Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Those Pitbull In Lipstick T-Shirts Are The BOMB!**UPDATED

Mary in Georgia

Julie and her family in Ohio

Jeannine and friends in Miami, FL at their debate party!

Beth in Tennessee

Tamara in Virginia

Karen in North Carolina

Shirley and her hubby Ronnie in North Carolina

Karen and Shirley in North Carolina

Megan and her mom Nancy in Michigan

Jen in Texas

**Feel free to share your pictures with me once you get your t-shirts and I would love to post them here!



P Small said...

Thank you, Tami, for using your hands and feet to support your convictions. I am eager to order t-shirts in more than one size/style and would like to do so in one shipping. I couldn't find a way to "continue shopping."

Your website is beautiful - the music WONDERFUL, and I am praying Psalm 27 for Sarah Palin and her family.

Bless you,
P Small

Tami said...

Thank you so will only be charged shipping on one shirt. Any additional shirts ordered will be added at no additional shipping charge. There is a buy now spot just below the description....if there are any issues, email me through my profile.
Thank you again, and by the way I LOVE Ps. 27!

Tami said...

Oh, one other thing. If you are ordering multiple shirts, just make a notation in the "message" section about what sizes you need.

Hope that helps you!

Anonymous said...

You peoplem who support this women are morons! She is dumb and I would be a better candidate than her. Hannity asked her all the questions she wanted. The most one sided interview I ever saw! I lost all respect for him as a suppossed knowledgable reporter! Another moron I so disrespect you all!! You all are soooo Stupid!!

Anonymous said...

What about women's rights? The woman's right to choose. Did you know that other religions do not believe a life starts at conception! Where do you people have the right to tell me as an indiviual, what I should do with my body? Sarah Palin would turn back women's right 100 years! Her ob-gyn had to warn her that at her age, and the number of pregnasncies she had, that to bring another child into this world would cause birth defects. But she was too self-centered to listen and gave birth to a down syndrome baby and is responsible for making this human suffer throughout his life Maybe if she taught her daughter about sex, and not abstinance, her daughter would't be pregnant! I would be ashamed to say that my vice-president had an unwed daughter! You women who support her are hypocrites. Not out for everyone's good but for your own religious beliefs! I for one do not want to see the direction she wants to take my country!

Denise said...

Interesting how you have to be "anonymous" to make your point.

Also, I do not have a "religion". I believe the BIBLE and the Bible tells me that Life begins at conception. When do you think life begins? 3 months? 6 months? I was born at 6 months - a 24 weeker. Did life begin when I was born or before or maybe after? I was not expected to live. I was a miracle baby - 45 years ago. From what I've read, I wasn't even expected to graduate from high school. I now have 2 graduate degrees and teach school. Do you think my mother should have aborted me?

I happen to have several friends with Down syndrome babies. They are a joy to them and they are blessed to have them and wouldn't have it any other way. They really bring a joy to life. They are excited about many things and just excited to be in the world.

Tami said...

Oh, P. Small...
The music is for us, mainly, but I added more after the criticism in the media of all the patriotic music. :-)

Tami NANTZ said...

What about the baby's rights? DO they, the helpless unborn, not have rights?

Mary said...

Okay, so looking at women's rights - is a woman who is pro-life excerising her right to choose? She chooses LIFE. OB-GYN's have to warn most women about what we do when we are pregnant. And whether Sarah and her husband planned the pregnancy or not, a baby was conceived and they chose to trust God in the situation. Being a mother is the opposite of selfish. You cannot be selfish and care for your children properly. I'm sure that if you talked with other people who have Down Syndrome you may be surprised that they love their lives as they are.

I had my first child at 33 and my second a month before my 35 birthday. At 19, I was told that I would have difficulty getting pregnant because of endometriosis. But my two boys are proof that they are gifts of God. We plan to have another one too and I'm 37. I know that my age is a risk, but my God is in control! And I trust him.

I have a few dear friends who have had abortions. They made the choice to do this because they were unmarried or the father pressured them into it. Today, they still deal with the greif and hurt of that choice. Thankfully those aborted babies are in Heaven in Jesus' care and God forgives his children. So these friends of mine are forgiven and can move on. But those that support pro-choice never talk about the hurt and grief associated with that choice of having an abortion.

To the one who said she'd be ashamed of a VP with an unwed mother. That totally contradicts what you said in the beginning of your post about a woman's right to choose. Bristol made her choice. And for your information, Bristol will be married when Sarah Palin become VP. But who cares? Sarah's ability to be VP does not hinge on her children's lives. Let's give it a rest. Bristol has enough to deal with as it is.

