Friday, October 10, 2008


I have to admit, I have spent a lot of time over the past few hours reading some of the comments posted to the blog since the piece aired on CNN last night. Sadly enough, I'm not altogether shocked. This election season has been passionate and heated from the beginning and the comments regarding Governor Sarah Palin have been proof of that. But I have to tell you, as a stay-at-home mom of two brilliant girls, it has rocked me to the core to see the hate that has been thrown our way. Several of the remarks have lambasted Governor Palin for HER hateful speech and rhetoric... all the while denegrating my God, my beliefs, my children, my sanity and my intellect. I have also been labeled a hypocrite which, above all else, I find highly offensive. So, on behalf of Tami and THOUSANDS of moms in this great nation who share the same views as me, I would like to attempt to dispel the misconceptions...

First of all, a good majority of the comments I've seen have targeted us as Christian women. And I have to say, based on my observations, that some of you may be justified in those attacks. You see, the term "Christian" means "little Christ" and there are thousands of people in our country who confess to be "Christians" and yet do not conduct themselves accordingly. I, too, am appalled by the rampant hypocrisy and judgmental nature of some in the church today. Jesus said that people would know us by our LOVE and I do think we've lost some of that compassion. Just as there are those who support Obama who may not have conducted themselves in a manner befitting their candidate, there are those supporting McCain/Palin who have not acted accordingly as well. I, in no way, condone the comment "Off with his head" or the like... but after reading the disgustingly graphic obscenities lacing the comment boards here, I can't help but wonder if any off-color remarks could have been made at any Obama rallies either. It seems that we are all so quick to judge and hurl insults at the opposing "team" and, you're right, that is not in line with Jesus' teachings of love and acceptance. However, I do believe that we, as Christ-followers, are compelled to stand up and defend His honor and His name and to do so with great clarity and conviction.

Another comment I have seen repeated throughout the blog is that the Christian women featured on the CNN piece are gold-diggers, fat, lazy, etc. That stay-at-home moms have lost touch with "reality". I beg to differ. I have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom because that is what's BEST for my family. I am blessed to have a husband who works hard to support our family. True, we have had to make compromises such as living in a modest home, driving used cars, not eating out as much as we'd like, but for us it works. I am able to volunteer at my daughters' school, care for my home as a haven of comfort for my family and be here when my girls step off the bus. This is a great debate amongst women - whether to stay home or to work in support of their family. I do not begrudge another mom the right she has in making a decision based on what is best for HER family. I honor those who have TWO full-time jobs - a career outside the home and the job of parenting inside the home. And I would appreciate the same respect of my decisions in return. My mother worked throughout the majority of my childhood and I did not ever feel neglected or abandoned. We struggled paycheck to paycheck - she sewed my clothes, bought generic food items, "vacation" was driving to Grandma and Grandpa's house, crammed in the back of the station wagon, eating homemade cheese sandwiches... I have not been raised in the cozy and complacent lap of luxury. So I can empathize with those who have struggled in their decision-making process of working inside or outside of the home. Of course, there are those who have taken both mindsets to extremes - workaholic parents who have not been home to tuck their children into bed for weeks on end and those who have sheltered their children from any and every outside influence in order to "protect" them from the world - neither of which, in my opinion, is beneficial to the child. Jesus calls us to be "in the world and not of it". I have not been insulated from our culture and outside influences. I participate fully in the world around me. And yet I hold dear the rock-solid, unshakeable beliefs upon which I base every decision I make, every step I take - all I do, whether in word or in deed, is based upon the inerrant Word of God and the principles held within those sacred pages. Call it naive, call me a sheep, call me misinformed... but I am convinced that it is TRUTH and it holds for me all the tools necessary for life, love, joy and peace.

I know I have not mentioned much in this particular post about Gov. Sarah Palin and my support of her candidacy because I wanted to, first and foremost, attempt to defend my beliefs (and hers as well) against the insults which have been so readily dispensed. This blog was created as a place where those of like-mindedness can gather to show support for the candidate of our choice and encourage each other in the process. Those who have chosen to lash out with blistering attacks have not weakened our resolve or blurred our focus. I am convinced that we, as adults, CAN participate in a debate over the issues surrounding this election with honesty and candor without attacking each other as human beings. I look forward to discussing the specific issues in future posts and welcome any and all feedback, be it positive or negative. We truly want what's best for our great nation and it is our belief that Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin are key to our future success.


Pastor Nathanael said...

Way to go MOM!! my wife also a stay at home mother has a site that she has put together as she has a vision to have 1 church in all fifty states praying on November 2 for simultaneous concerts of prayer her is her website

God bless,
Pastor Nathanael's good for you. said...

