Friday, October 10, 2008

Trooper-Gate Revisited: Another Partisan Hack Job ***UPDATE

Let's begin at the end.  A partisan cabal was convened to reexamine the tattered and moldering remnants of the Trooper-Gate flap.  Democrat legislative officials spent six hours reviewing "findings" and issued their considered report on ethics issues related to Sarah Palin's firing of Walter Monegan.  The verdict?  The three hundred page report concludes with a whimper: no recommend sanctions or criminal investigation. Much ado about nothing.  The timing of these events is transparent to any thinking person.  The Barack Obamites are skulking in the back alleys and byways of Alaskan political circles, collecting specious bits of  information in hopes of fashioning the next "gotcha" piece.  However, Palin was found to have acted within her reasonable authority.  In the final analysis, this is "just a side show" (Rich Masters, Democratic Strategist). Fasten your seat belts, the muck raking is only going to get worse as desperation tightens its grip on the Obama campaign.     



Allison said...

Not everything that puts the McCain/Palin ticket in a negative light is partisan. The legislative panel that took up this investigation consisted of 10 republicans and 4 democrats. What IS partisan is blaming everything you don't like on a party affiliation rather than admitting the possibility of a mistake by Palin. Her actions were just not that big a deal but in this case, "the cover up (by the McCain operatives) was worse than the crime."
I'm increasingly disturbed at the overt hate of a party that's actually VETTING a candidate that McCain himself did not vet. I'm appauled that just because the media is doing what SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE by the RNC, they're being villified.
Sarah Palin - while a competent Governor - is not nearly ready to be a heartbeat away from president and it's irresponsible for any American to vote as such. This has become a base solely focused on a woman because of her extreme Christian values rather than any qualifications that make her an acceptable alternative to President.
I wonder how history will look back on McCain's pick. I think it will not be kind.

LoveandForgiveness said...

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard.
Sarah Palin is that standard. She protected the people of Alaska from this man. May we have more like her running the government.
Sarah Palin will be VP and she will look out for the people. The McCain Palin Ticket will look out for the people and they will need our help to believe in them and trust them and do what we can for our country.
Thank you for all that you are doing to get the truth out too.
Patricia from Nashville

mpc said...

"Fasten your seat belts, the muck raking is only going to get worse as desperation tightens its grip on the Obama campaign."

Wow, what planet are you on? Obama is leading by 12 points and is dominating even more in the electoral college tally. His advantage increases every day as people focus more and more on the economy.

So tell me, when will this 'desparation' you speak of kick in?

Shep said...

I just wondered how the Democrats are at fault for this report. I don't think there is much to the report anyway but the facts are there were 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats on this committee. Just curious?

Anonymous said...

Didn't this investigation begin before Palin was ever picked for VP?
Wasn't there a bi-partisan in the Alaska Legislature call for an independent counsel?

Just Jules said...

That's funny, the stuff I'm reading says it was a panel of 10 republicans and 4 democrats that did find she illegally abused her power, but as governor, she was still within her rights to fire him because she doesn't have to have a reason for terminating an employee. So let's make it really clear that they believe she abused her power and that this is a breach of do you justify this on top of the past week of slander she has been this what you deem Christian values?

Geniee said...

What else can they come up with? Any comments on the up close shot on Newsweek? Thank you for the website. Was surfing when I caught up with the CNN video what a great interview! That led me to this site. Feel sorry for those with no direction having to go with their feelings and misinformation. So glad to have peace and not have to resort to cursing and name calling. Hopefully will be seeing Sarah on Monday at Richmond,VA. Keep up the strength will be praying for you.

MurrayA said...

I heard the discussion with Dick Morris a couple of hours ago about the finding, and as both the reporter on the spot, and Dick Morris observed, the "abuse of power" has to do with NOT stopping her husband from intervening on her behalf to Monegan. That is: not for anything she did, but for what she did not do. Now have a BIG problem with that kind of conclusion: it has to do with logic. Many are the traps for the unwary in valid reasoning, and this is a standard fallacy called the Fallacy of the Negative Premise. One cannot elicit a positive conclusion from negative premises.
Here there is a prime negative premise: what she did not do regarding her husband. From that a positive conclusion is drawn: she abused her power. It simply does not follow!!
To me it merely shows how desperate are her political enemies in Alaska - the Obamabots - to denigrate her that they will resort to anything: formal fallacies, innuendo, "October surprises" - whatever, to try to neutralise what they perceive as a dangerous threat.
Sarah Palin has always insisted that the proper arena for this matter is the Personnel Board - she said so e.g. in the Gibson interview. That is where there will be the impartial treatment she deserves; not with this politically charged marsupial junta.

Dima Kha said...

I respect Sarah Palin because I think she is a good mom and a godly woman. I fully support her in her position on embryo research. But I also know that even a person with good motives can bring a country into a disaster if that person has no understanding of economics and has no clear position on foreign policy. In case she has to replace McCain, the U.S. would be in great jeopardy. Everyone should serve there where he or she is good at and I don't think Sarah Palin is a wise choice for VP. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

They withheld 1,000 pages of the report for some reason.

frciclismo said...
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frciclismo said...

