Saturday, October 04, 2008


Here's another chance to let your voices be heard ladies and gents! Once again, the New York Times has done it: this time, in an article called "Palin's Alternate Universe". (click on title to read) I encourage you to read the article and, if you feel led to do so,  register and comment on the site (comments seem to be only enabled occasionally), or write a letter to their editor at this email address: (must be kept to 150 words or less and include writers name, address, and phone number for verification--not publication) Please pass this on to everyone you know! Nearly 300 comments have been left there, most of them anti-Palin.

**UPDATE: Today, New York Post has a different take on Sarah, in their article "MAC: Sarah's A Real Knockout!" by Carl Campanile. To thank him for his fair piece, you can register and leave a comment on the site. 

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