I saw your piece on CNN, and urge you to keep fighting the good fight. In the words of Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale", "don't let the bastards grind you down." As the husband of a conservative female and stay-at-home-mom, I'm happy your voices are finally be heard.

Keep up the good work, and you have a new reader.

Lael said...

Wow, you are an eloquent woman. Your post this morning really captured what is important in this election and what is important to help America get over our current mean-spiritedness. I especially appreciate your paragraph that acknowledges the harsh sentiments and words that have come from the conservative side. I’m a liberal Obama supporter and when I watched the Swiftboat campaign, and even the attacks against the Dixie Chicks by the right (death threats?! Come on!) I was disgusted.

I struggle daily with my intolerance towards people who are behaving intolerantly. I believe that we need to open our hearts and love people more when they behave this way, and I strongly believe that what you wrote this morning was an illustration of how we can do that. You took the high road; it was beautiful to read and I hope it helps move us all towards more civilized discourse in the future.

A lot of what is being said about each of our candidates is not true; like, ‘McCain just wants to bomb Iran’ and ‘Obama just wants to sing “Kumbaya” with Ahmadinejad’. In this great country we are all smarter than that – or at least we should be.

Part of the issue with our discourse is that the vocal Evangelicals, the ones making the press and seeming to set the agenda for the Republican party since ’94 or so, give the impression that their understanding of Christianity is the only correct understanding. That’s very alienating for folks who don’t agree with them on many issues. In my opinion, no one has a claim on the correct form of Christianity. And I really appreciated how you referenced your understanding of Christ’s teachings in your post this morning: from the heart rather than the pulpit.

Personally, I do not believe that Sarah Palin is fit to be President of the United States. I think she’s a great woman, really smart, and want to see the great things she can achieve Alaska. But now is not the time for their ticket. The conservatives have had their hand at the tiller for long enough and we’re in a real mess. It is time for real change.

But thank you for taking the high road this morning. It was refreshing to read.

Lael Weyenberg – A working Columbus, OH mom who, like all of us, struggles with the question of whether to stay home to raise the children. I salute your choice to do so!

Anonymous said...

If she is so family oriented, what kind of example is she giving her children? Is this an example that you would like to give your children? That you wouuld like your daughters to follow? I doubt that you or anyone would like to see their daughters grow up and become like Sarah Palin.

Tracy said...

Great post, that you and Tami and others are gutsy enough to put yourself out there and speak for Conservative women...
Keep up the good work!

Laurie Addison said...

You go girl! How in the world did you get on CNN? I just about fell out of my chair when I saw a positive, accurate story regarding Gov. Sarah Palin on CNN. You speak for so many of us women that are supporting Gov. Palin. I am proud of you and support your efforts 100%. Our voice will be heard! God Bless you and God bless America! Laurie Addison, Atlanta,GA

Anonymous said...

Jen~thanks for your post! I could not have stated my position as eloquently as you did, so thank you for standing up for me too! Your sister in Christ ~ Emily

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Iam Muslim and I agree with every word you say.
The societies in the US went down because of President Clinton he was not doing his job as a President.He was very busy cheating on his wife. so he let terrorist and Iran grew too much.
that's why you see now young American men's all are using alcohol and drug because they think tat's they can get away with it like Clinton he got away with his abuse to a young women and to the country and to the white house.So people like Mccain-Palin maybe they will bring back some noble mind to this societies.

Jamye said...


Thanks for putting your thoughts into words! I appreciate people like you who stand up for what they believe! I am a working mother who struggles every day with the choice of what to do... stay home, work part time, work full time??? It's a daily struggle and I pray about it all the time... And to you, anonymous, how can you say that Sarah Palin does not believe in woman's rights? That's ridiculous!! She believes in the right to LIFE! You, as a woman, do have rights! You have the right to choose not to have unprotected sex! That's your choice... once you do that, I don't think you should have the right to choose whether or not your bad decision lives or dies. Now I do understand that there are other circumstances... I myself was a victim of rape, and if a pregnancy had resulted from that, it would be an extremely difficult decision. But that is one very limited circumstance. I think abortion is too freely used as an excuse for irresponsible behavior... and it's not a woman's right to decide to kill a baby due to her own responsible behavior. I think Sarah Palin would agree with me.

Sandra in MI said...