You should check your facts, there were four democrats and TEN REPUBLICANS on the panel. It doesn't take a genius to see that this panel was far from democrat leaning.
By the way, they voted unanimously.

Kelsey said...

How is this partison? This was initiated before Palin was selected as McCains VP. This actually could be partison toward the Republican slant, 10 Republicans, 4 Democrats on the panel.
Investigator Stephen Branchflower, in the bipartisan panel's report found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain.

Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

goldfund said...

If the Dems want to defend Trooper Wooten and his indefensible acts, let them. Sarah and Todd had a duty to public safety and they acted as any responsible person would. When Bill & Hill worked together, as a team, the Dems could not get enough of "Two-for-one." The Dems are all politics all the time, They have no moral compass therefore they would think it rational to defend a child abuser for political gain. Get a life you liberal bastards.

Jonathan said...

Their finding was that she abused power. And the committee included 10 Republicans and 4 democrats. Don't try to spin this into a "Partisan Hack Job".

Raul said...

Desperation? The Obama doesn't have to comment on it.

(chuckle chuckle) It was the McCain camp. came out with their spin of to the media, just minutes when release, to defend Pit Bull Palin and her actions.

To the american people, it's McCain, Palin, and their campaign that are reaching for desperation (chuckle..chuckle).

"In the final analysis," there was 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats in the probe who unanimously concluded abuse of power. So for the author of this blog, please...YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT of partisan.

Rebecca said...

You're conveniently leaving out very important facts:
It was a BI-PARTISAN group that investigated Palin, and the investigation was initiated before she was VP candidate. The entire group, Republicans included, concluded that she abused her powers.

And on another note--your use of language is interesting, at best. "Cabal", hmm? I would think it innocent had you not been so "Hussein" happy in your earlier posts. Tami at least tries to be reasonable. You, John, simply resort to race-baiting.

Rebecca said...

You leave out important FACTS. The panel that investigated Palin was BI-PARTISAN. The investigation was initiated before Palin was a VP candidate. The panel unanimously found that she abused her powers (so that would include Republicans, no?)

Why are you trying to push off this whole incident as completely orchestrated by Democrats? The best bet would be to acknowledge her abuse of power and breach of ethics, but defend her actions as protecting her family (and presumably, Alaskan citizens) from an abusive man. Instead, you just try to bluster your way through this. Ugh. More of the same.

Zomba Fett said...

As the one is carying an armed guard license in the State of Alaska, I truly believe that any officer of Law who used a taser on his 10 YEARS OLD STEP-SON should stick his taser in between his legs and tase himself!

Officer Wooten should be fired from the force back in 2005 when he was repremended for using conpany issued taser on his step son, drinking and driving the vehicle assigned by the State and threatening his "in-laws" family, and his boss, Walter Monegan, should be fired with him for refusing to let the guy [who has no trust of a lot of Alaskans anymore] go.

Ryan said...

Oh, and regarding:

"Fasten your seat belts, the muck raking is only going to get worse as desperation tightens its grip on the Obama campaign."

Do you really not see the incredible irony of that statement? Swap "Obama" for "McCain" and it's a much fairer assessment of the state of this election, and any sensible observer of this process would agree.

I mean, I know this is an openly partisan blog and all, but even FOX News wouldn't try to sell the Obama campaign and its double-digit lead in the polls as "desperate" at this point.

Zomba Fett said...

As an Armed guard of the State of Alaska, I believe that any officer of Law who used company assigned taser on his 10 years old step-son, drinking and driving his patrol vehicle and [among other things he was officially repremended for] threatens his "in-laws" family, should stick that taser in between his legs and tase himself. He should be fired from his job immediately with anybody - including his boss Walt Monegan - who tries to cover his doings. What a shame on Alaska State Troopers!!!

Wonder Man said...

She was caught! The panel was compiled of dems and repubs. Obama's magic powers didn't this do this, she did this. Her judgment did this. Please think about how Sarah failed in her judgment. The Bible speaks on the weakness of man. She failed and you should to heed of her mistakes. If she failed her people in Alaska, she will fail us.

Marie said...

I do not think it is only political since it started before her candidacy & it had republicans as part of the investigation. I am a moderate Republican mother of two young children and I will be voting for Obama this election. I know of many others like me. They estimate 10-15% of Republicans will vote for Obama. Your group must have such a small-minded view of the world to think that Sarah Palin is a champion of women. Have you all ever traveled anywhere??? MY group of friends have traveled the world, and are all post-college grads so we could only see that ignorant women would support Palin. Maybe like Palin a few years ago, you do not even have a passport. My group makes even more tan 250K per year so we will be taxed more under Obama but this time we are willing to pay more for a leader with more intelligence and world understanding.

sherlockman said...

thanks for opening your blog to comments

Readers may want to check into how partisan this has all been -- The 12-member legislative council in Alaska that authorized this investigation and also the release of the report consisted of 8 republicans and 4 democrats. Also, the investigation began months before Palin was nominated -- I don't know whether it was a partisan hack job or not (it it was, you would think more of the 8 republicans on the council would have expressed their concerns about it). A hack job to me means that facts are not stated correctly and that conclusions are drawn that are not supported by the facts. I think the report would have been more credible (and less subject to controversy) if Palin and those in their administration had been more cooperative thoughout just as the governor (pre VP nomination) said they would be.

