Monday, October 06, 2008

More Smears

I am so thrilled to see Sarah out there on the campaign trail shakin' things up! She's stirring up those crowds with that straight talk, saying those things we've all been thinking!

Since they can find nothing substantive to go after her for, the ABC show "The View" is at it again. This time Barabara Walters said that Sarah Palin having her baby with her at the debate 'bothered her'. Apparently, one of the democrat talking points now is to go after her baby again, several reps calling baby Trig 'it'.  Liz Trotta, former Washington Times bureau chief, was on Fox this morning and stated "the image of dragging that handicapped infant around and having 'it' on stage has caused consternation". 

I guess in Liz's world, a baby is an "it" and it's  unacceptable  to have your family in the audience in support of you. 

Sarah Palin cannot win with these people, and I'm pretty certain she doesn't care to try. Liz Trotta is the same woman who said conservative women wouldn't vote for Sarah because we think she belongs at home. 

Guess she was wrong.

Come on...REALLY??? 

They say she's a horrible mother if the baby is absent, and when she brings the baby she's abusive for doing so. 



jen crane said...

well, in liz's world she would have aborted "it" a long time ago... so sad.

on a brighter note - have you noticed how big Trig is getting? sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Amen Jen... I tell you bringing up my children as an at home mom they went every where I went. My husband and I never took part or went places our children couldn't go. As they all three got older and not tooting my horn,but were very smart...I was told it was because they learned by hands on. Going places and learning and being there in person.
Come on lets lock all our children up and keep them from knowing what America is really about!
So stupid.

annie said...

I have never heard of Liz Trotta saying that the Obama's should leave their children at home! I have a 7 yr old daughter w/ DS and she is every bit a part of our family. She absolutely goes everywhere we go and always has!
I can tell you this - Sarah Palin loves Trig as she loves her other children. Trig is not a "lesser" person to them!

They say "it" because they place no value in this beautiful life!
So disgusting! They show their true colors!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, admire a woman who can multitask and "do it all"! This woman is the entire package and I think that she just intimidates those who feel inferior...

Anonymous said...

I think she carries around the baby so that woman can say " Hey look, baby!" It is all a distraction. Palin is a complete distraction. How about some real interviews? How about some real answers?

Anonymous said...

You self-diluted morons!! You're blind allegiance to the GOP ticket is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The nice thing is there are over 1 million children with downs syndrome available for adoption.

Since you all believe this baby is so cute why don't you all step up and adopt a baby with disabilities.

It is nice to change your "child's" diaper when he is 37.

Sarah Palin is an idiot. I seriously have lost all respect for this country. I feel so bad for the veterans as the fought so valiently for nothing as the country is going downhill so quickly we will be in the toilet in a couple year.

Also, do you honestly believe in god or are you so scared of dying that you have to believe there is something out there. Trust, me, there is nothing except a mortician who is going to fondle you on the gurney while you both you and him stiffen.

Palin is probably the dumbest policitican I have ever heard.

YOu are some of the dumbest people I have eve listened to. Can you post some pics of yourselves or are you a bunch of fat pigs who squeezed out a couple of rodents.

Irma said...

No one asked Joe Biden who was taking care of his kids? What about him being a single father? As a matter of fact no one ever asks a man who is going to take care of their children? People just assume the 'wife' will. How about assuming the 'husband' will in regards to Sarah and her family? Sexism is alive and well in America. Women we all should be angry about this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It frightens me, the angry tone that anti-Palin people use in these comments. Aren't democrats supposed to be all about "peace, love, and harmony?" Don't human rights include respecting people for who they are? Calling Republicans 'stupid' only reveals your own ignorance and lack of tolerance for diversity in opionion. Just like all the condescending Hollywood celebrities, telling us "regular people" to vote for Obama -- maybe you should consider showing some respect for people with different views than you have. Respect gets completely lost in some of these bitter comments.

I support McCain/Palin 100%!

DKR said...

As a mom of a child with special needs, it is hard to find care from someone that has the skills and is trustworthy to watch your child. It is best done by the ones that truly love them.

It is also important to increase awareness to the disability to the general population who don't have any idea what life is like for the family of a special needs child. it isn't so much the work involved and the care needed with the child; BUT the world and how they view them and consider them to be an inconvenient misfit.

If they only understood or walked a mile in someone else's shoes, they would think and feel differently.

I'm ecstatic that we can possibly have an advocate in the White House to help with special needs children whome are very underserved in many areas of the country.