Hello all,

We are all Americans so let's be civil!! I hold a doctorate and am a Mom first and foremost, send my kids to the best school, golf, read, volunteer etc.... and yes, am a huge fan of Sarah Palin and this website (you go girls! and don't let these angry and threatened liberals get you down)

McCain pulled out of MI, however, this state hates the dems right now..they have left us in shambles. I predict MI will go for McCain as I do not know a single person who is voting for Obama and more importantly,the story coming out of the traditional blue collar/union worker/die-hard democrat neighborhoods, is that they are defecting from the democratic ticket. I have heard horror stories about the backlash over there whenever anyone even tries to put out an Obama yard sign!
The dems know this is happening and are very concerned and desparetly trying to keep it quiet.

If Sarah Palin came to Michigan like she has offered to do so, I believe it will seal the deal and deliver Michigan to McCain!

So please urge her and the GOP to not give up on Michigan!

I am a product of Women's Rights and so is is the angry libs that don't get it!

Thanks Ladies!

Christine said...

Thank you for using your voice and communicating what MANY people in this nation believe. It's time that the conservative christian doesn't just sit back and watch, but get involved. Liberals definitely have the loudest most obxious voice, but it isn't always what the majority of this nation believes. I am so thankful for what Palin stands for and will be voting for McCain in November!

Be encouraged by all of this opposition...Christ warned us when telling the truth, you will be attacked. Press on and God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Your post this morning was very well put. Keep doing what your'e doing:)

BT Peri said...

You will find no venom or name calling in these comments. I have the utmost respect for women, moms, those who stay home to raise their children, and those who must also work outside of the home.

As a Christian, I do find the scriptures would not support the concept of being a "pit bull", or sarcasm, that you appreciate in Sarah ( as commented on CNN ). That is never behavior shown by Christ, nor condoned. It also is not behavior that can be classified as demonstrating Love in the scriptural sense.

Here are my concerns about Sarah:

1) I fully support a Down's syndrome child, and believe they can be a wonderful part of our lives. However, they are called "special needs" because raising them requires focus and special skills. When I see how this child is handled, I am deeply concerned. Please, rather then debate this, do some research on the physical needs of a Down's infant. Then you will understand why those of us who know about this are distressed. This poor little boy is tossed around like a prop, and I don't understand how a mother could accept that behavior.

2) Sarah was the one who publicized her pregnant daughter's situation. Personally, to me a true sign of character would be to set aside personal ambition and focus on the needs of my daughter. I don't understand why her daughter had to be paraded before the media. The opposition candidates were not going to discuss her situation, so why did Sarah make such a spectacle of it ? Why does she want to pull her family out of the supporting, stable community in which she lives, at a time when there will be a need for community support, and relocate them to Washington DC ? Should her daughter really get married, or is that something to meet the needs of Sarah's political image. Her daughter has no real idea of the role of being a mother, and its 24/7/365 demands, but her own mother won't even be available to her when she needs a mentor. I appreciate and applaud the daughter's decision, but not the mom's !

3) Is Sarah really honest and candid ? You can believe that if you want, but its not supported by the facts. The scriptures are also very harsh about slandering others, and yet she knowingly has made false, slanderous, statements against her opponents. Shouldn't her focus be on her own skills and talents that will allow her to lead this country ?

4) Do you really believe she is qualified to be President in January, 2009 ? Remember, this is the only qualification in the Constitution. I have a lot of respect for fine Christian women in dual roles that I know, and most of them have far more knowledge and understanding then Sarah about the world in which we must live. However, none of them would claim to be ready to assume the role of President, nor do they accept that Sarah is currently ready.

So why the rush to elect her now ? Why didn't she say "I would love to serve my country in that position, but right now I have a lot of work to accomplish so I'll wait ?" Are you saying you believe she is the ONLY person who can serve in that position right now ? I can't agree. I know of many wonderful women Christian leaders who are far more qualified, and ready !

I won't change your campaign, but I do believe that Obama will win this election, and I do ask that you transfer your vigilance to a positive campaign to assist him in getting this country on track. I encourage you to dig deep, explore the options, look to the scriptures for your guidance, spend time in deep personal prayer, and then communicate as Christ would to the new leadership that which you feel will benefit this country.

David said...

I was very amused by your astonishment at CNN reporting about you fairly.

Sure CNN is biased, all news organizations are, but at least they do try to stay fair.

Fox News on the other hand is simply a propaganda machine for the Republican party. Like MSNBC is a propaganda machine for the Democrats.

You will not find real news on either station.

Anonymous said...

