Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I don't know about you, but I am LIVID. I have had it with how the mainstream media is treating Governor Sarah Palin. If Larry Flint had chosen to do a porn flick about Michelle Obama OR Hillary Clinton, the wrath of every women's organization in America would be unlike anything we've ever seen! Every media outlet would have it at the forefront! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? 

Sarah is a tough woman, as are we--but this is over the top, and it's time to speak up! Truth is, Larry Flint is producing a porn flick about Sarah Palin. There's a racist Obama backer in CA now displaying pictures of McCain in a KKK robe chasing Obama, and liberal cartoonists are attacking Palin for her "life issues", which go beyond what is appropriate...the list goes on and on. The attacks have been elevated in this election like nothing we have seen in recent history--and it is primarily, in my opinion, because Sarah is a white, conservative, Christian, pro-life WOMAN. Joy Behar of "The View" is ridiculing Sarah for her family values. See this link. 

I would ask that you write every one of your local and national newspaper editors, call every local and national radio show you can get through on, email every major network...we need to QUIT sitting on the sidelines and being silent. NOW is the time to speak up by taking action in this way, and at the polls on November 4th. 

For a list of national television networks, national radio shows, national newspapers and magazines, as well as national news services, click this link. Please use the email link below this post to get the word out to everyone you know!



JRF said...

I join your outrage. Palin Porn is NOT free speech is sex without consent. It is sexual abuse. It is disrespectful to ALL women--even those who don't agree with her values. We need a class action lawsuit against this slimeball and everyone else who would seek to attach someone's image without consent to pornography. Get me a lawyer...I'm filing a suit! If we don't stop this now...it'll be everywhere. Where is the respect? This woman has done nothing to deserve this.

John said...

Whoever commented about the former Clinton supporter endorsing McCain....your comment was accidentally deleted...please repost...thanks!!

dawnseibert said...

What a double standard there is in the media! No surprise I guess. But the use of pornography and depicting the KKK are just appalling and disrespectful, not to mention disgusting. Just shows you the lack of integrity in the Democratic party and several media outlets. Livid is an understatement!

Anonymous said...

Why is it called "racists" for people to say things like "Sit Down, Boy"? Why are people up in arms over what others are supposedly "chanting" at McCain/Palin rallies???
Liberals are demanding that MCCain/Palin put a stop to it! Yet... We have the media and TV shows (and cartoonists/comedians/pop stars/Hollywood) mocking the GOP ticket. Not just their political stance, but EVERYTHING about them. We have "so-called" stars berating them horrifically on stage shouting things like "kick her a--", "punch her in the face", "that b----", comedians laughing about being "gang-raped", etc. Not too mention Sarah's daughter, her boyfriend, and their unborn child have specifically been a target! Have you seen the slogans, etc? What about their beautiful boy, Trig! I can't believe what people are calling him!!! (I thought that the kids were off limits!) Yet, I hear of no liberals demanding public apologies here...
I've personally had liberal supporters send "hate-mail" to me. I've met people who have received "death threats". Where are those apologies? I've seen houses egged and graffitied because of campaign signs! Cars keyed... I am too afraid to put a sign in my yard, on my car, or to even wear a button! With the amount hate that I have seen displayed; I fear for my family, friends, and fellow Conservatives.
Conservative Christians have been attacked for their religious and moral beliefs. Yet, the liberals talk about "free-speech" and protecting individual beliefs and rites. I guess this only holds true if one believes exactly what they believe.
Look... I am far from racists. I come from a multi-race family. Therefore, IF remarks are being made degrading someones race, apologies should and need to be made. BUT... this goes BOTH WAYS and I have yet to hear one liberal stand up and say that Conservatives deserve an apology...

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

I agree completely Christina--
And for the record to some who commented here earlier--we are still getting thousands of hits a day on this site. I WILL NOT be publishing any liberal comments, except for a select few who state their case respectfully--and believe me, there are a very select few. I am done giving them a platform to bully us on our own turf. Free speech applies to government, not to this blog. We are getting a pretty darn clear picture of what Barack Obama intends to do with anyone disagreeing with his position, and I will not be bullied!
We don't get a lot of conservative comments here for a couple of reasons....
One-busy moms have time to read a post, but not enough time in their day to sit reading comments and posting them. I understand that.
Two-they email me instead. I love getting the emails, girls, but I do read the comments, so please feel free to leave your sentiments here also!!
God Bless-

Tiffany said...

I'm totally sick about it!

As for the MSM I have stopped watching any of it as well as mom, and grandma. Our numbers will ad up! Turn them all off don't feed into their ratings!

