Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Governor Palin's Email Hacked

Very early this morning Gov. Sarah Palin's email was hacked into, and her personal information and family photos were raided. Liberal blogs are now knowingly publishing stolen material. Read more on the story here

I heard one of the guys on Fox and Friends this morning say "When are moms going to speak out for Sarah Palin? We aren't hearing much in the media from them!" I encourage you to go to the FOX site and find the link for the morning show "Fox and Friends" and let them know YOU ARE speaking up!! Ladies, the time is long past for us to be silent.  When stunts like the one above are pulled...illegal stunts...and the opposition finds it humorous, don't you think there is a serious problem? I have a feeling it has only just begun.

***UPDATE: For more on the story, read here


Anonymous said...

I agree.. where do we go to speak? Im ready.

Kathi said...

We do need to stand up! Thank you for the information. Kathi

Tami said...

Well, Brenda-namely the polls! Get out and VOTE on Nov. 4th! Letters to your leaders expressing your opinions. Working at the campaign HQ's making phone calls for the campaign. (I haven't done this yet but I intend to). You can go on the McCain site and look for info in your area. I think more than anything, staying informed is so important, so that when you are getting the word out to others, you can argue your side intelligently.
Others should post ideas here!
We, as conservative women, have mostly remained silent other than casting our vote in the past. This time we cannot be silent. We must speak up in any way we can.