I admired John McCain back in 2000. I did believe he was a maverick. Sadly, this campaign has shown he is not. If he were, SP would not be his running mate; McCain had several others on his list that he would have preferred, but the "right" would not have supported his campaign. If he were a maverick, his campaign would not be resorting to the Karl Rove-like smear campaign it is currently waging. McCain would be selling his platform and his plan for the country. Of course, that would mean having a plan that differs from the current administration. I am a SAHM mom to four. I am a Christian. I have a college degree. I am a woman. John McCain insulted me when he chose SP. Her ineptitude and lack of credentials for the position are astounding. The party's assumption that I'd jump on their campaign simply because they added a woman to the ticket is insulting to any woman who thinks for herself.
Go Obama.

Jim Skipper said...

I watched a late replay of the CNN interview with you ladies and really enjoyed it! However, I then visited your blog and stayed up until 2:00 a.m. reading those replies! That's a really late bedtime for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I really like this current post. You've done a great job with the blog. I hated to think that you had to read all those impolite posts though. You ladies remind me of all the the ladies I attend church with each week. I'm in the unusual position of being a liberal Christian in a conservative Southern Baptist church. I joined the church many years ago when it was a little more moderate.

Thus you may guess by now that I support Senator Obama for president. I've found that many of my friends and acquaintances don't want to hear anything positive about Obama or anything negative about Senator McCain or Governor Palin. I support Obama on the issues of providing government help for the neediest among us. That's what makes me liberal. Churches in general no longer provide that help either from a lack of ability or a lack of will. I also believe that it is patriotic to pay taxes. I love the public education system and I am happy to help pay for it. I also believe in regulations on the financial systems of our country. I love the railroads and the interstate highway system and so many things that our government has made possible for our economy to be the best in the world. Since President Reagan was elected, we have lost track of the need for good government. I believe that a President Obama has the plans and will be in the best position to get our country back on track.

I love my church and my country and I want to do what I can to make them even better. They both need some improvement.

I wish you great success with the blog and in life and thanks for the opportunity to express my opinions.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to learn about Moms 4 Sarah Palin! You're wonderful and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

There is a rather large number of polling data that gives Obama a statistically significant advantage among women. I'm sorry that you and your friends were not polled, but a significant number of American women have been and a majority of them support Obama and Biden. It breaks my heart to say this but there simply aren't enough of you to elect the McCain ticket.

Also, she quoted Biden as saying something to the effect of 'offshore drilling would rape the outer-continental shelf'. Could you tell me if Sarah Palin is in favor of the Ocean paying for its own rape kits?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting site. How sad that so many women don't have the intellect to see through the Republican campaign and get to the real issues. As an active Christian woman, full time Licensed Social Worker and working mom, I think we should be focussing on the issues at stake here, not trashing the other party. I agree that Governer Palin has some "down to earth" appeal to the general public and I totally support women running for office, but not this particular woman. She clearly lacks the education needed to represent this country as evidenced by her backgound, interviews and speeches. All Christian Conservative women should spend their days at home, while raising their children, educating themselves and truly understanding the real issues facing our country at this time vs. hiding behind the evangelical christian card. No Democrat is "pro-abortion" and therefore you should try to understand the constitutional rights of all women. This issue seems to be the only premise for many republicans to vote this way. Who's protecting the lives of our soldiers and all the women, and children dying in Iraq? Why are we in this war anyways? apparently those lives are not valued. This should not be a political issue. Take a look at the War issue, our current economy, taxes, and health care. If McCain can't fulfill the role as President. Do you really think Gov. Palin is up for the task. I think not, I'd rather vote for Tina Fey.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is important and even crucial (wherever possible) for mothers, especially of very young children, to be at home with and devote their fullest attention to children, and that this is the highest calling; that widespread family and social breakdown related to loss of religious and spiritual values are at the heart of the widespread violence and abortion rates in western society; that there is often too much senseless bureaucratic interference in our day-to-day lives; that our modern education has long since deteriorated to an exclusively mechanistic and materialistic level (tragically reflected even among those with sincere religious emotions in literal interpretations of the Holy Bible i.e., the "fundamentalists"). I also agree that much public discourse in all areas of society (political, pop culture, etc.) has degenerated to new lows, and that labeling Sarah Palin a moron (and worse) is a symptom of this. So in many ways, ladies, I am with you, although I'm not a blind conservative (for example, I was always suspicious of the Iraq war from the beginning, and very quickly realized (probably by around 2004-5) that we had been lied to, and that the Iraq war was wrong. More to the point, and in relation to your site's themes, here's where we part company:

Far from being a moron, Palin appears to be in the average range of intelligence and overall capacity, even quite bright in some ways. Which is fine, even great if you're running for high school president (which is how she's coming across to me right now). However, it's just not good enough if you happen to be running for high office, which requires nothing short of a kind of articulate brilliance, not to mention an ability to see many things from many different angles. This isn't about women, or beauty. There are many brilliant, articulate conservative women in America (some of them quite beautiful, as if that should matter). Unfortunately, Palin, while obviously a nice woman with pretty good stage presence, is clearly only average in her intellect, in her understanding and expression of difficult ideas, and extremely limited in her overall ability to navigate through complex national and international realities. This much is painfully clear.

