Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Made Up Smear At Sarah: NOT TRUE

For those of you who are visiting the site for the first time and you wish to read about the issues, please be sure to visit the "blog archives" on the right of this screen near the bottom. We have covered pretty much everything there is to be covered about Sarah as a person, Sarah and Senator McCain on the issues, and the smears and other garbage that needs to be sifted through. You will also find link after link giving you helpful information as you try to stay informed before hitting the polls either to early vote this week, or next Tuesday, Election Day. 

To help you along the way, I am forwarding you to a post this morning over at Michelle Malkin's blog, Obama Cultists Cry Wolf: N-Word Yelled at Palin Rally! NOT!  It's very sad that, in this last week of perhaps the most important election of our lifetime, we are forced to have to defend ourselves against such typical nonsense. It's nothing new, we expect it...just roll with it and remember who and what we're up against. 

What the left wants is to distract us, so be careful folks. Stay focused on the task at hand: getting John McCain and Sarah Palin elected. Do not be discouraged! The polls (the ones that were THE most accurate last time) indicate that, even after Obama has spent millions more than McCain, this race is essentially tied. This is bad news for Obama, and it's why they are trying so hard to bully us by using the race card, denying Socialism is what it is, and all the other garbage that is out there. With the entire mainstream media (with the exception of FOX) in the tank for Obama--it's pretty remarkable what McCain Palin have done! So, keep smiling, keep encouraging others to get out and vote, PRAY and lets get 'er done!! We have 6 DAYS to go! 

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Edie said...

I just want to thank you for all that you are doing on this blog. Praying with you girl!