIN Obama won. This was several months ago, so I understand if people have short attention spans. This guy has been running for the office of President for something like 20 months now. That's almost two years in the public eye, thousands of interviews and articles, and yes - very, very intense scrutiny from millions of people who'd have preferred a different candidate. I just don't understand how Mrs. Palin, who has been scrutinized for less than 2 months now, has the credibility "call out" Mr. Obama on something that has been a matter of public discussion for many months. (We all know the NY Times is not a real newspaper anyway.)

Palin didn't have to run against Clinton. McCain didn't have to run against Clinton. Not even close. If they had, perhaps they would be as fully vetted as Obama.

Anonymous said...

What I detest the most are people who profess to believe in Jesus Christ and love God yet have no conviction about lying. Distorting the truth to make it sound like something it is not is...lying. I hope you don't believe that God is pleased with you or Sarah Palin. If God called her to the position of VP she does not have to lie in order to get it. Everything about God is the truth and he honors the truth. As a professed believer you should try telling the truth. It's good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Radical education activists? What is radical about wanting all kids to succeed in life?

The Annenberg Challenge was a national philanthropic effort, sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation and the Annenberg family, who are REPUBLICAN! The idea that this initiative was a radical plot is completely ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Ayers is now a professor at The University of Illinois and is a Distinguished Professor. The phrase radical education gave me a good laugh. He won 49.2 million a year for public school reform and won Citizen of the Year from Chicago in 1997. Just thought i should start off with that before I said that Obama has never had a "long and amicable working relationship" as you said. They were not close friends more of associates who's paths have crossed several times.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh- now there's a barometer of sane and informed thought! Lol- You call yourself Christians but your condemnation of anybody who doesn't profess to be a "Christian" reveals your true selves.
Sara Palin leads rallies where supporters scream "kill him" in response to her nonsense about Senator Obama and she says nothing at all. I wish the "Rapture" would come before the election and remove your ilk from this world. It would be alot more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

You don't do yourself any favors by pointing out Obama's middle name, like it's anything other than his middle name.

Get over your fear, and take on the issues honestly. You can legitimately not like Obama for all kinds of valid reasons. His middle name isn't one of 'em. Tossing around thinly-veiled insinuations that Obama "ain't one of us" makes you look ignorant, stupid and weak.

Karmen said...

Dear "Moms:"

Your William Ayers rants don't merit the time it takes to read them. Be very careful about which PTA boards you serve on, or which church groups you belong to, or which soccer/hockey games you go to. You might rub shoulders with or otherwise be associating with someone who forty years ago or at some time in their past has done something radical, has broken the law or something else for which you would demand that they call out "unclean, unclean."
Your comments regarding the connection between the Democrats and the economic crisis are naive and uneducated. You forget about the budget surplus left by the Clinton Administration (Democrat) the rash, uncontrolled glut of spending that has happened on the watch of a Republican president and a Republican congress until 2006. You forget that the current Republican candidate, John McCain, has supported deregulation of every aspect of our economy from housing to health care. If you really and truly want continuation of that policy please don't drag the rest of us with you, we're sick of it.

Anonymous said...

If you criticize the media please do not quote Rush Limbaugh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here is a site and a link you might find very handy:


and so you can get it straight on the whole Obama-Ayers thing (since you are so horribly wrong...or intentionally misleading):

From Obama-Clinton debate, page down once to get to Obama's Radical "Connection"

Now would you please get back to posting falsehoods on other topics, instead of continually ranting on this misinterpretation.


Andrew said...

The Woman who started this blog is afraid. Afraid that a man with dark skin and a different middle name is going to lead this country. I hate Palin. McCain was pandering when he picked her, And that is all that it will ever be. Your evangelical connections scare me than Obamas so called Radical Connection. You are all Fascist Pigs in Lipstick.

Andrew said...

I will Pray for you.

Anonymous said...

So uh, Barack Hussein Obama? Sounds pretty American, right? I mean that whole "Hussein" part just screams FEAR and TERRORISM and HATRED. We have got to defend America from these Terrorist! Who knows what will happen when he starts wire tapping people, imprisoning innocent people and wasting billions of dollars invading other countries?!?


Anonymous said...

If we're going to play guilt by association, ask McCain about the right wing paramilitary types he was palin' around with...

AngryGirl said...

Obviously you people do not read. Much like your leader soulmate, Sarah Palin. She too is not a reader, unable to name at least one periodical that she has read all these years in her political career. The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN have all reported that Obama has not had a close relationship with William Ayers. Please check yoru facts before you fall into the trap your leaders McCain and Palin have laid for you...the uneducated voter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,
If what you say is true about associations, I should not allow my teenage daughter to hang out with Palin's unwed pregnant daughter or Sarah's gay friend. My daughter's association with them may reflect badly upon her.