God help us all if that nice old man becomes President, and - God forbid - his body gives out before the end of his term.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the intelligent commentary you have provided that represents MANY voters in this country- male or female, stay at home moms or working moms, Christian by word and deed or by name alone. I am a mother that fully trusts in the capabilities of Gov. Sarah Palin. I am a mother of a child who was also diagnosed with a chromosome disorder before birth and know of the faith that it takes in Jesus Christ to undertake a challenge of that magnitude... It's a faith that protects the life of EVERY child conceived and designed to be brought into this world.

I appreciate such a beautiful post that rises above so much of the terrible rhetoric found in some many places right now. Thank you for using your beauty, intellect, and personal experience to speak for so many women, mothers, and followers of Christ.

God bless you... I will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket this November.

Blessings- Kenzie

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Moms 4 Sarah Palin has my approval and support! By the way I , too, have never been polled and believe there is a silent majority supporting the McCain/Palin ticket. Just wait until election day and keep up the awesome work!!

Vote McCain/Palin!!!

Jenifer said...

"Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean you have to become unintelligent and self-hating. Unlike Palin, try reading will open up a whole new world for you."

I am by no means unintelligent OR self-hating and I love to read :) - I'm wondering what would bring you to that conclusion based on this one post. You have obviously been burned by organized "religion" in the past and that makes me sad. I only hope we can redeem ourselves in the future. God bless, friend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you Moms 4 Sarah Palin to know that Christ forgives you.

Jenifer said...

No, thank YOU Jennifer - for reminding us what a wonderful country we have that allows the FREEDOM to voice opposing views.

All our best,


piburger said...

Jen - thank you for your wonderful article. Its so enlightening to read that other women can have such a clear view on things - unlike others i've been seeing in the news lately. I'm thrilled to see someone like Sarah Palin out there running for office (and the rest of you supporters). She is a woman who i can FINALLY relate to and is not an embarassement in politics but rather represents the true meaning of being a female. A wonderful wife, mother, christian and now politician. It gives me great HOPE for this country whereas others like Hillary and Nancy were creating a society where the family structure was falling apart and becoming a mockery. These women see no need for a husband in their lives unless it is for professional gain. I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband who has put his career on hold to stay at home with our beautiful children so I can support our family. Though we are reversed somewhat in our roles, we still provide a loving environment to raise our children. I am so saddened by the hatred the liberals are expressing. Obama's comment about not wanting to punish his girls if they were to become pregnant is just horrific! As well as his tied to Ayers, Alinsky, Acorn, and anti NRA. For the one commenter that appears to value animal life over human life. God gave us the animals to nourish ourselves. To value an animal over a human life is something i will never understand. I will continue to pray for these people that eventually they will understand and find peace with themselves.

We Love you Sarah, God Bless!
Washington State Fan

anonymous said...

I am a member of the so-called liberal left and felt the need to stop by your site and try to understand perspectives of the other side. First of all, I apologize on behalf of those who have not conducted themselves well here. That is unfortunate, however, it is not a surprise, as I see rampant vicious attacks coming from both sides here. You have to admit, you have some pretty unkind words on your site for those in the democratic party.

Now, I do appreciate the opportunity to view your perspective. It is valuable and worthy just as much as any other. I wish there was a way to maintain a more peaceful dissent in this country. It is healthy and important to disagree, as it offers balance and compromise. There is no one "morally right" party. Both parties have elements of good and lawful qualities. And both share responsibility for greedy and dangerous governing.

Some of your attacks on Barack Obama are misinformed, coming from sources who are creating propaganda, which is why so many are upset upon visiting. I suggest you start reading more sources without an agenda at all, maybe the BBC network or NPR would be a good place to start.

You have to admit the Straight Talk Express has rounded a dangerous curve. What I have seen lately at these rallies suggests a time of yore. Angry crowds hurling bigoted language, shouting things such as, "kill him," "terrorist," and the like. I would like to see you comment and speak against these dangerous leanings. I think we can agree this is not behavior that reflects a Christian Conservative in a positive way. The continued rhetorical use of "Barack Hussein Obama," seems to be another attempt to "otherize" this presidential candidate in a dangerous way. Subtly, a lot of the rhetoric being used, is driving toward a dark place and many McCain rallies seem to be living in this dark place right now.