EducatedWrestler said...

I apologize as I'm not actually responding to this blog in particular (although I do agree), But, With this being my first time on this website, I wasn't sure if there was any other means of saying a few things.

I stumbled across your CNN bit on yahoo, which made me do an instant search for this site. I am not a woman, and while I am republican I'm not super conservative, just fit that category a little better than the Liberal. I don't have a family, I'm just a twenty two year old bachelor who's in the "Live for the Moment" stage of life. Now, what does this have at all to do with you guys, this site, or Sarah Palin?

Well, I think that at the moment the idea is that only people such as yourselves (Religious, "Hockey Mom" types as I suppose you'd be stereotyped by the masses) are supporting Sarah Palin. And just to be clear, that's not a knock or a jab at all, I'm just calling it how I believe a lot of people see it. In any event, I'm here mainly to say A.) That I think it's very bold and positive what you're doing here in support of (hopefully) our next vice president. And B.) That you don't have to be a "Soccer Mom" or especially religious to get behind Sarah Palin. Despite a lot of ignorant perceptions of her, She's a very intelligent woman who I believe is entirely capable of serving us as the vice president of the United States, much the same as I believe John McCain will make (at the very least) and adequate President (certainly better than any other available options anyway). A word you used on CNN was "Authentic", and I believe that's the perfect word to describe Misses Palin. It's her honest, her straight forwardness, and personality combined with policies I believe in combined with a running mate I believe in for President, that make me very adamant about my decision come this November.

In any event, Ultimately I just wanted to show my appreciation, as well as throw it out there that Sarah Palin supporters come in all different varieties.

Proud said...

Hang in there. Even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see this is a hit job from day one.

The wicked did the same thing to Jesus. This is all the left knows. To hit job the righteous. BTW, the registered Repubs on the panel are Obama are supporters.

Keep your eyeballs pealed when you run across the cyber-bulling (which is against the law and one can do jail time for) of the obamabots (mindless robots) when you read through past postings, and you will clearly see why Obama and his cult followers are dangerous.

Oh, and IP address can be traced right to the front door ... and you may want to moderate this part out before posting.

appfan said...

Given that this investigation began LONG before Palin was the V-P nominee and that the vast majority of the panel are Republicans, how can you honestly lay this at the feet of the Obama campaign? You are truly desperate people wanting only to fan the flames (much like those at McCain/Palin rallies). Any educated, thinking woman (or man) would know what Palin's pick as V-P is: a desperate move by a desperate old man. It was an insult to women everywhere when she was selected.

DaveCromwell said...

I fully support Sarah Palin and this site.

Everyone - don't give up! And don't be bullied by the opposition. I don't believe the polls. I *do* believe there is a silent majority out there that can turn this election towards McCain & Plain. Just do it! For for McCain/Palin no matter what the "polls" say. They tried this with Gore and they tried it with Kerry. And we see how those elections turned out. Do no be discouraged!

Kinman said...

I am really tired of those Palin bashing comments. Discuss with valid points is one thing, but senseless bashing is meaningless. Well there are many kids on the internet who got too much time on their hand.
Anyway, I am not a mom, I am a male young adult, also a conservative Christian who support McCain because of Palin, and support her all the way. We seriously need a strong conservative voice of leadership within the culture and medias which is took over by the liberals who are destroying this country.
And those liberal medias keep digging dirt of Palin like dogs digging in the mud. While no one said Palin is perfect, it is not like Obama and the Dems have zone fault either. It is just that the liberal medias keep giving Obama free passes and won't report his bad policies (which has tons of it), and gives him the image as savior. Without the liberal medias, Obama can only dream to win.
If Palin is a liberal, the media would welcome her with an open arms.

goldfund said...

Al Gore was ahead of George W. Bush by 12 points 30 days from the election. We all know how that turned out. The Dems can't wait to tell pollsters (most are Dems also) how they "FEEL." While Conservatives are more reserved and stoic, we let are votes do the talking. The Dems are natural born losers, ha ha, I guess we all can't be winners. Thanks Dems, for being losers, so I may be a winner.

Anonymous said...

"The wicked did the same thing to Jesus."


Now Palin's the equivilent of Jesus?

How about she and her family are just like everyone else who perceive a threat to their family and will do all they can to diminish that threat?

I think the fact she used her position to do so can be understood and forgiven.

btperi said...


As a conservative, evangelical, Christian I won't engage in inflamatory words or character assassination of any candidate. I do, however, have a specific question for you. Perhaps you will reply.

I personally believe that God has given Sarah Palin a calling, but it is not, at this time, to be president of the United States. I believe her calling is to focus on her newborn son, who will thrive with her attention, and to be beside her daughter as she moves into the role of wife and mother at a very young age.

I won't be critical of her actions in Alaska either, because she has acted as many leaders might in a small population community. She is young at the job, and I believe she has a lot to learn, but she can.