Let's be real here. BOTH candidates (as well as their running mates) have had some form of "friendly" contact with unscrupulous characters -- this does not automatically make them nefarious too.
We are intelligent enough to know that. You are intelligent enough to know that. So let's choose our battles wisely. This should not be one of them.
BTW, I am a mother of six (one with Trisomy 21) that considers each and every one of them a blessing. In fact, I think of ALL children as a blessing.
My husband and I own a gun (it's in a safe). We teach our children to take personal responsibility and achieve the highest character possible. We wish more parents would require the same. We are a sweet little family who wishes well on everyone we know and meet.
However, with as much as we have in common, there is very little about Sarah Palin that resonates with me. At times she seems mean-spirited and vindictive and lacking the character I mentioned earlier. I know she has some good character traits and I will continue to read your blog so that I can learn something about her that will speak to me. In the meantime, I urge you and your friends to do the same for Obama/Biden. There should be no place for dogmatism in this world. Let's grow together instead of tearing each other apart.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about guilt by association, let's talk about Sarah Palin being married to a SECESSIONIST! That's right, her husband was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which wants to secede from the United States. He's one of her closest advisors.

Obama served on a board with Ayers. Palin married a secessionist.

Anonymous said...

People who live in glass houses...
Check the link below to find out about who McCain has been "palling around with": G. Gordon Liddy
Want to keep talking about associations?!!

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/05/05/g-gordon-liddy-john-mccai_n_100134.html

Lejla said...

I'm 15 years old, and if my mom ever supported Sarah Palin in any way, shape, or form, I would be willing to pay however much money necessary to get her an intense form of therapy. Palin is nothing but a piece of junk with absolutely no experience in anything that this nation needs. I can't believe that there are actually people in this world who would support Palin in the least when there are so many better people to be putting your energy on. It just goes to show that I truly am a 15-year-old who is about 5 million times less ignorant than over half the population of grown adults out there. And To Miss I-Can-See-Russia-From-My-House: I can see the White House from mine. And you're not going to be in it anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

This country needs a serious change or we may see another Depression. We need to vote for the right person because if we dont, we will be sorry.

~Obama/Biden '08

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:
You are so right, it scares me to think that these seemingly uneducated and uninformed women have the right to vote. As a woman I hate to say that I can understand why it took so long for women to be granted the right to vote in the USA. Men simply did not want to allow you the right that you deserved, but perhaps some of them were justified in having such reservations considering that these moms and Joe sixpacks want to vote for Palin because she makes them feel good and relevant.

Honestly, why would anyone want an individual who is out of touch, uneducated, unrefined, and a religious radical to represent their country on the world stage? You all relate to Palin because she is as ordinary, intellectually , and unqualified as all of you Bible studying hockey-moms. Would you really want someone who reminds everyone of Flo "kiss my grits"(minus the chewing gum and with darker hair) from the TV show Alice representing your country? Five colleges in six years and she took general studies. Amazing!
BTW, my level of education is much superior to Palin's, therefore I feel justified in commenting on her education.

Anonymous said...

Bravo the the 15-year-old,especially for that last sentence. There's hope afterall for the USA, even thought we'll ahve to wait about 2 decades for it to come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I wasted 10 minutes reading this BS... I'm glad that the (EVIL CNN) brought you guys up so I could see how truly moronic McCain/Palin supporters are.

Anonymous said...

So because he knows people who are radicals he clearly wants to overthrow the American government, seems logical.

P.S.- While I realize Marxism is a great word for inciting fear and polarizing your opponent, it is not actually applicable in this case as it requires a revolution that emerges from the "proletariat" as a whole. The "proletariat" hardly exists these days so you don't really need to worry about that revolution.

mjrlibral said...

Evangelicals are the American Taliban! Stop trying to turn my beloved home of the brave and the FREE into a fundamentalist theocracy.

Anonymous said...

You're quoting Rush to make a point? Ask your party to actually make accusations and not mere suggestions. What are the sums of their deeds? If the GOP actually had anything on Obama, there would not be any vagueness of the what, where and why. If you can't be specific, what is your point?

Michael O'Conner said...

The claim that Obama and Ayers ran a radical education foundation together is a "pants-on-fire" lie. While it is true that Obama was the nominal head of the foundation in question, Ayers never had a paid position on the foundation's staff, never was on the board, and never had a vote on anything. His connection to Obama was attending some board meetings that were open to the public, and this 20 years after his radical days, by which time he had reformed enough to get a Ph.D. in education from Columbia University and was able to win Chicago's "Citizen of the Year" award in 1997 for his work for nonprofit organizations. In short, while Ayers was a despicable person in his youth, the McCain campaign's relentless harping on the close relationship between Obama and Ayers is very misleading. They weren't close at all.

thomas said...

I deplore the personal attacks that have been leveled at Sarah Palin. I think campaigns for elective office should be about issues. I think she has been leveling the same kind of attacks herself. I deplore those also.

It is clear that the monumental issue of the moment is the economy, which in case any of you missed it, is breaking down. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings, their children's college educations and their retirement savings.

