Friday, October 17, 2008

On The Issues:

Below you will see where the candidates stand on a variety of issues. I have obtained my information from Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association

Private handgun ownership: 
Senator McCain supports the interpretation of the Second Amendment as guaranteeing the right to own and use handguns for self-defense. Senator Obama opposes this interpretation.

Allowing parents to exercise school choice:
Senator McCain supports government vouchers allowing parents to place children in the school of their choice. He supports the DC voucher program. Senator Obama opposes school vouchers. He supports the expansion of government schools to include ages 0-5. 

Immigration reform and border security:
Both of the campaigns support securing the U.S. borders before granting some form of amnesty to illegal immigrants living in the U.S. 

Government control of health care:
Senator McCain opposes government funded or regulated health care. Senator Obama supports it. 

Reducing U.S. Dependence on foreign oil:
Senator McCain intends to reduce U.S. Dependence on foreign oil by lifting the ban on off-shore drilling for oil and gas. Senator Obama opposes this. 

Senator McCain voted for and promised to nominate judges similar to John Roberts and Samuel Alito. (pro-life) Senator Obama holds an opinion that opposes judges such as Roberts and Alito. 

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