Personally, I would like to see her continue in her current role as governor, and master the skills of effective leadership before she moves to the international stage.

So here is my question. What demonstrated skills as a government leader do you see Sarah has demonstrated that makes her the very best candidate for President of the United States ?

There are many qualified conservative republican women who could have been in this position, ie. Elizabeth Dole, Condolezza Rice. What are the specific reasons why you believe Sarah is the best, most qualified, candidate at this time in our history ?

I look forward to your observations. Thank you.

Jbish said...

If Sarah Palin gets elected, we'll be dealing with a real flood. As in the flood caused by melting ice at the poles, rising sea levels, and great damage to the environment the world over due to global warming, which she and Mccain are going to do nothing to stop, just as Bush before them.

Barack will deliver us from the real problems in this world.

If Sarah Palin gets elected I will be terrified. Canada will seem like a safer place to live than the US.

I hope the truth does get out, the truth about Sarah Palin. I don't understand how anybody can watch her speak and think that she has a mind of her own. She won't have teleprompters or note cards when she has to deal with Russia and North Korea.

John McCain is on his way out, the man may have a good soul and be a good person, but he's past his prime and his health will catch up with him. That means we'll all have to deal with four more years or so of somebody not qualified to be in Washington. Palin will inherit Bush's problems, solutions, and thus approval ratings.

tomk said...

I'd find it hard to believe that 10 republican state officials from a very red state are all Obama supporters. I'm curious as to where you found that information.

I feel like this is one of the better outcomes possible for Palin in all of this. Nothing unlawful, just an ethics violation which most reasonable people could have surmised from the public facts. I also don't find 1000 surpressed pages controversial. They contained private personnel information.

Ryan said...

"As a conservative, evangelical, Christian I won't engage in inflamatory words or character assassination of any candidate. I do, however, have a specific question for you. Perhaps you will reply."

Unlikely. John appears to be a troll on his own site, whipping up inflammatory blog posts apparently just to see how many comments he can rack up.

Ryan said...

"It is just that the liberal medias keep giving Obama free passes and won't report his bad policies (which has tons of it), and gives him the image as savior. Without the liberal medias, Obama can only dream to win.
If Palin is a liberal, the media would welcome her with an open arms."

The "liberal media bias" mantra from the right is so tired. As I see tons of ink and air time from all the major news sources dedicated to discussing the side-show issues of the right, I shake my head at the idea of the "liberal bias."

The far right has used this as a crutch to make themselves feel better so often that they now blindly believe it with all their hearts, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. Kind of like the Bible and creationism, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooooo... I guess that it's okay to taser your kid and drink while on the job???

gloria said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say how encouraged I feel with Gov Palin on the Ticket!!!! I was so so on McCain, but with Palin on it I am excited!!!!!!!!!!

I signed up today for helping get the vote out. I live in Missouri and it is a battleground state.
I believe that the media is completely lying about the polls..... NO one has called to poll us's all bias to make their "star" child, Obama look good.

Facts are, everyone I Know is voting for McCain! All the yard signs around here in the Kansas City area are McCain/Palin signs.

The dems are running scared.. scared ... scared.

McCain has more expierence than the wet behind the ears Obama. HE DOES not have the expierence to lead. 3 yrs as a Senator is not enough time to lead...... and compared to McCain's track record of 20 plus years in the senate and his time in the milatary -- Obama can't hold a candle to him..... and the media socialists know it.

Does the media think we are that stupid that we don't see what is going on??

EAt your heart out Obama....

This is a done deal.


Anonymous said...

I know you guys may mean well, but Jesus Christ supports neither a Republican nor a Democratic agenda. He supports HIS own agenda. To blindly support Sarah Palin--knowing full well she is unqualified to be VP of this country--is dishonest. Moreover, to support Sarah Palin “in the name of Christianity” AND claim that she qualified is profane.

Both campaigns have had low and high moments, no doubt about it. But, as a Christian who happens to be a black woman my observation is that most of the venom that has been spewed in this election is from conservatives “in the name of” Christianity! It breaks my heart. But, it also reminds me that that same mindset demonizes those who don’t agree with it or look like it. It’s the same mindset that enslaved my race and then tried to offer scriptures to support its evil.

I, like Sarah Palin, am against homosexual marriages and abortions. AND, as a Christian I will be voting for Barack Obama! Why? I believe he has shown more humility than the McCain/Palin ticket. A humble heart is a heart that can be led to truth in various areas.
An arrogant, self-righteous heart (like the kind Pharaoh had…like the kind king Nebuchadnezzar had…like the kind exhibited by the McCain/Palin ticket) is stony and uncompassionate…unyielding to truth…set on having it’s own way and not on having God’s way.

Even as I prepare to vote for Barack Obama for President I pray that God will touch his heart concerning the issues of abortion and homosexuality. McCain/Palin has shown such a lack of respect…such self-righteousness, that it would be foolish to believe their hearts would respond to the prayers sent up to God about ANYTHING.

