Thursday, September 11, 2008


You know what excites me most about Sarah Palin? My 9 year old daughter is excited!!! She said today, “Oh mom, I wish I could vote!” Additionally, recently, I have gotten emails from teenage girls that are having the same excitement I am, and it just thrills my heart! I have asked a dear friend who is 19 to write a post for this site from the perspective of young people. I am excited to see what she has to say! These young ladies are the future of our party, and it is up to us to educate them on what is right and good and true.

Are you getting bold yet? I can tell I am fired up because until Sarah, I was the girl who avoided getting into a political debate. I had strong feelings, but really chose not to voice them around anyone I didn’t know. I have made myself start asking, “So, how will you be voting in November?” I asked a perfect stranger that today and GUESS WHAT SHE SAID?! “Well”, she said, “I was going to vote for Hillary, but since that isn’t an option I’m voting for McCain/Palin since he has Sarah on the ticket!” Make no mistake about it, I personally am not voting for McCain/Palin because Sarah is a woman. I think it is WAY awesome that he chose her, but I am voting based on issues. That he happened to choose the best running mate EVER is genius and a HUGE bonus. I am voting because I believe quite strongly that the Republican side of the aisle has it right on nearly every issue. Sure, our side makes mistakes and does really stupid stuff sometimes, but that is just human nature and to be expected. Time Magazine has Sarah on the cover for the September 15th issue, and let me just save you a few bucks unless you are one of the unfortunate ones that has a subscription! They do not paint a pretty picture of Sarah in the 6 pages they filled. They basically repeat all the garbage you hear everywhere else in the liberal media, so please don’t waste your money!

Did any of you hear the clips from Matt Damon? I love Matt Damon in The ‘Bourne’ movies and all that, but when are these
celebs going to learn that they need to stick to what they do best...ACTING on a set...and leave the politics to the politicians and the rest of us? I don’t care what Matt Damon or any of the rest of Hollywood thinks about John McCain or Sarah Palin!! I am going to copy you a portion of his dialogue in his interview with the A.P.:

Matt Damon: “You do the actuary tables, you know, there's a one-out-of-three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn't survive his first term, and it will be President Palin, and it's like a really bad Disney movie.  You know, the hockey mom, you know, "Oh, I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska," and she's the president, and it's like she's facing down Vladimir Putin, and, you know, using the -- you know, the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey, you know, rink, you know, it's just -- it's absurd.”

I love what Rush Limbaugh had to say to that!: (from Rush Limbaugh, on his show today, dated 09/11/08)
“Matt, let me tell you something.  You need to study up on Sarah Palin, you will find out that she has been very open, everything she learned about competition, everything she learned about dealing with obstacles in her way and adversity she learned playing basketball, and she was good at it, and this is before title nine, Matt, before the feminists got their hands around high school and junior high school athletics.  I'll tell you what, old Matt old buddy, I'd rather have Sarah Palin staring down Vladimir Putin than Barack Obama agreeing with Putin that the United States of America is the problem in the world, you little jerk.  The United States of America is the solution to the problems in the world, and your guy, Obama, thinks we're the problem.  "We're not as great as we once were."  "We haven't met our promise," and so forth.  But he can't tell you when it was better.  So when it comes down to staring down either Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- I mean it's your guy who said he would meet with these people without preconditions, that he would grant them the imprimatur of seriousness by walking them into the Oval Office.  Your guy lives in a pipe dream.  He thinks by the power of his personality, his messianic personality, his ability to persuade, that all these people are going to become our friends and we're going to end the strife, and there will be no tense anxiety and nobody will be wringing their hands together 'cause it's all going to be one perfect world of peace and love and harmonic convergence at Mount Shasta, ohmm.  Give me Sarah Palin dealing with these thugs any day.” 

More of Damon in A.P. interview:
“It's a really terrifying possibility.  The fact that we've gotten this far and we're that close to this being a reality is crazy, crazy.  She -- I mean does she really -- I need know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago.  That's an important -- I want to know that.  I really do.  Because she's going to have the nuclear codes, you know.  I -- I want to know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago or if she banned books or tried to ban books.  I mean -- you know, we can't -- we can't have that.”

Rush then had a bit more to say after playing that clip!: (from Rush Limbaugh, on his show today, dated 09/11/08)
“What an idiot.  Well, there you have it.  Actually, I want to take that back. Matt, I'm sorry I called you a celebutard and I'm sorry I called you a jerk.  I am, because I want him to keep talking.  I think he's brilliant. I think he's got some tremendous insights here. I think Matt Damon may be on to something here, folks.  We need to hear more from Matt.  Matt, I'm sorry.  I usually don't call people names like this, and it's been a pressure packed day for me, too.  So I'm sorry.  You keep talking.  Keep granting these interviews like to Us Weekly and to Entertainment Tonight and, let's see, what else could you go on, some of these stupid shows -- go on American Idol, ask them for a speaking engagement one night on American Idol as they get ginned up here before the election, some such show as that.  Buy an hour's worth of TV time, that's right, buy an hour's worth of TV time to tell everybody how concerned you are with Sarah Palin.  Buy it on NBC, they'll sell it to you, probably cheap.”

All I have to say is that I am so glad someone like Rush has the GUTS to stand up to people like this and guess what? I think John McCain and Sarah Palin do too! I know a lot of women who think Rush is too ’mean’. If you are one that thinks this, please consider that this is the one man who is the rock of the conservative Republican! We aren’t talking about what color thread to use for knitting here, we are talking about an ‘ideal’ that hundreds of thousands have fought and died for. Socialism isn’t a joke, neither is Marxism--the Democrats can say what they want, but you google it and see what Wikipedia says! You may as well have a definition of the far left wing of the Democratic party-who now runs the party! So, all things considered, maybe we should all take on a little more of a “Rush” attitude and quit being silent! This is why the left think that us conservative babes have nothing to say!!!

SO....all that being said, let's get off our tooshies and get busy! By the way, in the clips I'm seeing in the ABC Charlie Gibson interview, Sarah ROCKED it, so make sure you tune in!! Charlie Gibson appears rather pompous in the clips I have seen--he's positioned looking down at her, he makes snide remarks during the will be interesting to see. I usually like him, so I'm willing to wait and see.

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