Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Are Republicans So Excited About Sarah Palin and Why Does the Liberal Media Hate Her So Much?

I am just astonished at what I hear every time I turn on the television. Do you hear ANYTHING about Senator Biden these days? He has been rendered pretty much irrelevant! Did you know that the various major networks actually cut away from an Obama appearance on education today to show a McCain/Palin appearance in Ohio? They were just raving about the huge crowds, as if it's shocking that a Republican can draw such numbers! (Reports are saying that they are drawing crowds well OVER 10,000 strong-I heard one report that said as many as 40,000 have shown up in some cases) What I hear, though, when I turn on the news, is constant bashing of Palin. It's relentless, and nearly all of it is lies. (more on that later!) The Obama people and the Democratic party have sent over 30 lawyers to Anchorage to continue digging for dirt on this woman. I know there have been quite a few viewers from Anchorage reading this site--be aware girls! Rush Limbaugh says they will be there with pockets full of money to dredge up and pay for any little nugget of dirt--and quite apparently it doesn't matter if it's true or not. They don't much care about credibility, because if they can just plant the idea, then they are at least somewhat effective.

So, why is Sarah Palin so popular? She has energized the base, for sure...but more than that, she has clearly energized John McCain! He clearly is excited by the momentum they have gained, and he deserves the credit: he picked her! The Washington "Insiders" from the Republican party seem to think that what the Washington Democrats think is what the majority of Americans think and want and if we can just "work together" things will all be better! Well, Sarah Palin is the polar opposite of that kind of ridiculous thinking, and she proof that that IS NOT what the vast majority of Americans want, and she has lit this party ON FIRE!!!

Sarah Palin isn't perfect, no one is. She, I'm sure, makes mistakes as a wife, mother and politician just like any other human being. But what I do believe she is, is REAL. That is why she is so popular and that is why liberals hate her so much. She is a REAL woman, with REAL life experience who shoots straight (literally and figuratively!). She believes in LIFE, she loves God, she owns a gun or two and actually uses them, and she seems to be unafraid to be WHO SHE IS. That is the strength of this Republican ticket. You know who you're getting.

So, I agree with the comment I have heard so much in the last few days--"keep it comin'!" Not really, because it hurts Sarah's family and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy....but with every lie they spread, it energizes me more, and I believe it does that for many millions of conservatives who now feel we have an advocate headed for the White House!


Mary said...

Thanks Tami for doing all the research and posting well written blogs here. For me, its great to get an update when I don't have time to watch the news channels. When I saw Sarah Palin for the first time on August 29 I was stirred in my spirit that this was the one. She is a great compliment to John McCain. She believes in herself and in her family relationships. You can see it in her face and in the face of her family. Thanks for fanning the flame to the fire that's been lit under you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that you are doing. I had already given up on politics but now I know we can make a difference. I am glad we are finally standing up and saying enough is enough. Behind every succesful men is a great woman and we will show it when we win this election.