I was impressed with Sarah Palin as her decisions in Alaska were to benefit the people of Alaska. Her desire for the USA is to serve the people of the USA. I'm proud to have her on the Republican Ticket.

Tami said...

Some of the most precious people I have ever known in my life were those with Down Syndrome.

P. Small said...

Dear Anonymous,

You seem to be a very troubled individual, and vent your anger as one who has, perhaps, already had an abortion and is angry at yourself. If that is the case, A, you no doubt thought that killing your baby was the best solution to your circumstances at the time, and are now, if you are honest with yourself, needing to KNOW that there is hope and rest to be found. And there IS, and I would love to talk with you more about that if you like. However, if that is not the case, I'm very thankful, with you, that you are not burdened with that every night that you lay your head on your pillow and every morning when you face a new day.

>From all that I have seen and heard, Sarah Palin is a strong voice for more than the unborn, and as for her daughter, I cannot imagine any young girl being more fortunate than having a mother who loves her unconditionally, as Sarah loves her pregnant daughter, her Downs child, and all of her children. I don't believe you really believe that Sarah's daughter got pregnant because she was taught that chastity is the only insurance against pregnancy, and I doubt that you really believe that she got pregnant because she didn't know what would cause it. That Sarah Palin's daughter got pregnant doesn't make Sarah a bad parent. A good parent wants what is best for his/her children and self respect, at the end of the day, is a much greater value than a moment's pleasure. There is no greater gift than can be given a mate then ALL OF ME, and not the left overs of all the rest. Two people who bring that into a marriage have a trust and respect for one another that cannot be measured, accept by time and a fulfilled life together.

It is not selfish to believe that killing a baby is the ultimate child abuse, even when the baby has problems. Would you kill an older child if he/she was injured in such a way that he could not live a normal life any longer? Of course not, because the value of a life is not marked by perfection. If it was, who would be the judge of who was worthy of life or death? By what do we measure normality?

It would be hypocritical for Sarah Palin to have wanted to kill her baby because the baby would put a limit on her own independence. It would be hypocritical for her to want her grand baby killed before she or her daughter could be shamed by those who are self-righteous, no matter what religion they may or may not have. The Downs baby will never suffer feelings of inadequacy, because the baby will never know what could have been, but only what is. What the baby knows is the warmth of another's arms, and the smile on another's face, and the joy of communing with one who responds in a sweet voice.

Let's not confuse life giving with choice. Choice is expressed before a baby is conceived. After conception, that baby lives and grows in the womb of her mother with a life-line, and is not a part of the mother's body. Should a surgery be necessary during the pregnancy, that baby can be lifted completely out of the mother's womb and live, as long as that life-line is not cut. The unborn is no appendage; the unborn is a person. It is clear that life begins at conception. If it takes food and oxygen to grow, there is life. It has nothing to do with religion.

You know, A, I have a close friend who was in her 20's and had a Downs child. It happens - at no fault of the mother. She just had her last child this year, in her early 40's and the baby what you would call "perfect." But I can assure you, she will enjoy living and loving no more than the the Downs child, and I can testify to that.

I'll be thinking about you when we exercise our freedom of choice on Nov. 4th, A.

Best to you,
P Small

Anonymous said...

As a proud mom of a 7 year old daughter w/ down syndrome,I would love to educate "anonymous" who posted on Sept.18. and others who are ignorant about people with DS.
We knew my daughter would have DS when I was about 20 weeks pregnant.
The unknown was difficult but we pulled together as a family and we educated ourselves.Something that many people should do before they give an opinion!

MY DAUGHTER DOES NOT SUFFER! She is loved! She is 7 yrs old, in 1st grade, is reading, learning math and takes dance lessons w/ all typical kids! They accept her for who she is! She has to work harder than many to learn but she does it and her accomplishments mean all that much more!

My other children adore her! We have lively dinner discussions on who "gets to have Hannah live with them" when they grow up. Guess what? She will most probably live on her own! Do you know that there are some young adults w/ DS going to college now?

Here are our problems. Our older children are teased that they have a "retard" for a sister - thank you to Hollywood for the movie Tropic Thunder.

We are not special. We were not courageous. We are a family who is blessed. Our children have learned a lesson in compassion that they may never have learned. We have met some really amazing people. And we are happy.

Hannah does not suffer. She learns, plays and HAS VALUE!!!