Unfortunately, we can't resolve all of our issues within the comments section. There is simply not enough time in the day. I too, am a mom of a little one. She is almost 6 months old and is the light of my life. I believe we share common ground in how we love our families. Hopefully this common ground can eventually be paved into a smooth highway where we can agree to disagree and find a way to turn this exciting energy of dissent into something good for our country.

I have a message for my fellow liberals who visit this site. Please conduct yourselves with respect and understand that you represent many when you leave comments. I think that the site author would welcome opposing viewpoints, but I’d challenge you to offer substantive arguments with citations and facts rather than resort to name calling. I extend this challenge to members of the other party as well when visiting liberal sites.

I thank you for the opportunity to visit your site--I hope that my comments come across respectful as that is how they were intended. May both parties stop lashing out in anger and find hope in peace.

Carolina said...

gIt makes me sad but mostly scared that a lot of women like you just live their lives based on appearance and not based on essence, if you know what this means, I'm not talking about the looks or being shallow.
How can you be 'convinced' with a candidate that has no preparation or experience to become VP? and just because she has a vagina (this word is not obscene and if you delete my comment for this then I feel sorry for you) and she speaks her mind (in an ignorant way) you think that is all it takes to be in the VP of this country?? Can you see further that that?? can you realize that this woman is not prepared to rule the nation?? When you are not eating your snacks with your Christian girlfriends and have some time for your self, open a book and read the newspaper, new horizons will open for you.

mzanfardino said...

It seems pointless to spend any time posting a comment as it's clear that those who support Palin can not be swayed and those who do not are equally rigid in their views.

Instead of debating (if it is indeed even a debate) the relative merits of Palin, maybe this discussion should in fact move to more substantiative issues. What qualifies a candidate to hold a position of public leadership? In the clearly defined context of the religious order one can point to a number of concrete criteria. We want out religious leaders to possess qualities that reflect our understanding of our respected faiths, be they Christian, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu (and the list goes on). There are even guide books to describe the qualifications, and in many religions a right of passage that must be performed before a leader can take up the mantle of leadership.

Does this hold true for our political leaders? Is there a clearly defined context with concrete criteria? What guidelines do we use to define our leaders rolls and how are they applied. Most people think in terms of conservative and liberal. In order to develop some criteria you must first ask yourself what is a conservative? What is a liberal? In the political context traditionally a conservative advocates for: smaller, de-centralized government, little or no interference in the ways of business (often referred to as laissez-faire), and the rights of the individual.

Traditionally the liberal is one who supports the notion of a stronger, more centralized government, one that is supported by and provides for the citizens in a more comprehensive manner, often related to Socialism. Liberal business models includes regulations in order to constrain the inevitable greed of otherwise unrestrained markets. Ironically, liberals are generally more conservative in affairs of business (wanting to restrain them) and conservatives are more liberal (wanting unfettered access).

Where does this bring us in this discussion? What guidelines do we have for choosing a political leader? Should the guidelines we use to choose our religious leaders be the same for choosing our political leaders? I would argue that the very Theocracies that the current (and past) administration has fought against argue that we should not be seeking the same qualities in our political leaders as we do of our religious leaders.

If you are an American then you by your very nature embrace the notion of Freedom. I use the capital F because we as Americans are raised to believe we are the "Home of the Brave and the land of the Free".

Freedom means choices. Like God gave man free will and the ability to choose not to believe, we Americans support the freedom to choose: the entertainment we view, the products we buy, the religious we devote ourselves to, and the freedom to tell others what we think. It should not be any other way.

Which brings us to our political leaders. Should we support leaders who would take these freedoms away? As much as we might prefer our neighbors to live and believe as we do, do we really believe as Americans that we should take their choices away? Or that they should take our choices away? It seems ridiculous to even consider.

And yet time and again I read about how those who believe they are of some higher moral standing know better about what and how I should be permitted to pursue freedom, my choices.

So as Americans we embrace Freedom. You are free to believe and support the rights of a women to choose her own reproductive destiny. You are free to believe that anything but child birth is murder. You are free to debate this issue, and a myriad of other issues both big and small, because in this great country of ours freedom, above all else, is cherished. Freedom is patriotic. Freedom is at the heart of all our political goals. Take even one of those freedoms away and you are no longer free.

