Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Media Bias and Preparing For The Debate

Never in my lifetime have I seen anything to beat what is going on right now with regard to all things Sarah Palin. I have heard some of the most racist, sexist and just downright nasty comments I have ever heard about a politician in the media--and they're getting a pass. Two nights ago I heard Ashley Judd, who I love to see in a good MOVIE, say "a woman voting for McCain/Palin is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders."(BY THE WAY, ASHLEY--IN THE FUTURE DO NOT ASSUME YOU REPRESENT ALL WOMEN BECAUSE THIS MOM DOESN'T BELIEVE IN KILLING THE UNBORN OR MUCH OF ANYTHING ELSE YOU BELIEVE IN!!!) Canadians seem to think we care what they think, as journalist Heather Mallick weighs in, saying Sarah Palin looks like a "porn actress", and that "she isn't even female really", attacking her as "vicious and profoundly dishonest". Mallick also said that Republicans vote that way "to give themselves the only self-esteem available to their broken, economically abused existence"--this AFTER she called us "unlettered, white trash, and hicks". Palin's family wasn't immune either. The Canadian journalist attacked Bristol Palin, calling her "pramface", then calling her boyfriend an "f-in redneck". She attacked Track Palin saying he was absolutely "terrified" as he left for Iraq. 

To put the icing on the cake, get this: on NBC Nightly News last night, NBC stooped to an all time low when they sent a reporter to Hanoi to find McCain's captors so that they could confirm McCain's story of torture and make sure he was telling the truth. Shock of all shocks...his torturers tell a different story. Imagine that! Our enemies denying torture! It isn't enough that the men who were tortured alongside John McCain tell the same story, NBC has to go speak with the enemy and air their propaganda on American television. 

When is enough going to be enough? When are we going to get angry enough to stand up and speak out? I hope that what we've seen this last month is enough motivation...I've only given a sample of what's been said. It's nothing new, the media just isn't hiding their bias any longer, and they are no longer held accountable for journalistic malpractice (i.e. lying). We need to spend the next 24 hours praying for Sarah Palin like we haven't done thus far. Tomorrow night, the weight of the world will be on her shoulders. Millions will be watching, waiting to pounce if she makes even one misstep...all the while, Joe Biden (the walking "gaffe" machine) will get a pass no matter how poorly he performs. I look for Sarah to be who she is, true to herself and what she believes in--so, Sarah--in case we're fortunate enough for you to be reading this, we're praying for you and we're pulling for you 1000%! YOU GO GIRL! We KNOW you are going to ROCK THE HOUSE!!


Anonymous said...

You are an absolute blind jesus idiot. your brain does not function correctly. I am truly sorry, you're an utter fool and a shining example of all that's wrong with some of the American Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

I"m afraid you're going to be mighty disappointed on November 4th...more likely before, as this election won't even be close.

I'm a Republican woman, and I can tell you that Palin is an absolutel disgrace. She can't name a newspaper she's read. She can't name a Supreme Court case. She uses her governorship to fire people who upset her family. She tries to ban books. She has a family straight out of Jerry Springer. She's apparently had an affair. She attended something like five schools to finally get a She's never heard of Hamas. She doesn't even know her own party's platform - she agrees with Obama on what to do in Pakistan. She flipflopped on her own ethics investigation.

She's a mess. So is the McCain candidacy. And so are you, for supporting this hideous excuse for an American.

Tami said...

first of all, you're a liar.

second, try and get your facts someplace besides the enquirer you pathetic hack. go hassle someone who cares what you think.

since most of you are logging on from Canada, I know who you are and you are NOT AMERICANS, so go stick your heads back in the sand.

Mary Johnson said...

I'm from Virginia USA. I'm a former Republican, sad to say Palin is an embarrassment. To think she could be a heartbeat away from becoming president is scary, terrifying to say the least.

I don't know who you are calling a liar, but you are the one who needs to check the facts if you think that the previous anonymous commenter was "lying". You are in a sad state of denial, really, did you watch her interview with Katie Couric? Couric was hardly sexist or nasty and gave her a very fair interview, yet Palin exposed how unqualified and ignorant of US and world issues she really is.

