Monday, September 08, 2008

~"Is America ready for a woman who goes to a church that believes in the rapture, prays for pipelines and speaks in tongues? There's tape to back this up, like...this year tape."

~"She [Sarah Palin] appears to be a liar." (when referring to Palin's zingers at the media)

~"Mark Levin is ugly and he knows he's ugly."


Kieth Olbermann of MSNBC just got done saying these things, I heard him myself. While these newscasters have been rendered irrelevant by most, even in their own profession, it still seems amazing that such bias would be allowed on the airways. (by the way, MSNBC has fired him as co-anchor, along with Chris Matthews, although they are still on the channel in another capacity) These people have nothing. Keith went on in this interview to say that Palin is lying about things that have been clearly documented to her credit.
Amazing, the stupidity of the liberal media. I am ever more amazed, and they are ever more irrelevant.

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