Take the pledge! http://www.afa.net/viewerspledge/

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

P.S. for those of you who are whining about my "censorship" of your comments:

I't laughable, really. YOU have the audacity, after I have allowed hundreds of comments from your side, to claim I am censoring your opinion. YOU do NOT get to tell me what comments I will post on this site, and it's a sure way NOT to get your comment posted. If I FEEL like posting your comment I MIGHT. If I don't, I won't. GOT IT???

iheartobama said...

Dear Tami,

I was reading the other posts here and I like to believe that my comments where very respectful, and even sympathetic about how horrible some of the comments twords you and your friends where. And yet you still refused to post my comment. I had a political science teacher who used to pair us with people who had completely opposite views from each other. He said that it is dangerous when people only associate with like minded people because it becomes an environment that polarizes itself and it becomes a vaccum,there is no fresh ideas to check and make sure that you are right in your thinking, also it does not provide the opportunities to learn new things. Both sides also miss out on an opportunity to understand why people believed what they do, what is the basis for their belief system and many times that people you thought you may have nothing in common with, may very well turn out to be something completely different that you supposed that they would be even if you do not agree with their beliefs, politics or even which football team they root for,you could respect one anothers differences and realize that it is the very diversity between people that gives us strenghth as a nation, that makes this such a great country to live in and also stands as a guard against absolute power from one group or another, which is not democracy it is actually an ologarcy which will degrade until it is totalitarianism and eventually Anarchy. We are always speaking about Democracy, but this country was not founded to be a democracy, it was founded as a REPUBLIC, like it says in the pledge of allegance "And to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. A republic protects the people of a country from its government with laws in place to allow you more freedom, and makes it so that you cannot be repressed by your government, because of the laws placed in the constitution to protect you. These laws afford you more freedom, not less. Like I stated in my other post, I am not a liberal, I vote on the issues, after thourough research and thought. As a Black Woman,too many people died so that I could have the right to vote too many sacrifices for me to take the privilage lightly. I am humbled that people wanted to vote so badly that they put themselves in harms way for the right, Women, the suffregetes, and black people paid a hefty price and some even made the ultimate sacrifice for me and others like me. I do not take that lightly. I did not come on your site to cause trouble, I am always checking myself, to ensure that I am not being unfairly biased in my opinions and to hear what the other side has to say. I saw you ladies on CNN and thought that you reminded me of some of my friends, I have friends of every faith, every walk in life, rich, poor, black, white, asian, hispanic. We were once called "The Rainbow Tribe" I love my friends and we do not all agree with one another about everything, some of us are as different as night and day, but we all have something unique and special to bring to the table. I came here to hear another persons prospective about Sarah Palin and I am very surprised that I have been excluded because I am not a McCain/Palin supporter. I hope that you post this, but I will not expect it. Sorry it is so long, I just had alot I wanted to say. "0)

To the poster who said why do people get so upset when people say "Sit Down, Boy" Back not so long ago during "Jim Crowe Law" period, which did not end in some states until the late 60's and in some places people of color are still treated little better than dogs. If a black man was to look a white person in the face or make direct eye contact, to walk on the same sidewalk as a white person, to defend themselves or even to protect members of their families. Black man where immasculated and called "Boy" as a profound disrespect. During most of this last century, Black men where not even given the dignity to carry themselves as men for fear of reprisal. During the late 1800 all the way up to the early 70's there was an average of 2 lynchings(of Blacks) in this country a week. It is like the Noose, these things have deep seated meaning to people of color and it reminds most of us of a time not so long ago when we where treated like animals. Just like there are things I am sure that you find offensive. If a man speaks to you like you are less than because you are a woman, it usually hits a nerve because we have all experienced sexism. It is the same thing when people of color get upset by certain catch phrases and words, they re-open very tender wounds.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I have no intention of coming off as disrespectful, I would like to think that I have been very respectful, but I believe that you should not fear differing opinions they can be the balance that is required to make an informed decision.

Michelle in Atlanta

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


I appreciate the respectful tone of your post--it is likely that, as in this case, yours was deleted for length. Because I am allowing fewer and because of the respectful tone in which you speak, I allowed yours.

I ask that, in return, you take a few minutes, scroll down the page and look at the posts which have hundreds, not dozens, but HUNDREDS of opinions that differ from mine. That you suggest I "censor" people that have an opposing opinion is absolutely unfounded, unless you have read only one post and the comments left under it. Frankly, I got tired of the Obama campaign trying to hijack my site, making threats to the life of my family, etc. Those people do not deserve to have a voice on my site, and frankly I am sure they are too lazy or stupid to get their own site. Those kinds of people like to bully others, and yet if they were to be confronted face to face they'd cower into a corner with nothing to say. They are cowards, and will be treated with the respect they deserve. They leave comments with hate speech, they leave comments with filthy sexual content....and they will be rejected every time.