Yes please do pray for her. Pray that she put country first and quit, decline the nomination and drop out of the race. Seriously, is she so blind and ambitious to really believe she is qualified to be even the Vice President, let alone President of the US? Please pray for her to come to her senses.

Anonymous said...

I just would like to say please don't put Republican on your name if you back Obama Anonymous.That means if you vote that way you believe in abortion and your are the one that is a disgrace to us!
I would also like to say that if all this trash has been said about Obama we would see a convoy of buses coming to town to protest.
They can chew Sara and her family up and spit them out and people set back on their b-tts. I am ashamed as an American of our TV net works. It only shows that the world is sick and doesn't seem to be getting any better.
I truly appreciate you Tami for how you have stood stand for Jesus and don't back up.I have learned so much from you and since joined our group and started to help in many ways. It feels good to know when you get out and fight instead on setting on the computer eating cookies and looking for blogs to torture you can be proud of yourself.God forbid,but if in the end our team isn't on top we know we fought the good fight and fought one of the most unfair elections I have ever seen.
As far all these so called stars we all know Hollywood has gone to the dogs. They can't live the life Jesus calls them to so they build their own faith.
Sara is a real woman and it is time for all those that are jealous because they can't be half of what she is to shut up.
She glows with the spirit of Christ...she loves her family and her Country.You don't see her cutting throats to build her own self up WHY you ask? She is already up there!
Go Sara we love you and im very proud to call myself a Republican woman.

dawn said...

Hi Tami...supporters are still here for you, your efforts and for Sarah! Don't let these people get the best of you. Let's pray for them too...they can use it all they prayers and help they can get!

Anonymous said...

Actually Levi called himself a "f-in redneck" on his myspace. But I do think some of the personal stuff is out of line and takes people away from the issues. Why call her a "porn actress" What does that mean? It's silly. I'm against Sarah Palin because I don't agree with what she stands for and I haven't been impressed with her ability to articulate her viewpoint. It's not personal. None of us know her personally. I'm sure she's a very nice person. However if Levi wants to call himself a f-ing redneck, who are we to second guess him :)

Tami said...

Ok--that's fair, he said it first, but what business does a Canadian, or any other journalist have bringing him in to the mix? He didn't ask for that, and certainly doesn't deserve being thrust into the national media. I hope he does kick some tail if anyone comes knocking....and if he does, it will be well deserved.

Elizabeth said...

Regarding your statement that NBC news went to Vietnam to interview "the enemy", I just want to point out to you that it was John McCain who started normalization with Vietnam which became our official international position in 1995. He determined that the possibility of American POW's being held against their will didn't exist anymore and that we should begin to form a relationship with Vietnam. They are now a source of cheap labor for American businesses. We even have an embassy there even though they remain a communist nation. What a slap in the face to the thousands of families, like mine, that had loved ones still listed as MIA/POWs when normalization began. McCain also fought against releasing de-classified military records, including his own, to the families that still had loved ones in Vietnam. Maybe that's why NBC felt the need to go to Vietnam. If McCain doesn't view them as the enemy anymore, maybe NBC was just following his example. McCain is no friend to Veterans. Go check his voting record on veteran issues.

jen crane said...

oh elizabeth, you're back. hooray.

all you blind lemmings who seek to destroy sarah palin and base your shallow opinion of her on the shabby editing of the katie couric interview (please, go read the original transcript of the interview - there's a reason why katie's ratings are in the tank) have NO room to speak. you defend a man whose foreign policy experience is ZERO and HE is THE ONE RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES. quit reading the enquirer and base your opinions on fact - of course, you won't hear any facts coming from the biased liberal media...

and to the first anonymous COWARD, you who mocks and insults us "Jesus idiots"... someday, my friend, you WILL come face to face with the truth and i can only PRAY that you will be standing with the SHEEP and not the GOATS.

Anonymous said...

why couldn't McCain be lying? Not probable but possible. Also to jen most of these people's "shallow opinion" is supported by fact which makes it not an opinion. Regardless of the editing on the interview she still wasn't to great. Also you might want to check out some of the other places where she slipped like the supreme court case and magazine one. It was not the fault of the editing on those.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that she named Trig after the test he'll never get to take in High School?