Hillary said...

Why is it that you people who call yourselves Pro-Life are for the Death penalty and War!
When your God gave Moses the 10 Commandments it said: Thou shalt not kill - Not Thou shalt not kill, but..... Arabs and criminals are ok..

Dana said...

Tami -
It's amazing to me how it's okay and correct for people to do all the "freedom of speech" they want on a particular subject, issue or, in this case candidate. But when conservative Americans express themselves, they are called morons, idiots, right-wingers, religious right (the list is endless). The attack on "salt & light" is so obvious! A big "you go girl" for you for putting action to talk and facing the giants and letting your voice and support be heard. For all of you who read this blog/website, either out of curiosity, support or in disdain, here's a news flash for you all: There are more of us out here than you care to know, so be very afraid! All us Pitbulls with lipstick salute you and we'll see you at the polls!
P.S. Go Sarah Palin - you're scaring the pants off all those left-winger, liberal, cronies in Washington DC. And it took a Mom of five kids, who is real and smart and who won't take nothing off of nobody. DO NOT CHANGE...THEY'LL TRY TO CHANGE YOU SARAH, RESIST AND STAND STRONG!

JesusLovesPalin said...

I hope Sarah Palin gets elected and finally deals with the homosexual problem that's been cursing this great nation.

God Bless you, Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

Tami, your site is great!! I am so glad that Sarah Palin is on the ticket, giving conservatives and women an intelligent and articulate voice. I encourage all to pray for her and our nation during this difficult time. Do not pay attention to the mainstream media and the polls, they mean nothing, but to discourage and tear down. Prayer moves the hand of God.

It is so disturbing to see the vicious and vile attacks the left continue to hurl. Some of them make me want to cry for Gov. Palin. She and her family really need God's protection and peace.

I would like to share scriptures Ephesians 6:10 - 18, regarding the armour of God.

God Bless America

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

From P. Small who had a hard time logging on due to traffic:

Dearest Hillary,

I can understand your frustration with people who call themselves pro-life and are for the death penalty and war. I would like to address that, and in doing so, I fear this entry will more resemble an epic than an answer but you’re worth it! :o)

I must first preface your comments by saying that God did, indeed, give Moses the 10 Commandments - to demonstrate true holiness and to show the human race that we couldn't "measure up" because we are NOT God. You nor I nor any other human being can keep even the first of God's commands, which is "Thou shalt have NO other gods before me." Each of us, whether we believe in God from the heart or only in the head, is an idolater by nature. It is the idols/gods of the heart that make one angry rather than patient, selfish rather than putting first the needs of others, proud and wanting others to think well of us - even at the cost of lying or stealing etc. By your very words, you, reveal the disdain you have for "my" God because your god is yourself. I say that without malice, Hillary, because I, too, was once a humanist and lived only for myself, my wants, my "needs" etc., and anyone who didn't agree with me could "shove it!" My thoughts and beliefs grew into expressions of what I thought was "freedom". What was rooted in pride, anger, and many passions because "I," as my god, could rule - no matter what the cost - only tightened the chains of my bondage to a life of defeat and unfulfilled expectations. I am so very thankful that His love reached out to me and taught me that true fulfillment would never come to me outside of my willingness to yield to His first command, to have no other gods before Him. Every choice that we make for our own life affects others and not just us. If you request, I am happy to take the time and would love to talk to you more about how to break free of the bondage. Been there, done that, and every time I am not conscious of all that I have to be thankful for, and I allow those bad seeds to sprout and grow, I am well on my way to harvesting the fruit of the gods of my heart once again. However, freedom is far more desirable to me than bondage.

True to my word, I want to respond to your other comments. I know many people like I was and like you are, who determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong, yet when it comes to the unborn, they recognize that no matter how small, a person is a person. It is within only 25 days, that there is a beating heart. Brain waves are recorded at 40 days. Within only 12 weeks this unborn little one swallows, has fingerprints, can kick, is sensitive to touch, heat and noise. He/she sucks his/her thumb. ALL of the body systems are working. He may be only a few inches long, but all he needs is time to grow and for those systems to mature. These are the facts. For someone bigger to harm someone smaller should not be tolerated on a school playground, and neither should it be tolerated within the womb. You know, Hillary, when we believe that that there is no standard in which to measure by, that right and wrong are relative, and whatever feels good to me is my human right, then we get where we are in a world where there can never be peace. What we believe dictates our moral standard because what we believe is what determines whether or not "rape" is tolerable or "abortion" is tolerable or "theft" is tolerable or "war" is tolerable. I doubt that you or any woman believes that rape is not violating another life. One who murders an innocent unborn child is violating another's life, too, and I don’t mean yours, although that, too, could be the case. When people fail to esteem another as equal in worth, we have “class” warfare and that is wrong! Why? Because in the experiment of life we must have at least one constant among all of the variables, and that constant is the Word of God that never changes. Whether it be science or mathematics or language, etc., there are rules that must remain constant, and there is a great deal of freedom that can come with it. Some things can never change. There ARE absolutes!