I close by saying this: if the candidate supports the morals you align yourself with, shouldn't they also support the freedoms we all cherish? I respect any prospective leader who can say to me that they have a moral belief in something and can support that statement, but I can't support any leader that would take away my freedom of choice as the end goal of their moral views.

This November we are going to vote for whomever we believe should be the next leader of our great nation. Just remember what makes this nation great.

Freedom for one and all.

"Geese are but Geese tho' we may think 'em Swans; and Truth will be Truth tho' it sometimes prove mortifying and distasteful." - Benjamin Franklin

Mark Zanfardino

piburger said...

to Mark Zanfardino:

I really like what you said about Freedom, ironically we have many similarities... However, I value my freedoms slightly differently. I'm surprised a man (i'm assuming by the name) is so concerned about your freedom to have an abortion. Interesting... Regardless, I value my freedom of choice for the following - freedom to choose what I want to do with our own money, what organizations I will gratefully donate to, and freedom to choose the career of choice. Have you ever traveled to a communist country before? The depression is enormous and tremedously sad. There is no "drive" to succeed as they are "told" what they will be doing for the rest of their lives. Is this what you want with your life? I want my children to be able to pursue a career of choice. Socialism, Marxism, Communism (hmmm, not too far off from Obama's ultimate plan). I also value that we have the choice to participate in religion. As a Catholic myself i feel blessed to be able to pray to God everynight that my family is safe and for the freedom our military helps provide. Possibly someday, you will be able to see things in a different light. I'm trying so hard to understand liberals position and do not get it! This is NOT about abortion alone..... but rather so much other freedoms you do not realize you will be giving up under an Obama regime.

Trevor Linton said...

I admire your blog, it seems you take a more professional tone in this election which is important.

I also think John McCain would make a fine president. I am an Obama supporter and am in no way in the crux of believing he's jesus himself or not flawed.

He has character issues just like every other candidate. To believe that John McCain (cheated on his wife) or Sarah Palin (who's husband was on a committee that supported Alaska succeeding from the union) do not have the same problems is a hard pill to swallow for me.

Lets focus on the issues of economy. What we need to see is how Obama, McCain plan on helping the dollar's value, handle foreclosure rates and bring back our paper commercial credit markets.

Thanks for bringing another side to the story.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

to a true follower of the Bible:

THIS Tami did NOT post such a ridiculous claim.
It was another blogger named Tami. If you had clicked on her name you would have discovered that.

A true follower of the Bible said...

The poster spells her name the same,so I must address her as such. This post appeared on the blog "The True Face Of Liberalism"at 11:31 by "tami". My post which contained a link to the website on was deleted. It did not contain any foul language or insults. All it pretty much said was, "Tami, you are wrong!" with a link to the website. Another typical Republican partisan tactic--edit and post only what you want the public to see--in this case the blogger chose to display a lie and not the truth. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Anita said...

I wanted to take some time to commend you and your friends for being brave enough to appear on national tv. That takes a lot of guts! I can see why you feel such a strong connection with Palin – she, too, is gutsy and has a wonderful story.

Now, here comes the tough part....
While I appreciate her strength and her dedication as well as the value she places on family, I am a bit concerned about the reasoning you and your friends offered for electing her president.

All of your friends agreed with you (I'm sure lots of American viewers agreed too) when you said that Gov. Palin was the kind of woman whom you could invite into your house, have a snack with, and relate to. You said, "We get her...the winks" and the jokes..."we get her...."

I was happy to see your passion; happy to know that you felt as though you could relate to someone whom you believe might effect socio-political change.

Nevertheless, I distinctly remember that a little less than 8 years ago, Americans were saying virtually the same thing about George Bush. Numerous men and women, young and old, were adamant that one of Bush’s best, most endearing attributes was that he was "just like" them. They thought Bush was a "regular guy" who could understand their problems at their level. He was a "good ol' boy" that many of them could "have a beer with."

Let's fast forward....Less than 8 years later, where has those Americans’ penchant to connect with our top-level leaders gotten us? Has that “good ol’ boy” improved Americans’ lives? He still speaks (and mispronounces) the “language of the regular people,” but has he afforded “regular” Americans a happier, safer, more prosperous and more educated country?

The most effective leaders -- leaders of grade schools, of universities, of companies (the most successful ones anyway), of cities, of countries -- are NOT EXACTLY LIKE the people. Yes, the best leaders prioritize the concerns and the well-being of the people. But they don't necessarily talk and walk and think just like the people.