As a Christian who is also a black woman I know there’s more on the table this election than homosexual and abortion issues. And Sarah Palin has not demonstrated the insightfulness or even an adequate level of curiosity about life outside of her sphere of existence to be a WORLD leader.

I’m glad she’s a Christian. Praise God. Barack Obama is a Christian also.

Moms 4 Sarah Palin, think back to your Bible studies. The Bible is full of examples (and references) that God resist the proud. Think back to the Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus said himself that while they looked clean and white on the outside, on the inside they were filthy and full of dead men’s bones. I AM NOT SAYING that Sarah Palin is filthy in this way. But, isn’t that more or less what you’ve been saying about Barack Obama?

John said...


Thank you for your considered comments. The Scriptures are replete with examples of godly women who have, in times of crisis, taken up the mantle of leadership and filled a void in human government. Please refer to the Biblical examples of Esther and the portrait of a godly woman described in Proverbs 31, "She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands...she considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard." vv 13, 16 Here we see the example of an entreprenurial woman engaged in commerce. There are, then, examples of godly women working outside the home.

I feel that Sarah Palin is the best woman for Vice President because she supports every conservative position that would ensure our economic prosperity and republican (representative) form of Government. After all, isn't that the point of all this debate. Who will continue to defend the Constitution and the religious principals that underpin our notions of personal rights and liberty? Certainly not the Socialist Obama. In short, Sarah Palin is a Capitalist and therefore promotes the limiting of Federal Government meddling in economic matters; she is a supporter of Democracy, and so opposes further expansion of Government into our daily lives; she favors tax cuts, so we all have more money to invest or spend; she is pro-life; she is pro energy production, as opposed to only focusing narrowly on conservation; she is pro-military and in favor of maintaining a powerful national defense--she rejects the philosophy of defeat so endemic in Democratic circles; she is a proponent of all that our forefathers gave expression to in our founding documents. Obama is none of this. My friend, these are the real issues. Consider them deeply and don't be distracted by Democrat attempts at obfuscation.

John said...

P.S., Governor Sarah Palin is as qualified as former Governor Bill Clinton or former Governor Ronald Regan.

melinda said...

I am so sorry that many (and by many I mean you) conservative Christians have yet to learn their lesson. I very strongly believe that your stupid blind support for Sara Phalan is a result of your desperate hope to find a politician who will work tirelessly to legislate your religious views into law for all the rest of us.

George Bush promised to do that and guess what? He lied to you, didn’t have any intention of following through with that absurd promise and in fact did very little to promote the conservative Christian agenda once he was elected the 2nd time. In other words he used you and thousands of others with limited understanding of the constitution of the United States to get himself elected. You were easy targets and really must have been the kids on the short bus when you went to public school. I say this because you do not appear to be intellectually gifted as are you are making the same mistake yet a third time.

It also says a lot about you as human being. You are willing to ignore the facts, look the other way when it is obvious that she is under-quallifed for arguably the most important job in the nation and support her ambitions because it is convenient for you personally. You are willing to humiliate yourself, lie to yourself and others, throw away your children’s futures, drive our entire country further into debt, perpetuate an expensive war half way round the world and participate in destroying the environment for the mere promise that your religious views will someday become law.

I just want you to remember one thing:

YOU CAN JUSTIFY ANYTHING IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. That does not make you right it just makes you a fool. There was a reason the founders of our constitution proclaimed there should be a separation between church and state. If not we just end up with the Christian equivalent of some Middle East dictatorship.

I'm pretty sure you will not post this comment but I wrote it for you to read not for others anyway!

Jeremy said...

"I personally believe that God has given Sarah Palin a calling, but it is not, at this time, to be president of the United States. I believe her calling is to focus on her newborn son, who will thrive with her attention, and to be beside her daughter as she moves into the role of wife and mother at a very young age."

You know what - interjecting God's will into politics or political decisions scares the heck out of the majority of us Americans, including the religious ones. When Bush received advice from God to invade Iraq, it scared us. When you talk about God calling on Palin, it scares us (While making us laugh, but really, I'm trying to take you half seriously here).

The reason why is that when you start referring to divine intervention and political races, then all ability to intellectually discuss issues is lost forever. There is no right or wrong, because if God favors one candidate over another, then what's the point of voting? What's the point of dissent, what's the point of having healthy policy discussions and why not just transfer from a Democracy to Theocracy? You are put in a role where you feel you have an absolute and DEVINE truth, and well, hard to argue against that. Just ask those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks - they were 100% sure they were carrying out a calling from God. See, anyone can do it.

Even further, who made you God's spokesperson? Who says that your interpretation of what God wants is correct? Do you people understand how incredibly righteous that sounds?

And really - if God wanted Palin or McCain or Obama to win, wouldn't it be so? If Diebold or the Supreme Court have the ability to change an election, don't you think that would be within God's power as well? And don't you think, if God was "voting" for Palin, he'd have sent down someone a little bit more intelligent, or at least someone who could survive an interview from a former Today Show host?

Listen, there are plenty of nations that use God and His/Her judgement to play the role of who decides the leadership of those nations. Do you really want to join this list?

Saudi Arabia

Or would you rather side with the Founding Fathers who advocated separation of Church and State on this one.