War happens for many reasons. It can be because men are selfish and hungry for power or because anger and hate breed an impetus for "payback". War can even be for a cause greater than one's self because a people's mere existence is threatened. If we are honest with ourselves, the only "right" reason for war is the latter, and let it suffice me to say that any other reason is murder. In English, “kill” can mean several things as in killing for our necessary food to sustain life, just as “love” is a generic term for loving food, people, a movie, etc. Often times, the true meaning of a word is lost in the translation from Hebrew to English. As an example, in other verses (Exodus 16 and 17) just prior to the one you speak of in chapter 20, the original word “kill” is to be left to die a premature death; to perish. The original word “kill” in “Thou shalt not kill,” means to murder; to slay with premeditation like an assassin or an avenger. The latter is the result of unleashed anger that has grown from seeds of hate, pride, selfishness, and greed, which take root and are nurtured until they bear an evil fruit. When Jesus Christ walked the earth, he told the people that it was said (in time past), “Thou shalt not kill, and whoever kills shall be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you, that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment.” (Matthew 5:21-22) You see, the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart! For a person to war out of mere hate or anger is wrong, whether one be an American, Jew, Arab, or another. For a nation to war because it was violated and its mere existence is threatened is not.

Finally, your comment that “somehow Arabs and criminals are okay.” One’s right to life should not be determined because one is born into one particular group of people or another. For any people to hate another group of people merely because they were born through a particular bloodline would surely be absurd! One is no more or less valuable than another, as an evolutionist would believe. It is because of that world view that Jews were killed during the Holocaust, that blacks were once the property of white men, and that taking the life of the unborn has become a legal surgical procedure, while taking the life of a 1 _ pound newborn who has taken her first breath is suddenly, by man’s law, becomes murder. In a society where all of the human race is equally precious, a legal/judicial system would require life for life, i.e. when one takes a life, it is lawfully just for that one's life to be taken. (And I say this with an emphasis on law and justice because it would be equally wrong for one that is pro-life to take matters into his own hands and kill an abortionist for his pro-death business allowed him by bad laws or corruption.) If one knew that the cost of murder would be paid for with the price of one’s own life, would not mankind be more responsible to cultivate his heart to rid it of that which will produce such an evil? I can only imagine how much more civil every society would be if people constrained themselves from within rather than having to be constrained by fallible laws made by men who may, themselves, be unconstrained.

I conclude by saying that the reason God is superior to all other gods is not only because He says that He is (though I take Him at His Word), but because He is the only one capable of keeping the greatest command that He gave, and that is to love without bias or boundaries. And Hillary, there is no law against His kind of love because whatever it produces is a reflection of His character and His holiness. It is in my love for Him that I can say from the depths of my heart (even if it may never be reciprocated), that because He lives within my heart, and because I choose to let His love flow through me, "I love you" and I invite you to come to know “my” God. Only He can fill the hole in your heart.

P Small

Tami: Blog Creator and Administrator said...

Pam and Hillary,
We will be addressing this in the coming days on the blog...stay tuned.

MurrayA said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have just one basic question for you with your pro-death views:
Are you glad to be alive? Do you enjoy life?
If so (and presumably you do), then thank the good Lord that your own parents did not hold - and practise - the same views that you espouse!

Pro-abortionists are callous hypocrites: they want life for themselves, but deny it to millions of others.

Meanwhile, Go Sarah! I pray constantly for your success. I am watching closely from across the Pacific, because what happens in the U.S. will vitally affect what happens here in OZ.

Brooke said...

WOW! I love the shirt! How do I place an order? I hope they are still available! I wish I would have found you sooner. Please advise.

:) Thanks,

Brooke said...

Hi again,
I continued reading the other posts and it's very simple. Life starts at conseption. When you take a pregnancy test and it's "positive"'s a baby...what else would you be pregnant with?

Love your blog!