My point is this: I encourage you to cast your vote for Gov. Palin if you truly think she is the right candidate -- vote for her if you think that she has what it takes to negotiate the foreign relations terrain and to effectively contend with the issues -- education, the economy, health care, the environment, etc. -- better than the other guys; but PLEASE, for the sake of our country and our children's future, do not let your leading rationalization for casting a vote for Gov. Palin be that you "get her," that she is regular folk, that she is just like you. You are voting for president, not choosing a new PTA president. You are voting for the safety of our nation, not for the local civic club Gardening Committee co-chair.

Gov. Palin is a wonderful testament to the progress of women's rights in the country. Yet, while I enjoy watching her feisty televised performances and am thoroughly entertained by her quips and quirks, I can objectively say that at this time in her political career, she is no better prepared to assume the second-highest seat in the nation than either you or I.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

to a true follower of the bible:

One last time, that was not me. YOU insinuated it was. If you had bothered to look at the picture or her site, you would have known it wasn't. I didn't delete your comment, never saw it. I have hundreds on here...I have never said Obama wasn't a citizen--I'll leave that to the authorities.

You don't have the RIGHT to be heard on this or any other site...I publish your comments because I wish to. This is MY site, and this is America. If you want a platform, signing up and creating your own blog is very easy to do.

marie said...

After reading some of the comments I felt like I need to say something else. I am a single parent and I have been two parent family. I am also a christian and a woman. God gave me the wisdom to raise my children in the right way. One was in the Army, one in national guide while working and going to college. another went to college also. It is their future that I have to worry about and what it holds for them. In the early 80' we had a republican president and while in the white house he voted a lot of things that were supposed to help our veterans. My husband was in the vietnam war and he was only 19 when he went. When he came back home the USA treated him and other veternas like dirt. They denied them medical and mental help. A lot of the was exposed to agent organge but the governement said no. Now years latters it is showing how they lied to the veterans. That is just to name a few things. Nowcan you see why most people do not trust repuplican because they do not want to help no one but the rich and famous.

Sarah is very scarey and I think at the moment we need to cautious of her. She says she is a christian and the women that spport are christian also.. what you all need to really think about is how all this came about. Mcclain used Palin as tool to women over on his side and too hurt Hillary feelings. This back fired on him. He didn't as many votes as he thought he would. He did not Palin around the media or anyone else that may have able to give her some important informantion. He kept her locked up so he give her a one sided oponion. His. He probably told her that she would have the president and todd the vp because he is not that well and he is trying to hold on until after the election. Then no one can denied her the chance to be president.

I do like your blog and I enjoy reading the comments. Everyone is entited to their own opionon.

Dawnzlights said...

I loved the peice on tv... you guys did a wonderful job sharing your lives, your views and opinions!! This blog is awesome-God bless you ... and GOD BLESS SARAH PALIN!

Believer said...

Saw the CNN piece and loved it..Ya'll were genuine and real and CNN was very fair, to their credit..Having Sarah on the GOP ticket has energize our hopes for America.You've really done a wonderful job with the 'Moms 4 Sarah Palin' blog and even more important is your decision to raise your children as a ' Stay at home mom'.You are raising the future "Great Americans" as Shawn Hanity would say.God Bless you and your efforts.

Fight the Good Fight,
Brian & Joan

Pamela said...

I was a fan of Palin's, but now that the legislature has found that she abused her power and violated state ethics, I can no longer back her.Ethics = morals, and a person who is morally bankrupt does not deserve to be Vice-President of our great country. As a Christian woman, her judgement is a sad statement, and she will not represent me or any true Christian. Her actions have turned my vote to Obama.

eggomaniac said...

Brann is is either nefariously humorous or stupid in painting the Canadian feminist, Margaret Atwood, as an ally of this BLOG.
Here is a partial review of her book "the handmaid's tale' aka the Stepford wives' by Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Her book is a warning against
Christian conservatism, for she stacks the cards throughout so that
Christians who oppose abortion and pornography always appear as
tyrannical and perverted. They are bible-thumping Nazis who use women
for their fertility and then destroy them. In a publicity release, Atwood
stated that just as Orwell’s 1984 was “an extrapolation of life in 1948,”
so her Tale was “a slight twist on the society we have now.” In an
interview for Ms. magazine, she said that some of it “is happening now,”
and in other publicity appearances she spoke of keeping a scrapbook on
the “religious right wing” since 1983 and she pointed out that
Evangelical ministers Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were proof that
she was writing not fantasy but history based on the American Christian
Right, for Falwell had persuaded 7-Eleven stores not to sell Playboy and
Penthouse and Robertson had decided to run for president in 1988.
Clearly her novel was a “logical extension of where we are now.
good one Brann (:+9