PS: I don't expect any concrete or reasonable response here. I've found that arguing with those who feel they are on the side of God is beyond pointless. We have been ruled by a president who feels very similar to some of the Palin supporters here, and despite some of the worst, most insecure, freedom-eroding years that most of us will ever remember, you will continue support Palin/McCain who couldn't be more similar (granted McCain is more different from Bush than Palin). It's amazing to us.

So really if you find that some who are against you appear to be angry, or sarcastic or can't for the life of them figure out how to have a conversation with you, well, I'm trying to give you some insight as to where they are coming from. We see you as a HUGE, HUGE threat to Democracy, and that causes people to get angry.

shoemia said...

1 - Dear Pro-Palin KoolAid Drinkers,

From one South Florida soccer mom to another (OK, so I'm actually a tennis/golf mom, but you get the point), here's what I have to say. I'm sure you are all really well-intentioned, but let's get serious!

Even now that America is finally waking up to the harsh realities of having supported the hateful, uneducated, right wing extremist named Sarah Palin, she is still pretending that she has some semblance of moral authority/credibility left on the national stage, but she hasn't.

Just this morning in Pennsylvania, to my great amusement, she actually had the nerve to attack Barack Obama/Democrats in Washington for "abusing their power." This, less than 24 hours after she was found guilty of... wait for it... ABUSING HER POWER AND THE PUBLIC'S TRUST AS GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA"

WOW, she and I must practice very different versions of Christianity. Mine warns against lying and hypocrisy. Apparently, hers does not.

Clearly, this woman is no role model for children, no genuine crusader for Christian values, no reformer, maverick, or any other silly nickname she's given herself. She is crooked and corrupt. Dishonest and hypocritical. Her entire resume is a one big trumped up sham.

She's done NONE of the things she claims to have done:

1. The new Alaskan gas pipeline she says is being built ISN"T BEING BUILT YET, and may never be built. But on her website, she claims that it is currently under construction. LIE.

2. The money she claims to have divested for relief in Darfur WAS NEVER ACTUALLY DIVESTED AT ALL. In fact, she fought against it until the bill died, but then tried to take credit for the so-called divestment during the VP debate last week. LIE.

3. She has NEVER negotiated "Trade Missions" with Russia (and by the way, Russia hasn't invaded our air space since she's been an Alaska governor, or mayor, for that matter). LIE.

The list goes on and on... The point is, the whole "story" of Sarah Palin is entirely made up. And KoolAid drinkers believe it, without ever fact-checking all the outrageous and totally false claims.

Sarah Palin continually asks, "Who is Barack Obama?"...

Well, he's much better known to the America people than is Sarah Palin! Obama had been campaigning, debating, and answering tough questions (about his record and past associations) for nearly 2 years now. Sarah Palin appeared out of nowhere approximately 6 weeks ago. The REAL questions should be...

Who the heck is Sarah Palin???

Anonymous said...

"Soooooooooooooo... I guess that it's okay to taser your kid and drink while on the job???"

Why would you say that Christina?

That's not what they were investigating. It's also not okay to commit murder, even though they said nothing about that either.

btperi said...


I asked why she was the "best qualified" woman for the job.

As a Christian, I'm frankly not concerned about money or capitalism. When I look at the scriptures, I see that God has asked me to place Him as the number one priority, and beyond that should be my family, my church, and then my community.

My world stretches well beyond my neighborhood. For the past 25 years I have supported many missionaries who take the word of God throughout the world, and reach out to help others with their physical and spiritual needs. This includes full time missionaries, friends on mission trips, and youth who are just starting their outreach.

God doesn't care about how much money you have in the bank, but he does care about how you use that money. He doesn't care if you preserve some economic system if you use it to help others. Isn't the foundation of the church, as found in the Book of Acts, a "social" institution ? Are we not encouraged to share all we have to help each other in accordance with their need ?

I am totally in support of women using their gifts and talents to better our world. However, I don't see the acquiring of more money to be an improvement. Those who amass billions may impress some, but those who spend their billions to help others, as we are commanded by Jesus Christ, impress me the most. I've always paid my own way, and materialistic pursuit is just not a priority for me. In fact, that pursuit may well be the root cause of our economic crisis today.

Jesus never worried about collecting wealth, or building a kingdom here on earth. He was all about relationships, and self sacrifice to focus on the needs of others. I mention this because this forum was introduced to the world as a womans' Christian Bible Study group, so it is the witness of your faith when you post views.

Sarah apparently agrees with your world view, but are you saying there is no other candidate who could have done the job ? I would have to disagree. At a time when we need to learn to dialog with other countries throughout the world, I know many fine, conservative, republican women who I believe had far greater qualifications for the office of President ( the constitutional qualification for vice president ).

I'm way too old to be influenced by partisans. You don't have to worry that perhaps some special interest group can sway my vote. I don't go with the pundits, or the spin machines. I look to the individual, and I evaluate the candidates, and their running mates, based on their consistent statements, their achievements over their lifetime, how they see the future, and how all of this matches to what I believe God would have us do as a nation. Thats what determines my vote ...

