Monday, September 15, 2008


There is an event this evening at the Coral Springs Wings Plus on Sample Road with U.S. Congressional nominee Lt. Col. Allen West. After the event, volunteers will be going to the McCain/Palin HQ to make phone calls for the campaign. If you can make it, be there! (9463 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs) If you, like me, may not be able to make it tonight, contact me and we will make plans to help them at other times! GO BROWARD!!!


Yura Lyer said...

McCain acknowledges Obama didn't really call Palin a pig, defends campaign ad anyway

AP News

Sep 15, 2008 14:19 EST

Did Barack Obama really call Sarah Palin a pig, as a John McCain ad leads people to believe? "No," McCain said Monday. The Republican presidential nominee defended the ad anyway, saying Obama "chooses his words very carefully."

The implication: Obama was slyly up to something when he said McCain's call for change in Washington is "lipstick on a pig," days after Palin made a lipstick joke at the Republican convention.

"He's very eloquent," McCain told The Associated Press and Florida newspapers in an interview, and "it was the wrong thing to say."

A day earlier, hard-nosed Republican tactician Karl Rove, a former adviser to President Bush, said some of McCain's ads were not truthful and both sides should cool the attacks.

McCain said of Obama's comment: "I didn't like it. So we respond. I think the American people will judge as to whether he and others have treated Governor Palin fairly or not." But he said he won't let attacks go unanswered.

McCain stood up for Palin at other times in the interview.

He was asked about nearly $200 million in congressional pet projects Palin requested for 2009 for her state, despite her boasts that she opposes such projects and his claim that she didn't ask for any. McCain responded by criticizing Obama for seeking more than $900 million in these earmarks, by one count.

"That's nearly a million every day, every working day he's been in Congress," McCain said. "And when you look at some of the planetariums and other foolishness that he asked for, he shouldn't be saying anything about Governor Palin."

Did he call her a pig?" McCain was asked. "No, I but know that he chooses his words carefully, and it was the wrong thing to say," he responded.

McCain cut off a question about the "Bridge to Nowhere," which Palin claims to have killed in Alaska even though Washington pulled back money for the project before she turned against it.

"The important thing is she's vetoed a half a billion dollars in earmark projects — far, far in excess of her predecessor and she's given money back to the taxpayers and she's cut their taxes, so I'm happy with her record," McCain said.

In addition to her current requests, state budget documents show Alaska requested 52 earmarks worth $256 million for 2008

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin says that she would "choose life" if her own daughter were raped and became pregnant. Does she know that this is NOT her decision to make.

Women who think like Palin are delusional, like many women in their own lives dont' have abortions? I went to a Catholic college and I cannot tell you how many good, Catholic girls had abortions and to this day many of their parents don't even know.

Palin is dangerous and anyone who says the NEWS media is liberal is just a disgruntled person who does not care for the truth. The coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal got 100 times the coverage than NO weapons of mass destruction being found. How liberal is that?

You are all a bunch of hypocrites and Palin should be home with her daughter who obviously could not follow her mother's Abstinence Only credo. And a good mother would not be abandoning a child who is ONLY FIVE MONTHS OLD with Down's Syndrome.

And Tami Nantz, get some help. You must be a very disturbed woman.

Anonymous said...

I would never vote for someone who censors free speech.

I would never vote for someone who abuses their power.

I would never vote for someone who believes a rape victim cannot have an abortion.

I would never vote for Sarah Palin. No self-respecting person would.

Anonymous said...

Palin wanted to remove books from the library like Death of a Salesman? I read the entire list and Palin is obviously an anti-Semite since the majority of the authors were Jewish.

michele said...

anonymous needs to check his/her facts no books where ever banned that was a rumor. And what an angry Catholic.There's some facts on the Biden family everyone has something including the left. Who sits in a church for ? years and listens to hate against our country or our people. Anonymous drink some more Kool-ade

jen crane said...

"You are all a bunch of hypocrites and Palin should be home with her daughter who obviously could not follow her mother's Abstinence Only credo. And a good mother would not be abandoning a child who is ONLY FIVE MONTHS OLD with Down's Syndrome."

oh anonymous, get a life.

you hypocritical, elitist, condescending liberal nutcase... i laugh at your ignorance.

i am a strong, SELF-RESPECTING conservative woman and i WILL be at the polls on nov. 4th to vote for my candidate. and it will give me GREAT pleasure to know that i am personally canceling out YOUR vote.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin now states that she will NOT cooperate with the investigation into the charge of Abuse of Power against her by her own Republican Legislature... She is claiming Executive Privledge, Sound familiar? This after she vowed to cooperate and urged everyone in her administration to cooperate as well.

For the above poster that states she did not ban any books... NO she did not, because the libarian refused to. Namely the book Daddy's Roommate. Which as Mayor Sarah Palin asked the Wasilla libraian if she would have a problem with. After the libraian refused to ban any books she received a termination letter from Mayor Palin. After an outcry from the public the request for termination of the libraian was withdrawn by Mayor Palin.

This lady doesn't have a clue on any issues outside of Alaska. She didn't even know who Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were and what type of business they were in. GET A CLUE!

She appointed Cronies to high positions in her cabinate with absolutly ZERO experience.

She is the Queen of EarMarks. With Alaska requesting and receiving (through an lobbyist associated with Jack Abramoff's firm) more Pork than any of the other 49 states. Including 27 Million for Wasilla when she was Mayor of a city of a little of 6,000 residents.

She supported the Bridge to Nowhere and even kept 100 Million dollars that were Earmarked for the project.

Oh yeah, she is a real reformer... More like a real Bush / Cheney clone.