So, while I respect your right to have an opinion because you have expressed it in a respectful manner, I do disagree strongly that I should somehow allow those people who would threaten me to be heard here. Obama is a coward, and they only follow in his footsteps as he has taught them to do.

Anonymous said...

Michelle in Atlanta,

In reference to the "sit down, boy"... If you re-read what I posted, I never agreed or denied it being racist. Although, in my humble opinion... in the full context & situation of which the man was speaking... I do not believe that he was being racist.

And as far as history is concerned, I am well aware of our historical background. However, I thought you all were wanting "change"? If this is true, then why must we live in the past and not look to the present and future?

Furthermore, if you re-read my entire comment... I was only stating that if people are going to be up-in-arms for questionable comments coming from a select few on the GOP side, then a self-examination is vital. Why? Because our side has seen just as much hatred & pure evil being spewed in our direction.

"I believe that you should not fear differing opinions they can be the balance that is required to make an informed decision."

I couldn't agree more. With that said, I wish that you could read all the hatred from past comments and from those NOT posted. I wish that for one moment you could sit over my shoulder and read the emails pouring in. The problem is not with differing opinions. The problem is the hate-filled tones and words, and lack of intelligence and respect.

In closing, You DO sound like a very intelligent, respectfull and nice person. Even though we may disagree politically, I applaud your willingness to discuss openly how you feel and your opinions while keeping a respectful tone.

Pressing On,

iheartobama said...

Dear Palin Moms,

Thank you for posting my comment and for your responses. My opening in my original post was how totally floored I was by the people cutting and pasting their responses over and over again to take up whole pages and calling for people to join together to "Kill" you and making personal statements about you as people which they couldnt possibly know about you. I thought that was completely inappropriate and I was outraged. This is what first prompted me to post, I was speaking equally to the idiots posting those ridiculous comments as I was to you ladies, hoping to soften the tenor and maybe let people see that not all Obama supporters are like those idiots metioned early in this post. And that when you behave that way you are not an asset to which ever candidate you are supporting. I was disgusted and saddened that people still believe that this is the approach to getting people to come over to their side of things. I did not believe that you ladies deserved that type of attack, because after all it is not about you or me it is about these candidates and that is what should be the issue. I for one do not agree with this type of contributer and did not intend to imply that I thought everyone should be given a unilateral voice to speak here on your site. I agree completely that people who cannot post respectfully and factually, without retoric or "Bologna" for lack of a better word should be deleted and not allowed to post. My statements where because I had posted several times in a respectful tone and none of my posts had been added. Anyway, I would like to thank you ladies again for your candor and allowing me to contribute to your site and I apologize for any misunderstanding my prior post may have created.

Take care,
Michelle in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Michelle in Atlanta,

Thank you for being so easy to talk to and a "liberal" (for lack of a better word, you probably hate being called that) breath of fresh air...

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Tatiana said...

I do not think porn is disrespectful to all women, the men who like it and are misinformed are the REAL people who are disrespecting women. I believe in my America, a place where people can say whatever they want, of course within safety boundaries.

The America I love will allow radicals from both sides to say whatever they want and not step in until a crime has been committed. The bill of rights was written for the America I love, OUR America.

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...


with all due respect, the issue here isn't whether or not porn is right or wrong--that's a whole different debate.

the issue at hand is whether or not it is right for Sarah Palin to be portrayed in this disgusting way while running for the 2nd highest office in the land. It displays for all the world the length to which liberals will go to win an election...surely you would admit that if a Michelle Obama porn film were made the Obamites would be up in arms over it. That's just a fact.

thomas said...


Once again, it sickens me that people behave in such revolting and hateful ways. Larry Flynt has always been a moral reprobate looking to make a cheap dollar on any thing or anyone. And you already know my position on the type of posts I have seen here. Hate speech is hate speech no matter who writes or says it and no matter which side of the argument they are on.

I have seen the appalling and hateful language and content of these people and I think Sarah Palin does not deserve this treatment. She deserves an apology although she will not get it. If you disagree with someone, make a respectful argument. The personal abasement is completely beyond the pale.

I am sure you know that this behavior is rampant among McCain supporters also. I have seen cartoons of Obama having sex with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and Osama Bin Laden. I have seen photo-shopped pictures of Obama lynched, hanging from a tree. I have read vile, depraved stories and jokes?!? about Michelle Obama and about his children. There seems no end to the hate some people can muster.

I will continue to express myself with the respect I think you and your colleagues deserve. I believe in my heart that when people exchange ideas freely, with mutual respect and regard for their common humanity, good things happen.

I know you do not believe all liberals, Democrats or Obama supporters are evil and immoral as I know many McCain supporters and Republicans are people who love their candidate, their country and their God. I am sorry Govorner Palin has had to endure such wickedness.

Yours in Christ,