Thursday, September 04, 2008

Barrack WHO?

I saw a comment on another blog that said "I have one comment about Sarah Palin's speech last night! Barrack WHO?"!! I thought that was hilarious. My take on it is that this is one mom who can withstand the difficulties of having her family pulled through the mud. They came last night, stood tall, held chins high and she gave the speech of her life like an old pro! Did you notice how Todd looks at her with such love and admiration? I think what we have here is a woman who is adored by her husband, loved by her children and is now admired by millions. All I can say is that I can't WAIT till the first debate with Biden!

***DID YOU KNOW?? Did you know that Sarah Palin did most of her speech last night, September 3rd, from memory when the teleprompter guy messed up during the applause?

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Anna-Paraskeva said...

whoo-hoo Palin!!
Those of us in Alaska already knew this was HER speech... it said "Sarah" through and through.