KARIN said...

I'm not comfortable with the idea of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency. She's not qualified. The Democrats didn't have to convince me of that. I don't give a flip about Troopergate, her wrinkles, or her pregnant daughter. She isn't qualified to lead. If you want to blame someone for my decision, blame John McCain. He chose her, not the Democrats (and by the way, I am not a registered Democrat.)

milev2000 said...

Reformer??? Ya right, this looks the same old Republican abuse of power to me.

january said...

Why is it so difficult to understand that what Sarah Palin did in Alaska is the work of an ambitious woman who cannot separate her personal life from her professional life and does not hesitate to use her office unethically to further her own personal agenda? Her history is well documented by many, many people who know her and work with her. They are not blind partisans.

Governor Palin is not an accomplished, qualified leader. She is a woman who runs Alaska like Bush/Cheney/Rove ran this great country of ours for the past eight years. If you admire that, God help you.

DianeR said...

"Get a life you liberal bastards."

I am a christian. I love Sarah Palin for her stance on life, though I am voting for Obama because I believe his policies are best for the country.

I've been a conservative for a long time, and comments like this are just mortifying to me. I'm so embarrassed for conservatives, particularly christian conservatives. The witness you are offering in the name of Jesus with comments like this is so concerning.

We dont *get* to fight fire with fire. We don't get to be called a name, according to Scripture, and call one back, we just don't. We've been given the gift of the Holy Spirit which is to empower us with love, patience and self-control. Your decision to believe you are some victim of the liberal media and then attack liberals in general with your nastiness and name-calling because you believe it's being done to you? God have mercy on all of you.

I doubt you will let this go through. But if you do (and thank you if you do). on behalf christians who really do care about Jesus showing up clearly as possible in our comments and behavior? I'm so sorry for all of us who are acting with such malice and hostility, I'm so sorry. Not all of us are ignorant or racist. Not all of us hate you because you challenge us and our role in the world. Not all of us want to impose our faith onto you. Not all of us believe that we love America more than you do.

I know this mea culpa does nothing to repair the damage christians have done, but know that many of us are working hard to clean up our tent. We obviously have much more work to do.

Scott said...

Palin was excused of any wrongdoing for letting Monegan go because legally the governor is allowed to fire anyone that reports to her for any reason. Case closed there.

However, where she WAS found to abuse power was this- and I quote from the report:

"Gov. Palin knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda,"

Get the facts folks- she clearly abused her power, and that gives some insight into her leadership style.

John said...


Wow, would be great if we could all live in your utopia and not have to use or think about money. Sounds like you'd have us all live in a communal monastery of some sort. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live in the real world. Best regards. Send me a post card from Shangri-La.

truthful one said...

Come on people! We have trooper gate lets read the whole document..anything can be edited and twisted to appear any which way anyone wants. One individual may gleam something different than another due to their own particular bias. What is fair is fair...the media has had it out for Palin from the get go..glaringly obvious..where is the mention of Obamas slum lord anywhere who has supported him from the get go! The old saying applies here SHOW ME WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH AND SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE. Just the level of hate bestowed upon Palin sickens me... the HARPIES FROM THE VIEW to even CAMPBELL BROWN whom I used to truly sickens me. Sometimes a measure of a human being and what they stand behind stands for more about them then anything. I admire Palins ability to be passionate,firm,and a special kind of resilience that makes her shine and it is those qualities that we need in a potential president then another lawyer taking the helm...

btperi said...


I don't live in a Utopia. I live in a very real world. I have a home, a mortgage, cars, children and grandchildren, and bills to pay. I've run a successful and profitable business for nearly 30 years, and I've always paid my own way through my work.

The mandates of Christ are clear, and they are to be lived in this world. The Christian life must go beyond adopting the label, and it must follow the principles outlined in Scripture.

The Book of Acts states the foundation of the church. The Christian church grew in a culture that despised it, so taking the label did nothing positive for the believers. Instead, the early church was one of sacrifice, unity, and love, exactly the ideals Jesus was teaching and modeling.

Capitalism is not taught or supported in the Bible. Gaining wealth carries scriptural warnings, not mandates.

John said...

Comrade btperi,

Your comments have been interesting. And, I understand why you have drawn certain conclusions from what little you have read. The Bible does condone the accumulation of wealth. Take some time to note the great wealth of many of the patriarchs in the Bible (e.g. Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, etc.) And, the Bible clearly reveals the Divine grant of private property ownership. Take some time and read the Exodus chapters 20- 22. From these chapters derive all of our common law notions of personal and property rights. Matters of this nature require some sophistication to properly understand. Plainly, the Bible warns men to guard themselves from the LOVE of money, the love of money is the root of all evil, not the responsible stewardship of whatever means God has given. A communal group may be functional among a small group of believers for a period of time. But, as the world is witness too, Communism is the root of vast evils. As you confess, you have enjoyed the fruits of a capitalist economy for many years and have participated in one of its fundamental modes of operation: entrepreneurship. I think its a bit disingenuous to now embrace a system opposed to our Republic and which regards religion as the drug of the masses. In sum, capitalist principles find their genesis in the Bible, specifically as to the ownership of private property and as to the accumulation and private control of wealth. You argue otherwise out of ignorance and from this error have been led to embrace a communist model which has demonstrated its enmity toward all things Biblical.

btperi said...


