Friday, September 12, 2008


The press begins, girls: some comments on their site in DEFENSE of Sarah would be greatly appreciated. The South FL Sun Sentinel political reporter Anthony Man has done a post on his blog about our blog: see here.

**UPDATE: Don't bother with the hate mail about Sarah or Rush Limbaugh or me. I will not post it. This is a blog dedicated to the defense of Sarah Palin and letting conservative women's voices be heard. I hear your comments, I disagree STRONGLY because, believe it or not, that IS my right- and it is my right not to publish them. For those of you suggesting Rush is telling me what to say, I have never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Limbaugh, but IF I ever do, I'll be sure to pass along your sentiments, it'll make for very interesting conversation. :-) Also, for those of you suggesting that because I am a Christian I am not a good American, the two, my friends are not mutually exclusive. Because I am a Christian, I love my country with everything in me, and would give my life for the preservation of its freedom.


Mary said...

I'm proud of you. You are handling yourself well. And I think that as believers we are Christian first. That really upset me when someone criticized that statement on your blog. When God is first He orchestrates the rest of your belief system. We each will answer to God for our action or inaction in this election.

Linda said...

You go girl! I'm a Ft. Lauderdale Christian Conservative Mom & I am so proud of Gov. Palin & outraged by the infair treatment she is getting in the mainstream media. Thank you for staring this blog!

Anonymous said...

So, basically... this is the Evangelical Women's blog. Why don't you be honest about who you are?

Are all Evangelical women liars?

You pretend as though, you have somehow been awakened, since Sarah Palin was tapped as McCains running mate. And that now, we should all come together as Women and Mothers. You would not have voted for Hillary Clinton, (who is a real hero to women in this country and around the world) even if she had won the Democratic Nomination.

You have zero credibility!

Mary said...

Anonymous above - please explain how Hillary Clinton is a real hero to women in this country and around the world. Because she promoted universal health care? or because she thinks it takes a village to raise our children? Or because she stood by her husband during the sexual scandals they found themselves in?

You are right, I would not have voted for Hillary Clinton if she had been nominated. But it had nothing to do with her gender. It had ALL to do with her stand on issues. Those of us who support McCain/Palin do so because of their stand on the issues that matter to us.

Evangelical? What does that mean exactly? I can only speak for myself and my close friend, we are believers in Jesus Christ. But liars we are not. We have our opinions as do you. Please stop with the name calling.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster... so you support McCain / Palin on the issues. Even though they differ with each other on more than half of the issues facing our nation. She is not qualified to shine Mrs. Clinton shoes, let alone run the country.

As an Evangelical Christian... your church would not allow her to become an ordained minister. Only men can preach the Gospel. She subscribes to the belief that a Wife should be subservient to her Husband. She is not hero to women or anyone else. She should stay at home a be a loving mother to her child with down syndrom. That in and of itself makes her a disgraseful mother in my eyes. Which shows me she is seriously lacking in judgement.

Mary said...

First of all, you don't know my church, but I'll tell you that we would allow her to be an ordained minister if that was God's calling on her life. All christians preach the gospel with how we live our lives. I don't think I'll continue this vein with you because you really do not want to hear it.

Sarah Palin is a hero - first to her children. She shows that a woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Are you a mother? I tend to think not by your comments. If you were you would know what it takes to be a mother.

Sarah Palin is a hero to me. That is my stand and you are entitled to your own.

Tami said...

ummm, anonymous, I think I have been perfectly open about who I am and what I stand for. Not sure if you read A WORD on the blog....

Kansas Mom said...


It is par for the course for name calling to begin when folks cannot argue with reason. Stay the course and stay true to your convictions.
I find the Palin hysteria interesting. I think it stems from the fact that some women have believed the lie that in order to get ahead, they had to give up their God given female attributes, they had to abort their children, and they had to beat men up. Palin has disproved that sterotype. Having been involved for years in Kansas politics, I have been blessed to work with many women like Sarah Palin, but the press has ignored them. I think the Sarah Palin movement has motivated conservative women to engage themselves in the process that has huge effects on their family. Many conservative women have believed the lie that they are out of the mainstream and for that reason they should stay silent. I think Palin is revealing that lie for what is it is. More women can relate to a Sarah Palin than they could ever relate to Hillary Clinton. There are those who live their entire lives pursuing power for their own gain and then there are those who live their lives for others and prove to be great leaders. The latter I trust to lead this country. The former will sacrifice my best interest for their own.

Kansas Moms for Palin