Friday, September 12, 2008


I posted earlier, making comment that the National Down Syndrome Society has denied my offer of donations, and it was explained to me by a friend in greater detail so I removed the post. While I have seen money raised in all kinds of venues for various charities, I have never heard of a charity turning down the offer of a donation from an individual. I emailed the NDSS a few days ago to let them know I am a mom who has created a blog and am offering t-shirts for sale, the proceeds from which a portion will be donated to their charity. Because of the treatment of Todd and Sarah Palin with regard to their baby Trig, who has Down Syndrome, I would like to donate the money to a cause that benefits children such as Trig, in honor of Sarah. While I understand completely that a tax exempt organization cannot endorse any candidate or political party, I was shocked to receive an email saying that the "NDSS must decline any donation that is politically/partisan associated." (from the Affiliate Coordinator/Information & Referral Specialist for their organization) I had no idea they wouldn't allow an individual to donate. I guess my mistake was explaining what I was going to do! So, I will be looking for another charity to donate the proceeds from the t-shirts, and would welcome any suggestions any of you may have.

**UPDATE: Well, I finally called and talked to a similar charity who was much friendlier than the first, and the executive director explained in detail the things this mom didn't know! No charity that is tax exempt can accept the proceeds from someone, even an individual, if the proceeds have been collected in the way we are collecting them. So, I completely understand now, and I appreciate so much his taking the time not only to explain, but to suggest other parties that would benefit from our money. I will research the suggestions he gave and update the sight once a decision is made. 


Patty said...

I would suggest the spina bifida association (I have a sister born with this defect) or an organization that helps children of abuse and neglect (see the Petra Luna Foundation or others). Of course you could still donate to the NDSS and just use the $ raised from t-shirts to donate, by putting it in your name rather than saying it was raised by the sale of Palin t-shirts.

Tami said...

Excellent point, thanks Patty!