And the voting public is making clear it's desire that the nominees focus on these problems and not waste precious time on allegations about relationships that are being used as demagoguery all over the place. They are making it clear by continuing to extend and increase Barack Obama's lead in the polls. It seems that McCain/Palin campaign's interest in Bill Ayers is being driven by the fact that they are falling ever further behind in the polls. You can smell their desperation. That is a sad and pathetic reason to decide to begin a smear campaign. McCain's own campaign manager said, on television, that if they could not distract voters from talking about the economy, they would lose the election. That is what is propelling these low road attacks.

I think it is ok to examine Obama's ties to Bill Ayers. It is not ok to lie about it. It has been adequately established that Obama does not have a personal relationship with Ayers. He does not socialize with Ayers. They don't go out for pizza. The don't go bowling on Friday nights. Those things are what I would call palling around.

In addition, Obama has condemned in strong language what Ayers did 40 years ago. And Obama does not subscribe to Ayers' political philosophy.

What Obama did is work on a board with Ayers on a project that was about bringing better education to the Chicago school system. The board had a lot of Republicans on it also. So far as I know, no one has accused any of them of palling around with a terrorist. The project was funded by the Annenberg Foundation. This foundation is endowed by a conservative Republican family. The founder was an Ambassador appointed by Ronald Reagan. They are McCain supporters. They are neither radical nor likely suspects to support radicals. They seemed to have no problem having Ayers serve on their on a board for a project they funded. Ayers, by the way, was voted Chicago's Citizen of the Year in 1997. He has rehabilitated his reputation although he has not repudiated his past. I think that his lack of remorse is deplorable. So does Obama. He has become an expert on educational issues. Nonetheless, Obama's connection to Ayers is limited to a very small number of these board meetings and a State Senate campaign launch which was hosted by Ayers at his house but set up by a third party. They seem to have run into one another once or twice walking in the neighborhood. These few tenuous connections are hardly evidence of close ties to Ayers or that he is pallin' around with terrorists as Sarah Palin has asserted in her spunky, everymom, drop-the-ends-of-all-my-gerunds style.

I personally do not think God approves of distortions spoken to harm another human being or lies to win an election. That Ninth Commandment does not make an exception for winning elections when it forbids bearing false witness.

Attempting to turn Obama into a terrorist or a pal of terrorists should be condemned by every Christian and every fair thinking person who is an American. All you Moms 4 Sarah know this in your hearts. God does not ok lies for Republicans. It is still lying. It is still a sin.

But it is even more interesting and somehow appalling that Sarah Palin's associations can be so ignored by her very enthusiastic supporters and the so-called main stream liberal media.

So a little history:

The Alaska Independence Party is a political organization dedicated to, among other things, getting Alaska to secede from the United States of America.

The founder of the AIP was an Alaskan man named Joe Vogler. To mince no words, Mr. Vogler was an America hater. Among his numerous quotable pronouncements:

I am an Alaskan, not an American.

I've got no use for America or her damned institutions.

The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. And I won't be buried under their damn flag.

Vogler was murdered in 1993 during a plastic explosives sale that turned bad. (He wasn't gold mining so what was he using plastic explosives for). In any case, this America hater had been scheduled to address the United Nations just before he disappeared. The country he asked to sponsor his speech - a mainstay in the axis of evil - Iran.

This is not speculation. These are the facts about Joe Vogler. They are not in dispute. He hated America. He worked with terrorist Iran in order to be allowed to make a speech to the world that would have hurt our country’s standing. The AIP still reveres Joe Vogler. They have a moving Memoriam to Vogler on their website. Their goal is still secession. They are anti-American just like their founder.

So isn't anyone the least bit worried that Todd Palin was a member of this political party - this radical, anti-American organization - for seven years – from 1995 to 2002. It is not a country first group - it is an Alaska First group. Todd Palin still maintains a relationship with them even though for political reasons he joined the Republican Party like Sarah. His relationship to them is much closer than Obama’s has ever been to William Ayers. And his relationship continues even though he is no longer a member.

More disturbing is that Sarah Palin also has an affinity for this group. Not an accidental one and not one that could be seen as necessary to her duties as Governor. She has addressed this group on a number of occasions, at least once in her capacity as Governor of Alaska. Sent warm congratulations and wishes of goodwill for their most recent convention. That can certainly be interpreted as a kind of endorsement of their America hatred and their secessionist goals. How come the Palins have not renounced this group - as Obama has renounced the views of Ayers and Pastor Wright.

Obama did not endorse Bill Ayers' political views in any way. Exactly the opposite. He made it clear that he abhorred them.

So why do Sarah Palin and her husband maintain a relationship with a political organization that hates America? It is, in all fairness, a much more serious connection than Obama has with Ayers.

What I sense is that the facts do not matter to the Moms 4 Palin. You support her cultural and religious positions. On abortion, stem cells, gay marriage. And nothing else matters.

You seem able to condone any kind of hypocrisy, lies or distortions as long as your candidate wins. That is not unusual in politics. But you can hardly call it honorable. And you certainly, under no circumstances can call it Christian. It is sad how quickly some Christians will jettison their beliefs, making pointless justifications along the way, in order to affect the outcome they want.

I used to respect John McCain. I really did. As a Christian, it all makes me very sad.

Yours in Christ,