Three years in a conservative seminary studying for a M-Div does not yield to ignorance. Nor could I possibly run a national company for over 25 years, every year profitable, and be ignorant or naive.

It is interesting that you note the old Testament, but Jesus came to deliver a new covenant. When he noted it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then to attain heaven, he did not say wealth prevented salvation. His point, fully accepted by many Christians who have earned large sums of money, is that wealth brings opportunity to use it in the work of God, and that work involves reaching out to others and meeting their needs.

There is a reason we have impoverished people in this world, and it is a challenge to those of us who truly believe in Jesus Christ to reach out in love, not just to pray for the oppressed, but rather to minister to their every need, both temporal and spiritual.

I'm certainly not a communist. I served in the military, and I'm a Vietnam vet ! I firmly believe in democracy, and my country, and I did make the choice to put my life on the line in its defense. Perhaps you also have honored your country in the armed services. I certainly hope that is the case.

My point was rather simple. We have a financial system right now in failure. A noted economist recently noted that capitalism is the best system in the world when you can trust people to be honest. Unfortunately, our system has broken down because greed has run rampant. I could go on for hours with specific details, but thats probably just blowing in the wind at this point. But let me give you just one example. In a recent listing of the highest paid executives in the country, the #1 individual was a hedge fund manager who made $1.5 billion dollars. For that he only pays a capital gains tax of 15%. Of course, recently it has been suggested by your candidate that capital gains should not be taxed, so he would have made that money with absolutely no contribution to this country.

Before you respond that money is invested in companies, and allows for employing people, please check it out. Hedge funds, like short selling, is a paper "game" ( as it is described on the market channels) that does nothing but withdraw money from the market, and it weakens companies. To keep their jobs, CEO's send work overseas to low cost contractors, eliminating jobs here. This may be legal, but its not healthy for the country.

I'm not concerned about those who don't want to work. I'm concerned about the person who invested in an education, learned specific skills, accepted employment, worked hard for the company, perhaps married and bought a home within their means, saved money, started raising a family ... and suddenly they were sent overseas to train someone to do their job, and then terminated. After months and months of seeking, they still cannot find employment commensurate with their previous job and income, and then the whole picture unravels. Perhaps you don't know people like this, but I do, and I see them in church every weekend. I see them doing odd jobs, and anything they can get to try and contribute toward the bills, and yet the debt piles up. These people also know that the federal government has piled up a debt that amounts to $450,000 for every family in this country, and it continues to grow ! We have a system in bankruptcy ( verified by the GAO ) but we don't want to admit it. Instead, we want more tax cuts, more borrowing from China, and we're satisfied leaving this to our children.

I'm not ignorant, John. I'm experienced, and I've met your definition of financial success. I just know that isn't at all what will help this country in the future.

btperi said...


1) PLEASE re-read the paragraph you quoted because your response is totally out of context with what is written.

2) This is supposed to be a Christian BLOG and so my comment was framed totally within that context.

3) I do believe in God, and that He has created each of us for His purpose. I do believe that He calls us to different roles at different times in our lives. I never suggested He was telling us how to vote, or endorsing a candidate. However, I do believe there are reasons we have challenges placed before us, and those are always ultimately for good.

You don't have to share these beliefs. That won't offend me. However, my faith has blessed me for over 60 years, so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

Anonymous said...


We must remember that the trooper DID traser his son and was caught drinking while on the job along with a few other fractions and violations. This is automatic grounds for firing. I believe that the only reason Palin was investigated the way she was is because this situation involved her brother in-law (POSSIBLE conflict of interest)and because she's running for VP. In my opinion, his would have been investigated the same if the party tables were turned. HOWEVER, you may be thinking twice about your stance on the outcome then. Wouldn't you...

Furthermore, there were allegations (correct me if I'm wrong) on possible spousal abuse taking place. (Grounds for automatic suspension and possible firing.) You need to understand that this is a very sensitive issue to me. (Growing up in a home that suffered from similar issues, I have zero tolerance on this.) And, yes... if the tables were turned... I'd feel the same way.

Here's another one for you to chew on... A few years back, right here in my home town, we had a chief of police that murdered his wife and shot himself in front of his two young children. After a very thorough investigation, it was found that he was very abusive to his wife and commited numerous other fractions that should have had him dismissed... much similar to the situation in Alaska.

Anytime there is a question of character and this person is in this type of position of power, there should be temporary and perminant dismissal.

I believe that Palin acted fully within her rights and had enough grounds to fire him. I will say once more... the only problem was and is that there may have been a conflict of interest. Because of this and this alone, was why she was questioned.

P.S. Much similar to the case in my area... there were numerous "death threats" that went unheard. "Death Threats" are so hard to prove until a fatal attempt is made.
Therefore, I say... if there is ANY doubt, get him out of power!

Kinman said...

anyone who is pro life and pro family should listen to this audio about the candidates that you won't hear from liberal medias